[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129631352090.png - (6.84KB , 471x422 , OP.png )
5090 No. 5090
Anouther AU adventure. OH BOY? RLLY?

- No sgrub. Or at least not like the 'real' one, if it does come into play it'll just be some 'normal' game like FLARP.
-Schoolfed = VR school.
-I don't even.

They are 7 solar sweeps...

And with that, I guess this thing should go ahead and get started...
>> No. 5091
File 129631373770.png - (117.23KB , 472x413 , 1.png )
>Introduce someone.

Why would we do that? Good gog.
Oh that is the point of this thing, to do stuff?

Okay well who is this peaceful shit?
Couldn't possibly be KARKAT VANTAS.

No that would be ABSURD.
>> No. 5092
>Peaceful Person: Be Kanaya
>> No. 5093
File 129631508690.png - (20.23KB , 472x413 , 2.png )
>Peaceful Person: Be Kanaya

What? Kanaya? No, she's not logged in yet, sorry.

Oh. Shit. It is Karkat. That crazy chick. Her yellow green JOY and ROMCOM bullshit pisses everyone off. Just don't tell her. SHE WON'T EVER SHUT UP. She's not nearly as helpful or amusing as any possible versions that might have had different lives. Lets see if we can't get away before she RAMBLES ENDLESSLY about some bullshit TROLL J.LO MOVIE.

But HOW?
>> No. 5096
oh jesus switch to some other chick QUICK
>> No. 5137
>Karkat: Sing like a teenybopper and piss in your pants.
>> No. 5148
>fuckin quick be eridan
>> No. 5298
Switch to Terezi, that one girl with the great eyesight.
>> No. 5320
File 129653051364.png - (22.03KB , 512x512 , 3.png )
>fuckin quick be Eridan
>Switch to Terezi, that one girl with the great eyesight.

You fail to be Eridan.

You however are lucky, Terezi just logged on.

She does so love to laugh. Increasingly so when at certain troll's suffering.

Or really everything.

You feel like you are forgetting to do something?
>> No. 5325
Your luscus, silly. Feed it.
>> No. 5335
wait what i thought we were doing gender switchan. oh well. x:

>Terezi: Be fuckin adorable for a moment, just for luls. Also, tell us where you got your boots, damn girl.
>> No. 5348
File 129661010125.png - (27.73KB , 512x512 , 4.png )
>Terezi: Be fuckin adorable for a moment, just for luls. Also, tell us where you got your boots, damn girl.

You get so caught up thinking about Eridan's meeting with the ground being some small cosmic JUSTICE, that you accidentally do something ADORABLE...

>> No. 5350
File 129661041920.png - (22.08KB , 512x512 , 5.png )

You seem to have completely lost track of that SUPER IMPORTANT thing you needed to do. That has nothing to do with your LUSCUS. You are at school. You can't log off yet. You also wonder why anyone would care about your STANDARD ISSUE school uniform.

(( forgot to mention before, yeah should have, I'm not going to one certain theme, ie genderbent/bloodswap. I'm doing all the themes, only in small groups with a couple staying the same. ))
>> No. 5352
>> No. 5369

>Find Vriska and punch him/her in the tits/ears. :I
>> No. 5384
>Orchestrate the demise of the wicked.
>> No. 5385
What's up with her eye colour? It looks cool, but it's a little odd.
>> No. 5520
>Grab Vriska's tits
>> No. 5612
sssso, what class are you in, terezi? why are you walking around?

((also that picture was the most adorable thing!)) = )
>> No. 5677
I would love to see some red-blooded Equius here, it just makes sense. XD
>> No. 6324
Hayyyy. So me and this adventure aren't done. Or dead. None of those things. None of them.

But fable3 kinda kidnapped me and well its been so fun.

Regardless I have some stuff plotted I just need to draw it. :d

Out of town but I might abduct a friends pc to update.

Also. I typo a lot. And spelling is for mormons and not me, but the luscus thing was referencing/quoting a prompt. Just sayin.
>> No. 6378
how did you know i was mormon
holy shit GET OUT OF MY HEAD
>> No. 6439
In yur brain leavin' the spellin to you.
The speller it is you.

(UM DUDE. PROMISE. UPDATES SOON. /imaginary readers are thusly pleased and will patiently wait because they do not exist )
>> No. 6441
i've heard that for every one poster there are 20 lurkers
though that is a madeup statistic and is probably quite wrong
regardless, there are readers and your art is quite nice and it is so very worth it to wait. c: