[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129110055989.gif - (45.30KB , 640x480 , bellyofthebeastelectricfuckery.gif )
1607 No. 1607
Part one: ../../adv/res/902.html

I sure did hit my bump cap. I sure also can't make the mspachan irc work. Someone please take pity on me and help. I will reward with a commission. MSN-> olivergriffithsart@gmail.com.

I am here from 12AM to 6AM EST. I will occasionally put out events that are time-sensitive and must be responded to in the allotted time or I do something horrendous.

>> No. 1609
>Equius: Take a chance while the room's structural integrity is in danger from the shaking and ram the wall as hard as you can. Also take off your glasses because having one eye is doing enough of a number on your depth perception.

>Nepeta: Get in the corner and hold yourself steady with the walls.
>> No. 1610
>Equius: Remember who robbed you of your eye and how it happened.

This story's antagonist has a weird body-part-stealing scheme going on! Fef's tongue, Tavros' arm, Terezi's leg... Hope we're not seeing the gradual creation of Frankenstein's monster. D:
>> No. 1611
Oh snap, Aradia sure could use a body I bet. Come to think of it, Aradia was one of the symbols on the phone by Equius when he woke up... We probably should have checked all of the numbers before we left.
>> No. 1612
In retrospect, Equius is not wearing his glasses. Never mind that part. >_>
>> No. 1614
File 129110398712.jpg - (89.66KB , 640x480 , unpersonisretarded.jpg )
You successfully manage to break through the wall in its moment of structural instability!

What now?
>> No. 1615
I can't shake the feeling that Karkat's marking is really important, but I can't make heads or tails of it. We should make a note to have Karkat show it to everybody. Well, besides Sollux since he has no memory.
>> No. 1616
>Equius and Nepeta: Look outside.
>> No. 1617

LMAO I love Nepeta's expression here. It's so awesome, this is awesome.

>Feferi: Look around room before being called by Sollux again.

>Sollux, Karkat, and Terezi: Go pick up Eridan's corpse before rescuing Feferi. Don't want those weird ass animals getting to it!

>Gamzee: Miraculous get youself off that huge spike and get down to Tavros before you bleed to death.

>Vriska: Look around you. Try to see if you can get out.

>Exclamation: Let someone else make a suggestion you flighty broad.
>> No. 1618
Tread with cation everybody!
Equius and Nepeta because you made shit all unstable and everyone else because your pretty sure walls aren't supposed to shake like that.
>> No. 1619
They're already on their way to save Tavros, not to Feferi.
>> No. 1620
File 129110542737.jpg - (83.91KB , 640x480 , saywhatthefuckisthatnepe.jpg )
Well that's weird. It leads directly outside. Say, what is that over there?

>> No. 1621
Ahahahaha wow

two adventures whose sequel titles are parodies of Electric Boogaloo

(QDA is the other)
>> No. 1622
The rule is when there is a horror sequel it has to be called Electric Boogaloo. I am actually really glad that I am not the only one that does that.
>> No. 1623
>Equius: Approach carefully. Ask Nepeta to stay close to you and keep her wits about her. You may be THE STRONGEST, but Nepeta is a hunter and has a lot more experience stalking up on things. She probably has a better sense for her surroundings in general.
>> No. 1629
Come to think of it, Nepeta is pretty badass behind that silly RPing shipper. Look at this stuff:
That dead thing on her floor looks terrifying. If a bunch of the trolls didn't have powers and if Equius wasn't The Hulk, she would probably be the strongest of them all (all weapons aside).
>> No. 1643
>Nepeta & Equius: Approach with caution.

Aaaaaaaah I don't know what to do with anyone else, and I can't think of anything that would save Gamzee at this point.... umumumumumumumumum... aaaugh might as well try...

>Gamzee: With puncture wounds it's best not to pull it out. So um, you need to not pull off the spike. Check spike's strength, maybe you can break it behind you??

>Tavros: Is the eyeless creature still around? If not, try to get to Gamzee.
>> No. 1648
Oh god, hahaha. GAMZEE WHATEVER YOU DO,STAY IMPALED ON THE SPIKE. Also try to get off the wall- WHILE STILL BEING IMPALED BY IT- and then just like...I dunno. Walk aroud with it sticking through your midsection.
Pffft okay no I'm just kidding, those are all good commands and I second them all. Plus I admire your valiant effort to save Gamzee!
>> No. 1649
I know it's kind of silly with the wound being THAT severe, but I thought I'd try ya know? D: It's also one of the few things I remember from those first aid blurbs in middle school... Though typically used for things like... arrow wounds, or if you get like, a stick of metal jammed through your arm in metals class or whatever. I admit my memory is a bit faulty. xD
Trolls seem more resiliant to blood loss anyway, so it might (odds not in favor, with how this story's going) keep him alive until he can get to a professional (Feferi? idk)

