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Yes, again. I make no excuses but that I thought it deserved it.

Three weeks ago, me and a few friends started toying around with the idea of making a homestuck RPG. This is our progress so far. It's not perfect but it's quick, it's relatively simple for a full RPG, and it's hopefully fun.

The deliciously stark white PDF, with actual bookmarks, for those who can use it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FUMEPQF9

And the do it yourself .doc version for those without Adobe. I dunno, it seemed plausible. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JJH323EJ

This is an alpha version so far. It should be fully playable, but it has not yet been playtested, as it's only been in some form of existence for about 22 days. The system is, so far as I know, entirely unique, yet should prove fitting to Homestuck, using a d4 and d13 system. This is best simulated with a pack of playing cards. We've included several areas of character advancement, and even a couple monsters tossed in for good measure, but as of yet, this game is mostly the bare bones. I've got plans for working with my friends on developing oh so many other fun things, but I thought I'd get this out there and get some opinions on the fundamentals at the same time.

I cannot promise that this game is entirely balanced, and it expects a certain level of existing familiarity, with both the objectives of Sburb, and the vagaries of role playing games. However, I think that one simple piece of advice can cover a multitude of sins, at least in Alpha, and that is: A GM's job is not to see that the PCs triumph over every challenge effortlessly, nor to prevent them from succeeding. It is to challenge them to the point that they succeed at the important things by the thinnest margins possible. It's not easy, and it'll take some practice, and depending on your GMing style, you might hit a few monty hauls or a few total party kills, but with persistence as your watch word, hopefully it'll work.

Anyway. I hope that people enjoy this. We've got some plans for expanding in various directions after this, that we wouldn't mind hearing some interest in to prioritize, including
The Writer's Guide: Ideas on how to GM. How to use consorts, guardians, and sprites as ways to let your players work together even while the characters are separate, how to introduce new wrinkles into players' lives via paradox space, or screwing up games, and so forth.
The Felt: A Monster Manual of sorts, including a number of pre-made monsters, and a good selection of new abilities to give to monsters.
The Medium Almanac: A guide to more information on creating lands, the architecture of Derse and Prospit, and so forth. This will be primarily speculation, unless Hussie decides to go into more detail on things.
The Questbed Diaries: A guide to higher level character creation, to god tiers, fraymotifs, and so forth. Probably will require more information about God Tiers, so this won't be done as quickly and easily as the others. This is gonna involve a lotta speculation until we get some more information on things.

Naturally, these will all be in addition to any updates to the main system itself.

And, under the category of 'Oh yeah, dream on', maybe, just maybe, if we do a good enough job with this game, Andrew Hussie himself might dance down from the heavens and bless us with the stamp of legitimacy, maybe even see about actually making this thing something worth money. It'd be nice, but I figure I'll keep working on this regardless, since it's been the most fun three weeks of my life.

If you do playtest, and you have any particularly strong insights, or any interesting powers that you made, well, I can't promise you money, but we could see about a playtesting credit in the book or some such. It's up to you if that sounds remotely worth it.

If you have any questions, hell, I've got nothing better to do than answer them.

http://formspring.me/Ajoxer There, made a Formspring account to make it easier to compile answers to questions.

Quality of picture unrelated to quality of system. I hope. Posted this here because it sounds like it's the place to do it? Ah, hell, I'm sure people will set me right if I've miscalculated again.