[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129386158052.png - (13.52KB , 650x450 , 001.png )
3468 No. 3468
Happy New year everyone! Here's a resolution I won't forget in a week, stick to this all new AU fanveture! Lets get this rolling!
>> No. 3469
File 12938616177.png - (15.92KB , 650x450 , 002.png )

>> No. 3470
File 129386167356.png - (24.72KB , 650x450 , 003.png )

Look at your idol, now back to yourself, now back to your idol, now back to yourself.

>> No. 3471
File 129386172646.gif - (121.58KB , 650x450 , 004.gif )

Sadly, he isn't you. But if you stopped running away and gained some self confidence, you could slay a dragon and be a hero.

>> No. 3472
File 129386182221.png - (22.17KB , 650x450 , 005.png )

Look down, back up. Where are you? You're in IASKA, a fantasy countryside filled with many races and creatures that should be in story books for wrigglers and babies but they're all real here.


>> No. 3473
File 129386186633.png - (19.11KB , 650x750 , 006.png )

What's in your hand? Back again, you have it. It's a cigarette holder but you don't smoke.

>> No. 3474
File 129386190173.gif - (36.77KB , 650x750 , 007.gif )

Look again. The cigarette holder is now a LANCE. Anything is possible with weird plot shit and alternate universes.

>> No. 3476
File 12938620135.png - (16.39KB , 650x450 , 008.png )

You're on a horsaroni.
Who are you, YOUNG TROLL?

Whew! That's everything! Totally gonna stick to this because CANON IS THROWN COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WINDOW. TAKE THAT!!
>> No. 3479
>> No. 3481
>> No. 3482
you are Nitrofist McHugedong, slayer of beasts and taker of women (and some men)

barge into the fucking castle and takethis shot over
>> No. 3485
You're Pansy McAbsconder.
>> No. 3486
Tavros Nitram, fanboy of THE GREAT RUFIO, and Page of something or another.
>> No. 3487
You are Tavros Strider.
>> No. 3488
Tavros Nitram, knight name: Sir Pupa Pan
>> No. 3500
>Squire Cretan
six letters long, refers to the Cretan bull that sired the minotaur, AND can be made to sound like "cretin" for humorous purposes
>> No. 3505

Hey squire! Let's have a look at your character sheet! ... and all the empty space you're going to fill up with fraymotifs. (*snort*)
>> No. 3532
stop this aillyness, you are obviously TAVROS NITRAM, Profsional monster hunter in training
>> No. 3533
*sillyness even wow I'm off today
>> No. 3534

>> No. 3536
>Anonymous: Feed Tawa's hidden love for DA ORK BOYZ.
>> No. 3539
File 129393124788.png - (87.95KB , 650x1000 , 009.png )
>You are NITROFIST MCHUGEDONG, Slayer of Beasts, and Taker of Women ( and Some Men )!

You barge into the fucking castle and take this shit over! There is no fortified structure on this world or even otherworldly that can withstand your raw fury. Their defenses are just pitiful desperate clawings that delay the inevitable- being skewered in half by your lance, BLOODLETTER, or your other lance, JIZZLETTER.

The mere thought of anyone being brave or foolish enough to dare challenge you in a fight brings a hellish bellow of laughter deep within your barreled chest. You've been stabbed, sliced, and skewered countless times after years in the battlefield but not a single scratch as ever slowed down your slaughter. The sight and smell of blood only awakens your BLOODLUST turning you into a MACHINE OF DEATH. The only thing you leave standing in your wake are the women.

When you're not slaughtering the pathetic men or gutting any beast that dare crosses your path, you are RAVISHING WOMEN. All the legends told about your prowess in the bed are all true. All of them. There is no woman or demon that you have been unable to pleasure after obtaining the forbidden TOME OF KAMA SUTRA. With that tome, you have multiplied sexual pleasures by EIGHT-FOLD. There is nothing you love more than an orgy after a day of slaughter.

But enough about your RP character, let's talk about you!

More typos. I really should get a beta reader for this thing!
>> No. 3540
Oh gosh! Those muscles :D
>> No. 3542
Camera: Zoom into NITROFIST MCHUGEDONG dick.
Loincloth: fall off.
>> No. 3552
>You are RUFIO, friend to all wrigglers!
>> No. 3556
File 129395211271.gif - (118.14KB , 650x450 , 010.gif )
> Camera: Zoom into NITROFIST MCHUGEDONG dick.
>> No. 3557
File 129395225135.gif - (24.15KB , 650x450 , 011.gif )
> Loincloth: fall off.


