[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129600102779.jpg - (332.15KB , 1380x1600 , adv1.jpg )
4882 No. 4882
I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, and finally just sort of got my ass in gear and did it. The highbloods in my bloodswap being the same as those in another adventure up right now is actually completely coincidental. I read that one before I commited to this, just to make sure our plans and focus were totally different, and rest assured that they are :3

Warning for there inevitably being alot of gay in this and also me being a traditional artist.

Your name is EQUIUS ZAHHAK.

You were chosen by the STRONGEST species of lusus, because only one of the GREAT MUSCLEBEASTS could handle you. You love your FREAKISH STRENGTH, but you have to be careful sometimes. You could really hurt someone. You have a rather QUICK TEMPER, and a high propensity for PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. You used to spend a great deal of time as part of the ALTERNIAN FIGHTING CIRCUIT, which was technically illegal despite the fact that absolutely everyone knew about it. It taught you to CONTROL YOUR STRENGTH. You were known for being a PRETTY BRUTAL OPPONENT, but you never actually killed anyone. You just maimed them a bit.

Since your TRAGIC BLINDING, no one will fight you any more. You admit that this is probably a good thing, but you now lack something to TAKE YOUR ANGER OUT ON. You usually just end up breaking WHATEVER'S CLOSEST.

You are a great deal SMARTER than most would give you credit for. You now spend most of your time CREATING BLUEPRINTS for things that no one really understands, almost always including you. More often than not they appear to be TERRIBLE WEAPONS, and there is a part of you that really hopes no one will figure out how they work.

After you were blinded you developed a primitive form of EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION. You think that's what it is, anyways. It's REALLY SHITTY and pretty much just lets you READ and NOT WALK INTO EVERYTHING. Half the time you badly misread things, anyways. It's a bit embarrassing.

You have a GREAT RESPECT for the hemospectrum and your place in it. You are always SO OBEDIENT to your superiors. The MOST obedient. You are always looking for NEW ORDERS to obey. They all find you pretty annoying. You prefer to stay away from the BASE CLASSES, but it's not really up to you to PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE.

The exception is your MOIRAIL. She is a CRIMSONBLOOD, but you know she deserves much better. Everyone has been asking you why she is ACTING SO ODD, but you have NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. She has not been acting odd at all. You suspect they are MESSING WITH YOU, as usual.

Your trolltag is combatTenacious and you precede your statements with your STRONG fist and --o Have an e%ceptional vocabulary, but sometimes use the completely wrong feeling… what, oh, word
>> No. 4883
File 129600112678.jpg - (341.36KB , 1688x1207 , adv2.jpg )
Someone appears to be trolling you.
>> No. 4884
File 129600125693.jpg - (183.96KB , 1400x1060 , adv3.jpg )
>>Equius: reply.

-- cephalopodsAppendage has started trolling combatTenacious! --
CA: hey guttterblood
CA: hey are you tthere
CT: --o Yes sir
CT: --o What is it you desire
CA: whyve i gottta be desirin shitt
CT: --o Uh if you don't mind my tasting highblood
CT: --o You don't tend to tend to communicate without a reason
CA: ttasttin whatt tthe fuck
CA: i hoppe you mean sayin you looppy blind ttwitt
CT: --o ... is that not what I said
CT: --o I apo100gize
CA: fine fine whattever
CA: also no fuckin pputttin words in my moutth
CA: who do you tthink you are ttellin me whatt i do and dontt do
CT: --o It was most assuming of me
CT: --o It will never action again
CA: you mean happpen
CT: --o ... yes I probably do
CA: anyways theres some sortta tthing goin down
CA: i dunno much yett butt i had tto make sure youre witth me and all
CA: i can countt on you rightt
CT: --o Oh of course sir
CT: --o You never even have to ask me such a thing
CT: --o As always I am at your imperative
CA: you mean command
CA: goddamn i know youre blind butt do you have tto be so fuckin rettarded
CA: how do i even pputt upp witth you itts inttolerable
CT: --o Yes sir I've always wondered this
CT: --o But I'd never dare ask or question your authority, highblood
CA: tthatts why i pputt upp witth you you know your fuckin pplace
CA: nott like tthatts so much tto be askin butt youd sure tthink so
CA: everyone acttin like im bein unreasonable
CA: how the hell do tthey figure tthatt
CA: fuckers
CA: scared tthe shitt outt of a couppla ppeasantts you shoulda seen itt
CA: fuckin hilarious
CT: --o There is none better than you for putting the base classes in their seat
CA: pplace
CA: ttoo bad youre nott sttill fighttin
CA: ttoo much filtth for me to ttake care of myself
CA: and youre a pprettty fuckin decentt sidekick i guess
CA: anyways im goin
CA: cause im sick of ttalkin to ya
-- cephalopodsAppendage has stopped trolling combatTenacious! --
CT: --o Goodbye
>> No. 4885
File 129600137456.jpg - (187.40KB , 1200x1200 , adv4.jpg )
My goodness. He complimented you.

What will you do?
>> No. 4886
> look er... taste to see if any of your other friends are on
>> No. 4891
>Reflect on your relationship with CA
>> No. 4900
>Talk to your moirail.
>> No. 5327
Talk to your moirail, and ask her if the rumours are true about something being wrong.
>> No. 5935
Whoa okay guys school ate my ass. Sorry about that and will hopefully not happen again. UPDATE TIEM.
>> No. 5936
File 129770057688.jpg - (36.45KB , 510x288 , newpage1.jpg )
>> Reflect on your relationship with CA

You have a long and colorful association.

Mostly through a mutual friend.
>> No. 5937
File 129770080540.jpg - (66.35KB , 578x529 , newpage2.jpg )
>> Check who is online.

Only three people, right now.

As if you'd ever talk to that mutant filth. No thank you.

The empress? You'd rather not.
>> No. 5938
File 129770109068.jpg - (80.23KB , 615x588 , newpage3.jpg )
avidCartographer is also online. Well, it's pretty obvious who you're going to talk to.

-- combatTenacious has started trolling avidCartographer! --
AC: Oooh hellooo Equius !
AC: Have yooou had a looovely day ? meooow
CT: --o I wouldn't know
CT: --o It is still morning
AC: Ooof cooourse
CT: --o Did you stay up all night describing again
AC: ... drawing ?
CT: --o I said that
AC: Ooof cooourse you did
AC: I'm sooorry I must have looost track ooof time meooow
AC: I wooon't let it happen again
CT: --o You always say that
AC: I mean it this time meooow
AC: Yooou are sooo silly and oooverproootective
AC: Yoooure my moooirail nooot my lusus ! : 3
AC: meooow
CT: --o That's true of course
CT: --o But it is essential that someone of higher b100d 100k after you
CT: --o Or something very wrong could happen
AC: ... bad ?
CT: --o Yes I said that
CT: --o A100t of bad things can happen to 100wb100ds
CT: --o Something w001d surely happen to you if I wasn't there
CT: --o Something bad
AC: Yes
AC: Sooomething bad : c
AC: meooow
AC: I think I shooould gooo nooow
AC: I have looots ooof
AC: Drawing tooo finish !
CT: --o Oh
CT: --o Yes alright
CT: --o And maybe you should get some expiration
AC: ... sleep ?
AC: Maybe I shooould
AC: It is sooo late
AC: Gooodnight then
AC: Meooow
CT: --o But Nepeta
CT: --o It is morning
-- avidCartographer has stopped trolling combatTenacious! --
>> No. 5951
>Equius: Make some weapon blueprints.
>> No. 5954
>give us a picture of your trollian so we can see all of your friends