[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129411451148.png - (284.97KB , 650x450 , TRACE01.png )
3680 No. 3680
Your name is TRACE.

You are a member of THE FELT and you're a bit uncomfortable due to the storm raging outside. Thankfully, the power isn't yet starting to flicker or anything crazy like that so you aren't entirely freaking out yet.

I mean. Never. Why would you freak out at the possibility of a black-out? That's just silly. It's not like you're paralyzed with fear when you're in the dark or anything. Anyway, what will you do?

A) Search cupboards for flashlight.
B) Look out window.
C) Look for your buddy Fin.
>> No. 3681
B plz
>> No. 3682
File 129411549357.png - (66.93KB , 242x229 , TRACE02.png )
The storm doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. It also looks like it's getting worse than before...

Maybe you should be worried about the power a little bit. Crowbar DID say he got it fixed a few days ago, though...

A) Go into the hallway.
B) Check cupboards for flashlight.
C) Look for your buddy Fin.
>> No. 3683
Fuck that Fin guy

A) Go into the Hallway
>> No. 3686
I pick A.
>> No. 3687
File 129411649631.png - (101.61KB , 336x419 , TRACE03.png )
You would love to go into the hallway, but it appears the door is locked!

You know for a fact that you have one of the KEYS needed to unlock the door in your POCKET, but you aren't sure where the other TWO (2) KEYS are.

>> No. 3688
File 129411659744.png - (279.92KB , 400x600 , TRACE04.png )
But you noticed an envelope when you looked down by chance.

>> No. 3689
File 12941171352.png - (286.51KB , 650x450 , TRACE05.png )
You put the ENVELOPE into your ITEMS.

A) Check cupboards for KEYS.
>> No. 3690
Do C, please.
>> No. 3691
I'm going to have to say C is the best.
>> No. 3692
File 129412031810.png - (69.16KB , 650x450 , TRACE08.png )
You would be the best CANDY CORN VAMPIRE imaginable.

All would tremble at your shark-y vampiric might and Itchy would stop stealing your breakfast every morning. Life would be fantastic and then maybe you wouldn't be scared of the dark anymore!

>> No. 3693
File 129412057812.png - (61.79KB , 650x450 , TRACE09.png )
If only you had some CANDY CORN then all your dreams would have come true.

Maybe you'll find some if you look around in the drawers of your room.

A) Search drawers for delicious sweets.
B) Take a nap.
C) Watch TV.
>> No. 3694
C. We can do the other stuff later.
>> No. 3695
>Search the drawers for sweets, then eat them while napping in front of the TV.
>> No. 3696
File 129412335328.png - (64.26KB , 650x450 , TRACE10.png )
Well, you DO love rotting your brain in front of the television! Besides, it'll probably help you get your mind off of the storm!

>> No. 3697
File 129412337745.png - (61.92KB , 650x450 , TRACE11.png )
>> No. 3698
File 129412340627.png - (279.70KB , 650x450 , TRACE12.png )
This is probably the most horrifying thing you have ever seen in all of your days.
>> No. 3699
File 12941235103.png - (280.72KB , 650x450 , TRACE13.png )
You turn off the TV as quickly as possible.

Maybe you -WILL- give it to Fin. You're pretty sure that thing is possessed now after something like THAT THING appeared on it. You'll probably never sleep again.

A) Be Fin.
B) Search for KEYS to escape room and potentially haunted TV.
C) Take a nap.
>> No. 3700
Let's take our nap on.
>> No. 3701
File 129412650091.png - (236.19KB , 650x450 , TRACE14.png )
Well, you were right! No matter how hard you try to sleep you just can't stop your mind from wandering to that THING you saw on TV!

You should try to preoccupy yourself so you can forget about that monster. So much for sleeping again ever.

A) Search for KEYS.
B) Be Fin.
C) Be Clubs Deuce.
>> No. 3702
>> No. 3703
>> No. 3704
>> No. 3705
File 129412989528.png - (427.90KB , 650x450 , TRACE15.png )
Unfortunately, you cannot be Fin because Fin is asleep! ...On the roof.