Wooo rambling for no reason, I guess I'm just nervous for new updates. o3o; I've never F5ed an adventure so much before.
>> No. 1663
Aradia: Look around (if you can)
>> No. 1665
Oh my gooood.
>> No. 1666
Oh god Gamzee. My heart is breaking. I'm going to cry. UNPERSONNNNNN.
/manly tears
>> No. 1722
I AM SORRY I WILL UPDATE TONIGHT HAHA. I was painting from 6PM to 2AM augh. This is so unrelated but I wanted to share my horrible painting with you all: http://i51.tinypic.com/8z1ukw.jpg

I AM SO FLATTERED ONCE AGAIN. BECAUSE OH SHIT katie you are one my favorite people especially on the chan here aaaaa.

I am just gonna apologize in advance to you ras. that's all I'm saying
>> No. 1723

So...beautiful... they should have sent a poet! Who is this magnificent beast?!
>> No. 1725
File 129119621729.jpg - (78.52KB , 640x480 , puddleofblood.jpg )
You find a PUDDLE OF PURPLE BLOOD. It in of itself is not scary but certainly means something terrifying. You would call to inquire, but Equius does not have a CELLPHONE and Nepeta's is out of battery.

What now?

[[ that is a painting of one of my classmates. it looks exactly like him except for the eye that's off in england. one day my school will stop wanting me to paint portraits alfksjalsfk until then I qill continue to punish my professors with assignments that are well-painted but of terrible subject matter.]]
>> No. 1729
>Equius and Nepeta: Follow the trail of goo. Clearly somebody is injured. Again, be wary. This is a lot of blood and he may have been dragged.
>> No. 1731
>Nepeta and Equius: Scamper up the tree and examine your surroundings.
>> No. 1741
pfft, don't worry about it. I kinda figured it was hopeless anyway. :3 Thought I'd try, ya know? Ooooh weelllllllllllll it makes the story just that much more tense. c;
>> No. 1742
>Avalanche: happen.
>> No. 1743
My GOD, this is glorious. GLORIOUS. (Also thanks, hahahaha <3)

>Disregard this.

>Follow the trail, but remain cautious and quiet.
>> No. 1764
>Let's follow that trail!
>> No. 1781
>Equius and Nepeta: Don't dally around there for too long. What if what killed him is still nearby?
(I know Sollux did it, but logic for them)
>> No. 1785
>Nepeta: Analyze the situation with your awesome hunter knowhow. Make sure to check the body.

Nepeta may notice he has no bruises even though he clearly died of internal bleeding. Maybe poison? Nah, poison doesn't do this to people. Terezi's blood will also be nearby, as well as the scent/traces of burned flash if they were here not to long ago. Karkat may have left a trail of Terezi's blood. She'll probably also notice his phone. If Sollux destroyed the phone, she should probably at least attempt to swap out the battery. If it was destroyed, Equius might be able to tell what had destroyed it since he's an expert with machines. Just some suggestions.

>Equius: Stand guard while she checks everything out. It's dangerous to stay here, but you really should get your bearings and if trolls are dying then finding out why is a pretty good place to start. Consider jumping as high as you can to get a look at where you are.
>> No. 1786
>loot body
>> No. 1805
File 129128204384.jpg - (92.39KB , 640x480 , shutupiknowhateridanlookslike.jpg )
You find Eridan's corpse. His phone is dead.

>> No. 1806
What happened to Eridan's scarf? Sollux was wearing it and then he wasn't.
>> No. 1807
>punched body in the gut
>> No. 1808
File 129128455864.jpg - (80.98KB , 640x480 , gorgeous.jpg )
You roll him onto his back to inspect him.

His right eye has saliva around it. He doe not seem to have any external bruising or cuts. How about we check out that eye?
>> No. 1809
File 129128467129.jpg - (80.14KB , 640x480 , sureismissing.jpg )
You kinda plan to just peel back his lid, but your finger slips in, displacing blood.

He is definitely missing his eye.
>> No. 1810
He's been dismembered postmortem. Autopsy accomplished. Get out of there.
>> No. 1811
>see if you can find anything else that looks suspicious on Eridan's person or in the general vicinity.
>> No. 1813
maybe Aradia DOESN'T have a body...
>> No. 1814
>Sollux, Karkat, and Terezi: Go pick up Eridan's corpse before rescuing Feferi. Don't want those weird ass animals getting to it!
WHAT weird ass animals?
>> No. 1815
>Everyone: Immediately adorn lab safety goggles for the remainder of the adventure.
It is creepily appropriate that the eyeless guy is eating eyes, (if indeed that is what is happening) but still, what the fuck.
>> No. 1816
So let's see... Terezi's missing a leg, Eridan's missing his left eye, Feferi's missing her tongue and some teeth, Tavros lost his hand and both his horns, Gamzee's missing a good chunk of his internal organs (hahaha... okay that was a bad joke), and Equius is bleeding from his right eye but that doesn't mean he's missing it, since we don't know.
Oh, and Karkat has weird marks carved into his skin.

