[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129616965262.jpg - (325.00KB , 650x450 , RRPL-Title.jpg )
4951 No. 4951
A magical place where mythical creatures roam!
>> No. 4952
File 129616973836.jpg - (370.72KB , 650x450 , RRPL-1.jpg )
We begin our adventure in the forest, where we see our first mythical beast-friend- A handsome young Centaur, who loves being STRONG.
>> No. 4954
>Does this creature have a name?
>> No. 4955
>Twinklepoot Molasseshoof
>> No. 4960
File 129617462778.jpg - (268.29KB , 650x450 , RRPL-2.jpg )
This majestic young fellow's name in PRINCE EQUIUS ZATAUR OF THE CENTAURS.
And... unfortunately... he is the only centaur around.
>> No. 4961

>Put a shirt on. Just sayin'.
>> No. 4962
>Look for your friends


>Gallop majestically through the forest
>> No. 4963
>retrieve arms from rainbows
>> No. 4964
Do something STRONG
>> No. 4965
File 129617865938.jpg - (121.00KB , 650x450 , RRPL-3.jpg )
>Look for your friends
>Gallop majestically through the forest
>Do something STRONG

Luckily, you can do all of these things at once!
You STRONGgallop through the forest into a large clearing.
>> No. 4966
File 129618054790.jpg - (395.72KB , 650x450 , RRPL-4.jpg )
You approach the clearing to find a strange creature!
>> No. 4968
>make-out with creature to establish dominance.
>> No. 4983
File 129618690234.jpg - (219.60KB , 650x450 , RRPL-5.jpg )
Upon closer look, this handsome hoofbeast has an indigo rump-symbol, which means that he is higher than you.
>> No. 4984
>make-out with creature to establish submission.
>> No. 4989
File 129618919863.jpg - (119.40KB , 650x450 , RRPL-6.jpg )
>make-out with creature to establish submission.
The Satyr complies!
You are a very lucky centaur to have found a mate so quickly!
>> No. 4990
File 129619344137.jpg - (141.63KB , 650x450 , RRPL-7.jpg )
You place him on your rump while you continue your walk.
>> No. 4991
Awww, now that is just adorable.
>> No. 4996
> Go find other mystical woodland critters
>> No. 5003
>Go see what those filthy lowbl00ded minotaurs are up to
>> No. 5006
>quest to find the glorious dragon, and behold her wisdom
>> No. 5022
>Equius: Find Nepeta, be adorable.
>> No. 5029
>Satyr: Flip your shit and go a-murderin' under absolutely no circumstances.
>> No. 5033
>Pose as a team 'cause shit just got real.
>> No. 5046

This is my worst nightmare oh god my eyes they buuuuuuuuuuurn.

But your art is crisp as always, good job on that.
>> No. 5047
Gamzee... a satyr...
Gamzee as Dionysus? Gamzee *is* Dionysus?
It makes so much sense! Acres of adoring fangirls are the Thebian women, constant inebriation on sopor and Faygo, and the stories of the Bacchae tearing apart cattle and men with their bare hands to bathe in the blood and offal...
>> No. 5057
Do you mean PAN good sir?
Dionysus =/= satyr
BUT, I like the idea of Gamzee as Dionysus, quite fitting because of recent developments.
PROTIP: Life expectancy near an angry/ragetiem Dionysus is criminally short.

>What is that rustling sound?
>> No. 5058
Skip.. i mean.. trot through the forest all cute like
>> No. 5061
this is great
i'm dying of laughter
>> No. 5063
You are correct, genteel sir. I was confusing my hedonistic classical deities. If this honk a Pan-zee Makara, then I can sleep more easily.

... wait, did anyone else just hear a horn?
>> No. 5067
'Tis perfectly fine. There are so many of that nature it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate between them all. I concur a Gamzee of less Dionysus-esque nature wold make everyone more at ease I believe.

O-oh my, I do believe I am hearing things in these woods...
>> No. 5072
>trip and smash forhead into rock
>> No. 5089
>Equius: Encounter a two-mouthed feline anthropomorph.
>> No. 5098
File 129632834241.jpg - (526.78KB , 650x450 , RRPL-8.jpg )
>Be Nepeta
You are now a small Sphinx at the edge of the lake.
You have heard that your best friend and his mate are coming over to see you and you figure you should catch some dinner.
>> No. 5100

Go riddling.
>> No. 5110
File 129633977066.jpg - (252.73KB , 650x450 , RRPL-9.jpg )
>Go riddling
You decide to catch dinner by giving someone a riddle.
You know exactly who will answer you here...
>> No. 5115
File 129634629377.jpg - (244.57KB , 650x450 , RRPL-10.jpg )
You move over to where he can hear you
>> No. 5134
Riddle adorably.
>> No. 5166
>eat the fishy thing without question
>> No. 5168
File 129636375031.jpg - (310.83KB , 650x450 , RRPL-11.jpg )
>Riddle adorably
aC: :33> hey eridan...
cA: hey
cA: wwhat do you wwant
aC: :33> I've got another riddle fur you!
cA: again
cA: fine
cA: wwhat is it
aC: :33> what kind of fish is great at breaking into hives?
cA: a hatchetfish
aC: :33> NYOOO! >>:
aC: :33> You guessed correctly
cA: no offense nep but you alwways givve me fish-related riddles to wwork wwith
cA: i knoww all of them already
aC: :33> *pouts* fine
aC: :33> Well... if I can't eat you, can you at least come and have dinner with me?
aC: :33> It'll be fun!
cA: ok nep
cA: i mean i'm pretty fuckin busy at the time but i guess dinner wwould be alright
aC: :33> YAY!
>> No. 5169
>Eridan: Try to hook up with cray shipper cat-girl
>> No. 5170
centaur Equius
boozin' and flute-playin' Gamzee
sphinx Nepeta
gets-invited-to-anything Eridan
... it's like a fantasy where all their dreams are coming true.
>> No. 5175
File 12963714625.jpg - (341.34KB , 650x450 , RRPL-12.jpg )
>Be Equius again
While those two prepare for their dinner, let's head back to the forest.
You are taking a romantic walk through the forest with your mate, when you realize you have just reached the area of the woods where the gnomes live.
You must take great care in walking through this area. It is the law!

While strolling very carefully on the path, you have spotted the MAYOR GNOME. He does not wish to be called "king" or "prince".
You try to keep your heavy hooves from landing too close to him, for he is very small.
>> No. 5178
>Open diplomatic relations with the Mayor.
>> No. 5181
Biiguru this is so beautiful I only wish I found it sooner. My heart is like, 10 sizes to big for staying all up in my chest.

>Reader: Boggle at the miracles taking place here.
>Pray they stay happy and miraculous.
>> No. 5208
File 12964273769.jpg - (184.24KB , 650x450 , RRPL-13.jpg )
You offer the mayor a ride so that stepping on him can be more easily avoided. You head towards the opening of the woods, where the river runs through.
>> No. 5212
File 129643017837.jpg - (352.20KB , 650x450 , RRPL-14.jpg )
Across the river, you can see two minotaurs.
>> No. 5213
>Equius: Be taken with the female minotaur. Feel torn between her and your partner.
>> No. 5214
>Tavros: Greet them by way of a RAP BATTLE.
>Aradia: Lay down sick beats.
>> No. 5215
> Equius: Fall madly in love with female minotaur, forget about previous mate.

> Aradia: Reject STRONGadvances

> Tavros: Have a rap-battle with Gamzee.
>> No. 5232
File 129643766526.jpg - (217.17KB , 650x450 , RRPL-15.jpg )
>Tavros: Greet them by way of a RAP BATTLE.
>Aradia: Lay down sick beats.

The minotaurs initiate a RAP BATTLE
>> No. 5234
>Gamzee: Start some sick fires, bro.
>Equius: Be confused, very confused.
>> No. 5235
File 129643823380.png - (75.02KB , 604x453 , 75378-TrollFace.png )
>Equius: fall in love with someone besides Gamzee
>> No. 5236
File 129643884418.png - (114.58KB , 562x437 , Terezidragonohwow.png )
>> No. 5237
> Equius: Become offended by this l00d display
>> No. 5254
This, but Gamzee and Equius manage to win because Sollux shows up and distracts Aradia.

>> No. 5259
>Mayor Gnome: Break out into dance due to sick beats.
>> No. 5261
This fits the fairy-tale paradigm: the hero overcomes a challenge by using what he gained by a virtuous act earlier in the story. Who better to overcome a RAP BATTLE than the satyr he offered a ride?
>> No. 5263
>Sollux: Appear(ify)
>> No. 5264
File 129645008841.jpg - (254.79KB , 650x450 , RRPL-16.jpg )
>Gamzee: Start some sick fires, bro.
>Equius: Be confused, very confused.

The satyr challenges them, confusing his hoofbeast mate and his fun-sized friend.
>> No. 5266
File 129645092391.gif - (112.40KB , 650x450 , RRPL-17.gif )
>Mayor Gnome: Break out into dance due to sick beats.
>> No. 5267
Yeeeah, drop it like it's hot!
>> No. 5268
>> beethz: dethend.

I was expecting a weasel flipout, but this is even better awwwww.
>> No. 5269
File 129645335255.jpg - (157.18KB , 650x450 , RRPL-18.jpg )
>Gamzee and Equius manage to win because Sollux shows up and distracts Aradia.
>> No. 5271
>Sollux: Fly around aradia
>> No. 5273
>Sollux: Try to look any gayer. Fail at the impossible.

>Tavros: Drop everything to pay attention to the fairy.
>> No. 5275
Sollux: Sit on Aradia's head.
Equius/Gamzee/Mayor: Sneak away while they are distracted.
>> No. 5277
>Sollux: HEY!! LOOK!! LII2TEN!! HELLO!!
>> No. 5281
and also

>Tavros: oHH, uHHH, a FAIRY! oH MY GOSH!
>> No. 5287
>Aradia: You eat a weird bug and don't even care.
>> No. 5288
Dave: hammer out some sick beats
>> No. 5311
All the adorable. All of it.
>> No. 5322
>Sollux: Join Mayor Gnome and become smallest dance crew; rapping continue.
>> No. 5442
>Terezi: be a dragon. Fight Vriska
>> No. 5449
>Gamzee: Wonder why the rap battle stopped
>> No. 5556
Why am I only finding this now?

This is the best thing.
>> No. 5735
>Invite your new friends(?) to dinner!

= D
>> No. 6094
The beauty of this is so very STRONG
>> No. 6113
>Biiguru: Work on fan adventure
>> No. 6226
>Readers: Wait patiently, it's worth it!
>> No. 6440