Oh, dear. It wouldn't be good if he woke up still up there. He's horribly afraid of heights after all. Maybe he'll wake up to the cooling sensations of the imminent rain that all of that lightning and thunder is foreshadowing?

>> No. 3706
File 129413060483.png - (288.78KB , 650x450 , TRACE16.png )
You fail to be Fin. That's strange. Normally it's incredibly easy for you two to be each other. Maybe he's sleeping? If so then he's right down the hall and you should hurry to go wake him up!

Actually, nah. He'll wake up on his own at some point. He's always been a pretty light sleeper. The thunder will probably wake him up soon and unless he's on the roof or something then he should be fine!

It'd be stupid for him to be on the roof anyway considering he'd probably hyperventilate and burst into hysterics the moment he saw he was up there! Haha! Like that would ever happen ever.

A) Find KEYS with urgency.
C) Check under the bed for evil puppets.
>> No. 3707
>> No. 3708
File 129413198570.png - (60.51KB , 650x450 , TRACE06.png )
You check the envelope and OH HEY! It's one of the keys you were missing! Who slid it under your door?

Oh, well. It probably isn't important. That just means that you need to find ONE (1) key now instead of two. That's always a good thing. Other than the KEY the only thing inside was a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER. You decide to keep it in your item slot just because that seems like an awesome idea to you.

A) Check in drawers for KEY(S).
B) Check under bed for evil puppets.
C) Listen to what's going on outside of your door.
>> No. 3711
>> No. 3712
>A) Check in drawers for KEY(S).

You need one more unless you want to be locked in your room forever.

With that TV.

And that soulless, soulless puppet.
>> No. 3716
File 129413666986.png - (156.24KB , 650x450 , TRACE17.png )
That noise is clearly the distinct sound of a hummingbird on steroids. The thumps are so loud and so FAST that they just have to belong to Itchy.

Maybe he's trying to find someone, or maybe he's just making noise to be an asshole? You wouldn't put it past him.

Either way, it sounds urgent so you decide to just move on to checking through your DRAWERS.
>> No. 3717
File 129413681141.png - (108.02KB , 353x278 , TRACE18.png )
You found your FLASHLIGHT and SNOWMAN'S KEY.

Now THAT'S strange. This key has never been in your drawers before... There'd be no reason for it to be considering it can't be used to open your door. Damn. Better find another KEY then.

A) Check under bed.
B) Check under hat.
C) Scream for Itchy to find one for you.
>> No. 3718
We need to move on! Call Itchy.
>> No. 3720
File 129413806969.png - (63.49KB , 650x450 , TRACE19.png )
You're going to hate yourself for this, but you decide that the pure laziness and lack of a desire to truly tear your room apart has drove you to desperate measures.

You call for Itchy in the calmest, and most polite manner possible.

>> No. 3721
File 129413873876.png - (308.36KB , 650x450 , TRACE20.png )
Itchy yells back that he would absolutely love to help you if he weren't TRAPPED IN THE GOG-DANG HALLWAY CLOSET AND IF HE WASN'T KIND OF FREAKING THE EFF OUT AT THE MOMENT.


In the meanwhile, he's going to continue sounding like an angry hummingbird on steroids until either you save him from his claustrophobia or the door simply falls off its hinges due to his relentless kicking.
>> No. 3722
File 129413918343.png - (52.22KB , 650x450 , TRACE21.png )
Hmmmmmmm. Damn. Your plans were foiled again. Looks like you'll just have to do things the manual way.

A) Look under bed.
B) Look under your hat.
C) Look under your pillow.
>> No. 3723
Trace: Look under your hat.
>> No. 3724
>Trace: investigate color changing hat.
>> No. 3736
>Be Clubs Deuce
>> No. 3747
File 129417390636.png - (41.23KB , 650x450 , TRACE22.png )
Oh, you. Duh. There it is. It's the absolute safest place for one of the 15 KEYS hidden around the Felt Mansion. You really wish you guys would get a different lock system, because this is kind of ridiculous already.
>> No. 3749
File 129417402414.png - (186.24KB , 778x583 , TRACE23.png )
You put the key in your POCKET with the other two since you'll be using it to unlock your DOOR---wait what the hell why is it open.

You know you didn't unlock it and you didn't even hear it open! That's... a little creepy.

A) Go into the hallway.
B) Go STRONGLY into the hallway.
C) Run blindly down the hallway to help the angry woodpecker.
>> No. 3752
>> No. 3755
B B B!
>> No. 3763
>> No. 3774
>> No. 3784
File 129422561927.png - (85.69KB , 650x450 , TRACE24.png )
You burst forth from your room into the hallway in the absolute MANLIEST of fashions. Everyone else would be absolutely as red as your hat with envy if they were around to see it.

>> No. 3785
File 129422572038.png - (171.45KB , 650x450 , TRACE25.png )
Now to run wildly through the halls to go help Itchy---Huh? The LIGHTS are flickering. You hope the power doesn't---
>> No. 3786
File 129422578657.png - (58.07KB , 650x450 , TRACE26.png )
---go out.

>> No. 3787
File 129422586469.png - (76.08KB , 650x450 , TRACE27.png )
Good thing you have your trusty FLASHLIGHT, at least.

========> Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Felt property...
>> No. 3789
File 129422595176.png - (298.15KB , 650x450 , TRACE28.png )
A scheme has been hatched by the DASTARDLY MIDNIGHT CREW.
>> No. 3790
File 129422603548.png - (288.39KB , 650x450 , TRACE29.png )
> You hope that every one of those green motherfuckers are scared of the dark.
>> No. 3792
File 129422622561.png - (117.25KB , 650x450 , TRACE30.png )
If they ain't...
>> No. 3793
File 129422628035.png - (39.85KB , 650x450 , TRACE31.png )
They WILL be.
>> No. 3794
File 129422636892.png - (380.79KB , 650x450 , CLOVER01.png )
The shock from the POWER OUTAGE caused you to suddenly remember you are actually CLOVER and not TRACE.

Wait. Where are you?

>> No. 3795
File 129422655246.png - (382.15KB , 650x450 , CLOVER02.png )
Oh. There you are. Was worried about you for a second there.

Your name is CLOVER and you have to admit that you're a tad bit scared of all these THUNDER and LIGHTNING shenanigans going on outside. You had decided to hide in the BATHROOM for a little while, but now you've found yourself in a bit of a predicament. You heard screaming outside the door and you're having a hard time deciding whether or not you want to leave the safety of your SECURITY TUB or not.

At least now you'll have some help making some decisions. What will you do?

_Input command.
>> No. 3796
>Clover: Search for suitable makeshift weapon. Then investigate. Very cautiously.
>> No. 3797
File 129422751245.png - (76.84KB , 650x450 , CLOVER03.png )
As if YOU need a weapon! You're Clover! The absolute luckiest man around! You'd somehow just manage to avoid anything ever so you don't bother carrying around a weapon or using one either.

At least, that's what you'll tell everyone for now. Can't go ruining your innocent and pure look, after all.
>> No. 3798
Well, if you don't need a weapon...

>Clover: Search for any items that might come in handy to solve later puzzles. Then investigate.
>> No. 3799
>Why would you even bother, wander around carelessly.
>> No. 3801
Slapfights: Be happening.
>> No. 3807
>If something scary is outside the door then jump out of the window.
>> No. 3815

>Clover: Do something adorable.
>> No. 3823
>> No. 3895
Damn, it's been two days and it already feels like a month-long hiatus. I like this adventure way too much.
>> No. 3969
I pretty much come here just for this thread.
>> No. 4010
I die a little inside every time I check back and so no update... GVain, where did you go? :(
>> No. 4027
File 129454059993.png - (46.95KB , 650x450 , CLOVER04.png )
You decide to look out the door to see what all of that SCREAMING is about, because that would be the nice thing to do.
>> No. 4028
File 129454066735.png - (36.32KB , 650x450 , CLOVER05.png )
It seems Die is the one screaming at the moment. It... looks like he lost something and he's looking for Itchy.
>> No. 4029
File 129454075151.png - (380.56KB , 650x450 , CLOVER06.png )
You're not surprised. That Itchy guy is a dick, after all. He probably stole Die's VOODOO DOLL or something unlucky like that. Too bad he's not you or maybe he'd actually have some LUCK finding it! Hee hee hee!

