[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129036992631.png - (26.57KB , 724x680 , Broventure1.png )
495 No. 495
You are BRO.
What will you do?

Everyone was doing trolls. I wanted to be special. :I I will try to stay up with this, but if it isn't good or acceptable i will gladly delete it. ;O;
>> No. 496
>Masturbate furiously.
>> No. 499
>Talk to cal, he knows where it's at
>> No. 500
>Stuff Dave's pillowcase full of smuppets.
>> No. 513
File 129037086034.png - (46.87KB , 633x635 , broventure2.png )

>stuff Dave's pillowcase with Smuppets.

Sounds like a promising endeavor. Lets make it hapen.
>> No. 518
Use the smuppets that laugh when you tickle their belly! Dave will surely appreciate it!
>> No. 521
File 129037132380.png - (27.18KB , 475x485 , broventure3.png )
>use the smuppets that laugh and tickle your belly! Dave will surely appreciate that!

Looks like this pillow case is packed and ready to go. Dave will definitely love this.
>> No. 526
>Prankster Gambit: ON!
>> No. 549
Bro: Make Dave eat LOTS OF TURKEY to get him to fall asleep faster.
>> No. 551
>Bro: Briefly contemplate the mysteries of the universe. Ironically or unironically. You're down with whatever.
>> No. 553
>Go kick some denizen's ass
>> No. 565
((I will continue this tonight~ :3))
>> No. 586
>Bro: swap shades with Dave when he isn't looking for added fuckery
>> No. 587
Bro: Molest Lil Cal.
business as usual...
>> No. 589
>Lil'Cal: Become relevant
>> No. 595
seconding this
>> No. 1631
>Adventure:dont be able to continue because bro's dead bawbawbawwww <:C
>> No. 1632
>Bro: Die of external bleeding by your own sword
>> No. 1639
>> No. 1669
>Bro: Be Alive still stfu
>> No. 1694
>Bro: Become a zombie
>> No. 1735
>Adventure: Die of internal bleeding
>> No. 1737

>> No. 1747
sorry I have been busy...And now with the update I am like aaa ;A; I don't even know if this is worth continuing or not...
>> No. 1763
nooo the update means you HAVE to continue 8( BRO MUST LIVE OOON also this adventure is way too cute and I would be very sad if it died.
>> No. 1774

>Broventure: Continue

He would have wanted it that way.
>> No. 1865
>> No. 1866
File 129134673758.png - (36.96KB , 723x696 , broventure.png )
>Bro: swap shades with Dave when he isn't looking for added fuckery

sounds like an ironic idea. You sneak up on the little fucker to swap the shades.
>> No. 1869

gog dammit forget that i forgot dave's sumbol |I
>> No. 2010
>Put Dave's old pointy shades on Cal while you're at it.
>> No. 2058
>Bro: Get fucked by Bec Noir.
>> No. 2081
File 129160307538.png - (32.31KB , 723x696 , broventure is getting shittier and shittier.png )
>Put Dave's old pointy shades on Cal while you're at it.
Might as well while you are ironically switching up all the shades.

i was too lazy to draw Dave's getting his shades jacked. Bro is so ninja he wouldn't notice anyways :I
>> No. 2109
>Dave: Look in mirror and wonder why your shades are suddenly pointy.
>> No. 2145
>Bro: Now that your awesome shades gambit has been successful, it's family photo time! Make Dave and Cal pose with you for it and use ninja speed to take the picture while still being in the picture.