[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 128954521354.png - (4.29KB , 177x221 , 128809581473-Base.png )
11 No. 11
Sure why not.
>> No. 13
File 128957105445.gif - (180.46KB , 213x256 , Doc_Sekrit_animated.gif )
> Doc Scratch: make the young girl your apprentice.
>> No. 29
File 128961196679.png - (5.48KB , 291x272 , Hehee_by_Ivan.png )
>> No. 31
File 128961204016.png - (5.05KB , 148x200 , SimetaTessit.png )
>> No. 33
File 128961267242.png - (4.25KB , 166x226 , carbonPersona.png )
Some of these I made for RP sburb sessions, some as requests, and some for me.
>> No. 34
File 128961268178.png - (3.11KB , 162x234 , dartingBismuth.png )
>> No. 35
File 128961269269.png - (3.87KB , 153x238 , wereFeline.png )
>> No. 36
File 128961272531.png - (3.51KB , 151x235 , session8character.png )
>> No. 37
File 128961274099.png - (4.71KB , 173x298 , calderas.png )
>> No. 43
File 128961756512.png - (8.56KB , 199x349 , Strokend_Steve.png )
I made some adult-sized sprites based off Mars' kid sprites (lyssa did her own kid AND adult sprite, she's just that epic) ((I actually had to remove the first A in Alyssa because I accidentally typed it and prefer calling her lyssa :P))
>> No. 44
File 128961758618.png - (4.80KB , 169x309 , Strokend_Arkady.png )
>> No. 45
File 128961767938.png - (8.15KB , 137x371 , Strokend_Katherine.png )
I'm probably the only one who uses the adult-ified sprite, but I'm perfectly fine with that
>> No. 46
File 128961770842.png - (7.09KB , 151x326 , Strokend_Wesley.png )
>> No. 47
File 12896192374.gif - (5.33KB , 212x305 , BlueMagic_Mneme.gif )
I guess BlueMagic did his own sprite?
>> No. 48
File 128961927437.png - (15.33KB , 166x419 , Strokend_Mneme.png )
And I of course made the grown-up one based on it. Back then I just copied the faces flat onto there :V
>> No. 49
File 128962348181.png - (5.17KB , 224x278 , Rethnam Lore.png )
I made one whoopdeedoo :V
>> No. 50
File 128962477643.png - (6.29KB , 180x250 , 01 fixerUpper - tW.png )
Made four of these for an adventure I'm running over on the forums. I'd post the other ones but they havent been revealed yet and I'm still working on thier designs a little.
>> No. 54
File 128963244058.png - (5.09KB , 148x200 , OvissaTalosa.png )
sister to >>31
>> No. 55
File 128963565096.png - (13.26KB , 306x226 , goateebros.png )
Quater and Pelaga
>> No. 98
File 128971625069.png - (4.44KB , 212x279 , goddamnitderl1.png )
This is Derl. He does nothing special what so ever and has no psychic powers. All he does is read comic books and watch movies in his hive. He plays video games too but he wont brag about it because then that would make him seem interesting wouldn't it? He has no relationships with anyone because he's too dull to form anything (other then a one sided kisemises with his neighbor who hates him). His lusus died when he was at an early age but it doesn't matter because nothing really interesting happened with it.

His chumhandle is comicheroWanabe, and he has no strife specibus because he never took the time into learning any interesting way to fight.
>> No. 103
File 128975155686.png - (12.62KB , 496x279 , What.png )
>> No. 104
Left: Potash - Troll of Potassium - Swaps the letter K for P and vice versa, Spells "Ing" as "19" - uses emoticons such as =:) - trollhandle is potentialKyu - likes Gardening and martial arts

Right: Alvaro - Troll of reversible reactions - Swaps letters Z and Y, spells "'" as "#" - uses emoticons such as ]8) - trollhandle is carpfishGod - likes sneaking up on fish to scare them and decorating things with yellow and red and lime green
>> No. 107
File 128977342342.png - (6.61KB , 144x198 , butlersprite.png )
Alright I got one.
You are DROUET INKTON, suave, debonair blue blood. You think of yourself as a charming individual, but really you just use your meager psychic abilities to get people to like you. It doesn't work a lot of the time.
You secretly aspire to be a SEXUAL DYNAMO, too bad nobody told you that on Alternia that also makes you a RAGING WHORE. You are also a MASSIVE COWARD, but don't tell anyone.
Your trolltag is publicFunctionary and you are somewhat "incredulous" when you "speak" to your fellow trolls.
>> No. 115
MCN your fantrolls always make me giggle
>> No. 124
File 128978857537.png - (4.25KB , 119x239 , so.png )
>> No. 129
File 128979903165.png - (12.90KB , 300x300 , sprite1a.png )
Your name is Stella Oreole. You like space and the universe and stars and all that good shit. You are very excited and happy all the time, and thus pretty annoying. Not a lot of people like you but you don't notice.

Your strife specibus is hairKind. Sometimes your hair reaches out and chokes this and it is kind of annoying. You don't know how to make it stop but it's usually pretty good so it works out.

You don't have a trolltag yet but you type like this!! 5:) and tend to eloooongate your Oooos.
>> No. 133
File 128980162011.png - (2.20KB , 182x220 , JulahaSprite.png )
Might as well post my Julaha sprite here.
>> No. 134
File 128980174057.png - (8.90KB , 186x236 , NyukiiSprite_faygo.png )
Aaaand Nyukii.