Eyeless dude sure has a thing for body parts. Huh.

>Equius: Check your own eye injury
>Nepeta: Look around to see if there's anyone about.
>> No. 1820
I have a really bad feeling about where this is going. And nothing to contribute.
I can only stare in horror.
>> No. 1825
>Nepeta & Equius: Bro hug bump.
>> No. 1851
I'm so scared for Feferi to be in the spotlight. Missing body parts aren't ever pleasant, but the idea of a missing tongue BLEEHHHHWHATNOs me out x100.
>> No. 1876
I WILL NOT BE UPDATING FOR A WEEK BECAUSE FINALS. SORRY GUYS!! Here is proof lol -> http://i52.tinypic.com/2rwmd8g.jpg
>> No. 2325
Waaah when will finals be done?
>> No. 2330
THIS THURSDAY ACTUALLY. I'm so sorry I've been swamped! I just checked this randomly to see if bassrape updated. I'm actually moving today/tomorrow, plus finals, plus I have just entered a new and fantastic quadrant with someone so life is complicated but I PROMISE. You will all own me after thursday ok? <3
>> No. 2334

jkjk Take your time and good luck with everything! I'll just sit here... and wait... ._.
>> No. 2520
File 129237602081.jpg - (95.54KB , 640x480 , jaysus.jpg )
You examine the eye socket.

It seems like only the eyeball itself was removed.
>> No. 2527

>Equius: Recall what the hell happened.
>> No. 2673
>> No. 2821
File 129287936326.jpg - (46.14KB , 640x480 , whatsthatbullshit.jpg )
You can't remember how you lost your eye. You're pretty sure you were asleep, or whoever did it wouldn't have had the chance. You pick up Eridan, and head towards a building in the distance.

Anyone you should check up on?
>> No. 2823
We never called aradia's phone, right? We should try to go back there.
>Equius and Nepeta: Look for a cracked window.
>> No. 2825
File 12928830461.jpg - (36.25KB , 640x480 , heylookwhereweare.jpg )
Hey, look where we are!
>> No. 2826
File 129288306979.jpg - (52.46KB , 640x480 , wowjesuslookatallthatblood.jpg )
What the fuck is on that window.
>> No. 2845
Equius: break the window!
>> No. 2846
Equius and Nepeta: examine window, then break window. Then STRONG!jump through window.
>> No. 2847
>go through broken window.
>> No. 2891
File 129298738015.jpg - (89.49KB , 640x480 , notterriblysafe.jpg )
Because of the amount of blood slathered on that window and outside, you choose to check out the other building first. Look at these rickety stairs.

Go up?
>> No. 2892
> Nepeta: toss rocks or some other heavy object (preferably not Eridan's corpse) at the stairs. If the stairs hold, ascend. If they get smashed, do not climb.

> Gamzee: Are you still alive?
>> No. 2903
File 129299998782.jpg - (60.43KB , 640x480 , ohgamz.jpg )
Gamzee appears to be missing.
>> No. 2904
>> No. 2908
>> No. 2926
Seconding this.
>> No. 3037
>Equius: Be Sollux
>> No. 3146
File 129334379976.jpg - (50.33KB , 640x480 , ok2uper2lueth2.jpg )
You are now Sollux. You are standing next to Karkat and Terezi. You have found Tavros.
>> No. 3147
>Check to see if he's alive.
>> No. 3148
>Sollux: Look around hallway before making your way to Tavros.
>> No. 3149
>finger his butt
>> No. 3150
>Tavros: If still alive, flashback to what happened right after the last time we saw you.


>Tavros: Find a happy place and prepare to be violated even more than you already have.
>> No. 3151
File 129334924015.jpg - (117.91KB , 640x480 , ohcocks.jpg )
Tavros is not breathing.

You walk down the hallway and notice all the blood on the floor. Where's it coming from?
>> No. 3152
File 129334931542.gif - (34.82KB , 640x480 , poikpoikpok.gif )
>> No. 3160
*braces self* ;-;
>> No. 3175
>lick blood off
>> No. 3176
>> No. 3194
>Tavros: Start breathing again, say it was just to confuse Mr. Eyeless.
>> No. 3196
>Sollux: Seal his wounds and give him mouth to mouth.
>> No. 3201
>Who's that on the ceiling?
>> No. 3203

