[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129264664615.png - (131.29KB , 573x800 , Biiguru-katnoblankplz.png )
1067 No. 1067
Because the one we have is for those that don't have ANY pictures.

A sexier version of this. Don't care if it's sprite or not.
>> No. 1078
File 129266469627.png - (32.45KB , 862x226 , lineup.png )
I'd love art of any of these guys.
>> No. 1080
File 129269816870.png - (12.42KB , 393x266 , shmucks.png )
It would be awesome if anyone did any of my shmucks.
>> No. 1085
File 12927178419.png - (12.61KB , 542x348 , NEMESIS.png )
i'd really love some of her, if that's okay
>> No. 1087
Tried to repost, but
the picture of Caroli is still here >>32
Sadly, I lost the picture of her and Quater Harold fighting sacrosanctSeraph.
>> No. 1088
Any art of Dievos would be awesome, and I'd try to return the favor after Christmas.
>> No. 1097
File 129273842241.png - (3.97KB , 203x259 , cnife.png )
hero mode/drawing of this would be awesome
>> No. 1099
Protip: Make the outline and inside colors contrasting enough that people can see them without highlighting the picture. (I seriously can't make it visible otherwise--not even by messing with the color and gamma settings)
>> No. 1100
Wow I am not at all perceptive. Thank you kindly.
>> No. 1101
File 129275397880.png - (4.88KB , 172x210 , akskgkdf.png )
any and i mean ANY art of this guy would be suh-weet
>> No. 1107
File 129280583786.png - (6.19KB , 185x254 , bluh bluh huge trap.png )
she is adorable.

Also, art of this guy plox. Name's Ryson Aeno and he's kind of a trap.

Strife specibus?
>> No. 1120
File 129281444845.png - (74.83KB , 600x600 , herp.png )
>> No. 1121
File 129281679676.png - (12.04KB , 640x400 , FanTrollDrawing.png )

I tried
>> No. 1133
File 129282881532.png - (65.90KB , 500x500 , oh she mad.png )
>> No. 1137
File 129284425537.png - (6.49KB , 296x376 , ss.png )
you rule so hard
nothin special
>> No. 1138
sorry about that, i've been trying to fix that picture a bit myself.

that's amazing, i love it, thanks so much~

so adorable, i love it too, thank you!
>> No. 1233
File 129313378997.png - (6.91KB , 402x294 , emily and jared.png )
Porn of these two.
>> No. 1266
File 129318456877.png - (49.65KB , 952x994 , 128716587388.png )
Here you go. Anyone know what happened to that thread/artist?
>> No. 1270
Yesss! that's the one I was missing!
Dude's still around... tried to start a new story in >>/oc/205 but, um, I dunno what happened.
>> No. 1274

I think his PC tablet got borked.
>> No. 1277

Not objecting to the request for porn, but what.
>> No. 1278
File 129323155169.png - (4.82KB , 243x259 , simon.png )
This guy, posing heroically with a broom.
"Always ask for the name of the sweeper, boy. The janitor's almighty."
>> No. 1279
File 12932320701.png - (4.84KB , 206x278 , Kerak.png )
I was wondering if I could get this guy in any form that isn't sprite, looking kind of distressed or scared. Also he has tentacles now.

I will FOREVER LOVE anyone who does this.
>> No. 1487
File 129350710185.png - (3.63KB , 154x264 , caelumquick.png )
Someone turn this into a sprite? 'cause I'm terrible with Homestuck sprites apparently.
>> No. 1488
Also: Perhaps.

If you could explain the tentacle thing.

Where exactly? And why.
>> No. 1531

I can explain for her, the tentacles were made when the character, thinking to save a mutating friend((Aka his gay lover)) made a deal with the elder gods, but they turned on him and gave him tentacles. And now they are a source of innuendo.
>> No. 1534
Where are said tentacles located?
>> No. 1538
on his back
>> No. 1544
File 129356712415.png - (8.90KB , 291x285 , OC comission.png )

Here ya go, I attempted and I think it looks good.
>> No. 1545
File 129356768088.png - (10.39KB , 507x298 , tent.png )
Tried my best.

>> No. 1546
Dude thanks a billion.

