[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129311498457.gif - (39.41KB , 400x400 , Title-Image.gif )
3005 No. 3005
Hope you guys don't mind YET ANOTHER creepy weird puzzles shit-style game. At least I hope it comes off as creepy. Or at least decent.

I apologize for the shitty art. Can't find my stylus pen. Still, let's give this crazy shit a shot, eh?
>> No. 3006
File 129311659910.gif - (23.69KB , 400x400 , You-Are-John.gif )
Your name is John Egbert and you're not entirely sure why you're waking up from bed. Last you remember, the new game beta you received had finished loading up and you initialized it. After that... You guess you can't remember.

Honestly, it seems more like a particularly boring dream more than anything to worry about. In fact, the only reason why you seem to be perturbed in the first place is because you don't remember changing your sheets from the kick-ass Green Slime Ghost set to a plain white set.

Come to think of it, you don't recognize this room much at all.
>> No. 3007
File 12931179779.gif - (22.32KB , 400x400 , John-in-the-Room.gif )
A quick scan shows a very plain, clean room. It's mostly in white, almost to a scary level, with a lot of plain light coming from the ceiling lights. There's a computer to the left, a box and a chest of drawers by the bed, and a small rug in the center of the room.
>> No. 3033
>John: Retrieve glasses from night table
>> No. 3035
>who's that, standing in the corner there? examine other side of room
>> No. 3252
File 129354458021.gif - (27.90KB , 400x400 , 20ffw0.gif )

You... Really can't remember. Seriously, half the time, you forget to take them off before you go to bed, and you really can't remember going to sleep recently. At least you still have them, though.

You toss them on, and already the quality of the art improves. Sometimes, your eye sight can cause some game-related problems.
>> No. 3253
File 129354548747.gif - (25.83KB , 400x400 , Opposite-Side-of-the-Room.gif )
>>Woops, I forgot my name, last time.

On the opposite side of the room, you see a door with a note attached to it. There's also an incredibly low desk with a few pieces of paper and a red book on the other side.

There's also a pattern you can make out on the rug, looks like wind or waves of some kind.
>> No. 3278
>Examine the note on the door.
>> No. 3328
>Screech like a chimp and drool on the bed.
>> No. 3347
>John: The red book has spoilers around the color name! Must be important; go check it out.


>John: Admire bitchin' rug
>> No. 3368
File 129376729713.gif - (35.57KB , 400x400 , The-letter-on-the-door.gif )
>Greetings, Egbert.

>All I ask from you is this:
>Remeber to gather all you need from this room before you leave this time. You don't want another incident like last time you forgot your items.
>It would behoove you to be careful.
>It is now your first day, once again.
>> No. 3369
File 12937675302.gif - (22.43KB , 400x400 , John-Reads-on-the-Carpet.gif )

You decide to take both of these options at the same time! After all, who doesn't love books and bitchin' rugs at the same time.

The rug appears to have a windy pattern on it, swirly blue lines that you dig pretty well. And it's a fairly soft place to sit while you start looking into the red book.

(Book's updates will be up next, won't get a chance to update until like Saturday morning)
>> No. 3555
Wear carpet as cape.
>> No. 3566
File 129398084135.gif - (84.59KB , 500x500 , The-Only-Understandable-Pag.gif )

Most of the red book has odd language in it, symbols that make no sense to you whatsoever, besides all of the zeroes you see all over the page. There's few drawings and no English or really any sort of writing you've seen before. Adding to it, the paper is thin and fragile, and you're afraid to flip around it much, for fear of tearing a page.

Out of chance, you stumble on a page with some drawings in it, and even some normal alphabet! It looks like a chart, of what you can't say. You can make out the spider and the butterfly easy enough, and the bottom one could be a firefly, but the top righthand corner... A fly? A beetle? Whatever it is, it's making a kree, kree noise underneath it.
>> No. 3567
File 129398100562.gif - (36.37KB , 500x500 , Wear-Cape-Feel-Awesome.gif )

You toss that cape on like you're a fantasy hero and pose a bit. You even save a little bit of the corner to flop over your head like a hoodie.

Because really, what hero doesn't have a hoodie nowadays? It's as awesome as a mullet and a dirty wifebeater.

Now you just need to find your normal clothes, or at least your green slime ghost shirt.
>> No. 3572
>Look around room for a dresser.
>> No. 3599

Pretend you're Superman before wondering where your computer is.
>> No. 3627
Flyyyyyyyyy pupa pan! BBBBD
>> No. 3727
File 129415252031.gif - (76.84KB , 500x500 , You-waste-twenty-minutes.gif )

You waste a good twenty minutes jumping on the bed, switching from Superman poses to Peter, or rather "Pupa" Pan, poses as you do so. You are a man with interesting priorities.

Well now, time to look for the computer. You don't have your computer, but there is one to the side of the room, an old-looking model.
>> No. 3729
File 129415379273.gif - (87.01KB , 500x500 , The-Computer-has-been-watch.gif )

Oh... Oh my. There doesn't seem to be anything on the computer. The only thing showing up is this close-up shot of an eye staring right at you.

You try moving around the mouse and typing randomly, thinking it's the screensaver or something. You try using Ctrl-Alt-Del. You even try turning it on and off, but the everlasting eye remains as you shut it on and off. And worse off, it feels like it's tracking you.
>> No. 3734
File 12941546994.gif - (88.58KB , 500x500 , In-the-Dresser.gif )

There's less of a dresser and more of a night table to the side of the bed. The first drawer is empty entirely, but the second reveals a PDA. Nice.
>> No. 3735
>contact chums
>> No. 3779
Strip for the eye.
Turn to computer away, or put the rug ontop.
>> No. 4020
File 129453852743.gif - (60.96KB , 500x500 , It-Still-Sees.gif )

You put the carpet on top of the computer. It's freaky enough having that eye staring at you, you don't need to encourage it.

