[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129611541286.png - (59.45KB , 650x450 , poorly drawn title page.png )
4910 No. 4910
Monsters. Demons. Nightmares. Dark creatures under you bed, in your closet. Things that go bump in the night.

They gather together...

To play a game.
>> No. 4911
File 129611561273.png - (12.62KB , 650x450 , 001.png )
A Creature of the Night stands in the grand foyer of his spooky, evil castle. No doubt there is some whip-wielding warrior traversing the building's man halls and traps in order to defeat this foul man.

But tonight, on the eve of his 400th year since he was sired with his undead form, he will abandon his usual haunts in order to play a game with his ghoulish acquaintances.

What shall we call this villain?

>Enter Name
>> No. 4912
>Old grumpy assface
>> No. 4913
>Douchehammer Mcgee
>> No. 4914
>Candycorn Sleuth
>> No. 4915
Weren't you the one who said only mspa characters can be in the fan adventure section?

I don't mean to be rude but I'm confused.
>> No. 4916
this this this
>Mordus McManus
>> No. 4917
This is in the same vein as Celebrity Stuck

These are copyrighted characters I am stealing from various movies and TV shows.

I couldn't get ahold of anyone in the IRC but if Snoop Dogg can be here, why not other Media Icons?
>> No. 4918
>Count Chocula
>> No. 4919
File 129611944559.png - (89.65KB , 1500x650 , 002.png )

You are none of these things!!

You are the Lord of the Night!
You are the King of Darkness!
You are Vlad Dracule!
You are the Impaler!

You are

And you are a VAMPIRE! (Oooo~, spooky!)

Edward Cullen can suck your maggoty undead dick!
>> No. 4920
>Retrieve arms from coffin.
>> No. 4921
File 129612154380.png - (14.40KB , 650x450 , 003.png )
You open up a nearby coffin to retrieve a pair of SKELETAL ARMS!

There's also a whole skeleton in that coffin. Well, it WAS whole until you decided to steal the poor sap's arms. Sucks to be him. Maybe you can use these to smack around wahtever torch and pitchfork bearing peasants come your way to vanquish you or whatever.
>> No. 4922
>Admire your reflection....oh wait....
>> No. 4923
>Get ye flask
>> No. 4924
>Insult figurines of Richter Belmont with SOTN references.
>> No. 4925
File 129612308330.png - (12.83KB , 650x450 , 004.png )
You have no flask! At least, not that you know of. A quick scan of your surroundings says that there is none in range.

What's that sound?
It sounds like it's coming from your CRYPTOP.
>> No. 4926
>Answer this no-doubt dapper monster
>> No. 4932
File 129612748041.png - (13.71KB , 650x450 , 005.png )
You stalk over to your CRYPTOP.

You open up the program MAIM- Monster AOL Instant Messenger. It recently became available in Romania, and you aren't sure how you feel about it.

chestBurster [CB] began mauling veneralDisease [VD]
VD: Oh, hello Xena.
VD: I vasn't expecting a message frum you.
VD: I am doing fine. Undead and unstaked, as usual.
VD: And you, darling?
VD: Excellent, excellent. I take it you've been keeping your shell clean?
VD: Vashing behind your spines and the underside uf your tail?
VD: Bluh huh huh! You know I cannot help but vorry about you, darling.
VB: You are an excellent friend.
CB: TSSSSS HISSS click click click
CB: click click rrrrrr :[ :) ]
VD: You are too kind!
VD: Anyvays, vhat did you vant to speak about?
VD: Yes, I am up to speed on the situation.
VD: Is that vhat you vanted to speak about?
VD: Of course, of course.
VD: It's natural to be nervous, darling.
VD: It is supposed to be a very intense game!
CB: click click rrrrrr click :[ :C ]
VD: I assure you, you are not alone.
VD: I believe BP is just as nervous as you are!
VD: Or, at least, part of him is. \:K
VD: That is a good attitude to have!
VD: I suggest you keep your mandibles up like that, you're a brave lass.
CD: click click rrrrrrr :[ :3 ]
VD: You're velcome. You know I enjoy seeing you... er, smile.
CB: click click TSSSHISSSS?
VD: No, I haven't spoken to BH or LS yet today.
CB: click?
VD: No, not AP either.
VD: I'd rather not.
VD: You're right, I probably should.
VD: I'll get on that.
VD: I vill talk to you later, darling.
CB: HIIISSSS click rrr click! :[ :D ]

veneralDisease [VD] ceased mauling chestBurster [CB]

Welp, you should probably do as your BFF suggested and talk to either BH, LS, or AP about the game you're all about to play soon.