It's awesome.
>> No. 1552

/I love you/ and you are just AMAZING in general this is so cuuuute <33
>> No. 1554
File 129357468468.png - (21.63KB , 644x700 , wellnowwhat.png )
Shitty doodle just to get a feel for drawing him. Might do more later.
>> No. 1572
File 129358787489.png - (9.57KB , 438x307 , trawls.png )
i feel weird asking this, but porn of these two would be excellent.
>> No. 1587
I am tempted...
I'm not making any promises, but what exactly do you have in mind.
>> No. 1600
File 129361574390.png - (10.73KB , 432x243 , Welp.png )
I swear I will fill some requests very very soon.

I'm going to ask for this and then never ask for anything again.

Porn of these guys as long as we are asking. .//.
>> No. 1601

>> No. 1603

Many thanks.
>> No. 1605
It's funny how many porn requests are suddenly coming in.
>> No. 1608
I just found it funny how Quater's psionics sucked so much that all the bullets he fired would just plink (yes plink) off of people.
>> No. 1614
IP: I don't know wh^t you're t^lking ^bout.
IP: My psionics ^re fe^rsome ^nd terrible.
KK: they're terrible, i'll give you that.
>> No. 1615
whatever you feel comfortable with or would enjoy drawing would be quite excellent.

either that or some form of rape scene, with the male as dominant?


i know, isn't it? i guess oc porn doesn't get enough love, haha.
>> No. 1616
>> No. 1642
Ah I don't do rape stuff sorry.
>> No. 1659
again, feel free to do anything you're comfortable with
>> No. 1662
I'm already starting with it.

Question, matespriteship or Kismesisses?
>> No. 1664
thanks so much, by the way, i really appreciate it. c:
>> No. 1742
Wouldn't Kismesis be rape anyways?
>> No. 1743
You're assuming human/mammal biology. Maybe kismeisis is inflicting enough physical trauma their hermaphroditic organs are stimulated to allow self-insemination. (RAGE-BONER!)

Then I remember the people I've known where sparks flew, and it was 'fight-or-fuck,' and it didn't always end in 'fight.' Still consensual, still hate, still intimacy, way crazy.
>> No. 2637
File 129633848142.png - (90.95KB , 800x600 , fraisa 0.png )
my friend drew this today
its our second grub child
Karkats the daddy
and her human OC, Jess, is the mommy
we dont have a sprite version because we dont know her outfit yet...or sign
so just anything of her would be great
ilu all
>> No. 2641
>Karkat x OC

why do people think this is ever a good idea
>> No. 2650
it was crack really not intended to be anything, and anyway what is the problem?
>> No. 2651
Because it's still Karkat x OC

that is just


beyond all reason

crack should be oc x oc or canon character x canon character

Karkat x Ms. Paint = acceptable crack
karkat x oc = no fuck you
>> No. 2653
That has never been an established rule ever so get off your high horse.
>> No. 2654
File 129635352955.png - (8.56KB , 346x260 , ROOOMIES.png )
both of you shut up it's opinion if it's retarded or not, and i hate for request threads to turn into shitstorms of OPINIONS YOU'RE A DICK OPINIONS OPINIONS

hell i was just about to type what i thought, but adding fuel to the fire is just stupid.

keeping on topic and picking from characters NOT in my adventure yet, either of these two. left is a girl, right is a boy, and that's all i'm giving you.
>> No. 2655
Sprinkles here
oh shi-
wheres my umbrella
theres a shitstorm a comin
jegus I didnt think you'd jizz in your pants from all that rage there, chill bro, pop a faygo
we're creatin real characters now
you know
ones without troll daddys
>> No. 2665
File 129638458245.png - (21.45KB , 574x434 , arazka.png )

Sprinkles is back
and this time with an OC who isnt some Crabdaddy's daughter
her name is Arazka

if anyone wants to hear the long as fuck into then feel free to ask

by the way
her lusus is a half brain dead gigantic worm who got that way by inhaling too many marker fumes
I would love for someone to draw a little thing for me of her, forget my last post, I love this one more
>> No. 2681
File 129640325761.png - (4.24KB , 259x283 , 129640310765.png )
She's a nineteen year old girl with a lot of scars on her body. There was a version of her in a tank top that showed more on her arms, but I don't have it. She also has one eye.