The red light shines through the computer screen.
>> No. 4023
File 129453900015.gif - (40.15KB , 500x500 , Pesterchum-One-Shot.gif )

The PDA's battery is almost out. It will probably last long enough for you to pester one chum.

Your chumroll and trollslum are both available for contact, although why you'd contact those douchebags on the trollslum is any guess to you.

There's also a map app and two apps you can't quite identify: one featuring a golden butterfly, and one with the eye insignia, same as your computer.
>> No. 4031

>Pester troll who likes you


>Pester Dave.
>> No. 4042
>Pester a friend, try to make it quick and to the point
>and, if you manage to have any battery left, try to check the map app
>> No. 4088
Pester Rose, asking where you are.
>> No. 4091
>Pester Jade. She usually knows what you should do.
>> No. 4094
Go ask alice
>> No. 4153
File 129463119528.gif - (68.38KB , 500x500 , Jade\'s-having-a-bad-day.gif )

You contact Jade first, since she tends to be the expert in weird paranormal shit like this. Maybe she's had a dream involving this weird room before and can give you a clue or at least let you know everything is alright.

Huh. Seems like she's not answering your pesters at the moment. Maybe she's fallen asleep? Normally her dreambot kicks in at that point, but nobody's answering at all. She probably just went to go check on something at her house and left her lunchtop in the garden.

You decide to contact Dave, as he'll probably more to the point and concise, and check the map and check in with Rose if you have enough battery.

(I'll come back with the Dave and possibly the Rose update in the morning. Sorry for leaving off like this, I have work in fifteen minutes and this picture took me a lot longer than I expected)
>> No. 4222
..... D: nightmares forever
>> No. 4242
File 129476169468.gif - (64.34KB , 500x500 , Dave-on-the-Computer.gif )

EB: alright, i'm not in my room anymore
EB: did something happen? its all weird and empty and the computer is messed up. are you okay too man?
TG: alright you know what i said about the skepticism thing
TG: maybe theres some grain of truth in it
TG: sure, dad can maybe get his ass in gear at least once in a while and get that minivan revved the fuck up
TG: but now its obvious you cant just say OH SHIT THERE'S A VAMPIRE EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT
TG: you do that shit and next thing you know moms taking a set of knitting needle to your eye and someones running around with cripple legs and your sweet glasses
TG: everyones gone bugshit nuts, breakin windows and trying to smash your face in with your own piece of shit sord
EB: what the hell are you talking about?
TG: don't worry about it
TG: just having a fuckin bad day
TG: again
TG: did i tell you a number?
EB: a number? what?
EB: oh god, you didn't go crazy, did you?
EB: dave, my PDA is dying and i don't have time for this
TG: right apparently things cant be that simple for us this time
TG: look, im actually not too far from you now
EB: wait, really? i thought you were in houston!
TG: well i was
TG: now im oh i dunno
TG: somewhere close check the map when you find that other battery
TG: dont ask about that ill explain when we see each other
TG: rose and jade are somewhere around here
>> No. 4243
File 129476173727.gif - (31.55KB , 500x500 , Rose-stalks.gif )

TG: jades up to her eyeballs in weird shit hopefully
TG: shell be the last with us
TG: and rose is just ejaculating magic bullshit on whatever surface she can now that shes getting the hang of this shit
EB: this isn't helping at all, you know?
EB: all i know is that apparently i'm way behind on everything
TG: jegus, im trying to get to the point man
TG: its just ive been thrown for a ludicrous loop, thanks to someone dropping a steaming load of hot bitch into our collective lap
TG: and now im trying to figure out how to get people out of the path of drooling rapeface dickbeasts and ash bitches without sending them to crazy town
TG: argh
TG: and for what its worth your on the same page as everyone else
TG: im just stuck being ahead
EB: oh god
EB: i… i can't even think of what to say to all this
EB: im taking your word for all of this though
EB: you need me to meet up with you first?
TG: it would help
TG: right now is all about getting everyone into the dining room and then we can get to getting some fucking lights on
TG: get your hammer and look for some screaming alien asshole and a battery
TG: trust me, youre going to need a hammer for some of the shit youre going to have to deal with
TG: and i dont want to deal with another person wandering around getting punchraped by something that looks like a bag of rotten dog meat because theyre too lazy to grab a
>> No. 4246
File 129476227924.gif - (35.81KB , 500x500 , The-PDA-dies.gif )

EB: hey man, you can count on me for this!
EB: even if we don't all meet up at the dining room, we can always go back for anyone who's missing
EB: no need to let anyone get punch or raped by that horrible shit, we've got this.
TG: alright.
TG: you're probably out of battery at this point
TG: im letting you go now, just be careful
TG: i really dont want to say all this again
TG: 413

It's at that point your PDA finally blacks out. Unfortunately, now you're stuck without a map or a way to contact someone, and apparently Dave's having a bit of a freakout.

Nevertheless, you do believe him on this being the game, or at least you're trying to. What purpose would he have to lie about that anyway? Some sort of incredibly elaborate prank? Even if you disbelieved it, he's put so much effort and ability into this, you're sure this counts as being successfully pranked no matter which way you look at it.

What will you do now?
>> No. 4311
>Find a hammer and get out of this room.