Who should you maul first?

Reposting because I accidentally put BP instead of BH at the end of this post. They are very different people!
>> No. 4933
>Maul LS
>> No. 4934
>VD: Maul AP
>> No. 4936
>Adventures starring fancharacters go in, obviously, Original Characters.

What is this doing here? These guys are obviously not canon characters, which is what this board is supposed to be for.
>> No. 4937

Yes, because IO made up Dracula and the xenomorph from Alien.


Nobody seems to have a problem with celebritystuck being on this board.
>> No. 4938
these celebrities have been referenced in mspa way more than dracula has. just sayin'.
>> No. 4939
Hey wow! This has nothing to do with Homestuck and none of these are original characters. So clearly it belongs nowhere on this site. FANCY THAT.
>> No. 4940
God fucking dammit its a new adventure from Io and aits rather good so far and all you buggers can do is bitch at its relevancy.
>> No. 4943
File 129616131734.png - (11.47KB , 650x450 , i apologize for this in advance.png )
Hey guys, please calm down. It was the middle of the night when I put this here, and no one like Crepe was around to tell me where I should put this. The people I knew said "Celebritystuck is in /adv/, it should be fine to put Monstermashed there, since it's a SBurb session about Hollywood Movie Monsters!"

And I told myself I would put it here first because I really wanted to get it started, and if later on, Crepe or Milku or someone who actually knows wtf to do tells me to move it to OC, then I'd copy all the logs from here, delete the thread, and remake it in OC.

I spent several hours making minor details for this adventure, the cast of monsters, each monster's title Dracula will be the Count of Blood!, what their version of sBurb is called, what their version of pesterchum/trollian is called, their typing quirks, etc. I really wanted to get it started. The board it's on is, in the end, irrelevant. I just went with the logic that the people I knew told me.

But for now, the reasoning people told me to go by is that if there can be a Sburb session with celebrities in /adv/, then there can be a SBurb session of Media Horror/Thriller icons in /adv/.

I'm keeping my eye on the IRC to ask when someone who can make a final decision logs on. I have no qualms about moving it when someone who can make the final decision tells me to.

Until then, however, I will leave this adventure here for your viewing pleasure and get to work drawing Drac trolling AP (you'll get a kick out of who AP is!)
>> No. 4944

Copyrighted characters, not OCs, playing SBurb. I read the rules and still wasn't very sure, and no mods were around to ask, so i followed the advice of the people around me and put it here.

I apologize for not putting that as a disclaimer. I feel awful.
>> No. 4947
> talk to BH
>> No. 4948
File 129616742956.png - (18.47KB , 650x450 , 006.png )
You decide to talk to the cryptic abstrusePsychopomp first.

veneralDisease [VD] began mauling abstrusePsychopomp [AP]
VD: Xena has informed me that you vanted to speak vith me about the game.
AP: Hehehe YES!!
AP: This game is very IMPORTANT!!
AP: We all will have our body parts to play until it's COMPLETION!
AP: And you among us all will have a very important RRROLE!!
AP: Although of corpse, I shouldn't say any morgue, or I'll ruin the SURPRISE!!
VD: I sincerely hope I won't have to put up with your horrible puns throughout the entire game.
AP: Hey now, there's no need to lose your DECOMPOSURE! HA!
AP: That would be a rrrotten thing to do, albeit rrripe for more PUNS!!
VD: Alright, let's get to the point.
AP: Ah! Is that a fang pun I SEE?
VD: No, no it isn't.
VD: Vas there anything you actually needed me to know, or are you just going to be spooky and cagey?
AP: Since when have any of our disgustions been any less cagey and CRYPTIC?!
AP: I assure you, I merely wished to inform you of the importance of this GAME!!
AP: Why it is important, and what rrrole you have to play, is for you to find OUT!!
AP: In any case, I will be your server PLAYER!!
AP: You will be the first player to enter, and from there, you will have your work cut out for YOU!!
AP: You will have to dievide your time between playing and being Xena's SERVER!!
AP: You will certainly have to urn your KEEP!!
AP: There will be no room for MIS-STAKES!!
AP: And that is all I have to say for NOW!!
AP: Whenever you are ready to begin, let me KNOW!!
AP: Because from there, we will have very little TIME!!