Any picture would be nice.
>> No. 2682
Also, if you're interested, her name is Eriza Swuty.
>> No. 2685
File 129641506077.jpg - (35.42KB , 335x428 , visket.jpg )
Got bored, drew one of my trolls. This is Visket Kunst :U
>> No. 2692
File 129643109891.png - (24.38KB , 300x300 , decido.png )
can someone draw me this coolkid?

your name is Decido Quasit and if it's not on the periodic table, it's not real.
your trollianHandle is cancerChemist and you speak in a way that gives you kix.
>> No. 2698
I can just imagine this guy:
>VESPR theories or it didn't happen.
>> No. 2699
File 129643880536.png - (956.68KB , 798x983 , kunaiEscapist Ref.png )
It's my 18th birthday today.

Draw this cool kid.
>> No. 2703
omg so emo
>> No. 2704

trioxygen semisulfide or gtfo
>> No. 2707
That's pretty damn awesome
>> No. 2708
File 129646878122.jpg - (47.96KB , 800x800 , 2011-01-31 - cancerChemist.jpg )

I am almost not sure if I should bother posting this, it is so lazy. I am the most lazy person.
>> No. 2709
File 129646890082.jpg - (40.63KB , 800x800 , 2011-01-31 - kunaiEscapist.jpg )
and then I tried to do something nice in this one before I remembered I don't make nice things.

or uh know how anatomy works even a little bit. that would probably be helpful.
>> No. 2711
File 129647878521.png - (7.48KB , 172x314 , trololol.png )
If anyone could draw this guy in hero mode, or just make a non-terrible sprite of him, I'd be grateful.
>> No. 2764
insert fangirly squeel here
>> No. 2815
File 129678446588.png - (109.96KB , 645x490 , maroonbros.png )
I kind of feel like doing a few of these over the next little while, but first here is a joke scribble I had to do after seeing this [>>1107] guy. Other troll with the similar blood colour is mine of course, this [>>2811] dude.
>> No. 2818
I disappear from /oc/ for ages AND SUDDENLY ART

ily, I'll probably get around to drawing him myself at school, but I have no way of transferring it to a computer without ridiculous tablet tracing shenanigans or a DSi camera.
>> No. 2819
File 12968038946.png - (92.80KB , 550x700 , gelbii.png )
Either sprite form of Divesu, or him strangling a big goat with his chain. His shoes are gold coloured,by the way.
>> No. 2837
File 129686593929.png - (188.24KB , 365x850 , pallytroll.png )
I may have taken a few liberties with the armour...um...hope you don't mind.
>> No. 2847
Yes she is so fucking regal.
>> No. 2859
File 129696067220.gif - (113.47KB , 700x638 , heytophatkid.gif )
Here I am, attempting [animated] hero mode. :V
>> No. 2877
File 129704550922.png - (88.61KB , 417x1000 , octrollgirl1.png )

Haha, no problem. I'm sure I'll give it a more serious try sometime soon.
>> No. 2879
File 129705416395.png - (2.43KB , 155x228 , rhyscauper.png )
I'd love it if someone did this one in Hero Mode, wielding two hatchets, but any art would be wonderful.

Sprite-version would be god-tier. Please?
>> No. 2922
File 129722366437.png - (234.39KB , 800x800 , incrediblyshittyattempt.png )
I am making an incredibly shitty attempt at drawing this guy. Are his sleeves long or short?
>> No. 2925
this makes me so happy. :D

in the meantime, I shall try and fill a request if you guys;ll be content with crappy DSi photos of sketches
>> No. 2929
File 129724032443.png - (108.55KB , 683x605 , Acidwing Reference copy.png )
Eh, sure, let's see someone try Rezlam/Acidwing.
>> No. 2930
Wait shit wrong last name.
HURF WAY TO GO CHERI. Her last name is Corlid.
>> No. 2931
oh my i wish i'd seen this sooner
that is so wonderful, and thank you so very much!
>> No. 2934
File 129727383368.png - (29.62KB , 550x700 , zarniqq.png )
Some of this guy, if possible. Hero Mode would be much appreciated, you awesome people. His weapon is like a lightsaber.. except it's a rake. Like, the actual metal rake part is green and glowy.
>> No. 2935
>thread activity

You're welcome!

Aww, he's cute. Maybe I'll attempt this one and a few more on the weekend [stupid work gettin' in the way of my doodling].
>> No. 2940
File 129729079684.png - (93.44KB , 383x485 , Naabi.png )

I'd love to see any of the girls in the first post there at all, or maybe the guy in the attached picture here[Anaabi Jahnus]. If any more info is needed feel free to ask.