[Sorry this took me so long, guys! I'll be around all night though~]
>> No. 4030
File 129454090881.png - (381.80KB , 650x450 , CLOVER07.png )
You examine the potted plant, but it doesn't look nearly as delicious to you as it would some Dersite guy from an alternate future.

Not that you'd know that.

Oh, right. You need to check the tub before you go out the door and deal with Die. You're positive you left your FLASHLIGHT in there as well as something else that's super important.

It's so important you don't know what you'd do without it.
>> No. 4032
>So check the tub then.
>> No. 4037
File 129454416688.png - (47.49KB , 650x450 , CLOVER08.png )
There it is! Your beautiful FOUR LEAF CLOVER and your... flashlight.

That HELLO KITTY flashlight was definitely not your first choice, but they bought it because it was purple and gave it to you as a gag gift as a welcome to the Felt a long time ago. Thankfully, it's battery life is surprisingly long though. Since you just changed them you won't have to worry about them burning out either.

What will you do now? Die's screaming seems to have stopped. Maybe he found what he's looking for or maybe he's just sobbing quietly in a corner. Or not here anymore. Who knows with him?
>> No. 4039
>Tub: Be the WRATHTUB.
>> No. 4040
> Peek out the window
>> No. 4041
>Give the four leaf clover to Die
>> No. 4044
File 129454832319.png - (370.85KB , 650x450 , CLOVER09.png )
You're pretty sure you should get a look at what you'll have to deal with outside first before you go running through the halls. Just in case you need to stumble across an umbrella by chance or something later.

Oh, look. It's that guy CLUBS DEUCE. Your eternal rival. Sure, it's totally a one-sided rivalry that no one else knows you have, but you're the only cute mobster in this town. You don't care how long this alien has been here.

You definitely don't care that he was here first either.

As for your FOUR LEAF CLOVER? There's no way you're giving it to Die. At least not quite yet. Maybe if you knew why he was screaming earlier you'd consider it. Not that it's probably anything important since he's always pissed off about something. Usually Itchy related.
>> No. 4045
File 129454846126.png - (479.81KB , 650x450 , CLOVER10.png )
But you'll keep it in mind, just in case.

Maybe you should go check out the hallway... it's almost eerily quiet now.
>> No. 4049
>Doc Scratch: forever alone
>> No. 4051
>clover: challenge deuce to a cute-off
>> No. 4052
>Yell "IS ANYONE HERE" in the hallway
>> No. 4063
File 129455663343.png - (498.43KB , 700x934 , CLOVER11.png )
There's no point in doing that so you just go into the hallway! There's always somebody there. Always. It's like the curse of the Felt manor or something.

As for your cute off? It will happen soon enough and Deuce will lose... not that he will ever know that you see it as a competition in the first place.
>> No. 4064
>Sneak up on Die and startle him. This is totally not a bad idea at all.
>> No. 4065
>Clover : accidentally get Die's doll.
>> No. 4066
I'm going to put this adventure on the mirror site (if that's ok). What's its name?
>> No. 4068
File 129455915029.png - (118.29KB , 650x450 , CLOVER12.png )
Thankfully, that's never been a hard thing to do! Naturally, Die flips his shit from the simplest of scares.
>> No. 4069
File 129456163422.png - (93.09KB , 650x450 , CLOVER13.png )
He calms down as soon as he sees that it's you, but naturally he's still on edge. He explains to you that his VOODOO DOLL is missing and it has him very unsettled. Whatever. He's probably just scared that someone is going to get mad at him or piss HIM off and he won't be able to just jump to some timeline where they're dead.

