[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129220884675.png - (72.43KB , 640x480 , 1.png )
2405 No. 2405
You are now a 16 year old girl standing in the basement of her home. There is six inches of water surrounding you, it is this deep through out the 800 square feet of the basement. You have a tote box floating next to you, it's called the S.S. FUCK YEAH. You have a bat to push your tote box around.

What is this girls name?

I was bored, and this is happening to me in real life. I hate the rainy season. We're draining the basement with a pump. So fun.

("16 year old self-insert" pretty much says all i need to know)
>> No. 2407
Oh and a quick note, you can make this more MSPA related, just request anything. Well, after we pick the name.
>> No. 2408
Loserella Mcdumbface

(Someone has to do the insulting name, why not me?)
>> No. 2412
>Eden Maverick
>> No. 2413
>Susan Largle
>> No. 2417
>Francine Anana
>> No. 2425
File 129222245154.png - (85.74KB , 640x480 , 2.png )
>Eden Anana Largle

You are enjoying this flood A BIT TOO MUCH.
There are more totes floating around, you'll name them as you go along.

The S.S. Floating Sextoy floats over.

>What will you do?
>> No. 2426
>Eden: Honk like a goose and drink the water
>> No. 2453
> Play some one-woman water polo.
>> No. 2454
>Find out where the water is coming from and fix it
>> No. 2457
File 129226596451.png - (155.89KB , 640x480 , 3.png )
You get some ideas in your head, as the S.S. FUCK YEAH floats off, a notebook floats not too far behind it.

You might do the honking, but not drinking the water. There are lots of reasons not to drink it. Let's list some!
1. it's rain water.
2. an ink cartage from a printer is floating about.
3. You little dog kind of shits down here, when you forget to close the basement door.
But you already know where it's coming from!
This is the third time it's happened, but it's never been THIS bad.

>Eden: Explain.
The ground is waterlogged from all the rain you got this week, and it seeps in from the seems of the floors and walls on the basement.
>> No. 2459
>Wait, have any meteors been falling around where you live lately? If so, you might want to get the fuck out of there.
>> No. 2465
Splash around and have a good ol' time.
>> No. 2466
File 129227867865.png - (161.75KB , 640x480 , 4.png )
You never heard of any meteors falling about, but that doesn't mean shit. You are kind of a shut in and you don't watch the news.
>> No. 2468
File 129227975463.png - (112.10KB , 640x480 , 5.png )
You fall right into the water, how wonderful. How could this day get ANY better?

Wait, is the water deeper?

An unnamed totebox floats over to aid you in your struggle!

This picture sucks so bad ;A;
>> No. 2473
>Go to /oc/
>> No. 2474
I read the rules and this adventure has nothing to do with an OC character related to MSPA (Human character playing SBURB/ a troll character doing anything)
Thus it belongs here.

I think
>> No. 2480
>Ask reindeer for help.
>> No. 2491
> Ride reindeer like a mechanical bull.
>> No. 2495
So which canon character is this?
>> No. 2497
Well, It's never stated that it HAS to be done with a canon character. It says it can't be an MSPA based fancharacter.

Is a girl dealing with a flood in her basement MSPA related?
>> No. 2501
No, which is exactly why it shouldn't be in the MSPA Fan Adventure board.

It's not Just "General Adventures". It's "Fan Adventures", and on an MSPA-centered imageboard. It pretty much stands to reason that /adv/ is canon characters only and OC adventures go to /oc/.

This is not anything to do with MSPA canon, or MSPA at all, really, so it just doesn't belong in /adv/. At best, it belongs in /oc/ if it should be allowed on this imageboard at all.
>> No. 2503
wait if this is a self insert adventure

does that mean you're 16?
>> No. 2504
From the chan FAQ:
"Fan Adventures, Roleplay, Original Characters- what is this? Fan Adventures is for actual "adventures"- where an artist takes input from readers and draws it. These can be of anything from Homestuck to Pokemon, as long as they don't involve MSPA-themed fancharacters. Adventures starring fancharatcers go in, obviously, Original Characters. Roleplay is for just that, text-and/or-picture-based roleplay."

If it's not a fancharacter, it's ok, it seems.
>> No. 2505
except this is mspachan. there is one offtopic board and the rest are for mspa related shit. which is why we're here. because we like mspa. not because we want to read self insert adventures unrelated to anything mspa, from someone who is underageb& on an 18+ chan and admitting to it if she is self-inserting like she says.

i'm sorry, i just don't see how this belongs here at all.
>> No. 2506
Yeah except the person who wrote the FAQ is the person who makes the rules and what the FAQ says is it's allowed.

Underageb& is another matter entirely though.
>> No. 2507
but by that logic we can post anything we want in the fanart or fanfic boards too, as long as it isn't about mspa fancharacters, because it isn't mentioned in the rules. i doubt that would fly. it strikes me that it should be obvious that things in this chan should be mspa related and thus there weren't specific rules about it, rather than that.

anyway w/e, it's crepe's chan, it's up to him what he wants to do about it. there is still the underageb& issue as it is.
>> No. 2518
this is a silly argument. i didn't realise that i had to spell out every little facet of the rules, it should have been self-explanatory that /adv/ is for canon characters only

i'm sure we will all miss "generic anime adventure #1025"