[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129697695737.png - (42.50KB , 650x450 , NT-titlecard.png )
5564 No. 5564
this is an 18+ adventure with heavy themes of SISSIFICATION and will most certainly contain WEIRD ALTERNATIVE KINKY STUFF, mostly involving kanaya and vriska (though eridan may become entangled in this web of absurdity later). if this bothers you i recommend being a civil person and hiding the thread. :P

a few ground rules:
1. no whining about brain bleach, i don't give a fuck
2. no prompts for pooping, sorry it's a huge squick bluh bluh
3. keep the "your kink is not my kink" wank to a minimum

>> No. 5565
File 129697699312.png - (45.50KB , 650x450 , NT-1.png )
Your name is VRISKA SERKET and your consciousness is slowly starting to return to you. You distinctly remember partying pretty hard last night to celebrate the 10th sweep anniversary of your WRIGGLING DAY, and by partying hard you of course mean drinking yourself into a stupor alone because your friends had better things to do. The only person who thought your party was worth attending was your best moirail, one KANAYA MARYAM who so graciously held your hair for you when you needed to expel the contents of your feedsac into the load gaper last night. She is nowhere to be found.
>> No. 5566
File 129697709910.png - (60.81KB , 650x450 , NT-2.png )
Your head feels all kinds of fuzzy and there's an unusually padded feeling at your bottom. You are not yet entirely aware of your surroundings, since you are still in the process of waking up.

What will you do?
>> No. 5567
> Have to spin webs super 8ad!!!!!!!!
>> No. 5568
Vriska: Once awake, sit up and look around at your surroundings
>> No. 5570
File 129698057135.png - (68.64KB , 650x450 , NT-3.png )
>Vriska: Once awake, sit up and look around at your surroundings.

Your vision finally returns to your one working eye, and it immediately registers that you're being held in some kind of bizarre wooden cot with BARRED WALLS. Clearly it is a prisonlike structure, but whoever put you here didn't have the foresight to realize that it's kind of REALLY EASY for you to escape. You wonder who your bold, yet tragically inept captor is.

The room you are in is dark and unfamiliar. In fact, on closer inspection it appears to be some dumb wiggler's room: a cursory glance reveals an assortment of toys, blankets, and plush fauna. There's no denying it-- a capable, awesome FLARPer like you doesn't belong here.

You should get up and walk out of this lousy excuse for a prison cell.
>> No. 5571
Vriska: Look through bars
>> No. 5572
Vriska: Indeed, a Flarper like you should be able to get up and walk out of that lousy excuse for a prison cell!

So, attempt to do just that!
>> No. 5573
But first, scratch your ass. You are a classy lady with an itch!
>> No. 5575
Vriska: What the heck are you wearing?
>> No. 5576
Vriska: Bah, walk? Hand-vault over the wooden cot and grandly land in poise for conquest!
>> No. 5578
>Gamzee: be in the closet
>> No. 5581
>OP: add inflation as a kink to this
>> No. 5586
>Swing leg over bars-- wait, what the are you wearing and why is it crinkling?
>> No. 5587
I will make it well known you are amazing for this
>> No. 5589
Seconding this.
>> No. 5590
woah hey adding that will just make stomaching this hard. i'm just in it for the kanaya/vriska.
>> No. 5591
OP: Include whatever kinks you enjoy and ignore whatever kinks you do not
>> No. 5592
>Check inventory/sylladex for weapons you can use against your undoubtedly cruel but weak captor
>> No. 5602
>> No. 5607
capchalog a plush fauna that strikes your fancy befor you leave
because you never know man, the weirdest stuff comes in handy in these situations
>> No. 5610
>try to recall how you fell asleep/passed out
>> No. 5613
File 129707536474.png - (72.01KB , 650x450 , NT-4.png )
>Vriska: : Bah, walk? Hand-vault over the wooden cot and grandly land in poise for conquest!

You make a heroic leap over your open-ceiling prison of lameness, already well on your way to freedom! You can taste the outside air from here. Soon you will be back to your usual antics of being a FLARP star and further alienating yourself from your friends.
>> No. 5614
File 129707543679.png - (29.68KB , 650x450 , NT-5.png )
>But first, scratch your ass. You are a classy lady with an itch!

Upon landing, you do so before heading out on any further adventure. You do, after all, have this funny feeling about your bottom.

>> No. 5615
File 129707619888.png - (56.67KB , 650x450 , NT-6.png )
>What the heck are you wearing?

Are those diaperstubs you're wearing? Really? What kind of sick fuck could put you up to this? Who? WHO????????

You bet it was Terezi. There's no doubt about it, her stench is written all over this dumb dumb wiggler chamber. Even if the colors match a little too well to be her... you still know it's gotta be her!
>> No. 5616
>Just leave. The door is right there.
>> No. 5619
well, wait
>Run as fast as the diaperstubs permit
>> No. 5621
>Vriska: yell for your captor to reveal herself.