Also gonna take a look through this thread when I'm feeling better from my evil leg pains and sketch out a few of the chars requested here.
>> No. 2941
I can probably draw someone in a god-teir mode if i can get a sprite of them, their Sburb title, and Sburb color. ( oh dear gog what am i doing here?)

... "draw" in this case means "in MSPaint"
>> No. 2942
Dang, non of my chars are SGRUB players or I'd take you up on that offer.
>> No. 2943
i'm doing a headsketch of michir, but does she have facial fins or are those sideburns?
>> No. 2944

Awesome. Those are face fins, curly-ish ones.
>> No. 2946

So you're just making Trolls that are gunna die in the reckoning? ,:|
>> No. 2947
Yes, but they're from an earlier generation and are probably all adults by that time anyway.
>> No. 2948

Ahhh ok
>> No. 2949
Yeah, I haven't seen a whole lot done on just the past Alternia setting, so I ended up basing all my chars on that. maybe sometime I may end up making an AU where they play Sgrub but for now they are just a bunch of awkward Alternian 7-8 sweep-olds whose adventures are set in the past.
>> No. 2952
File 129730413728.jpg - (70.91KB , 1385x516 , headshots.jpg )
might do more later! and actually ink instead of vectoring, lol
>> No. 2953

Eee, so adorable. thank you :D
>> No. 2954
What's this character doing here? XD
>> No. 2965

Sorry for the late response. They're short.
>> No. 2969
File 129737705468.jpg - (393.37KB , 1450x1800 , TatsuoDracna.jpg )
Got bored, made this guy.

His name's Hydrus Dracna, obviously representing the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

His Strife Specibi is LighterKind. Basically, he has a zippo, and depending on how he strikes the flint (arm positions, etc) it turns into some kind of weapon. Showing a Kwan Do form here because it looks neat.

So yeah, he really likes fire.

Also purple blood. Royal as FUCK.

Tried spriting his ass, kinda bluh on the attempt 8U

I'd like to see him in another style if anyone's up for it :B!
>> No. 2970
File 12973772519.jpg - (224.61KB , 1000x1500 , tattradcomp.jpg )
also made a "in between sprite and soopah detailed" version if it helps :U
>> No. 2972

Technically not royalty unless he's a sea dweller. but definitely the highest among the landdwellers.
>> No. 2973
Love it BTW, guy looks awsome.
>> No. 2974
I'm a douche and made his land rich in magnetic rock, which causes a few floating landmasses. He has a castle-thing on one of em. So not really land as in on the ground.

Kinda where I came up with his trolltag: celestialSkydweller

and thanks for ze love :B
>> No. 2977

fair enough, but he doesn't have gills so he is still a landdweller :P
>> No. 2978
Why do I see that handle and think "Luke Skywalker"? XD
>> No. 2980

Oh gog
can't unsee
>> No. 2990
File 129743793332.png - (383.15KB , 301x667 , a fantroll.png )
hey look, I got to use the shitty school scanners!!

I know this troll gets all of the art, but hse;s so pretty and also the only one I could remember properly while at school and referenceless.

I still messed up her sign and socks orz
>> No. 2991
File 129743797243.png - (400.83KB , 500x473 , ryson.png )
also, have a better reference of Ryson.
>> No. 2995
all art is so very appreciated, and that is such an adorable picture! i'm glad you liked her enough to draw her.
thanks so much! <3
>> No. 3013
File 12975335222.png - (144.50KB , 459x900 , trapyousay.png )
Hopefully this works for you.
>> No. 3019
File 129755039237.png - (4.66KB , 226x250 , dL.png )
I would love it if anyone could make some kind of ''hero-mode'' for this schmuck.
>> No. 3027
File 129756571332.png - (146.42KB , 537x650 , rakemode.png )
>> No. 3032
File 12975691519.png - (158.58KB , 452x426 , biggestderp.png )
anything of this fellow would be great~
>> No. 3033
File 129757762144.png - (52.34KB , 512x384 , yes plz.png )
can I just

touch your face

this makes me a happy little fan ; u ;

also, why no love for OP?
>> No. 3048
Thank you so much bro, this made my day.
>> No. 3158
I was wondering if someone would be able to help me sprite a version of my troll? This is probably going to sound stupid, but I don't know how to sprite. Please?
>> No. 3166
Do you have a sketch or a description or anything of your troll?
>> No. 3168
File 129782424970.png - (8.75KB , 259x346 , cd.png )
[Decided to rework previous request, so deleted the other one]

