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But apparently my friend thinks it is so here! Had Tegmie! :D
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It's 3am.a sgjvkfds;lk
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also, troll horns go yellow-orange-dark orange, not alternating. just a heads up!
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Also, totally aware of the black hair thingy. I just really wanted to make her blonde ;u;
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Oh hey! Thanks ^^
I'm kinda new to this |D My friend finally got me to read it and now.. i can't stop haha |D

Alright, more about Tegmie.
Name Tegmie Cancri
She is 13 or 6 solar cycles
Her name comes from two of the stars in Cancer's constellation.
Trollhandle: CncSongstress
Strife specibus: voiceKind. She sings.
She's actually really sweet, despite the fact that Cancer is a negative sign. She usually just likes to sit around and hum/sing to herself. Her typing quirk is she will hold out a note in conversations. Like so.
"CS: Hello, are are youuuuuuuuuuuu~ today?" She also uses the Tildie "~" either after holding a note or a sentence, otherwise. The Cancer symbol is on her sleeves, not the middle of her shirt like the other trolls. She's quiet most of the time, only really "talking" when she sings at times. But that's only out loud. Writing and typing, she's extremely social.

Uhmm, anything else? ;3;