This is incredibly silly and somewhat disturbing. Let's never speak of Nitrofist McHugedong ever again.
>> No. 3559
Agreed, unless if its in a sex scene with someone.
Your name is Tavros Nitram, a knave, you were going to visit king Eridork and queen feferi.
>> No. 3560
Seconding Anon's suggestion.
>> No. 3577
>> No. 3628
Zoosmell pooplord
>> No. 3630
File 129405949180.png - (28.56KB , 650x862 , 012.png )
> Enter name.


You are a squire for the legendary CAVALREAPERS of Iaska. Like other knights, you have choosen a new title and emblem, SQUIRE CRETAN the White Bull. Nobody calls you Squire Cretan because you are not yet dubbed as a proper knight. It's still SQUIRE NITRAM for you until you properly prove youself worthy, young troll. Perhaps slaying a terrible dragon or saving a princess will lead you to that promotion after your years of service as an ERRANDBOY? Or at least that's what you believe is neccessary from what you've heard sung by the bards. It's a shame that dragons are not as sentient as the songs make them out to be and end up capturing anyone indiscreetly as a snack on the run rather than a prisoner. How troublesome.

Despite the odds being stacked heavily against you, hope never falters in your heart. Your DREAM is to become a great hero like your idol RUFIO. Tales of his exploits against PIRATES and FEARSOME BEASTS are widely shared among the young children. Some even claim they've caught a glimpse of his signature MOHAWK. At a certain point in a person's life, often upon reaching adulthood, they stop believing in Rufio. They claim is he nothing but a LOST BOY since no one has ever truly seen him. But you're different. You still continue to believe in the wild warrior when your peers laugh at you. Your belief is so strong, you even styled your hair like Rufio's to gain some of his bravado.

But right now, you have an IMPORTANT ERRAND to do. No more daydreaming about your RP character, your personal life, or childish beliefs. You need to deliver an IMPORTANT MESSAGE to the KING and QUEEN! What an honor! You better not blow your chance to speak with royalty by being late, or else it's back to cleaning the stables with you!
>> No. 3631
Go as fast as you can towards the castle!
>> No. 3632
Forgot to put this in the above message.
Its great to wake up to this update :D
>> No. 3633
It's also great to go to sleep after posting an update! Buuuuuhhh horses everywhere... Horseventure NEIGH.
>> No. 3634
Oh, good night tawa!
>> No. 3635

Well, get to your meeting with the king and queen already. Only stop if you see any green-eyed maidens or stoned jesters, because you should totally invite either of those things into your traveling party.
>> No. 3652
>> No. 3788
Your too cool for horses, Run the way there and make them think you ran all the way.
>> No. 3800
Actually go to the shops.
>> No. 3818
File 129429244866.gif - (39.78KB , 650x450 , 013.gif )

Before rushing off head first into the castle gates you pause to check your inventory. You'd feel pretty stupid if you happened to leave it back with the cavalreapers!

Currently you have 8 items in your inventory:

Ah good! You have the message on you.

Please make your own beep boop noises while watching the gif
>> No. 3819
File 129429249166.png - (10.13KB , 650x450 , 014.png )

A bound message from your commanding officer to deliver to the king and queen of Isaka. You don't know what it could be about but it must be very important!
>> No. 3821
>Look at Wanted Poster
>> No. 3822
Run towards the castle!
>> No. 3824
run FACE FIRST into castle, that would be the best way to get there I think
>> No. 3825
>Run towards castle at full speed while looking at wanted poster (instead of ahead of you)
>> No. 3831
>Tavros: Time is of the essence! Give your Pumpkin to the horse to nourish it, increasing its SPEED.
>> No. 3834
File 129435738756.gif - (10.57KB , 650x450 , 015.gif )
>Tavros: Time is of the essence! Give your Pumpkin to the horse to nourish it, increasing its SPEED.

That's a great idea but what pumpkin? You don't have any pumpkins in your inventory to give to your faithful steed. You're not sure you ever did because you'd notice if you were carrying one around.
>> No. 3896
Just go to the castle!
>> No. 3899
>you should pro8a8ly look at the poster of that awesome, gr8, sexy criminal!!!!!!!!
>> No. 3900
While I'm busy drawing the next couple of updates ( my guess is 6-7 pages posted at once ), here's a little incentive for y'all...

