[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129167672588.png - (19.18KB , 650x450 , 001.png )
2110 No. 2110
It's another boring day in the Veil. Everyone else would be pissing and moaning until the earth cows come home, whatever that phrase could possibly mean but none of that matters to you because you are


What will you do?

aka, Tawa wants some practice drawing fast and not get hooked on Monster Hunter Tri again
>> No. 2111
> Practice kicking things with your sweet metal legs.
>> No. 2112
>Troll Jade
>> No. 2113
>Tavros: Masturbate furiously
>Tavros: get trolled by Vriska
>> No. 2114
>Troll Dave. Third time's a charm!
>> No. 2115
File 129168317731.png - (12.64KB , 650x450 , 002.png )
> Practice kicking things with your sweet metal legs.

You suddenly decide to practice kicking things with your sweet metal legs. Unfortunately, there's nothing good to kick around in the main computer room and Vriska would get mad if you started kicking her 8 Balls even if she just breaks them anyways.

You decide to kick the stairs.
>> No. 2116
>Heed Equius' warnings regarding stairs.
>> No. 2117
File 129168350630.png - (14.57KB , 650x450 , 003.png )

After your unfortunate "accident", stairs have become an epic obstacle! But none of that matters, you've got some new legs and you've already broken them in, quite literally.

Equius was pretty mad at you for breaking your new legs right after he warned you. It became a running joke among your friends.

This time, you've won the initiative vs the stairs.
>> No. 2118
File 129168364620.png - (16.73KB , 650x450 , 004.png )
Tavros: Carefully descend stairs.


Drawing last panel! Suggestions still welcomed!
>> No. 2119
>Kick Vriska down the stairs to establish superiority.
>> No. 2120
> Meet up with your best bro, Gamzee.
>> No. 2121
File 129168487961.png - (24.42KB , 650x450 , 005.png )
>> No. 2122
> Head down to Vriska's lair.
>> No. 2125
Stairs: Turn into a Slide.
Vriska: Be responsible.
>> No. 2126
File 129168862810.gif - (28.31KB , 650x450 , 006.gif )
> [A] Head down to Vriska's lair.

This is the dumbest idea you've had in weeks!!!


And yet the floating symbol...

It beckons.

[A] now means animated! Gonna draw other things for most of the night!
>> No. 2135
>Taaaaaaaavros: realize Vriska is not in her hive and go snooping in her Nic Cage shrine

(she's obviously still fooling around with John)
>> No. 2143
>Realize that the gaint creature in Vriska's room still scares you
>> No. 2148
> Forget spidergirls, obtain boonbucks
>> No. 2149
>Have hot cripple sex with the spider girl
>> No. 2150
Hey Tavros! Where'd you put your Tinkerbull plushie? ... you didn't misplace it again, did you? or *gasp* did one of the other trolls steal it?
>> No. 2157
File 129178300022.gif - (140.53KB , 650x450 , 007.gif )
Oh right, last time you went into Vriska's room you came across a giant hole... With an equally large creature dwelling inside.

>> No. 2158
File 129178321569.gif - (152.28KB , 650x450 , 008.gif )
And it looked angry.

Really angry.
>> No. 2159
File 129178331780.gif - (24.26KB , 650x450 , 009.gif )
That was the fastest you've ever absconded in your life!

M-maybe you should do something safer... and less scary?
>> No. 2160
> Go to room, and solitaire your new Fiduspawn deck
>> No. 2161
Decided to stop be a lazy asshole and put in some effort for this adventure! This means slower updates, but sweeter drawings!

Yes, it's a good thing.
>> No. 2162
> Play Fiduspawn to calm your NERVES GAUGE.
>> No. 2164
Remember that you recently helped kill the Black King, and the monster in Vriska's hideout is several orders of magnitude more terrified of you than you are of it.
>> No. 2204
>Go find Gamzee and confront the scary creature together.
>> No. 2216
I'm reading "Tav'enture" the same way as "aventure" which is a literary term. I feel like a massive nerd.

> Go find your best bro! Or someone who is less scary. Anybody, really. Maybe Nepeta?
>> No. 2218
Nepeta gets more and more terrifying the more you think about her. She kills animals several times her size using only her claws and teeth, eats them, wears their carcases, and draws with their blood. If nobody had any mutations, Nepeta would be the most powerful troll.
>> No. 2234
How crazy! Didn't know it perfectly appropriate for this!

Updates will probably be done very very late in the evening or tomorrow. Working on a few things unrelated to the adventure at the moment!
>> No. 2240
>Inquisiclops: Use teleporter

>Vriska: Save the pansy

(I have come to the conclusion that this is just a matter of time before Vriska shows up. HOW LONG WILL YOU HOLD OFF?!?)
>> No. 2252
Wait wait, wait. If this is set after the Hivebent game is finished, doesn't that mean that all the trolls have totally leveled up?

Doesn't Tavros get a limit break special attack?
>> No. 2259
Yes, this is obviously set after Hivebent.