abstrusePsychopomp [AP] ceased mauling veneralDisease [VD]

VD: >:K Crazed old coot.
>> No. 4949
With that done with, you should next talk to either LS or BH.

Who should you maul?
>> No. 4950
> Begin Mauling BH
>> No. 4953
Pfft, oh my this should be great fun. I love Xena's smiley faces, so... surprisingly cute. xD

>maul BH
>> No. 4976
> VD, CB, AP: Change usernames. All of your usernames are terrible.
>> No. 5018
File 129620602762.png - (18.82KB , 650x450 , 007.png )
You decide to mau- oh hey, he's already messaging you.

buoyantHarlequin [BH] began mauling veneralDisease [BH]
BH: hey batty!!
BH: you got prince albert in a can??
BH: well ya better let him out!!
BH: C>~
VD: Vhen vill you people understand that I have no luve for your terrible jokes?
BH: aww don't be such a party pooper batty!
BH: wanna balloon?
BH: C>~
VD: No, I do not vant one of your silly little ASCII balloons, you prancing buffoon.
BH: batty mad a rhyme!
VD: I assure you, that vas unintentional.
VD: Anyvays, Xena already informed me that you vish to speak vith me.
BH: sure did!
VD: Is it about the about the game perchance?
BH: i have a question.
BH: its very important
BH: very serious
VD: Go on.
BH: is your refrigerator runnin?
VD: Oh for the love of...
BH: well ya better go an catch it!!
BH: C>~
VD: I am going to block you now.
BH: wait wait wait batty!!
BH: dont do that!
BH: i really do have somethin important to ask!
VD: Then hurry up and ask it, I am losing my already tested patience.
BH: well ya see
BH: i was wonderin if maybe we could change the enter order around a little
VD: Vhy??
BH: because you bozos stuck me between two of the slowest monsters around!
BH: itd only be worse if i was the server for UW instead of ST!!
BH: cant i be the server player for someone like SC or SE?
BH: or maybe even LS?
VD: For one thing, it was the Crypt Keeper who devised much of the entry order.
VD: And as we all know, it is vise to trust his judgement, as much of a pain as he is.
VD: You were placed between PM and ST for a reason, both to test and strengthen those two, as vell as you.
VD: And for another thing, Xena insisted on being LS's server player, and I do not wish to deny her that.
BH: fiiiiiiine!!!
BH: if you lot are gonna force me to have the most boring game around then fine by me!!
BH: ill show you whats what!
BH: ill make turn those slowpokes inta speed demons!
BH: also one more thing...
VD: Vhat is it?
BH: where do ghosts live?
VD: Vell, it depends on the ghost. Let me try to remember where that Casper lad lives...
BH: at the dead end!
BH: C>~
BH: aah i kill myself

veneralDisease [VD] blocked buoyantHarlequin [BH]

Well, now you can either maul LS, or do something else.
What do?
>> No. 5019
>Drakky: Show off stife specibus.

This adventure is worth it so far if just for the terrible jokes in the logs.
>> No. 5021
>Edward Cullen: Suck Drac's maggoty undead dick.
>> No. 5044

Am I the only one who got Batman and Joker on mind while reading this??

btw I liked it, please go on with the game :)
>> No. 5045
If you were reminded of the batman+joker then I am doing it right