[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 12971389152.png - (59.55KB , 419x273 , CourtstuckTitle.png )
5648 No. 5648

Gonna get this thing rolling. It's been in my head for quite a while.

It's an AU Homestuck/Gunnerkrigg Court Crossover.
If you haven't read GC, you really should give it a shot. It's by Tom Siddell.
Plus this adventure will make so much more sense.

Don't fuckin complain to me about this thing, okay?
Hide the thread. I don't tolerate people who whine.

I don't edit GC pages to make this adventure. The title was a special case. I suck fucking ass at drawing so just let your eyes burn and just read the text I guess.

It's completely separate.
GC does not mean gallowsCalibrator in this case.

My blubbering aside, lets roll.

tl;dr - Read the fuckin adventure. Also I can't draw.


"Gunnerkrigg Court does not look much like a school at all. It closer resembles a large industrial complex than a place of learning. Within the first week of my attendance, I began noticing a number of strange occurrences. The most prevalent of these oddities being the fact that I have seemed to have obtained a second shadow."
>> No. 5649
File 129713935279.gif - (15.42KB , 413x292 , Courtstuck1.gif )
Your name is JOHN EGBERT. You have recently begun to attend a school called GUNNERKRIGG COURT with your three friends, DAVE STRIDER, JADE HARLEY, and ROSE LALONDE.

You like to think of yourself as QUITE THE TRICKSTER although your friends like to think of you as QUITE THE DERP.

You spend most of your time WANDERING THE HALLS, completely blowing off your friends and sometimes your classes.

You find it strange that YOUR TEACHERS NEVER REPRIMAND YOU for being late or absent.

It's as if the court WANTS YOU TO STAY.

You've just gotten out of your GAMES CLASS.
You have your trusty SHADOW by your side, which you have named CASEY.

What will you do?
>> No. 5651
I derped and herped and I messed up the quote on the first page.

You'll get over it. I am.
>> No. 5653
>Go back to the dormitory and see if your best friend Dave is back yet.
>> No. 5655
File 129714115767.png - (38.65KB , 413x292 , Courtstuck2.png )

OHMAN! You think hanging with DAVE is such a GREAT IDEA!
However, you are in QUESLETT NORTH, while DAVE is in THORNHILL SOUTH.

Unfortunately, you can not visit each other's dorms.
>> No. 5656
>> Play a prank on one of the Court robots.
>> No. 5658
File 129714228160.png - (51.93KB , 413x292 , Courtstuck3.png )

You get to work with your crayons.

The robots never saw it coming.
You were pretty proud.

WAIT. What is that?
That's no ordinary BOXBOT!

It's one of Dave's BEATBOXBOTS!!
>> No. 5660
> Beatboxbot: be ironically terrible
>> No. 5673
Have a horrible rap off!
>> No. 5679

>Beatbox: Have a horrible rapoff with Boxbot
>> No. 5683
File 129720834494.gif - (22.74KB , 413x292 , Courtstuck4.gif )

This thing is so terrible. It wanders the halls laying down SICK BEATS that make you want to be sick yourself.

Jade offered to help Dave fix it, but he said it was IRONICALLY PERFECT.
>> No. 5684
Meet the Minotaur.
>> No. 5705
Meet a body-snatching demon named Vriska and imprison her in a stuffed animal so that she has to obey you. :3
>> No. 5722
File 129731754932.png - (53.04KB , 413x292 , Courtstuck5.png )

This pretty little troll decided to intervene on John's little adventure to inform everyone that she hasn't stolen any 'bodies' technically, only minds, and that she would never be caught dead in the body of a stuffed animal.

Who is this creepy girl?

I bet she would look really cool with a mechanical arm or something! However she lives in Gillitie Wood and technology is kind of frowned upon there.

Doomsday devices made of twigs and stones aren't quite as intimidating.
Equally shitty as any she may have made in some alternate universe.
Pshh like those exist.
>> No. 5742

John, find Dave and complain about how ironically terrible Beatboxbot is.
>> No. 5765
File 129739443775.png - (78.42KB , 413x292 , courtstuck6.png )

You try to be John, but he's busy FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT at the moment.
If he hears one more sick beat he swears he's going to fly off the handle.
>> No. 5767
File 129739565990.gif - (23.03KB , 413x292 , courtstuck6.gif )
Luckily, someone has come along that you CAN be.
Someone cool and interesting.

Whoever this fellow is can't help but think of the boy in the corner as somewhat of a dweeb.

Don't you feel awkward? Try to be Vriska; shot down, try to be John; denied...

Hopefully this coolkid is in the mood to be...be'd.

Maybe if you give him a name he likes.
>> No. 5772
INSUFFERABLE oh whatever Dave Strider.
>> No. 5795
(I fucking LOST it at beatboxbot.)
Dave: Lay down some sick beatings on the beatboxbot.
>> No. 5797
Go over and give Egbert a smack over the head for cowering like a little girl at the most ironic robot ever.
>> No. 6058
>>6045 >Realize your opinion doesn't represent everyone's, and decide to give this thread a chance.
>> No. 6063