[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129529429776.png - (20.79KB , 650x450 , ADVENTURE.png )
4522 No. 4522
(Whelp. I like this AU, only it's not fleshed enough. I like to draw, though I don't get near enough practice. Combine them to get this. Lessgo.)

Your name is Eridan Ampora, and for the first time in a long while you're not running for your life. Instead, you're just kind of standing in the middle of an empty street. What do you do?
>> No. 4523
>Run for your life.
>> No. 4524
>Pester your best friend if possible
>> No. 4526
Flip your shirt inside out to get rid of people knowing your a red blood.
>> No. 4527
File 129530426572.gif - (159.92KB , 650x450 , heytheredrone.gif )
(click for badly animated)
Why would you be running for your life? You're actually enjoying this peace for once.

Of course flipping your shirt inside out has occured to you before, what a stupid! Besides. Everyone knows what you're blood color is anyways, thanks to this enormous red flag on your head.
>> No. 4528
File 12953043649.png - (15.26KB , 650x450 , Cellphone.png )
Ignoring the feeling that you're being watched, you pull out your PDA, the only computing device you have since you're on the run all the time.

Looks like you morail isn't on right now, but a few others are.
What do you do now?
>> No. 4529
Run kid, your about to be bucket rapped
>> No. 4530

>Pester another friend
>> No. 4531

>Pester someone who doesn't want to kill you and is friendly towards to understand the current situation
>> No. 4571
File 129532176530.png - (13.54KB , 557x683 , solidgoldrage.png )
Bucket raped what now?
That's just a sold gold statue of the imperial drone. There's one in every town, so as to inspire hate and pity in trolls everywhere.
>> No. 4574
File 129532224647.png - (35.25KB , 650x450 , ccLOLwhat.png )
You decide to pester someone who doesn't hate you, Fefrei. She's usually not busy.

crimsonAbject [CA] began trolling calamariCeticide [CC]

CA: hey fef
CA: fef?
CC: O)-(!
CC: HI ---3R1D4N!
CA: wwhoa, exited much?
CC: yes i am!
CC: I'm at this sweet party! There are baloons and lights ----3V3RYWH3R3!
CA: huh
CA: sounds fun
CC: It is!
CA: im sure it wwould be fun yeah
CA: you knoww until i get this shit beat out of me
CC: Oh yea)-(
CC: These folks probably wouldn't like your blood color...
CC: sorry :(
CA: naww it's fine
CA: you probly don't wwant me crashin your party anyways
CC: yea)-(...
CC: probably not!
CC: H-3H-3H-3~

calamariCeticide [CC] began trolling crimsonAbject [CA]

Or maybe she does hate you. Unless she's just messing with you. You can never tell with this girl.
>> No. 4583
Ask her if you can stop by her hive and get your hair changed, or just fucking cut it kid.
>> No. 4593
>Eridan: Put on a fucking hat and flip your shirt inside out.
>> No. 4599
>Find a place to hide
>Find an awwesome hat
>See if your morail is online yet
>> No. 4603
>combine ideas
>Eridan: Turn shirt into awesome ninja hood hat thing and find place to hide.
>> No. 4731
Flirt with gold statue
>> No. 4743
So that huge gap would be my cable company flipping their shit over nothing for a while.

Update soon :V
>> No. 4747
File 129568131374.png - (57.89KB , 650x650 , THIS IS STUPID.png )
(aaaand that took way to long :T)

You manage to not think about how stupid this is. In fact, you convince yourself that this makes you cool.
Sooooo Cooooool
>> No. 4748
Go see one of your friends at their house
>> No. 4758
>Inspect reflection to make sure some of your hair isn't still showing.
>> No. 4905
Sorry guys, I've been busy with school stuff and Pail Day on the fora, but I'll do my best to update soon.
>> No. 5265
>Get home


>Do something to advance the plot