Can someone make a talking portrait sprite for this character?
Many thank you's will be delivered.
>> No. 3181
File 129783717143.png - (5.78KB , 175x239 , Euphra Nineve.png )
Behold, my fantroll. I know it's poorly made, but I'm a novice with this, so please bear with me.
I won't ask anyone to draw him, but if you'd like to, that's cool. His strife Specibus is drillKind (ala Gurren Lagann)), and I feel I should point out his pseudo-gills, as I may have made them a bit too subtle.
>> No. 3187
File 129784690126.png - (4.13KB , 144x414 , noland-sprite.png )
*Gasp* A human OC! Kill it with fire! If anyone were to kindly draw this suavekid, I would be most appreciative and will engage in the sacred rite of the brofist.

Here's some info in this SOB.
This lad's name is Noland Nornes; a dapper gent who is impeccably polite, ceaselessly smiling and is trusted by all, but has a veritable catacomb of skeletons in his closet. When outside, he is never caught without his trusty trenchcoat and flat cap. The tips of his hair have blue highlights, and has a ponytail. Although Noland prefers diplomacy, he is a capable sorcerer, and has tattooed his entire body with runes and sigils (which the trenchcoat helps to disguise).
>> No. 3198
I can try! Is there any specific character you want as a base?
>> No. 3215
Well she's tomboyish, so possibly Karkat, but whatever one works the best.

Thank you by the way!
>> No. 3222
what a handsome and respectable fellow!
and that name is just AMAZING.
>> No. 3226
File 129791959315.jpg - (26.13KB , 512x384 , SARSa SYMBOL.jpg )
Your name is SARSA PARILLA and you are the PALADIN of JUSTICE. You live in a HOUSE-BOAT on the PRAIRIE under the care of your SCORPION Lusus.
Your Strife Specibus is Ropekind.

mussy hair
forward-raked horns
squinty eyes
flat brim cowboy hat
aradia-tier red-blood
his symbol is (pic related)
>> No. 3227
Hell yeah ponchos.

Caelum and Sarsa could totally be bros
>> No. 3228
File 129792177028.png - (6.91KB , 157x253 , Castrinogoggs.png )
God look at this douchebag:

This douchebag is CASTRI CARIBA

I mean, he's not that douchey

Kinda douchey. The rest is kind of cool.

Like that eye. Spin it all crazy and who knows what it does. Maybe let you see future events in reverse since that lowers the practicality of it. Let's call it VISION RINGFOLD

And damn those goggles. Can't even wear them without having to bend them over the fucking huge ass horns he has.

But he needs them. THE LAND OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS is a stupid place.

And so is his god damn Denizen. Oh how fucking stupid, TEZCATLIPOCA (Google it) and smoking it up something seriously rude on his planet.

I swear to god I want to cut that fucker down with my Sweet ass SCYTHEKIND Specibus.

And with it comes the title of being the BARD OF RIME

While being a clever-ass pun for cool Ice powers, you are actually terrible at Slam Poetry and rhyming overall.

(also tl;dr)
>> No. 3233
sounds like my kind of party.
>> No. 3236
So I herd u liek soul eater
Basically his denizen is a death scythe who is a mirror but dresses as a teddy bear and then a bunny and his meister is a monkey. And then when he dies he just lied so Justin would think he's dead? Cool.
>> No. 3238
File 129796578948.png - (24.05KB , 500x500 , GodTierdoodle.png )
>You totally did not get the use of a fucking cool ass scythe and the concept of an Aztec God from Soul eater. Nor did you get your Hairdo from a megaman game.

Never. Let's not get silly here. OCs are always 100% OC

Anyways, I did art of my OC in apparent God Tier. I figured White or pale blue at best. Whatever. It looks like shit because I'm drawing with a Trackpad >:C
>> No. 3239
Hahah I had kinda forgotten about that request. If I ever find a need for it again at least I'll have one now. Thanks.
>> No. 3240


That is amazing! Goddamn, this is why I should check this thread more often, how did I miss this! Thanks, that's beautiful!
>> No. 3242
callsign: gratuitousTrebuchet (no computer, just a complicated device in the ruins of another nearby house-boat that seems to make use of semaphore and radio in some indefinable way)

minor special power (most of the other trolls seem to have one): telescopic scrying (can get a closer look at something he can see in the distance)

hobbies: hunting/trapping, utilitailoring, herbalism, knots.

