[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129150470792.png - (13.94KB , 500x450 , prefelt1.png )
2027 No. 2027
Let us turn back the clock. A time when life was not so scarce. When the universe trembled at it's own growth. We go back to it's precipice. To witness the Lord's workings. To witness how the end came to be.

And as with all beginnings, we must witness the first. The clock turns back.

>> No. 2028
File 129150499041.png - (16.50KB , 500x450 , theprefeltitchy1.png )
You've climbed to the highest peaks in all of your land. As requested by the highest of the prophets, you have been chosen to set the warning flame. Such an honorable task will surely see you to earn a spot in the next Marathon.

You've climbed so far, yet you're forgetting a couple of things. You blame it on the altitude.

Let's start with something simple.

What is your name?
>> No. 2029
>skittery douchebag
>> No. 2030
Hastius. No last name.
>> No. 2031
>Patruus Fornicatio
>> No. 2032
Sir Shnarkles of the Sharnks.
>> No. 2033
Vibius Quinctius Celeris
>> No. 2034
>Hanah Haraka
Korean for 'one' with an h at the end + Swahili for 'fast'
>> No. 2035
File 129150843910.png - (12.60KB , 500x450 , theprefeltitchy2.png )
Those are, you are quite sure, are not your names. You make a rude gesture, thus supplanting why you have not yet been accepted into previous Marathons.

Your temper and antics have always costed you privileges, and last year's prank of spiking the Marathon runner's water with hot spices did you no favors.

Moving along...
>> No. 2036
File 129150874992.png - (18.35KB , 500x450 , haste1.png )
Hastius, or Haste for short.

Now that's cleared up, you remember a little more.

The prophets instructed you to light the sacred Warning Flame for reasons they did not explain. You must take the Cafe Beans that dawn your head and use them to ignite the cauldron.

Why they picked you is a mystery. You know you're the fastest runner in all of your city, but such a great task seems ill-suited.

No matter, there is no questioning the prophets. You must light the flame. You must warn the other states of...well whatever is coming.
>> No. 2037
>Scratch your butt.
>> No. 2041
File 129151390679.gif - (12.13KB , 500x450 , haste2.gif )
In your society they elect the most worthless members, those who are lazy and do nothing of value all day, and give them a ceremony. The ceremony being they dump them into a ditch and pour wet cement on top of them. You have watched these ceremonies many times. They're burned into your memory.

You should get going.
>> No. 2042
Get a dang move on.
>> No. 2044
>Flip your toga turnways. You're looking a tad...sinister as is.
>> No. 2045
>Be Hearts Boxcars
>> No. 2046
>Dash full speed toward the cauldron.
>> No. 2050

When you get to the cauldron wonder why there is a pig, a human pig herder, a human princess, and an anthropomorphic annoying sidekick.
>> No. 2051
File 129152776931.png - (14.89KB , 900x474 , maphaste.png )
Correct, the temple is ahead of you and there is no time to lose! Just cross the bridge and you'll be there. No sweat! None at all!
>> No. 2052
File 129152782649.gif - (54.44KB , 900x474 , maphaste2.gif )
>> No. 2053
>Bridge: Collapse under absolutely no circumstances. Hold fast and safe forever.
>> No. 2066
>Ogre: Suddenly appear.
>> No. 2075
File 129159795986.png - (15.25KB , 900x474 , maphaste3.png )
But you're fine. This bridge is made of only the toughest, most beautiful grey stone the Miners of Manorn could dig up and forge. It's not going anywhere soon.

You make it safely across.
>> No. 2076
File 129159806523.png - (14.70KB , 500x450 , haste3.png )
The idea that an ogre, a mythical beast, would just appear out of no where is completely idiotic and you feel even your imagination suffers from even processing the idea.

Just dumb. So dumb.

But it'll make a great prank to scare the next person who has to come up here.
>> No. 2077
>Haste: Remember where the signal flame is to be lit.
>> No. 2079
>> No. 2086
>Wonder where your considerably slower cohort is.
>> No. 2151
File 129177064048.png - (14.07KB , 500x450 , haste4.png )
Ah, yes, the flame. It should be farther into the temple. You should cease this foolishness.
>> No. 2152
File 129177087918.png - (13.76KB , 900x474 , haste5.png )
You enter the main temple. You had forgotten how big this place was. The prophets sure needed a lot of walls to write on.
>> No. 2153
File 129177098876.png - (24.88KB , 500x450 , haste6.png )
You think most of the drawings are dumb anyway.

They make no fucking sense.
>> No. 2154
File 129177113425.png - (17.78KB , 900x474 , haste7.png )
You have no idea what that means. You work alone. Anyone else will just slow you down.

You stop mid stride to view the world as your people know it. Less dumb, but still boring.

You head further inside.
>> No. 2155
>Cohort means friend/acquaintance, dickmeat
>> No. 2249
>Deface drawings with humorous depictions of acquaintances
>> No. 2251

>Haste: Don't waste time, head for the flame.
>> No. 2275
File 129195877724.png - (14.50KB , 500x450 , haste8.png )
You would never disgrace such ancient and holy drawings, ones that have been around since the beginning of centuries and are older than even the elder prophets, drawings that hold such history and such strong emotions for your people, with the visage of some imaginary creature called an acquaintance.

Never would you draw upon something like this...
>> No. 2276
File 129195881538.gif - (41.43KB , 500x450 , haste9.gif )
...without drawing something equally beautiful.
>> No. 2278
File 129195904918.png - (29.98KB , 900x474 , haste10.png )
No one will ever know it was you. You are sure of it.
>> No. 2279
File 129195913282.png - (25.19KB , 900x474 , haste11.png )
Hrm? Oh yes! It seems you are already there.
>> No. 2280

>You remembered to bring something to light it with, right?
>> No. 2397
>Check for other potential sources of fire nearby