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4492 No. 4492
Inspired by aA's pesterlog fic

I'm a bit shaky on how to do this, any tips/help would be appreciated.
>> No. 4493
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A young troll stands in what is implied to be her respiteblock. It's a nice day, by her standards.
Today is not a notable day. It's only the start of the last half-sweep of the hiveschool. She has lots of hobbies and stuff, but that's not important now.
What should she do?
>> No. 4494
It's 1:34AM here...and no one's replying, so I'll see you guys tomorrow. I've drawn out some possible scenes. Also I'll probably stop coloring. I don't think it looks right. :(
>> No. 4502
>>Vriska status update.

Gotta keep track of her. Make sure she's not killing classmates again.
>> No. 4503
Kanaya: Check your Captchalouge
>> No. 4504
>Kanaya: Talk to lusus, get tutorial.
>> No. 4518
I hope you understand that if this keeps aA from actually writing any more Virgobound, figuring people's needs will be met by this adventure, you will be slated for culling. That having been said.

>Kanaya: Try really hard to ignore all of the meters and gauges.
>> No. 4525
Kanaya: get SCHOOL FED up the BONE BULGE
>> No. 4594
See who's on Trollian.
>> No. 4604
>Inspect interests.
>> No. 4609
>Check room to make sure there are no fancy santas.