Powerful prototyped weapon for later on in his hypothetical session:

Ride The Knot
This lasso negates a bit of the gravity acting on anything it can encircle and hold on to.
>> No. 3243
File 129797959089.png - (88.46KB , 800x600 , everytrollHybrid.png )
Decided to gather up some courage and post here

basicly, he's one of the usual "slondermuns is hunting me oh noooo" guys, BUT A TROLL, WHOA

his lusus is based on The Rake, his quirk is replacing Os with that (x) thing that slendy seems to be scared of, and he comes in 2 flavours, paranoid and snarky.
also I decided to not give him the hat in the sprite becuaae who even wears a hat with a hoodie that's dumb

his name and troll tag are a mishmash of various slendeman related things.
he types in gray because he likes it more then his eye burning pissyellow blood color
>> No. 3244
derp forgot to say, I was hopeing someone can make a less shitty sprite for him :V
>> No. 3247
File 12979923591.png - (139.34KB , 518x700 , mylittleseaponies.png )
Oh man I hope I interpreted his sleeves correctly... :|

Nooo problem, you're welcome!
>> No. 3294
File 129814071746.png - (14.67KB , 306x716 , liesna.png )
if i could make another request, i would love one of this girlie right here~

shes a huge sweetheart and kind of dumb, haha.
also, for shoes she usually either tucks her cargo pants into some boots or just goes barefoot~
>> No. 3302
File 129814614371.png - (84.86KB , 621x779 , RABIAT.png )
Anyone who felt like drawing this guy would be awesome. Knowing him, probably him doing something ANGRY. warhammerKind, if the picture doesn't mention it.
>> No. 3304
File 129814749583.png - (3.10KB , 160x237 , Rabiatpng.png )
And here is his sprite, if it helps.
>> No. 3308
File 12981579495.png - (348.29KB , 800x1200 , daftarsonist.png )
I'm already working on yours! Just stuck colorin it
>> No. 3313
File 129818189060.png - (161.21KB , 930x707 , indigoesinked.png )
oh wow, this is beyond awesome~ and the sleeves are spot-on. thanks so much! ::

the three indigoes / purpleblooded landdwellers / whatever! i'll do a seperate of liesna later, since she.. kind of got cut out lmao ;;
>> No. 3317
File 129818318369.png - (2.37KB , 197x283 , 4Bu82.png )
Your name is RUSKIX MARSKY.

While of the lowest BLOOD CASTE among your species, you wear this fact as a badge of pride. You are part of a STRANGE YOUTH MOVEMENT popular among the lesser bloods. While this group believes that they will cause an INEVITABLE UPRISING, it is not likely to happen soon - although this doesn't stop you from claiming it will arrive tomorrow. The fact that this keeps failing to happen leaves you in a constant state of ANGER. In your free time you distribute PAMPHLETS which you manufacture yourself by hand. Sometimes, due to the lack of a proper GUARDIAN FIGURE, you overdose yourself on DISTILLED SOPOR SLIME. While you are a bit embarrassed by this, as it fails to match your REVOLUTIONARY IMAGE, you have skill with several INSTRUMENTS.

You have many wonderful COMRADES with whom you share your ideas, as well as some NON-COMRADES you are attempting to educate. Your trolltag is communistUprising and you speak with form of slang popular among your comrades, da?

Your lusus is a member of the MINIBEARS, and while yours is too busy with CUDDLES and FROLICKING to participate much in your life, you still have a weak spot for his affections. Your COAT bears a REVOLUTIONARY INSIGNIA that you carefully hand-sewed on in the dead of night. In battle, you fight primarily with EMPTY BOTTLES.

Also, one of your HORNS is BADLY DRAWN. You are unaware of this.