Sollux: First, check his body temperature. If he still feels warm, do this, if not, then put a sheeet over his face and close his eyes because, man, he's gone.
>> No. 3228
Oh wow, okay. I really don't want to see Gamzee like torn apart and made into a grisly display on the ceiling. I think the inside of my brain will dissolve a little.
/cries in a corner
>> No. 3232
>Gamzee: Be alive, if barely.
(Oh geez, please don't be dead.
People have been kept alive in situations like this by the very thing that's killing them please let that be what happens here D8)
>> No. 3235
Didn't he leave the spike intact? He's a goner.
>> No. 3257
No, no, that's what I mean. People have had their lower halves completely crushed by cars or machinery or trains, orhave been impaled on something, and if you take them out from that situation they'll pretty much die instantly if they don't get medical attention or if it's not done right. But they can live for many hours after this happens, if left where they are.
It's like the reason half the time someone's stabbed or shot they say not to remove the knife or bullet. All the lood will rush back if you do, but when you keep it there, it can sometimes still function normally.

But... but yeah, he's probably a goner. *weeps*
>> No. 3274
I meant the spike isn't in him anymore. We saw Gamzee missing from it and it was left intact.
>> No. 3350
aaa sorry guys. I don't mean to hiatus you so often, just I've got a lot going down. In the next week I'm going in for surgery, and I will probably not be well enough to update for at least a week after that. In the meantime I've been scrambling to make sure everything is how it should be to prepare for this kind of thing, so I'm kinda short on time but trying to relax.

I will do my best to be back as soon as possible. If I can't, I'll have poison parfait probably let you know what's up.
>> No. 3351
Oh wow jeeze. I hope everything goes well and you get better quickly! Don't worry about the hiatus, we'll be patient(or we'll stare forlornly at this thread all the time you're gone.).

Good luck! <3
>> No. 3373
oh gog, i love this and hate it at the same time

>Equius: Go down stairs
>Feferi: Call out for help as you hear footsteps
>Become Kanaya
>> No. 3837
File 129436667425.png - (32.12KB , 694x535 , unpresent.png )
Hiii I'm back. So unfortunately vicodin doesn't work on me very well. But we've got bloodloss to make up for that so updates shall resume. And it's not like I can do much else.

image courtesy of milku.
>> No. 3840
File 12943697957.jpg - (84.00KB , 640x480 , mostcertainlydead.jpg )
Karkat sets Terezi down to investigate. Tavros is most certainly dead.

You find something in the purple blood.


Take Tavros with you?
>> No. 3841
that picture is like Neko Sugar Girls all over again

welcome back!
>> No. 3843
Investigate, but make sure to stay close together. Bring Tavros, too.
>> No. 3844
>Investigate purple blood, bring Tavros to someplace safer than a hallway
>> No. 3845
>Bring Tavros, so you can use him as bait later on
>> No. 3846
File 129437199776.jpg - (45.16KB , 640x480 , whatasurprise.jpg )
You pluck one of those capsules from the puddle.

>> No. 3847

>eat it, and use gamzee's blood to wash it down.
>> No. 3849
Hold on to the pill for now. you only have one, so you should wait until you need it.
>> No. 3850
>Sollux: Stop eating weird shit. You found that on the floor in a puddle of blood. Why are you even considering it. JUST STOP CRAZY BOY
>> No. 3851
File 129437375339.jpg - (64.79KB , 640x480 , ohshitwell.jpg )
Your mind becomes full and you collapse, breaking your horn open again. You can hear noise, though you are unable to decipher any of it.

What now?
>> No. 3852
File 129437389853.jpg - (16.03KB , 640x480 , heywhatsthis.jpg )
You are now Mr.Eyeless. You found a lot of somethings here, haven't you?
>> No. 3853
Sollux: Take the pill.
Everyone else: Stay still.
>> No. 3854
>karkat and terezi: DON'T FUCKING MOVE
>sollux: attempt mindpowers?
>> No. 3855

>call out to karkat, obviously you're not going to be able to handle this on your own.
>> No. 3856
take the pill take the pill TAKE THE PILL PILL PILL PILL
>> No. 3857
>> No. 3858
Leave unnecessary pieces of Tavros as bait. Then run.
>> No. 3859
File 129437435090.jpg - (24.27KB , 640x480 , paralyzed.jpg )
You are now Sollux. You feel numb and your vision is blurry.
>> No. 3860

>try to concentrate on the gray-faced figures in your field of vision
>> No. 3861
>Sollux: Be very, very still.
>> No. 3862
File 129437459562.jpg - (26.57KB , 640x480 , leaving.jpg )
Mr.Eyeless seems to be leaving. Karkat seems to be staring after him.
>> No. 3863
Oh no.

>Ask Karkat what happened, knowing exactly what did.
>> No. 3864
Everyone: Remain calm.
Sollux: Softly ask someone if they can help you take the pill if you can't manage.
>> No. 3865
File 129437475799.jpg - (29.73KB , 640x480 , refocusing.jpg )
Your eyesight seems to be refocusing.
>> No. 3866
>Readers: finger f5 like it's a loaded die in vegas
>> No. 3867
>drop everything

>look for waifu
>> No. 3868
>Karkat: Be in denial.
>> No. 3869
File 129437502348.jpg - (48.69KB , 640x480 , something-inyourmouth.jpg )
Karkat puts something in your mouth.