[>>4066 in all honesty if it's going to be posted somewhere I would prefer if it were posted by me. While I am just doing this for fun and I DO want people to see it, I am putting a lot of time and effort into it and posting it up is where I get a great deal of my enjoyment from. If I could, I would happily post it up on the mirror myself though. I'm also cross-posting to my personal Livejournal (just very slowly).]
>> No. 4080
>Clover: Inform Die that the Midnight Crew is there.
>> No. 4081
>Ask where Die last saw his doll. Attempt to be helpful.


>Laugh at him for being a dumbass and losing his doll.
>> No. 4092
>Clover: Check the hallway closet for no reason.
>> No. 4123
File 129460486928.png - (82.81KB , 650x450 , CLOVER14.png )
Die proceeds to flip the hell out and says he'll try to go find Crowbar to let him know.

At least you assume that's what he's saying since all you can really make out is some keyboard smash and the word/name 'Crowbar' mixed in there somewhere.

>> No. 4127
File 129460834974.png - (140.88KB , 650x450 , CLOVER15.png )
You also decide to poke fun at him for losing his VOODOO DOLL because seriously. The thought of him being stuck somewhere is absolutely hilarious to you and Die will just have to stand there and listen to you laugh!

You know for a fact from looking at him though that once he finds his DOLL he's totally jumping to a timeline where you're dead. Just look at all of that rage!

>> No. 4132
File 129461045157.png - (294.48KB , 650x450 , CLOVER16.png )
If it would be for no reason at all why would you do it? That'd just be silly! What if there's some boogie man in there or something!

Or worse... ITCHY!

Besides, it doesn't look like anything important is inside. The Felt never really use this closet for anything anyway.

>> No. 4133
>Itchy: Dash out of the closet and smack Clover with a picture of a black cat breaking thirteen mirrors under a ladder set on the cracks of a sidewalk.
>> No. 4134
File 129461189861.png - (319.67KB , 650x450 , CLOVER17.png )
Unfortunately, you don't know that inside the closet was a man who had lost hope for a moment and was likely succumbing to his claustrophobia into a mass of shaking nerves.

>> No. 4135
File 129461206781.png - (295.79KB , 650x450 , CLOVER18.png )
Luckily, YOU'LL never get locked in a closet or anything, huh?

Wait, did you hear something?

>> No. 4139
File 129461679416.png - (192.16KB , 650x450 , CLOVER19.png )
Oops. Sorry, Itchy! Hee hee hee!
>> No. 4152
>Itchy: Pick yourself up out of that puddle of blood and give Clover a thorough thrashing.
>> No. 4219
>Itchy: faint on the spot.
>> No. 4223
>Itchy: Forget to breathe.
>Clover: Pilfer useful items from Itchy.
>> No. 4249
>Itchy: Be Doze
>> No. 4327
>Itchy: forgive Clover because he's just too damn adorable.
>> No. 4373
> Itchy: consider becoming the best superhero ever. Like The Flash, only awesomer and more green
>> No. 4458
>Itchy: Do something.
>> No. 4505
File 129525690821.png - (374.13KB , 650x450 , DEUCE01.png )
You are now CLUBS DEUCE.
>> No. 4506
Heyyy, batteries. Pick those up, then get in out of that rain!
>> No. 4508
File 129525743285.png - (62.54KB , 650x449 , DEUCE02.png )
You decide to pick up these BATTERIES because they were just sitting so idly on the ground! It's RAINING outside and being on the cold, damp ground is simply not a nice place for BATTERIES to be!

You then ponder if they have some sort of UNKNOWN IMPORTANCE or maybe it was FATE for you to find them in this exact spot. You're probably over thinking things---
>> No. 4509
File 129525748034.png - (57.63KB , 647x448 , DEUCE03.png )
OH GOG when did rain get this HARD?!
>> No. 4510
File 129525757528.png - (385.36KB , 650x450 , DEUCE04.png )
Oh, wait. They're just KEYS. A lot of KEYS.