...I'd kind of love art of this guy, or even just a better sprite. I picture his coat as being more of a military-type thing, his left horn as a little more sickle-y, etc. Red-brown blood, he just pretends it's red to be more special. Of course, if nobody wants to draw Insane Communist Troll, I... I would totally understand that, yeah.
>> No. 3321
this is a bad post in the wrong thread but

i love you
i thought i was the only one with a commie troll
>> No. 3323
I have one too, don't worry. I am still developing him though.
>> No. 3324

proposal that the three of us bro up and have wonderful commie rps together sometime.
>> No. 3326

I am all for commie troll adventures fuck yessss

But I thought this was to request art and I don't get things I guess

I want to dump detail on people hahaha, I like detail dumps

...yay commie trolls
>> No. 3333
Hell yeah, I saved this. Thanks, bro!
>> No. 3334
File 129824574691.gif - (4.31KB , 138x233 , talksprite.gif )
here you go!
>> No. 3335
oh i'm working on your request! i love me some commies and i love drawing them. sorry for not mentioning that!
>> No. 3336
Awesome! Thank you so much!
>> No. 3344

Thank you very much good sir/madam.
>> No. 3433
File 129848551670.png - (210.69KB , 1024x768 , bb ily.png )
do you think someone could draw me and my friends trolls Medica and Layton? Preferably Medica being even more creepy and trying to seduce Layton?

Uhh, Medica is the pink one, and her horns are the X shape on her head, Layton is the red boy, and his horns were on his upper jaw but she broke them off.
>> No. 3474
File 129857985075.png - (18.05KB , 380x700 , oc_request.png )
here's a quick doodle of her; she's quite adorable. :3
>> No. 3503
File 129864826041.png - (33.05KB , 225x214 , magxit_godtier.png )
reinstating this request because
>> No. 3554
File 129872978430.png - (81.32KB , 450x563 , b3o8ky_jpg.png )
Forgot who requested this. Whatever.
>> No. 3555
File 129873185630.png - (17.62KB , 601x482 , rekkuest.png )
woah i just realised i totally messed up.
i was referring to my non-art-related post when i said "bad post in wrong thread"

also, here's a quick sketch, i will probably do some more! sorry i've been scarce lately but i hope you like it. c:
>> No. 3600
Aaaah, he's so cute and angry and this makes me so happy! <3

And ah, I see! I was worried I had messed up, hahaha. But no worries, I think all is well for both of us!

Hooray for glorious communism, and thank you again!
>> No. 3608
I'll do a few cartoony requests, just reply to this post.
>> No. 3611
m-maybe one of http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/024/9/f/talk_to_melmene_by_lrradiate-d37xenm.gif her? ;u;
her arms are robotic and like, porcelain white~ and there's way more splatters on her cuffs than the rest of her coat~
>> No. 3613
okay I'll start it in a little bit
>> No. 3621
Please? But his sleeves are a bit longer now, they go down to his elbows. c:?
>> No. 3624
you mean her, right? hit me up on pesterchum and you can give me all your little detail things <3
PC: anguillaNuntia
>> No. 3625
File 129885281786.jpg - (10.57KB , 251x277 , fantroll.jpg )
I would die for any art of this guy here. His name's Kalkin Harper, and he likes to think he's a cool kid. He's really just irritating.
Oh, and he's super afraid of water, but his lusus is a giant otter who loves swimming.
>> No. 3632
how bout this girl?


i'd be eternally grateful for anything with her
>> No. 3637
File 12988715381.png - (5.64KB , 207x261 , alyen.png )
I would absolutely love some art of this guy here with a classy cane or something.

If not, that's cool too!
>> No. 3667
Hayy, I thought he looked pretty cute so I did a little sketch of him. I'm not the greatest artist but I hope this is ok enough for you :)
>> No. 3668
File 12989314888.png - (119.60KB , 185x486 , friginarmgodie.png )

wait fuck I forgot the actual picture
Yeah that arm gave me no end of trouble :S
>> No. 3674
File 129893644688.png - (4.75KB , 180x267 , devlin sprite 2.png )

Aw, that's adorable!

Also, this is Devlin. His entire life is based on a box of fortune cookies that he reads and takes advice from regularly. And he would love fancy art of himself.
>> No. 3722
omfg I love himmm, I think I'll make a thing
>> No. 3726

Oh, man! That'd be awesome!
>> No. 3769
File 129918696822.png - (153.52KB , 578x1000 , Troll copy.png )
I am newish here, and I drew myself as a troll, after finally catching up with Homestuck!

I am trying to restrain myself from some shameless self insertion with my trollself and Dave but I will probably eventually give in or hope someone else is nice enough to make my day.