Since I really enjoyed the creativity of the anon who came up with the name Squire Cretan for the meaning behind it which caused me to come up with the name Kobold Spider ( 3 meanings behind that name choice! ), I am offering free drawings to anyone who comes up with similar titles for the other characters.

They don't have to be restricted to 6 letters.

All the characters ( the kids and consorts are also in this AU, I just started with Tavros as usual ) serve roles that are similar to their title with Tavros being a page, Vriska a thief, and Gamzee a bard but some aren't as restricted say for example Kanaya-- she's a nun to go with her whole maiden and chastity thing. So feel free to be creative! If I like it and decide to use it, you get a free drawing!

Now I'm off to try to get as much drawing as I can before I go back to school next week.
>> No. 3901
I'm going to be a dumpass and sugenst "Archmage Fēng lóng" for sollux, Fēng lóng meaning Dragon Bee in traditional Chinese becasue we all know he's TrollAsian :v
>> No. 3902
Heh, funny how an accent mark can turn Feng from Phoenix to Bee. Only noticed this because I looked up the name and found a guy from Avatar with a similar name.
>> No. 3908
what about Seeress Rojas Wyrmkind?
Rojas being the female plural form of the word red, and Wyrm being an old timy word for Dragon and the "kind" for her dragon affinity
>> No. 3911
File 129444203567.gif - (28.64KB , 650x450 , ps1661.gif )
Well shit, now I wish I used a name when I posted >>3500!

Uh in the off-chance that I can still cash in on this, I request Fiesta Ace Dick having fun playing with the kid the Demimonde Semigoddess is holding here. If not, no worries.
>> No. 3913
haha, what? that's awesome! foregin languages rock
>> No. 3914
File 129444701285.png - (14.93KB , 650x450 , fad-dsbehbeh.png )
> Fiesta Demimonde Semigodhearst: Punch father in snout to establish progeny.
>> No. 3915
you are the best <3
>> No. 3933
...Made fef's name.
Акуа(Water>Aqua>Akya) Reina (Queen>Regina>Reina)
>> No. 3935
Where does Akya come from other than sound of "qu" sometimes being a "ka"?

Sitting on the name. Sounds rather... obvious and straightforward since Rojas is just Reds in Spanish. Not that I have anything against the word, I cheered on La Furia Roja for the World Cup last year.

Lemme just explain a bit more about my settling down on titles which aren't character renames, just titles similar to "Page of Breath." Everyone will still be called their normal names.
I was just really captivated by Cretan because it was the white bull of the Greek minotaur legend. The fact that a woman is made to fall in love with the bull roughly alludes to the potential romance I have in store. Not to mention Tavros is rather light skinned and Tinkerbull is also a white bull. It just hit a lot of points.

Kobold Spider was chosen for Vriska after the kobold sprites, cobalt ore, and a nod to the cobalt tarantula. Kobolds are just little sprites who live in homes or in ships that occasionally help around, but can be pests and hide things. There's also the fairy allusions that keep showing up for Vriska. Cobalt is obvious because of it's color but it was called Kobold ore ( meaning goblin ) due to the smelting process, toxic arsenic fumes were released which reminded me of the venom associated with Vriska's whole spider thing. All bringing it to the last part of her thief title, the spider. Female cobalt tarantulas are a beautiful blue color while the males are smaller and drab colored.

Really inspire me guys! The more meaning and thought behind the titles the better!
>> No. 3938
I'm cryin' tears of joy here.

Gah, I came up with good names before, I should get in on this competition.
>> No. 3939
How about Florid instead of Rojas?
It means reddish and elaborate
>> No. 3954
I used google translate.
>> No. 4055
File 129455481212.png - (9.37KB , 650x450 , 016.png )

It's a wanted poster for the infamous Kobold Spider. You found it months ago and kept it because of the odd portrait of a criminal.
>> No. 4056
File 129455484797.png - (19.03KB , 650x700 , 017.png )
> Take a closer look at the poster.

This picture looks totally fake and staged but it's how all the Kobold Spider posters are. Does she really look like this? You doubt that you'll ever meet her face to face, with her being a thief and all. They are the sneaky sort who go around your back when you're not looking. You still find her potrait kind of cute, in a mischievous way.

You keep this poster folded up in your back pocket, only taking it out when you're somewhere private. Getting caught while looking at a picture of a provocative woman would be difficult to explain! Especially since you're not an officer and have no plans to bring the thief to justice.Not that you condone her actions in any way. Your job is to fight other armies and fend off any monsters that attack your kingdom.