And dang you dropped those BATTERIES again.
>> No. 4514
Collect KEYS and BATTERIES. They may come in handy.
>> No. 4517
>CD: First deploy your BATTLEDROBE. Then put the various keys and batteries in it.
>> No. 4563
File 129531982328.png - (179.04KB , 649x448 , DEUCE05.png )
You kneel over to collect the KEYS first since they're fresher in your shitty as hell memory--
>> No. 4564
File 129531988164.png - (108.24KB , 648x447 , DEUCE06.png )
>> No. 4565
File 129531993179.png - (76.83KB , 650x450 , CROWBAR01.png )
You are now CROWBAR.
>> No. 4567
Crowbar: be WhOPPED
Doc: WhOP
>> No. 4592
>Crowbar : Ask CD why you shouldn't beat him senseless.
>> No. 4595
>CD: Do that realy adurpable face thing.
>> No. 4596
>Crowbar: be Aku
>> No. 4622
> Crowbar: be Quarters
>> No. 4636
>Quarters: Keep being Crowbar.
>> No. 4637
> Crowbar and Quarters : create a paradox in which you are the other person.
>> No. 4645
> Quarters: Don't have a pool rack.
> Crowbar: Interrogate this small fella.
>> No. 4653
> Quarters: Cry and tweet
> Crowbar: beat this little dersite up
> itchy: be a woman
>> No. 4663
> Itchy: FUCK YEAH RULE 63
>> No. 4671
> Itchy: Don't have a rack. Be the reverse-trap.
>> No. 4690
> Everyone: Be a trap
>> No. 4781
>Crowbar: Search for that piece of shit, Spades Slick.
>> No. 4782
> Jack Noir: be the prettiest Princess
>> No. 4904
>Matchsticks : Stop being the Princess and demonstrate your powers.
>> No. 4942
>Clover: Gnaw on Itchy's hat in an adorable fashion.
>> No. 4946
> Lord English: Stop being Clover and Pester Scratch in a very Dignified, Lord-like Manner.

As a woman.
>> No. 5041
>GVain: update adventure.
>> No. 5043
>> No. 5049
> GVain : Take your time.
>> No. 5171
File 129636753511.png - (165.13KB , 650x450 , GV01.png )
Hey, guys! I suck at doing any kind of coding on the chan so this is going to be my mini post of saying I'm SO SORRY this took so long and that it's only two pages. I've been changing my sleep schedule around for work and I've been really busy (my place of employment works overtime QUITE A LOT this time of year orz), and my internet decided to crap out today.

HOWEVER, I will be around for most of the day tomorrow so (hopefully) my internet will be cooperative and we'll get a few more updates all up in here like a motherfucking miracle! ALRIGHT LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED, YEAHHHHHHH!

Also, updates will become MUCH MORE LIKELY on the WEEKENDS compared to during the weekdays. I will get updates in when I can, though!

>>5049 And thanks a bunch, anon. ♥ I'm really sorry this took so long, guys.
>> No. 5172
File 129636792048.png - (127.71KB , 650x450 , CROWBAR02.png )
You have absolutely no idea what even brought that thought into your mind. QUARTERS does not use a POOL RACK because that seems entirely ridiculous and illogical.

What good would a pool rack do in one of your many GANG BATTLES? Even if it was a giant one or something it seems like it would do more HARM than GOOD. You're glad that QUARTERS is much more of a CLOSE-QUARTERS fighter.

Even if he uses that weird knife of his that has that UNUSUAL COIN in it. Oh, well. It gets the job done, you guess.
>> No. 5173
> CD: Escape while Crowbar is daydreaming.
>> No. 5176
File 129637148489.png - (46.50KB , 650x450 , CROWBAR03.png )
Well, it looks like you went and knocked him out again.

Oh, well. It's not like you care all that much. He's just a MIDNIGHT BASTARD, anyway.
>> No. 5177
File 129637160330.png - (365.47KB , 650x450 , CROWBAR04.png )
You just pick him up and put him in your INVENTORY for now. You go ahead and pick up those KEYS and those BATTERIES too.

You already had ONE key, so you just combine them to save a slot too. Funny... now you have SEVEN. You can get into your own room now as well as anyone below you.

... You really should change the locks sometime. this is actually pretty dumb.
>> No. 5227
Much luv.
>> No. 5257
>Give Clubs Deuce to Cans, he'll know what to do.