(also this is amazing)
>> No. 5622
> Terezi: Reaveal yourself.
>> No. 5624
>Someone else: Reveal yourself.
>> No. 5625
i am going to be refreshing this thread like a madman.
>> No. 5626
You haven't already? I have had this page open literally every moment my computer has been on, and I've been refreshing every few minutes.
>> No. 5628
I'm >>5626
I figured I'd throw out that terribad should do this at his own pace because I sound like one of those "UPDATE OR I WILL FIND YOU AND GUT YOU" people
>> No. 5629
We already know Kanaya is the one who captured her guys come on it says it right there in the OP.
>> No. 5630
Shhh, vriska doesn't know that
>> No. 5633
File 129712822141.png - (52.03KB , 650x450 , NT-7.png )
No way, you can't do that! Only cowards like Tavros will run in a situation like thi-- Oops! Haha, nevermind. Plus, all that crinkling would draw too much attention to your escape. Not that you're overly worried about your captor apprehending you, clearly they didn't even have the sense to bind you.

You sneak down the hallway like a marmot, and you think you hear footsteps coming your way.
>> No. 5634
File 129712832646.png - (47.70KB , 650x450 , NT-8.png )
>Terezi: Reveal yourself.

Okay, since you asked. Terezi can't answer the prompt right now as she has nothing to do with your current situation, she is busy in the tub with her friend Rainbow Kush and will be spending the next few hours licking every object in her hive.

You wouldn't know that, of course.
>> No. 5637

goddamn I love you sometimes :V
>> No. 5638
Oh god, i love you.

Though someone in the kink vriska thread said there was a "diaperstuck," where could i find this?
>> No. 5639
Not an actual adventure, just a series of images by RF_Switched
Look in the thread, I posted all of them in existence because this is DEFINITELY MY FETISH
Which is why I have to say Terribad is awesome

>Move towards footsteps, have dice ready
>> No. 5644
>Vriska: jump out and attack your captor.
>> No. 5645
>Vriska: uh oh you've just woken up and you really need to take a leak, fast
>> No. 5646
Kanaya: Check up on your new charge.
>> No. 5650
is it wrong that i want a fan adventure with high-as-fuck terezi being hilarious?
>> No. 5652
Oh my GOD.

>> No. 5659

You basically just described our musebox.
>> No. 5661
File 129716031974.png - (51.39KB , 650x450 , NT-9.png )
>Vriska: Move towards footsteps with your dice ready.
>> No. 5662
File 129716060580.png - (75.90KB , 650x450 , NT-10.png )
>Vriska: Remember that you've just woken up and you really need to take a leak, fast.

As you get ready to launch your attack, your body decides to conveniently remind you that yes, you really did drink a whole lot of sopor beer before you passed out last night and it needs to get rid of it somehow.

A rather urgent reminder, if very badly timed. The load gaper may be just across from you, but your captor could be rounding the corner any second now!
>> No. 5663
File 129716084275.png - (53.08KB , 650x450 , NT-11.png )
You are now faced with a dilemma: Duck into the bathroom for an impromptu potty break and risk getting caught with your pants down to be imprisoned again in a most vulnerable and embarrassing state, or stay where you are and bring down this pathetic excuse for a villain first, despite your bladder's complaining.

You always have to make such tough decisions!
>> No. 5664
pee on kanaya
>> No. 5665
Vriska: Run for the bathroom.
>> No. 5666
>Vriska: you are so nervous right now you could piss yourself
>> No. 5667
>["I have to pee"/"Who, her?"]

>"I have to pee on her"
>> No. 5668
>Head for the load gaper. Having to pee gives you -1 to your combat reflexes!
>> No. 5669
The chance of getting caught is too great. It shouldn't take too long to dispatch whatever idiot didn't restrain you... you can hold it.
>> No. 5670
>Vriska: bring down this pathetic excuse for a villain, how long could it take?
>> No. 5671
With the rule set up that there shall be no prompts for pooping, I think the artist might not be all that into having Vriska inevitably pee herself. So I'm gonna toss my vote in with team

>Head for the bathroom and get that over with.
>> No. 5672
Vriska: Empty 8ladder in load g8per super8ad
>> No. 5674
I don't think you've seen t-t-t-terribads /aart/ thread, have you?
>> No. 5675
I think that's pretty much the whole point actually.
>> No. 5676
>> No. 5682
>> No. 5685

i.e. PISS
>> No. 5688
>Get your ass to the load gaper, pronto!
>> No. 5690
>Vriska: use the diaper for its intended use.

You'll be changing out of it later, anyway.
>> No. 5692
>Use the load gaper. You're a big girl, after all!
>> No. 5693
the diaper indicates otherwise
>> No. 5694
make it to just in front of the bathroom door before having an acident
>> No. 5697
Kanaya: Walk in with your pet Nepeta on a leash (also pets don't wear clothes, that would be silly)
>> No. 5698
Vriska: Activate rocket-shoes and make for the hopefully un-displaced Load Gaper: PEEEEESHOOOOOOOOOOO!
>> No. 5699
File 129725370120.png - (48.31KB , 650x450 , NT-12.png )
>Get your ass to the load gaper, pronto!
You spring for the door adjacent from you, throwing it open for your inevitable sweet relea...s...

...Oh. Fuck. This isn't a bathroom at all.
>> No. 5700
File 129725377629.png - (40.90KB , 650x450 , NT-13.png )
You slam the door behind you, and the footsteps get ever-louder as your captor's shadow looms just around the corner.
>> No. 5701
File 129725381025.png - (42.14KB , 650x450 , NT-14.png )
It's now or never! Your stupid bladder can wait. You spring into action, charging at your opponent ferociously!
>> No. 5703
File 129725502365.png - (54.22KB , 650x450 , NT-15.png )
You make a harsh collision with your captor, only to realize that's not your captor at all.