But seriously, you can't help but wonder what kind of person would pose like this for a wanted poster?
>> No. 4057
File 129455489995.gif - (16.91KB , 650x450 , 018.gif )
> Run to the castle.

Hopping off your horsaroni and pulling him behind you while you make the rest of the journey on foot sounds like a fun idea! Not that it would ever be impracticable and take longer than it would if you stayed on your mount.
>> No. 4058
File 129455494651.gif - (213.79KB , 650x450 , 019.gif )

Wait a minute! That IS a stupid and impracticable idea! Why would you even think of doing something as disrespectful as going to the castle on foot instead of riding??
>> No. 4059
File 129455499758.gif - (196.37KB , 650x450 , 020.gif )

Without his horse, a cavalreaper is nothing more than a heavily armored forgettable footsoldier! No, you must honor what it means to be a cavalreaper! It's not only about being able to wield a lance but the noble art of horsemanship! Anyone can be a soldier by simply picking up a sword but it takes real dedication, skill, and a bond between man and noble beast to become a cavalreaper. Your horse is more than just a beast of burden, it is an extension of yourself and your closest companion.

You ride your steed with the highest amount of pride and honor possible, proud to carry your country's flag into battle waving it high above the ranks of soldiers for all to see. You even dress your steed with colorful heraldic banners to stand- GLUB GLUB GLUB!!
>> No. 4060
File 129455502788.png - (22.73KB , 650x450 , 021.png )

Oh. You're already at the castle.
>> No. 4061
File 129455511492.png - (16.31KB , 650x450 , 022.png )

A boisterous salamander blows spit bubbles at you from below, flailing his limbs to get your attention.

"Glub! Hey, you can't ride your purple horse-thing into Iaska! Prince Eridan made it a law! 'No horses allow-wed w-within the w-walls! I hate seein' shit in the streets!' is what he said. So get off your high horse-thing because he needs to stay outside in the stables."

Whew! That was a lot of updates but we're FINALLY THERE. Now stop giving the same command of RUN TO THE CASTLE.
>> No. 4062
Go put your horse in the stables.
You criminal lover.
>> No. 4087
Examine castle.
>> No. 4097
(it occurs to me that people will be confused if we refer to familiar characters by unfamiliar names... you did say "Prince Eridan" already.)

How's about the lords of the castle are Prince Prince Ereden (erede) Potene and Princess Seppia Foleto (folletto). Engaged in an arranged marriage to unite their noble houses. They are engaged, and handfasted, but they're of-age now and arrangements for a bonding ceremony haven't been made. People are starting to whisper...
where did the names come from? An Italian dictionary.
>> No. 4111
Whoops. Just "Prince Ereden Potene". No prince-prince of fresh bel-bel-air.
>> No. 4112
I've said they're like titles than names. Like how Selina Kyle is called Catwoman in Batman. Vriska is dubbed the Kobold Spider in a similar fashion. It'll probably make more sense when I start introducing more characters.
>> No. 4115
Seriously, I could watch this all day. *INCOHERENT FANGIRLING*

> Get distracted by some wicked tune on your way to the stables.
>> No. 4120
>Tavros: have a touching heartfelt good bye with Horsearoni
>Horsaroni: Be a horse and not understand a word of it
>> No. 4121
Get distracted and go to the shop and buy stuff.
>> No. 4140
> ... titles rather than names
> ... comes up with similar titles.

D'OH! Okay. Trying again. Throwing out the linguistics tricks. (Did you know that "Eridan" is the name of a river in Greece? It's supposedly the river that pours out of the ampora held by Aquarius...)

Eridan: Prince Kraken (dangerous sea-monster, with a size nearly as large as his ego)

Feferi: Regina Seppia (Italian: "Cuttlefish Queen". And a double-entendre: sepia-tone is a printing technique using tinted greyscale, also called "brownscale" *cough*)

Gamzee: the Motley Mephit, a mercurial mish-mash of mirth and magic for merry-making and maybe some meaningful mentoring. (Motley: "patched, quilted," implies intentional and colourful. Mephit: another name for "imp," of the prankster sprite variety, not the evil witch's servant type.)
>> No. 4164
Fuck you brandX
>Pokolo: Cry for not thinking of that.
You do so.
>> No. 4166
I'll reveal the titles I've picked for the characters when I introduce them. So feel free to keep coming up with interesting titles. The more background information you can give on the meaning of the words the better. Or just something whimsical and memorable works too! If it's one that y'all picked, I'll poke you for your request. If I don't get a title I like, I'll just make something up on my own.

Now then, my updates are probably going to slow down from now until May due to spring semester but here's a little proposal-- keep getting sporadic updates like usual or occasionally bunp the thread and Livestream drawing the pages? It'll give spoilers but it's still a preview of the updates.

So what's your opinion, Anonymous?
>> No. 4168
>> No. 4172
>> No. 4321
Keeping this alive til the next update burst
>> No. 4322
Thanks for bumping it for me NotA
>> No. 4330
I plan to update tonight but it might spill onto tomorrow depending on how stuffed and drunk off steak I get during my birthday.

Yuuuup, working on this thing on my birthday. BIGGEST LOSER.

I also decided not to livestream it. Keeping the updates a surprise for y'all and I enjoy pretending that anonymous crocodiles flail their limbs in anticipation. But each update will have at least 2-4 pages if it's taking me a few days.
>> No. 4344
I got drunk and fell asleep after discovering Outback's Mai Tai. Updates will happen tomorrow afternoon.

Will try to stay away from the pineapple and rum next time.
>> No. 4358

That is the best excuse. Cheers.
>> No. 4366
I can dig it
>> No. 4384
File 129495948294.png - (18.29KB , 650x450 , 023.png )
>Tavros: Have a touching heartfelt goodbye with Horsearoni.

You lead your horsaroni into the stables and remove his gear so his stay is nice and comfortable while you're gone. But first you drape an arm around the purple fiduspawn's withers, holding him close to give your fond farewell. You tell him to be a good boy, not to play roughly with the other horses or eat them, and you'll be back soon after your quick delivery.
>> No. 4386
File 129495966819.gif - (66.55KB , 650x450 , 024.gif )
> Horsaroni: Be a horse and not understand a word of it.


Another page will show up later tonight! Each time I finish a page, it's gonna be cocktail time.
>> No. 4391
That dosent sound healthy...
>> No. 4392
Nooooonsense. A bit of alcohol does the body good! It's not like I'm taking tequila shots. Then everything would be in scribble mode and the text nothing but drunken rambling.
>> No. 4394
That sounds like it has the potential to be the best thing ever
>Tavros: walk through the market and make sure not to get pickpocketed
>Vriska: pickpocket the fuck out of him
>> No. 4397
File 129496989987.png - (18.72KB , 650x450 , 025.png )

As you walk out of the stables trying to wipe your face and hair clean of horsaroni drool, you hear a wicked but familar tune near the stable's pasture. There's only one person you know who belts out sick beats like that.

And done with this little set! Cocktail time.
>> No. 4415
Skip towards the music, then grab his instrument and bash him with it.
>> No. 4417
>KiCk ThE WiCkEd ShIt WiTh Yo BeSt BrO gAmzEe
>> No. 4427
>go and see you awesome friend who's spreading sick beat and talks about miracles
>> No. 4437
Im gonna sit here for a bit
That flash took a bit outta me
Maybe happy stuff will happen here
>> No. 4438
's okay, we're all a little... Oof. Yeah.
>> No. 4439
Yeah, pretty epic flash. I got that Tavros vs Vriska fight I've been wanting but... wow.

But regardless, I'm still feeling pretty good at the moment and sketching the next few pages! I've got Monday off so it's doodle doodle doodle unless I get distracted by Minecraft!
>> No. 4463
File 129520076587.png - (159.35KB , 650x450 , 92747846.png )
This is an AU, where anything could happen. Vriska might repent her wicked ways. Eridan might find true love. Tavros might stay alive.

Also: minecraft. Tread carefully.
>> No. 4601
Dont tempt!
>> No. 4613
>Squire: Invest in chest plating. Trust me on this one.
>> No. 4621
Had a change of heart and decided to Livestream afterall! It kinda... keeps me on focus.


Will only do this for a couple of hours though! I except to get 2 pages done in this sitting.
>> No. 4629
File 129541359828.png - (46.81KB , 650x450 , 026.png )
> Tavros: Go and see your awesome friend who's spreading sick beats and talks about miracles.

You walk up to the fence and give a shout out to a very silly bard who looks completely out of place playing for an audience of horses instead of the usual crowd of people.
>> No. 4630
File 129541366715.gif - (368.54KB , 650x450 , 027.gif )

Just who is this mirthful fellow?
>> No. 4632
> Tavros: Ask why he's performing for a bunch of horses rather than townspeople.
>> No. 4633
Equius: Sweat over horse boners
>> No. 4634
>be the bard
>> No. 4646
> Be the donkey
>> No. 4655
Gamzee: Perform for these MoThErFuCkInG hOrSeS, you strange little bard.
>> No. 4661
Gamzee: Join Tavros's party.
>> No. 4662
>Enter name of bard
>> No. 4664
You are Colonel Huff N. Puff, master of the bong.
>> No. 4665
I was almost afraid no one was ever going to suggest a name.
>> No. 4673
>Bard: Retrieve arms from horse manure.
>> No. 4675
I did...
>> No. 4678

. . .but it's not equius
>> No. 4684
I already gave a name, but it's tradition, so
> Stablesmell O'Donkeypants
>> No. 4695
I meant joke names.

They make me chuckle.
>> No. 4700
Scratch that
Tavros: Hug the silly fucker then hang out with him.
>> No. 4701
File 129557573535.png - (35.71KB , 650x860 , 028.png )
> Be the donkey.

You are now the ass.

Your name is SANCHO, but to you introduce yourself as the Knight of Malta. You might have been the runt of your family but you make up for it with pure heart. Not to mention you get to carry around this silly noise making person on your back and see the world! Just how many donkeys out there get to join in during a horn solo without beging dragged away to a pen?

None! That's what you like to believe. Your braying is too beautiful to be silenced.

You cannot hope to beat Sancho in a bray-off. He is simply the best there is.
>> No. 4702
File 129557579472.gif - (28.00KB , 650x450 , 029.gif )
> Stop being the ass.

But you weren't finished!

>> No. 4706
No really stop being the ass and continue being Tavros.
>> No. 4707
>Gamzee, stop hiding behind your donkey and introduce yo' bad clown self
>> No. 4724
All wait and no play-names makes Tawa an ass.
Or makes Tawa make an ass.
When you assume, or asstawablet, you make an ass out of Tawa and his(?) tablet... and vice versa.

Okay I'm done with the ass jokes.
>> No. 4729
This is the silliest thing I've woken up to and makes me smile. Have no worries folks, I actually do have the next update sketched out. It'll be up tonight even if I cut my finger while whittling. That's what bandaids are for.
>> No. 4750
File 129569990697.png - (55.25KB , 650x860 , 030.png )
> Be the bard.

You are now GAMZEE MAKARA.

You are a bard, but not just any bard-you're a self proclaimed Bard of Bards. Why settle for only playing one instrument when you can play them all at the same time? With your MIRACLE SET you become an ONE MAN TROUBADOUR TROUPE. It's the most brilliant idea you ever conceived after consuming large amounts of your MIRTHFUL GODS' mind opening beverages.

When you're not traveling through the country spreading your songs and sermons upon your steed Sancho, you enjoy dabbling in ALCOHOLIC ALCHEMY. You hope to someday find the legendary SOPOR YEAST said to brew the wickedest spirit only sung in legends. Until then, you're quite satisfied to drink and share your own brews.

Your best bro in the whole world is Tavros. You've been pupa bunping buddies for as long as you can remember, which isn't very long due to all the drinking you do. But you're pretty sure it's as long as Tavros remembers and that works for you! There's nothing you love to do more than have a few rounds of drinks with Tavros and fill the tavern with your DRUNKEN DUETS. Oh hey, isn't that your buddy trying to get your attention on the other side of the fence?

Sure does take longer to color something that's more than 2 colors and not a hoofbeast!
>> No. 4759
Hugs: Happen
>> No. 4768
Oh my god, that picture of Gamzee is *amazing*. Like, a lot.
>> No. 4769
Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I put too much time and detail into some of these pages but I just shrug and keep going. Feels totally awesome when someone notices!
>> No. 4773
That gamzee
>> No. 4774
What does BF mean?
>> No. 4776
Think about it like :D

still stuck?
Its the Dat rump face
>> No. 4777
> Gamzee: lay down a fat rhythm for Squire Nitram to rhyme over.
>> No. 4786
I thought it was BE.
>> No. 4801
It can be BE or BF
>> No. 4836
File 129593651277.gif - (60.03KB , 523x540 , tc-datass.gif )
Y'all are all being silly derps discussing DAT ASS face... So have a simple little update animation for the MSPA Notify app over here- http://plus4chan.org/b/mspa/res/16326.html

