[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 12974616315.jpg - (63.42KB , 400x300 , group shot.jpg )
5806 No. 5806
You are the losers, a group of children at Andrew Hussie High who do not fit into regular social standereds. There are four of you in the group.
Karkat Vantas, the leader of the group. You cuss and bitch your way out of a situation. The others hope you don't get Knife happy, for you have great experiance at the knife, though prefer the sicle, which is because of your father Spade Slick.
Gamzee Makara, the second in command. You have a little drug problem but that don't matter cause without it you're a phycopathic assclown. You have no parents, they were lost at sea or some bullshit.
John Egbert. You're incharge of snacks. That's your importance here. You live with your dad.
Tavros Nitram. Mascot. You live with your lusus happily. You have a brother, Pablo Nitram who was arrested in Mexico.

Which one should start.
>> No. 5807
>Karkat. And explain how you managed to survive your larval stage with Jack as a father / parent / existing anywhere near you.
>> No. 5808
File 12974622971.jpg - (26.25KB , 200x400 , that\'s how.jpg )
>> No. 5809
File 12974636697.jpg - (73.37KB , 500x400 , oh so i guess.jpg )
Guess that Makes you the almight leader of the group! Ah yes, Karkat Vantas. You'd like to be him but at the momment he's asleep, dreaming of his childhood.

Who's that mother fucker though?
>> No. 5810
>Be the Gamzee. Eat the Sopor. Get busted by the teacher.
>> No. 5813
>Gamzee: Reflect on how exactly you got hooked on sopor slime.
>> No. 5818
File 129748080248.jpg - (63.52KB , 500x400 , sopor.jpg )
you try to enjoy sopor
>> No. 5819
File 129748082014.jpg - (53.84KB , 500x400 , damn.jpg )
>> No. 5820
File 129748083951.jpg - (36.92KB , 500x400 , lement.jpg )
it's so dark, so alone
>> No. 5822
File 129748088287.jpg - (45.39KB , 500x400 , last memory.jpg )
>> No. 5824
Clubs Duece: sew little name tags in the back of all of Karkat's shirts.

Then bring him the lunch you packed for him that he left forgot to bring the morning.
>> No. 5835
>Gamzee: You know what to do, go Murder Mode on that teacher!

I love this thread = D
>> No. 5843
>Mrs. Teechur: Properly dispose of sopor, then give a lecture on the dangers of sopor and why eating it in class is wrong.

>Karkat: Ignore this bullshit and sleep.

>Tavros: Ask John about snacks.

>John: Take notes.
>> No. 5963
>John: Surely you must be questing for Mad Snacks Yo by now.
>> No. 5971
>Losers: Get hassled by the coolkids.
>> No. 5976
Dave, Terezi and Sollux: Be the coolkids.
>> No. 5977
>Eridan: Join the Losers.
>> No. 6075
File 129800207026.jpg - (37.17KB , 300x200 , be crazy.jpg )
She has this soooo coming
>> No. 6076
File 129800210519.jpg - (58.19KB , 500x400 , denied.jpg )
GAH! Curses she has the anti gamzee spray.

fucking teachers.
>> No. 6077
File 129800216248.jpg - (54.18KB , 200x400 , john JOHN.jpg )
John is to busy thinking about the new nick cage movie. can't speak of it. cars. amazing. 3D
>> No. 6078
File 129800221512.jpg - (36.52KB , 200x400 , uh.jpg )
> tavros. attempt to talk about snacks
>> No. 6079
File 129800226191.jpg - (39.72KB , 200x400 , pooke.jpg )
>> No. 6080
File 129800228135.jpg - (42.44KB , 200x400 , awake.jpg )
John always has the best reactions
>> No. 6081
File 12980025719.jpg - (44.84KB , 300x350 , talka.jpg )
-Tav began speaking to John in english-
Tav: John did you have the... uh snacks ready for next 'meeting?'
John: Course i did! Creamy sugar cookies and little nachos just for you.
Tav: T-that's great! i was uh... irragardless of what the cool kids said today d-do you wanna play pokemon?
John: sure sounds like fun. Oh man the teachers nagging, we should listen
Tav: y-yeah.
-conversation ended-
>> No. 6082


Well Ella, grammar mistakes like that are a diamond dozen in this doggy dog world of ours.
>> No. 6088
Tavros actually says irragardless in Homestuck. It's in-character for him to say it. Everybody on the internet knows irragardless isn't a word by now. XD
>> No. 6090

For all intensive purposes I believe it was intentional.
>> No. 6099

It's a joke, you silly billy.


>> No. 6105
File 129807297487.gif - (796.32KB , 333x250 , fry.gif )
>> No. 6106

>> No. 6148
It's 'intents and purposes'
>> No. 6159
File 129815676696.jpg - (30.10KB , 452x339 , thats_the_joke.jpg )
>> No. 6160
i'm highly amused by this and almost done the next batch of thingamajiggers
>> No. 6255
If you're Ella B from where I think you're Ella B from...

Class: Take Field Trip.
>> No. 6298
File 129851366370.jpg - (96.07KB , 500x400 , great friends.jpg )
it's going to be a bit before i can post. like idk how long. but my march break is coming up so bluh

Because of my gone-ness for a wee bit have some family fun idk just... :U
>> No. 6393
File 129895064198.jpg - (96.33KB , 300x400 , fukin cool kids.jpg )

You are now the cool kids.
Dave strider. the leader. You have always been cool and ironic. now you have your own little club of being cool. The only time you're not cool is when you sneak out and spend time with the nerdberts.
Terezi Pyrope. You're second in command. You are all that is law and order in the school and by god the best dressed in your group. Snazzy ties are your thing. You have a thing for your leader and the leader of tHe LOS-ers,,, but it's because your SICK love to sniff and lick red things.
Sollux Captor. You're the brains of this operation and have all the bitches. all of them. You used to be great friends with karkat in elementary school but you two have gotten distant when you wedgied him with your AMAZING abilities.

You three are planning on ruining the losers day in hopes they wont go on the amazing feild trip to god knows where tomorrow