It's Kanaya! How did she get here? Oh shit oh shit oh shit...
>> No. 5704
>Whatever you do, DON'T Piss yourself in front of Kanaya.

>Also ask her where they are, what happened, and where is the load gaper.
>> No. 5706
>Vriska: pee yourself in surprise.
>> No. 5707
>You're in a diaperstub in front of Kanaya! OH SH8T!!!!!!!!
>> No. 5708
Kanaya: Bad wigglers get spanked. Them's the rules.
>> No. 5710

You forgot the capitalizing.
>> No. 5711

that was a prompt, not dialogue :o why would Kanaya say "them's the rules"?
>> No. 5712
Oh yah.
>> No. 5713
Vriska: Stagger back in hungover-imbalance, accidentally step on dropped dice, pray they didn't count as a roll.


*Hickanaya is now irreparably headcannon" You've Got A Purdy Mouth"*

**Failure to figure out blackbar text-Despite or perhaps in spite of AH's recurring joke"...only for babies who Sh*t hard in their baby-ass diapers.." this is incredibly AWESOME.**
>> No. 5714
[S]: Au-pairify.

Sollux: Flip the f*ck out from the repetition of your surname incinerating your ears.
>> No. 5716
File 129731092765.png - (36.34KB , 650x450 , NT-16.png )
>Vriska: Whatever you do, DON'T pee yourself in front of Kanaya.
You fail miserably. The impact from the collision has caused you to lose momentary control of your bladder, and that was all it took for your body to expel all of last night's beer. You suddenly find yourself thankful for the diaperstubs on your person, otherwise you'd have an even bigger mess to deal with. This has got to be one of the most humiliating moments in your life so far, but at least it's Kanaya and not your worst nemesis, right?

Yeah, you've totally got this.

You're a big girl. You can handle it. Kanaya isn't going to find out and she doesn't nuh-nuh-need t-to--

AG: W-W8tch where y8u're g8ing, F8ssyf8ngs!!!!!!!! Y8u need to 8e more caaaaaaaareful! ::::(
>> No. 5717
File 129731095071.png - (45.76KB , 650x450 , NT-17.png )
GA: Um
GA: Are You Okay
>> No. 5718
kanaya: console your poor precious wiggler.
>> No. 5719
File 129731151187.jpg - (169.86KB , 666x499 , proceed.jpg )
>> No. 5720
This has now replaced bong Terezi as the best panel in this adventure ever.
>> No. 5721
Hell no, kushrezi for life

still awesome though
>> No. 5723
>Vriska: K88P C8LM K88P K8LM
>Vriska: Try to understand where you are, why you're in now-wet diaperstubs, and why Kanaya is there.
>> No. 5724
by the way in case it wasn't obvious, you may enter prompts for kanaya now :D

Be Kanaya?
>> No. 5725
>Kanaya: spank Vriska for being a naughty wiggler.
>> No. 5726
>Kanaya: Comfort the poor thing. It isn't her fault, these things just happen.

>Kanaya: Unless it got on your shoes, in which case dispense with the spankings.
>> No. 5727
File 129733800561.png - (40.59KB , 650x450 , NT-18.png )
>Kanaya: Comfort the poor thing. It isn't her fault, these things just happen.

You kneel down, hoping to bring reassurance to your charge, although you have no intentions of letting her get off scot-free for her roughhousing. Someone could have been seriously hurt!

GA: Itll Be Alright
GA: I Knew This Would Happen So I Made Sure You Were Prepared
GA: I Wont Tell Anyone
AG: ::::(
AG: H8y w8.......
AG: Wh8t do you mean prep8r8d????????
GA: You Really Shouldnt Be Running Around So Recklessly Like That
AG: Kanaya????????
GA: Maybe I Should Put You In Time Out
GA: Or Perhaps Something Else
AG: Uhhhhhhhh........

What are you going to do about this precocious little scamp? She's such a handful sometimes.
>> No. 5728
Kanaya: Change her Daiperstubs
>> No. 5729
>Vriska: Proceed to flip out
>> No. 5730
>Kanaya: Hurry her off to the changing table/whatever the trolls call it
>> No. 5731
and then
>Kanaya: Punish worse
>> No. 5732
>Kanaya: Get your poor charge a fresh pair of diaperstubs.
>> No. 5733
>Vriska: Stand up and hope Kanaya notices you aren't a grub.
>> No. 5734
>Kanaya: change Vriska's diaperstubs and then deliver a spanking.
>> No. 5736
>> No. 5737
>Terezi: Smoke a bowl and lie face down in the tub.
>> No. 5743
File 129738849881.png - (39.27KB , 650x450 , NT-19.png )
>Vriska: Stand up and hope Kanaya notices you aren't a grub.