Maybe you should tell Tavros to do the WINDY THING?

Sadly, I got no work done cause the internet crapped out meaning no access to refs. Daaaang. OH WELL, MOVING ON AFTER I DO MY PRINT EXCHANGE.
>> No. 2293
CAN Tav do the Windy Thing?
I mean he should e able, but al things considered did the Trolls ever embrace their titles and such cause they seemed to just power game through the medium
Though I could be way off base
>> No. 2313
File 129203356288.gif - (37.49KB , 650x450 , 010.gif )
> Remember that you recently helped kill the Black King, and the monster in Vriska's hideout is several orders of magnitude more terrified of you than you are of it.

That's right!

You climbed to the highest rung of your Echeladder achieving the title simply known as ALL THE LEVELS and defeated the Black King with your teammates. But even with your recent mastery of new found abilities as a Page of Breath and the most pimping feather ever, you still don't want to face that monster alone. You're quite dependent on teamwork both in SGRUB and being a Fiduspawn Master.

You need to recruit a party member!
>> No. 2314
File 129203359458.gif - (78.76KB , 650x450 , 011.gif )
>Go find Gamzee and confront the scary creature together.

Your best bro, Gamzee would make the best partner to fight the Inquisiclops! Nothing can stand up against the totally ill rhymes and beats the both of you create as a team. Not to mention you've both created some sick weapons that are more effective in causing literal burns instead of verbal ones.

You find Gamzee in his usual haunt, dancing next to his pile of horns.
>> No. 2315
Everything's animated.

Let's see how long I can keep trend going!
>> No. 2318
>Vriska: Prepare popcorn for their inevitable dorky deaths.
>> No. 2319

This gets so much better as I proceed. /-EXCIT-EM-ENT
>> No. 2331
>Tavros: Recruit Gamzee as a new party member, then use him as a battering ram to attack the monster
>> No. 2332
Summon all the fidusspawn. All of thme.
>> No. 2333
Doo tis. Soomon the fudusssspun!
>> No. 2345
> First, be the Gamzee, second, join Tavros' party.
>> No. 2350
>Tavros: Drop everything; Get on the computer; Seduce Jade Human
>> No. 2351

>> No. 2352
This times 50
>> No. 2360
>Tavros: Get naked in the process, realize too late what you did after.
>> No. 2361
>Tavros: Realize you're not wearing pants anyway, so you're already half way to this suggestion.
>> No. 2376
He's not wearing pants, he's wearing chainsawed shorts!
>> No. 2447
>>Gamzee: Eat sopor slime to calm your shakes.
>> No. 2463
Oh my god, all the Tavros and Vriska updates in the comic...

I'm... I'm sort of conflicted here since I wanna try to stay in character! Oh man... I'll try to come up with something!
>> No. 2498
Okay, so my net connection broke... Repairman will be here Thursday so uh yeah, delaaaaays! Sorry guys! I'll be working on it offline though.
>> No. 2540
Your the only Drawfag in the most respectful and endearing sense of coursethat acctualy likes my ship!
Your the only one around here who dosent favor a gay Tav!
>> No. 2545
>Tavros: First Retrieve Lance, Second, Rip Vriska a new Grubhole.
>> No. 2546
>notAnon: Deal with it
>> No. 2547
Don't worry notAnon, I got a brilliant idea for a technically all new adventure that shouldn't be affected by canon updates. I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to get the intro drawn up. I have a good amount written down already.

And yes, there will be more straight Tavros. I'm a big fan of Tavros/Vriska and Tavros/Jade. Straight pairings in any fandom are so rare but I have nothing against Tavros/Gamzee.

I personally don't like to give dates since I get easily distracted by games but I hope to have it started before Christmas!

Welp! Time to hit the grindstone!
>> No. 2550
Ah well cool
Sorry for the freak out, I too am a big fan of the Tavros/Vriska ship (if that wasent clear hurr hurr) and Tav is easily my favorite troll its just so rare to see a pic of him where he isnt /Gamzee, or /Eridan or /Equius.
And I have nothing against the gay ships!
Its just that this chan is just so saturated with them!

Lookin foward to more of your stuff Tawa!
>> No. 2594
asdf why the fuck did no one tell me you were rocking a Taventure up ins this is AWESOME

anyway I kinda have a bad habit of shipping Tavros left right and center, but I'll always have a soft spot for Tavros/Jade

even if he totally blew it in canon

(dammit tav)
>> No. 2716
>> No. 2914
File 12930150984.png - (194.99KB , 550x580 , at-cavalreaper.png )
Just popping up to show y'all I haven't ignored this and died.

Folks who are still F5ing this thing waiting for updates should stop because this adventure's dead. New adventure will come during the tail end of December. Will start with Tavros but co-starring Horsaroni! It'll be something cool and new, and more open for all the characters too.

... Just lemme finish this massive Secret Santa picture first.

Image somewhat related to the new adventure!