>> No. 3870

>Swallow. You probably need these yellow pills.
>> No. 3872
>no, sollux is totally a spitter
>> No. 3873
that was horrible
you are horrible
you should feel horrible

ps I love you
>> No. 3874
File 129437546399.jpg - (30.50KB , 640x480 , fallenurp.jpg )
You have both fallen down the hole that was probably on the ceiling a second ago.
>> No. 3875
>readers: what the hell

>Karkat: Grab onto Sollux and the edge of the hole. Cling for dear life because you know something bad is down/up there.
>> No. 3876
File 12943761764.jpg - (79.74KB , 640x480 , karkatsworstdayever.jpg )
You are now Karkat and this is basically the worst day ever.
>> No. 3877
>> No. 3879
(what) >Karkat: see whose arm that is
>> No. 3880
oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK

>Sollux: Call somebody! Anybody!
>> No. 3881
File 129437678931.jpg - (58.93KB , 640x480 , godfuckingdamnit.jpg )
God fucking damn it. What now?
>> No. 3882
Sollux: Do the floaty thing. DO THE FLOATY THING.
>> No. 3883

>> No. 3885

>If you can't support Karkat's weight entirely when you float, then use the spikes to balance him and pull him up to each one. There appears to be enough to reach the hole's opening.

>Also, where is Terezi?
>> No. 3886
read >>3862

Three guesses
>> No. 3887
File 129437816349.gif - (81.00KB , 640x480 , floatything.gif )
You can, luckily, support your own weight as well as Karkat's.

Go up or go down?
>> No. 3888

oh thank god in the morning

>Go down, because if you go up you might get caught on downturned spikes.
>> No. 3889

>Sollux: see your chances of going up and finding Terezi
>> No. 3890

>Go down, you might find something of use or one of your friends/friend's remains in this pit. You can always go up again when you're done, but you might not have another chance back down.
>> No. 3946
File 129446528238.jpg - (50.97KB , 640x480 , look-who-is-not-fucking-dead.jpg )
Hey, look who isn't dead! Or maimed!
>> No. 3953
>SAY HELLO, tell them what you know. catch up with these fine bitches.
>> No. 3962

>group: exchange knowledge

and where did Terezi go? did I miss something
>> No. 3963
>Karkat: Look for/call out to Terezi.
>> No. 3966
>Karkat: Exchange knowledge with Vriska and Kanaya. Update them on the current number of dead/missing trolls.
>> No. 3968
>Sollux: Leave Karkat to converse with Vriska and Kanaya, go get and/or save Terezi.
>> No. 4047
File 129454909724.jpg - (131.27KB , 640x480 , fuckthisshit2.jpg )
VS: Huh! I thought your voice sounded deeper, Karkat. How old are you supposed to be anyway?
KV: Eight. That's probably completely irrelevant anyway. We need to go find Terezi and figure out how to get the fuck out of here. She's missing a leg and I had to use my shirt for a tourniquet.
VS: I was going to ask why it looked like you painted yourself with her guts, Karkat.
KV: Y-
KM: Who Is Left To Get Out Of Here, Anyway?
KV: Tavros and Eridan are definitely dead. I'm pretty sure Gamzee is dead, too. I just fell on some gigantic thorn in a pit covered in his blood. I have no confirmation for Equius or Nepeta.
VS: Well, I do. They're putting out brain signals.
KV: Great. Can you tell me who else is alive?
VS: Sure, what are you going to tell me in return?
KV: What? Are you fucking serious right now? What this is isn't some fucking spy game. We're all getting hunted out by some asshole amputation fetishist here! We need to work together!
VS: Alright, then what reeeeaally happened to Terezi?
SC: Terezi did lothe her leg. I cauterithed it.
VS: Huh, sounds like she's not going to get to win this round, then.
KM: Vriska Don't You Find It Peculiar That This Game is Without Premise?
VS: We Probably just haven't found out what it is, yet.
SC: Feferi urged me to go to her quickly. I think thereth a tathk we mutht complete. We thould go now.
VS: Oh! That must be it, then. Whoever is alive to complete the game wins, right?
KV: I can't believe this! You're so fucking ridiculous! This is not a game! We don't know what this IS, even. It is completely insane to assume that there is a prize aside from getting to LIVE. The only trophy we can pray for is our lives.
VS: That's so dumb! That's why you won't get to win this game! That kind of attitude is for losers.
KM: Just Stop! We Need To Work Together At Least For Now, Right? What Do We Know About Mr.Eyeless?
VS: Fiiiiiiiine, jeez!! For starters, I can't control him. It should be easy, but for whatever reason I've got nothing! It's possible he's an alien. He can't detect you unless you're moving, either.
KM: I Haven't Seen Him Yet.
KV: He looks like he's been burned or something. I can't make out any distinguishing features.
SC: Letth go. We have a lot of thingth to do. We thould be okay thicking together.
KV: Wait, there's something else. This place, I'm sure you've noticed that it shifts pretty frequently.
KM: You Are Right, But Why?
VS: Because it's a game, duh!
KV: For fuck's sake--
SC: It might have thomething to do with my medithine. I didn't notithe before but everytime I take it, there'th thome thort of change.
VS: Because it's a game! Haha of course. I knew it would be good to pick this item up!