AG: T8me out, Kanaya? Really? Reeeeeeeeally????????
AG: I know you can do 8etter than th8t!
GA: Vriska
GA: You Just Pissed Yourself And Youre Telling Me What To Do
GA: You Cant Be Serious
>> No. 5744
File 129738851922.png - (39.68KB , 650x450 , NT-20.png )
AG: Yeah!!!!!!!! You're doing this weird lusus roleplay, right? Don't be afr8d to kick my ass a little :::;)
AG: You know, t8ll me what a 8ad gru8 I am!
AG: M8ybe even g8ve me a sp8nking!
AG: Right now I could really use a ch8nge........ ::::(
AG: 8ut you should know I have a lot to teach you a8out domin8tion!
AG: Here, lemme give you a few p8nters to st8rt!
AG: First--
>> No. 5745
File 129738853954.png - (26.71KB , 650x450 , NT-21.png )
GA: Will You Shut Up
>> No. 5746
File 129738856279.png - (49.36KB , 650x450 , NT-22.png )
There. Maybe now you can change the poor thing in peace and quiet... until you give her that spanking she suggested. And here you were just going to make her stand in the corner and think about what she did!
>> No. 5747
>Kanaya: Okay, NOW go change her. And give her a spanking for good measure, good wigglers don't talk back!
>> No. 5748
Okay I am seriously considering starting an adventure about all the trolls getting high as fuck just because of this panel.
>> No. 5749
>Vriska: resist the urge to have a temper tantrum
>> No. 5759
>Kanaya: Time to powder and spank that butt!
>> No. 5762

All of the spankings. She is too damn impertinent.
>> No. 5773
>Pull her off for a spanking, and since she asked /so nicely/, use one of the paddles from that room you two are right outside.
>> No. 5775
The more I read this, the more I feel like I am descending into My Own Personal Layer Of Hell.
>> No. 5776
File 129740104831.jpg - (21.40KB , 880x192 , hopyshit.jpg )
now tell us how you really feel
>> No. 5780
Oh what? Haha. No, that was my version of a compliment. I shouldn't love this adventure, and feel terrible for it, but I do.
>> No. 5783
Welcome to the /d/ark si/d/e.
We have cookies.
Laced with diuretics and heavy sleeping pills.
>> No. 5785
lmao OH, now i feel like a jerk haha. i am glad you're enjoying this sordid tale of debauchery! update incoming! >:D
>> No. 5786
File 129741721776.png - (32.80KB , 650x450 , NT-23.png )
You lay your charge down on the floor and proceed with your motherly duties, wondering why you agreed to roleplay this scenario with her in the first place. Oh, right. It's because you pity her like no other and would do anything for her, no matter how depraved. As long as she's happy, you're happy, right? And for what it's worth you like it, except for the part where you have to deal with the wet diaperstubs. It's a small sacrifice in the name of pity.
>> No. 5787
File 129741728864.png - (75.00KB , 650x450 , NT-24.png )
...Oh, no. Not Miss Blabberfangs again.

AG: Yeah!!!!!!!! The pacifier is a gr8 start! Now you just gotta sp8nk my 8ottom, you know, 'cause I'm such a d8rty gru8!!!!!!!!
GA: Can I Hold You Afterwards
AG: Yeah, sure. But sp8nk me first!!!!!!!!
>> No. 5788
File 129741735985.png - (59.55KB , 650x450 , NT-25.png )
AG: Tell me I'm a 8ad girl!!!!!!!!
GA: You Are Very Bad
AG: Oh noooooooo! How 8ad????????
GA: Incredibly
GA: I Am Personally Offended To Have You In My Lap Right Now
AG: Yeah!!!!!!!!
>> No. 5789
I thought this would go the route of crazy-mom kanaya and confused vriska, but vriska is just plain adorkable
>> No. 5790
File 129741922120.gif - (56.06KB , 650x450 , NT-26-anim8ed.gif )
>Kanaya: Spank Vriska for being a naughty wiggler.

You set out to make that rump the bluest it's ever been! She'll be begging for you to cuddle with her later. Good thing you're always ready for that!
>> No. 5792
dat rump
>> No. 5796
Ohhhh, Vriska knew about this the whole time.

That just makes things way more depraved/hot as hell.
>> No. 5798
>Nepeta: Become Relevant.
>> No. 5799
Against my better judgement, and intense vibes of 'very probably not my kink,' I decided to read this.

Then I started giggling hysterically at Kushrezi, the way Vriska keeps interrupting and breaking character, and >>5788

Just about died laughing.
>> No. 5801
Definitely not the intended effect but hey, whatever makes you enjoy the adventure I guess
That's what I was thinking. Didn't see it coming, especially since terrabad's art on the subject usually has an embarrassed looking Vriska and a smiling Kanaya, and it implied there was a bit of half-unwillingness on Vriska's part. But her asking/begging Kanaya for it is probably more in line with what would happen in a more real-life situation, and JUST as hot.
>> No. 5805

oh god best dialogue and expressions hnnf
>> No. 5811
definitely :D the main inspiration for that particular idea was because vriska loves the shit out of roleplaying, and also the fact that so few fetish comics are from the perspective of a couple playing out a fantasy instead of actually BEING the fantasy and in a way this makes the kink more accessible to readers who wouldn't normally fancy it, if that makes any sense. (don't feel bad if you found it funny! it's a little like equius and his horse thing, i'm sure a lot of trolls are kinked in some way)

and also i just love the idea of vriska wanting to have all this sadistic stuff done to her while kanaya just wants to love on her and baby her instead. and THAT'S what really humiliates vriska -- in my head, schmoopy affection is to trolls as bdsm is to humans.
>> No. 5812
And this is why you are now my favorite porn creator ever
>> No. 5815
>Vriska: Suddenly realize that you need to void your bowels.
>> No. 5816
it's not my fetish, but yet it is beautiful in so many ways. Keep it going. Keep it going and never stop
>> No. 5823
>> No. 5825
>> No. 5826
don't ever stop doing this.
This is wonderful
>> No. 5832
>Vriska: Lose her head somehow
>> No. 5834

>> No. 5837
File 129750394593.png - (44.77KB , 650x450 , NT-27.png )
>Vriska: Suddenly realize that you need to void your bowels.

You call for the scene to pause before Kanaya can give you a new diaper, as you feel a rather distasteful case of the whiskey shits coming on. You quickly abscond into the bathroom with your preferred reading material, GALLIVANTING ILLUSTRATED.

Look, some things you just have to 8r8k immersion for. This is one of them.

I can't claim credit for the beautiful cross-stitching on the bathroom wall, I so ruthlessly ganked it from this Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/katiekutthroat

Real update soon.

>> No. 5838
and by 'soon' i mean tomorrow, ho-lee crap it's late. there will be many cuddlethulus and possibly a dressup scene in the future. :V
>> No. 5839
...and Nepeta?
>> No. 5841
>Nepeta: fail to properly use a kitty litter box. I mean, meowbest loadpan.
>> No. 5842
This... this is amazing.
>> No. 5845
This isn't even one of my fetishes

Why an I enjoying this so much
>> No. 5846

my thoughts exactly, why is this so fun when I'm not even into this ship or this fetish
>> No. 5847
Terribad has this awful power of making people like her kink stuff.

She is awful :(

Also known as I love this adventure so much.
>> No. 5848

she definitely lives up to her name :V
>> No. 5850
File 129755242883.png - (49.50KB , 650x450 , NT-28.png )
>Kanaya: Resume scene.
Personal breaks notwithstanding, you and Vriska return to the nursery for some quality lusus-grub bonding time together. You settle in your favorite chair and cradle her in your arms, looking fondly upon her as she makes half-hearted struggles to get away. It's so heartwarming the way she looks up at you so pleadingly, silently begging to get back to the sadism she sampled from you earlier.

Oh, no, not right now. You have far worse ideas in mind for this little wiggler. Ideas involving LOVE. And CARESSING. And-- Mother Grub help you, this is absurdly vulgar-- AFFECTION.

What are you going to do with this precious little grub in your arms?
>> No. 5851
>kanaya: sing sweetly to your adorable grub

>vriska: boggle at how stupidly sweet she's being and wonder when she's going to get back to the actual domination
>> No. 5855
> Kanaya: begin motorboating immediately.
>> No. 5857
don't be afraid to prompt suggestive things, guys! :V although a silly thread, it IS still an 18+ adventure!
>> No. 5858
>> No. 5859
>Kanaya: fetch a two wheeled device pump
>> No. 5860
>Kanaya: begin breast feeding
>> No. 5862
>Everyone: Notice toy blocks
>Kanaya: Sloppy makeouts will work, but she might enjoy that a little too much... maybe something closer to a sweet, /loving/ kiss
>> No. 5863

>> No. 5864

thirded so hard
>> No. 5866

Fourth'd like you wouldn't fucking believe.
>> No. 5867
>> No. 5868

seconded even though we're horribly outnumbered
>> No. 5869
The people have spoken!
>> No. 5870
>> No. 5871

Incredibly yes.
>> No. 5873
What's this 8?
>> No. 5874
File 129757913461.png - (46.54KB , 650x450 , NT-29.png )
>Kanaya: Fetch a two wheeled device pump.
You have no idea why you took that out out your sylladex. Why do you even have such a pump in the first place? You don't even own a two-wheeled device.

Oh, that's right! You were helping Gamzee inflate his bouncy castle the other day. That was, as they say, pretty fuckin' fly.

Momentarily sidetracked by this silly non sequitur, you re-captchalogue it and get back to the matter at hand: Smothering your poor, innocent wiggler in scandalous affection.
>> No. 5877

Kanaya: Baby-talk that wriggler right now.

Now I really want to see Kan helping Gamzee blow up a bouncy castle >:I
>> No. 5889
File 129758925952.png - (58.93KB , 650x450 , NT-30.png )
>Kanaya: Begin breastfeeding.
You are gripped with a bizarre, unnatural urge. Perhaps you're roleplaying a mammalian lusus, or maybe you've been gawking at humans too long. You are rightly ashamed of what you're about to do, and you're not even sure why you want to do it in the first place.

But you do it anyway, despite the muffled noises of confusion when you push Vriska's head down to chest-level.
>> No. 5890
File 129758943338.png - (42.44KB , 650x450 , NT-31.png )
>Vriska: Boggle vacantly at these shenanigans.
...Well, you can't say you expected THAT. You wonder what Kanaya's up to, and what she expects you to do with her vestigial fat sacs jutting so impudently in your face.

Whatever it is, it's making you blush furiously.
>> No. 5891

>> No. 5892
>Vriska: take this advantage to be a naughty wriggler and nibble on the vestigal fat sacs, they are just there tempting you.
>> No. 5894
>Vriska: Take a moment to be indignant about how much bigger they are than yours.
>> No. 5895
>> No. 5897

>> No. 5898
Vriska: present own miniscule breasts and mash them against Kanaya's.
>> No. 5900

>Vriska: You want these breasts?
>> No. 5901
I want it!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 5903
File 129762430642.gif - (14.11KB , 650x450 , 02732.gif )
>> No. 5910
>Vriska: Dig in! Nomnomnom

But not before briefly smooshing your face between Kanaya's boobs
>> No. 5911
I love this adventure forever.
>> No. 5914
Just walked in here and read through it.

My thoughts? - Oh my~
>> No. 5917
File 12976410751.png - (344.32KB , 600x339 , RubberFruit.png )
>forced sissification diaper adventure
>"scat is a no-no"
scat's not as bad as rape, bro
>> No. 5918

Yes. Too bad that this is consensual roleplay.
>> No. 5919
okay then it's a little bit better
i'll go back to my corner now
>> No. 5922
whiskey shits
milky tits
>> No. 5928
To a lot of people it is

And i don't think sissification is as bad as rape
>> No. 5929
File 129767023285.png - (192.99KB , 776x1417 , 1294200411655.png )
I love diaper vriska
>> No. 5930
File 129768181423.gif - (14.08KB , 500x347 , 128798715596.gif )
if people are going to make comments like this in my thread, stop and think about how much of an asshole you're going to look like before i start biting heads off for comparing any kink to rape ever

>> No. 5931
Greatest threa/d/ of all time. Keep it up.
>> No. 5940
Is it like the Godwin's Law of fetishes? Or would that be comparing any fetish to a Nazi fetish?

...is there such a thing as a Nazi fetish?
>> No. 5941
You know there is one for everything. But yes there is a nazi fetish.
>> No. 5942
I'm confused on how consenual sissification roleplay is even remotely close to rape...


>Vriska: suck those titties
>> No. 5943
Hey guys, how are you arguing with only one hand?
>> No. 5946
¿Estás enojado?
>> No. 5948
I came for the morbid curiosity and stayed for the in-character shenanigans and surprisingly un-squicky handling of the subject material.

>> No. 5955
>> No. 5957
File 129774630884.png - (45.44KB , 650x450 , NT-32.png )
>Vriska: Take a moment to be indignant about how much bigger they are than yours.
Man, some girls just have all the luck when it comes to certain things. Even if they're vestigial, you're still a little bit jealous of their sheer... voluptuousness.
>> No. 5958
File 12977463552.png - (41.37KB , 650x450 , NT-33.png )
Naturally, you're already planning to show her exactly what you think of them.

>> No. 5959
File 129774649874.png - (61.35KB , 650x450 , NT-34.png )
>Vriska: Take this advantage to be a naughty wiggler and nibble on the vestigial fat sacs.
Well, more like suckle them ravenously. You do love your roleplayed surrogate not-a-hungry-spider lusus, after all, and she wouldn't like it if you bit her there!

She seems caught by surprise. What was she expecting you to do?
>> No. 5960
>Vriska: Continue Suckling
>Kanaya: Pat the grub's back
>> No. 5961
hahaa those lips o3o
>> No. 5962
>Situation: Devolve into Lesbian Sex.
>> No. 5964
>Kanaya: Lactate
>> No. 5965
>> No. 5966
those lips remind me of the infamous gamzeeXfaygobottle image
>> No. 5967
Best Vriska face '3'

I just realized her ears are like twice the size of Kanaya's. Hey Vriska, at least those aren't vestigial!
>> No. 5968
haha yeah i do draw her with really long ears for some reason! i think they're cute 'A' and she's a really emotive character so i figured they'd complement her design, haha (mind you this is all based on that one hussie sketch of terezi where it showed her ears and they were long and rounded like that -- kanaya's are drawn short because idk, genetic variation and a reflection of her subdued character)

but i think i drew them longer than usual this last update, dang. gotta trim 'em next time!

haha sorry if i dorked about that, i do that a lot! :<
>> No. 5969
Draw their ears smaller and make their heads thinner/more feminine.
>> No. 5970

>Vriska: Start growing your ears out at an incredibly silly rate.
>> No. 5972
>Just now noticed the long ears
>It will be the only thing on my mind
>> No. 5973
>terribad: segue into ear expansion segment
>> No. 5974
>Kanaya: stroke your little grub's ears okay this joke has gone on enough

>Kanaya: Suddenly start lactating.
>> No. 5975
>Kanaya: As this depravity goes on, think of all the cute outfits you could make Vriska wear.
>> No. 5978
>Kanaya: tell Vriska that when she grows up she'll have breasts like yours.

>Vriska: scowl and maybe nip a little.
>> No. 5997
The only option.
>> No. 6006
can trolls lactate?
>> No. 6007
Sure, how do you think Vriska made all those webs in her hive?
>> No. 6008

I g8tt8 sp8n we8s sup8r b8d!!!!!!!!
>> No. 6009
i'm going to go out on a limb and say no; but if it gets enough votes i might have something where kanaya secretes some kind of sopor lite that mellows vriska out and makes her more susceptible to cuddling/having kanaya dress her up and related kinkstuff... :T

i don't know if that would be too weird for everyone though, but either way there's gonna be some wiggler fashion policing involved because kanaya is kanaya after all. :B
>> No. 6014
Yes, yes, fuck yes. DO IT.
>> No. 6015

Hmmm... maybe a baby bottle of sopor slime instead? I just can't see trolls producing sopor slime, even if it is a fanventure.

...though that does get me wondering where and how sopor slime is produced, since it's used primarily to drown out the racial-memories-cum-nightmares caused by sopor-less sleep. Sage for no real content, I suppose.
>> No. 6016
haha it wouldn't exactly be sopor slime if i decided to go with it, just something similar. regarding where it comes from, i've always kinda theorized that young trolls made their own recuperacoons and thus the related slime since they're insectoid and all... which leads one to wonder how gamzee would run out, but maybe they stop being able to make cocoons after a certain age. who knows! :X

no updates this morning; had a busy night and i don't wanna be up past sunrise at this rate. will do after i get some sleep and tally the votes. :]
>> No. 6017
>Kanaya: commit to your mammalian lusus role and begin lactating!
>> No. 6018
>i might have something where kanaya secretes some kind of sopor lite that mellows vriska out and makes her more susceptible to cuddling/having kanaya dress her up and related kinkstuff... :T
>> No. 6020


>> No. 6024
Is there a word for something more than yes? HELL YEAH or something like that.
>> No. 6030

I really prefer this suggestion.

But if people are really dead set about the lactating thing, it'd be hilarious to take this answer and incorporate it. http://www.formspring.me/mspadventures/q/160199543110006854
>> No. 6046
File 129793679373.png - (62.09KB , 650x450 , NT-35.png )
Your vestigial fat sacs secrete an unusual, jade-colored slime, which your grub seems to have taken a liking to. It looks almost like sopor slime, and you can't deny that it looks like it's having some serious calming effects on Vriska.

You've only noticed this because she's stopped squeezing the shit out of your other fat sac, as that was seriously starting to hurt. That arm's mechanical, jeez!
>> No. 6047
File 12979369088.png - (45.99KB , 650x450 , NT-36.png )
She's a lot easier to manage now, and even though she's taken her mouth off of you she's actually not talking or demanding you beat her for once. You can't help but enjoy this rare peaceful moment.

In fact, you can't help but consider...
>> No. 6048
File 129793705318.png - (72.75KB , 650x450 , NT-37.png )
>Kanaya: As this depravity goes on, think of all the cute outfits you could make Vriska wear.
How wondrous this opportunity is! With your grub all calmed down from the sopor milk, she's gotta be more compliant now, which means you can almost definitely convince her to try on some really cute outfits. You changed her diaper, so why not change her clothes as well?

There are so many to choose from! Which one are you going to have her try first?
>> No. 6049
Oh my god those are all adorable. I can't stop lol'ing at the little spider suit. My vote is for the one with the web pattern though. D'awww
>> No. 6050

The ability to pacify your enemy in the middle of combat would be a damn fine weapon to have.


Pink ensamble with her diaperstub showing! While she still have the chance to do so!
>> No. 6051
>Kanaya: Undress Vriska

>Kanaya: Dress her in the pink outfit
>> No. 6052
Gonna have to go with either the pink one or the web one.
>> No. 6053
I vote for the pink one.
>> No. 6057
>> No. 6060
>Pink for sure
>> No. 6061
oh my gosh those spider jammies are adorabburble
she will hate them <3
>> No. 6065
Pink or spider, your waifu demands it
>> No. 6066
the pink one
>> No. 6067
In between those two:

>> No. 6068
yes dat ass is necessary.
>> No. 6069
>Kanaya: CLOCK Vriska in the FACE.
>> No. 6070
It's probably not gonna be chosen, but:

>Kanaya: Dress your grub in that adorable spider outfit.
>> No. 6072
>Spider jammies.
>> No. 6073
I like the cute bottom left one with the webs, personally!:)
>> No. 6089
gotta go with pink
>> No. 6092
Now that Kanaya being ALPHA AS FUCK is canon, does that mean anything for this adventure? :)
>> No. 6093
>Kanaya: dress your grub in pink.

>But check out dat ass while changing her.
>> No. 6095
Welp. I guess with this update, no more sissy baby Eridan in the future :c
>> No. 6096
>Punch your grub in the snout to establish superiority
>> No. 6127
will you babies stop arguing about gay shit
>> No. 6128
File 129810611960.png - (51.83KB , 650x450 , NT-38.png )
Although there are many stylish and adorable outfits to choose from, you simply can't pull your eyes away from that precious little pink ensemble. Your grub will look so cute in this!
>> No. 6129
File 129810644845.gif - (74.12KB , 650x450 , NT-39-anim8ed.gif )
GA: What Do You Think Of This Roseate Outfit Vriska
GA: You Would Look Rather Fetching In It
AG: Uhhhhhhhh........
AG: Safeword?
AG: S8FEWORD!!!!!!!!
GA: Vriska It Is Just An Outfit
AG: 8ut it's pink!
AG: I mean if it were 8lue that would 8e another thing entirely! I'd 8e okay with that! S8FEWORD!!!!!!!!
GA: Vriska
GA: You Were The One Who Asked Me To
GA: What Was It
GA: 'Humili8' You
AG: S8FEWORD!!!!!!!!
GA: This Is Not An Appropriate Situation To Use A Safeword
GA: And Besides
>> No. 6130
File 129810655810.png - (72.27KB , 650x450 , NT-40.png )
GA: There Is No Safeword In Fashion
>> No. 6137
Oh my god. Hahahaha

