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File 129306978754.png - (10.50KB , 500x500 , crap it\'s back.png )
2952 No. 2952
(first thread)
what? oh god why are you the center of attention? dammit.

i was dumb and managed to let the last thread die, so this is a continuation, not new, just instead of continuing Terezi's Dragon trial you are now Sollux
>> No. 2953
>Sollux: Do shit.
>> No. 2956
>Sollux: Explore this strange white area with a line in it.
>> No. 2958
>Inspect line.
>> No. 3023
File 129315245064.png - (7.74KB , 500x500 , where are your pants.png )
>inspect line

it's a mighty fine line, you could stare at it all da-- is it just you or is it breezy in here?
sorry for the horrible quality of this drawing, and in my head Canon Sollux wears colored socks like those
>> No. 3027
>Recover your pants, but only wear one leg of them, as to maintain the balance of wearing pants/not wearing pants.
>> No. 3031
Try to exit The Matrix.
>> No. 3038
>Do weird psychic stuff
>> No. 3120
sorry for no update! relatives and such, the tablet is in their room and i don't wanna wake them up!