Vriska hands Sollux one of the yellow pills. Sollux now has one pill.
>> No. 4048
>Everyone: State how old you are, if you can remember.
>> No. 4053
>equius/nepeta: what are you guys doing?
>> No. 4054
> Sollux: the landscape apparently responds to your WEIRD PSYCHIC SHIT. Ponder the significance of this.
>> No. 4090
> Take a look at the bottom of Kanaya's skirt. It looks a little tyrian purple.
>> No. 4154
Didn't even notice that. That raises a big huge red flag. Er, I mean fuschia flag.
>> No. 4163
>Sollux: Flip the fuck out and use your appleberry eye lasers on everyone else in the room with you.
>> No. 4350
File 129491138478.jpg - (125.27KB , 640x480 , grewalightsource-.jpg )
SC: Maybe it ith important how old we are. How old are you thuppothed to be?
VS: I'm almost six.
KM: I Am Nearly Six As Well. What About You, Sollux?
SC: I can't remember, honethtly.
VS: Fell hard on your thinkpan, Captor?
SC: Itth pothible.
KV: You look six. Maybe just slightly older, but it's been a while.
SC: Are we thuppothed to be the thame age?
KV: Yeah. Hey- Kanaya. Isn't that Feferi's blood- all over your skirt. Holy fucking shit what HAPPENED!?
KM: I- Um.

What will you ask Kanaya or do with her?
>> No. 4351
>Kanaya: Do you know where Feferi is and if she's mostly okay? How did you get that blood all over you?
>> No. 4375
Karkat: accuse Kanaya of horrible things
>> No. 4376
>Monster: kill everyone
>> No. 4390
>Ask Vriska if she can still sense Feferi's brainwaves. If no, WILD ACCUSATIONS AGAINST KANAYA. Or we can be calm about this and ask Kanaya what happened.
>> No. 4421
File 129507076788.jpg - (153.76KB , 960x720 , kanaya-all-nervous.jpg )
You ask Kanaya about the blood. She doesn't answer and looks away.
>> No. 4422
You have to earn that through consistently bad choices.
>> No. 4423
>> No. 4424

>charm her into telling you her secrets via your cunning wit and intellect
>> No. 4425
Kiss her and see what happens.
>> No. 4426
>Vriska: Explain for her like it's no big deal.
>> No. 4429
>ask Vriska instead because she's crazy enough to tell the truth
>> No. 4456
>Karkat: Explain why you are now suddenly older than everyone else.


>Group: Try to find Fef and Terezi, both if possible.
>> No. 4461
>Sollux: Press Kanaya for what happened in a calming tone.
>> No. 4787
File 129587228576.jpg - (116.49KB , 640x480 , FUCKINWHAT.jpg )
You are Karkat. You hold her shoulders firmly and ask again what happened.

>> No. 4793
>Ask Vriska what happened.

oh god feferi ;-;
>> No. 4802
File 129591825224.jpg - (98.39KB , 640x480 , stillarive.jpg )
Vriska informs you that she IS still alive. But hurt, certainly.
>> No. 4803
> Deatils, Vriska. Is she more or less intact, dying, what?
>> No. 4804
>> No. 4806

>blood party
>> No. 4808
File 129592216423.jpg - (98.29KB , 640x480 , thatsnofun.jpg )
VS: Where's the fun in that? I can't just TELL YOU, you have to figure it out!
>> No. 4809
>> No. 4810
>Does it really matter who did what? Accidents happen! Shouldn't you just focus on getting to where Feferi is before it's too late?
>> No. 4812
File 129592937711.jpg - (106.36KB , 640x480 , HOLDSHITBITCH.jpg )
You insist on knowing what's up with Feferi.
>> No. 4813

Ask her how long she has, and if Vriska knows how to get to her.
>> No. 4814

>Convince Kanaya that if she did something, there won't be any consequences for her. You just want to do whatever you can to save as many people as possible, and this is the only way to help Fef.
>> No. 4815

>feed her marshmallows until she knows who's boss
>> No. 4816
File 129593178567.jpg - (84.03KB , 640x480 , whatsthatsollux.jpg )
You attempt to convince Kanaya that there will be no consequences if she did anything.