Vriska WOULD totally use a safeword to get out of wearing pink frilly things.
>> No. 6140
>Vriska: Feel sick
>Kanaya: Check temperature (DAT ASS)
>> No. 6142
>> No. 6145
>> No. 6147
>> No. 6152
>kanaya: take your lovely wiggler out for a stroll.
>> No. 6157
it's not really my job to do personal babysitting for you wigglers, and I try not to take crepe's job, but this is quickly spiraling into realms of butthurt and unwant.

if you have a problem with the adventure, hide it. your complaints won't really change anything except make you look like kind of awkward and stupid. we come to expect this out of anons, and as such you should not and do not take them seriously. please don't try to correct their wrongs either, just report the post and enjoy terri's adventure.

if you have a problem with moderation, there's a sticky for it in /gen/, talking about it in someone's personal thread generally is not the thing to do. it's much more likely to be seen if you post it in the correct place.

alright now scram
>> No. 6173
>Meet Eridan on the way.
>> No. 6175
I didn't know you were a mod, rabbit, love your adv.

>Now that your little grub is dressed, take her out to play.
>> No. 6181
Yeah that would funny to see Eridan in a silly get up in one of those childrens lease things being held by Nepeta.
>> No. 6187
I really think this whole this will wind up with us exploreing all the trolls havieng silly adventures with their weird fetishes
and I will love every second of it
>> No. 6188

You just gave me a fantastic idea.


>Feferi: Be the "bouncy castle" later on after Kanaya and Vriska have their shenanigans.
>> No. 6189


>Terribad: do not ever include inflation fetishism in this adventure in any way, shape, or form
>> No. 6195

>Vriska: Pout more.
>Kanaya: Comfort the wiggler.
>> No. 6196
there hasn't been any arguing for around 20-25 posts

youre late to the party dude
>> No. 6199

milku deleted the derail, there were a lot of retarded posts above hers
>> No. 6200
oh. my mistake then
>> No. 6202
>Do some activity that requires running and thus a lot of skirt "panty" shots
Panty is not the right word to use here
>> No. 6203
>Kanaya: Silly you, you forgot to give her a cute ribbon on her horn!

This may not be my kink at all but this adventure is hilarious and amazing and I can't get enough of it.
>> No. 6207
>Tounge bath
>> No. 6209

Ditto. I would never ger aroused at this, but instead I'm laughing my nuts off!
>> No. 6232
File 129835146571.png - (62.43KB , 650x450 , NT-41.png )
>Kanaya: Now that your little grub is dressed, take her out to play.
Oh, dear. It looks like the poor thing is spontaneously and conveniently sick with some unknown and unheard of ailment and that she's, like, gonna puke all over this pink outfit any minute!!!!!!!! You should take it off her before it's ruined!

Like any good mother, you know just the cure.
>> No. 6233
File 129835153257.png - (42.35KB , 650x450 , NT-42.png )
>Kanaya: Silly you, you forgot to give her a cute ribbon on her horn!
But of course! Now you're ready to take your grub out for some cleansing fresh air at the nearby park. This will make her feel better!
>> No. 6234
File 129835165841.png - (41.32KB , 650x450 , NT-43.png )
Further up the path, displaced royalty stands proudly, having flagrantly ignored park rules to test out his brand new knockoff firearm he got from Troll Wal-Mart. He seems quite taken with his work and doesn't notice the oversized pram coming up behind him.
>> No. 6235
>> No. 6237
>get bitches
>smoke money
>> No. 6238

The chin. THE CHIN.
>> No. 6239

>Kanaya and Vriska: Hit And Run!!!!!!!!
>> No. 6241
>Eridan: play Duck Hunt
>> No. 6243
>observe falling person
>> No. 6245
>Vriska: plan your escape.
>> No. 6246
>Kanaya: shower your adorable little grub with public displays of affection! <3
>> No. 6248

Seconding this one, especially if Eridan sees it and starts laughing, only to have someone else (Nepeta?) come out and do the same thing to him.
>> No. 6253
In the background: are those stuffed animals hanging from a tree? That would be hilarious if they were passing Terezi's hive.
>> No. 6254

I'm pretty sure that's a Duck Hunt duck.


>Annoying Dog: Pop up and laugh at Eridan.
>> No. 6256
>Eridan: hold this pose as Feferi continues painting you as Troll George Washington crossing the Troll Delaware River. Get interrupted by oversized, well-dressed grub.
>> No. 6257

I second this seconding.
>> No. 6258
Yes Nepeta,
Definitely Nepeta.
>> No. 6260
>> No. 6262
>> No. 6294
>> No. 6295
>> No. 6296
hahahahahaha fuck you for making me want to go back and edit that picture so it's lil cal falling and not a duck

it's tempting :T
>> No. 6297
>Eridan: make an embarrassed grub out of Vriska, by noticing her nearby
>> No. 6299
Yes please.
>> No. 6323
>Take PLENTY of pictures
>> No. 6329
>Vriska and Kanaya: strife x2 combo on Eridan
>> No. 6335
>Kanaya and Vriska: make like Lone Wolf and Cub, and smear Eridan across the sidewalk.
>> No. 6377
i apologize for the lack of updates lately. it's been a very rough week and an extremely bad weekend for me, no time/energy to draw.

midterms and extremely poor management decisions at work = a dead terribad
>> No. 6379
I think it might be time to start a new thread.
>> No. 6380
i'll do it when i have an update ready. :)
>> No. 6387
It's all cool terribad. We <3(<) you hardcore.