Iaska update will happen some time later in the week, it's gonna be a buncha pages again. Like 6-8 in one go. Won't that be pretty cool?
>> No. 4863
Welcome to the world of Iaska, where Tavros is competent, Eridan is in a village that still has living people in it, and you can safely go to sleep when Gamzee is around.
>> No. 4866
I'm more scared of regular fantasy monsters in Iaska than people... Like Wyverns, demons, and.... Shakalakas. *shudder* Oh god, they're like ninja consorts with rabies armed with very big knives.
>> No. 4870
To me I find it REALLY hard to be scared of demons, to be they're just people who have sinned and chill in hell, not evil beings wanting to kill.
>> No. 4871
Gamz: Invite Tavros for a nice glass of beer.
>> No. 4872

Gamz: Invite Tavros for a nice glass of THE WICKED ELIXIR.
>> No. 4874
hoo boy, are you in for a shock. The original Greek term 'daimon' was just creatures of a spiritual (opposed to material) nature. In the religions founded on Abraham (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), 'demon' is any unnatural creature, almost always malevolent.
... consider that Trolls may perceive creatures native to our world as 'demons,' because they are unnatural to AlternXXXX I mean unnatural to Iaska, and would assume any such 'daemon' to be up to no good.
>> No. 4878
Lemme just pull out my D&D Book of Vile Darkness and have fun with all the horrible things in there.

Mmm, I love interesting tidbits of information like this. If I had the time, I'd just love to sit and research more on religion and the like.

Alaaaas, time to sit and pump out these pages!
>> No. 4892
Everyone has there own head canon.
>> No. 4956
File 129617379588.gif - (72.86KB , 650x450 , 31.gif )
> Hugs: Happen.
>> No. 4957
File 129617382694.gif - (65.50KB , 650x450 , 032.gif )
>> No. 4959
File 129617426394.gif - (117.18KB , 650x450 , 033.gif )
>> No. 4975
I continue to be impressed by your dedication. And animation.

> Tavros: Brace for impact
>> No. 4978
Hehe, that ICP logo , or sorta anyway
>> No. 4979
It's the Running Goatman, symbol of Gamzee's cult in this AU.
>> No. 5196
File 129642419831.png - (11.23KB , 650x450 , 034.png )

>> No. 5198
File 129642423414.png - (23.61KB , 650x450 , 035.png )

>> No. 5199
File 12964242633.png - (12.17KB , 650x450 , 036.png )

>> No. 5200
File 129642428812.png - (26.28KB , 650x529 , 037.png )

YeS! :o)
>> No. 5202
>tavros, brace yourself or run.
>> No. 5205
File 129642573885.png - (365.64KB , 650x450 , monstahunta1.png )
I've got good news and bad news for y'all!

Bad news! Taking a week long hiatus from drawing Iaska pages to work on other drawings. I've also relapsed into my terrible addiction... Monster Hunter. Totally gaming it up with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd... Hahahahhhh... A week should get it out of my system.

Good news! There's now a Tumblr archive! http://iaska.tumblr.com/ It has all the pages, concept art, questions and answers, and even some fanart all in one place! I'll update each page with some fancy links so it's easier to browse through one page at a time later tonight.
There's also a new General Discussion thread! ../../gen/res/1613.html
I'll be answering questions and junk in there to keep this thread a bit less cluttered.
>> No. 5258
heheh, pommel horse.
>> No. 5260
I should give your a prize for catching the visual pun.
>> No. 5357
Meh, I used to do gymnastics. jumped right out at me.
>> No. 6115
File 129809026451.gif - (16.47KB , 650x450 , 038.gif )
> Tavros: Brace yourself.
Oh gods, he's not jumping straight for you wearing his full Miracle Set. He's not heading straight for you.

Oh gods, yes he is.
>> No. 6118
File 129809148387.gif - (84.57KB , 650x670 , 039.gif )

Sorry for the extra week delay, currently going through midterms hump in uni at the moment. Mmm, delicious essays and reports. Updates will be slow, but steady.

Whoops, remembered the lute, but forgot the feathers.

>> No. 6120
balance for a moment then fall flat on your ass from momentum.
>> No. 6151
it still bring me tears of joy to see you have returned.

> Tavros fall flat on your bottom
>> No. 6174
woooo finally an update

>Tavros: remember why you're here