What's Sollux looking at?
>> No. 4817
> Keep your pimp hand strong. Smack that bitch.
>> No. 4818
>Karkat: She looks young enough to still be best partners with Terezi. Tell her you're wasting time and that Terezi is lost out there wounded and in a lot of danger and you can't be playing games.
>> No. 4819

>oh he's just having a bipolar episode, let him do his thinnnnng he'll be fiiiiiiine
>> No. 4820
>Karkat: Submit to playing out the rest of this bullshit FLARP style if she will just be fucking cooperative.
>> No. 4821
psionic seizurespasms, while a little less uncommon, are more threatening than scared little 6 sweep olds.

it shouldn't take more than a second: have a look at what's got him so spooked, then you can get back to these little bitches.
>> No. 4822

>Quick! Make Sollux take that pill.
>> No. 4823
I anyone else no longer bothered by Gamzee and Tavros' deaths after what's actually happened in Homestuck?
>> No. 4824
File 129593213612.jpg - (87.47KB , 640x480 , oneminute.jpg )
>> No. 4825
>> No. 4826

>> No. 4827
File 129593307538.jpg - (54.26KB , 640x480 , takinapill.jpg )
As no new ideas come to mind, you do the last thing you thought to do.
>> No. 4828
> Way to kill Feferi. Nice one. A winnar is you.
>> No. 4829
File 129593357255.jpg - (27.44KB , 640x480 , overdose.jpg )
You seem to have overdosed.

You are now impaired.
>> No. 4830
>now seems like a perfect time to try fingering your own butt. you've always wanted to try this...
>> No. 4831
> Wiggle your big toe.
>> No. 4832
this please
>take all new pills as suppositories
and >look around for everyone
>> No. 4833

>Do some crazy mind shit.
>> No. 4834
File 129593551388.jpg - (9.82KB , 640x480 , floatonalright.jpg )
Moving is difficult, but you are able to float yourself up and away.
>> No. 4837
File 129593681866.jpg - (105.04KB , 640x480 , somethingsniffstheair.jpg )
Something has awakened
>> No. 4838

>give the dog a bone, he looks hungry
>> No. 4839
File 129593726051.jpg - (97.15KB , 640x480 , whatanicecoincidence.jpg )
What a nice coincidence. You find some bones!
>> No. 4840
>Monster: Puke up all the trolls you ate!! 38(
>> No. 4841

>eat sollux
>> No. 4842
>> No. 4843
> Monster: Wonder why the fuck you're not in Silent Hill anymore.
>> No. 4844
File 129593910282.jpg - (110.51KB , 640x480 , ohhey.jpg )
You stop eating as the smell of something else approaches.
>> No. 4845
>Sollux: kill that...thing. with your freaky brain shit.
>> No. 4846
> Sollux: Stop being incapacitated. There are people who want to know what the hell is going on. Stop being so damn rude.
>> No. 4847

>Sollux: Ride monster like a mechanical bull.
>> No. 4848
this adventure gets the most hilarious prompts
>> No. 4849
File 129594132831.jpg - (124.24KB , 640x480 , mouthdog.jpg )
The creature has crawled atop you. This does not particularly bother you.

Where should we go now?
>> No. 4850
>Ride into the sunset.
>> No. 4851
>> No. 4852

> You need moar vespene gas. Eat more trolls.
>> No. 4853
File 129594232729.jpg - (122.17KB , 640x480 , woosh.jpg )
And off you go!
>> No. 4854
>ok, mr beasty, this is cool and all, but where the fuck did our friends go? how high do I even have to BE...
>> No. 4855
>ok no but seriously, sniff out some girl with tyrian purple blood, that shit seems kinda important right now.
>> No. 4856
> Then eat her.
>> No. 4858
File 12959441501.jpg - (66.80KB , 640x480 , aprincessappears.jpg )
You find your damsel.
>> No. 4859
>Karkat: Snap him out of it.
>> No. 4861
>try to fall off the blood doggie without it noticing
>> No. 4869
>Sollux: Whatever happens, don't let the mouthdog eat Feferi.
>> No. 4873
>Tend to the damsel!
>> No. 4880
>> No. 4899
>creepy muscledog: do something ADORABLE
>> No. 4901

>Use your crazy mind powers to bring the damsel along on your ride.
>> No. 4945
oh my god, what is going on.
>> No. 4992
File 129619589357.jpg - (121.35KB , 640x480 , andreality.jpg )
And slowly, reality seems to be slithering back.
>> No. 4993
>Reality: Stop being a lazy fuckass and come back.
>> No. 4995
File 129619749522.jpg - (134.78KB , 640x480 , needsomeconvincin.jpg )
Reality is going as fast as it can.
>> No. 4998
>Sollux: While reality is doing its thing as quickly as it can, maybe go check on Feferi.

>Reality: Keep doing your coming back thing.
>> No. 5005
File 129620050078.jpg - (72.36KB , 640x480 , hornsallsnappedthefuckoff.jpg )
With the drugs still coursing through your veins you take a shaky step and begin to fall. You attempt to catch yourself psionically but really can't in time, and you throw your falling weight hilter kilter for a moment. Your horns, weakened from headbutting that window before snap off as your head cracks against the concrete.
>> No. 5007
>is that another pill? better swallow it.
>> No. 5008
>sollux: furiously fire your eye beams in pain
>> No. 5009
File 129620190050.jpg - (91.47KB , 640x480 , wakeupasshole.jpg )
It's a good thing you are feeling too fucked up to eat your own horns or fire your eyebeams.
>> No. 5010

>Monster: Make out with Sollux
>> No. 5011
>> No. 5012
>> No. 5013
>> No. 5014
File 129620465696.jpg - (113.00KB , 640x480 , horriblenightmare.jpg )
>> No. 5015
oh god
>> No. 5016
File 129620567975.jpg - (109.21KB , 640x480 , ohheykk.jpg )
>> No. 5017
File 129620571182.jpg - (120.97KB , 640x480 , here-you-go-shippers.jpg )
It doesn't seem your newly troll stomach can handle what you ate.
>> No. 5020
Oh shit this adventure has reached new levels of awesome.

>Sollux: Stop being unconscious and covered in beast vomit. Be conscious and covered in beast vomit instead.
>> No. 5024
File 129620789231.jpg - (81.17KB , 640x480 , yournameiscaptorand.jpg )
Your name is Sollux Captor and you have no idea why your fucking head hurts or where you are or why you are vomiting cerulean.

It does however piss you off. You wonder why the fuck you're not at your computer like you were before.
>> No. 5025
>Karkat: Cover your shame and get your explain on.
>> No. 5026
Author: Make up your mind about what Karkat's back symbol looks like.
>> No. 5028
Reader: Realize suddenly that it's on purpose.
>> No. 5030
>Sollux: Notice Karkat. Ask what's going on.
>> No. 5032
File 129621104181.jpg - (65.25KB , 640x480 , justranoffanshit.jpg )
As soon as you turn to ask what is even going on of weird tall naked karkat he runs away.
>> No. 5034
> Feferi: Probably be dead, having choked on your ow blood a while ago and/or bled to death
>> No. 5035
>Sollux: Chase after him and call out to him asking what's going on.
>> No. 5036
File 12962214037.jpg - (66.98KB , 640x480 , clothesagain.jpg )
You watch Karkat clothe himself with a ghoulish robe hanging next to an axe and a knife.
>> No. 5037
File 129622245065.jpg - (101.06KB , 640x480 , probsdead.jpg )
You are probably dead.
>> No. 5038
>Feferi: Reunite with your loving main universe dead-self and treat us all to a nightmare inducing freak-out scene.
>> No. 5039
>Nonsense. Fef can still be saved! Hey, Sollux, look her over and see what you can do.
>> No. 5042
>Sollux: Ask Karkat what the fuck just happened and why he was a magnificent musclebeast.
>> No. 5048
I kind of hoped this was like Digital Devil Saga for a few moments there but this is worse
and by worse I mean 'more terrifying'
>> No. 5050
>Wait, cerulean? Someone, check where Vriska and Kanaya went!
>> No. 5056
> Feferi: Bleed tyrian purple as opposed to whatever-the-fuck you are doing. Unless that is light diffusion at work there, in which case, keep dying. It's totally cool bro.
>> No. 5161
Sollux: Rage at Robe!Karkat while heaving cerulean sludge.
>> No. 5379
>Karkat: At least try to look a little embarrassed, maybe?
>Sollux: At least try not to flip the fuck out, maybe?
>Feferi: Be dying slowly, with no hope of a miraculous recovery.

>author: stop making spinny stay up so late before midterms dammit
>> No. 5435
Iiii am going to call hiatus at the moment. Katsucon is February 18th and school just started and I have like fiftyjillion things including webdeisgn, my own webcomic, and some thing for tv. It's QUITE A BIT. SO. I will try to update, but don't expect it at least until the 15th. Sorrryyy <3
>> No. 5485

you chose my prompt to the author! yessssss

>> No. 5617
Hussie is now racing you to kill all of the trolls off. He is winning.
>> No. 5620
ALSKFJALSKFJ I KNOW. I have actually been joking about how Belly of the Beast is no longer scary either. Like two days after I snap off Sollux's horns he does one better and breaks out his teeth. fml hussieeee.
>> No. 5631
Yeah, Gamzee somehow makes a scarier unstoppable murderer than the blind body part snatcher.

If it makes you feel any better, your story is still a lot more trippy.