Gamzee/Sollux little shit and is full of derp and faygo. Can also somehow fix computers.
>> No. 135
File 128980183667.gif - (3.16KB , 161x220 , NyukiiroboSprite.gif )
Also made a robot for a hypothetical future. :U;
>> No. 136
File 128980293828.png - (3.40KB , 137x217 , monsternoxxy.png )
Your name is Emily Evans, and you have trapped a demon inside you... What will you do

Yeah, I posted on the previous one but decided to put Emily's most recent art!
>> No. 143
File 128984594374.png - (4.29KB , 173x240 , Scyllasprite.png )
>> No. 144
File 128984599361.png - (4.73KB , 194x230 , Crista.png )
>> No. 145
File 128984602063.png - (3.57KB , 160x230 , Malaco.png )

yeash I got nothin'
>> No. 161
File 128990623346.png - (143.03KB , 520x448 , DievosTempos.png )
Could someone who isn't totally terrible at Sprite editing fix up this guys Hair and put his horns in place? I've spent the last... 2 hours trying to do it, and I just can't.
Included is the original sketch, so you can see what the hair should be like.
<3 to anyone who can help me with this.
>> No. 162
File 128991257738.png - (6.46KB , 204x337 , edit.png )
Anything like this? >A>;
>> No. 182
YeS, PerfecT! ThankS S-O MucH, It'S ThE SpittinG ImagE O-F M-E!
>> No. 199
File 129000232638.jpg - (32.74KB , 331x467 , R3DGL4R3.jpg )
you USED to play alot of FLARP back in the day until the incident involving a surtain pair of trolls.
you seem to enjoy old times and old rivals, namely ADOPTING the abandoned name of a curtain SCOURGE SISTER
(your mind is INCRREDIBLY warped)
>> No. 200

also, chumhandle: redGlare
>> No. 202
File 129000718788.png - (7.42KB , 216x216 , glaciasprite.png )
Your name is GLACIA NOTODEI. You show a large interest in UNUSUAL LIFEFORMS and UNNATURAL METHODS OF DEATH, something which is unusual for your happy-go-lucky personality. You also have a huge passion for FLARPING, and are known to try and recruit anyone into joining your games. You like DANK HABITATS since half of your hive is underwater due to your Lusus's lack of swim bladder.

Your Trolltag is asphyxiatingDescendant, and y-you s-stutter t-the b-beginning o-of e-each w-word i-in t-the s-sentence.
(That's an actual handle on pesterchum, by the way. Feel free to add me! :))
>> No. 204
File 129001549873.png - (4.74KB , 174x262 , kaejin sprite 1.png )
>> No. 226
File 129004811280.png - (5.03KB , 237x215 , jautis sprite.png )
Ivan did a pretty damn good job with the sprite, buuuuut, there were a few mistakes.

I fixed them. :D
>> No. 235
isn't pesterchum broken? :Q
>> No. 237
No, it should be up now. It was only down for about 2 days or so, unless it broke again.
>> No. 248
File 129011862017.png - (17.55KB , 562x543 , disprites.png )
Guess since the rest were posting here might as well.

Her name is Di(anna) Brown adult sprite made from scratch yadda yadda etc.
>> No. 275
File 129022194267.png - (2.09KB , 147x197 , wesleyalterniabound.png )
Wesley motherfucking Boyd.
>> No. 278
Oh FUCK. I didn't see that coming
>> No. 285
File 129025100792.png - (3.64KB , 159x243 , barootspritesolo.png )
Bluh. He looks weird with a round head.
>> No. 291
File 12902815898.jpg - (34.18KB , 470x864 , SBS-Beard.jpg )
Would any of you kind souls mind transforming this into a proper Homestuck style sprite?
I'm quite poor at emulating Hussie's style, and it would be most appreciated.
>> No. 293
File 129028950254.png - (6.81KB , 200x235 , bluhglubbluh.png )
your name is NYFUNE DRIDYX.

Your interests are COLLECTING USELESS INFORMATION, and FINDING ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS NOBODY CARES. You collect many TROLL NOIR NOVELS, yet you never actually took time to READ them. You want to work as a PERSONAL TROLLVESTIGATOR, a job that you JUST MADE UP. Despite your EXOTIC UNDERWATER HERITAGE, you do not care for your own kind THAT MUCH. You spend most of your days in LAND, avoiding the SEA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Your LUSUS was a rather LONG EEL, however it's been a while since you last SAW HIM.

your trollhandle is crimsonTochbearer and you sometimestendto notpause whenyou are talking.
>> No. 297
File 12903306099.png - (6.21KB , 220x255 , 758439.png )
I'm no good at drawing but I put a lot of work into this guy. Can't think of a name for him though.

He's my first attempt at drawing anything home stuck related and I used Sollux as a template. I didn't give him a name but basically he's obviously a water troll, but at the same time red blood, so he is sort of hated/doesn't fit in with any other trolls and as you can see from his expression isn't exactly the most chipper guy. I guess he's like a moody Tavros.

I was thinking his lusus could be a Jellyfish. This leading to him being a sort of inward and lost troll with little help from his lazy custodian that doesn't move much at all and just let's the water move it.

But if anyone wants to throw out names or anything that would be cool.
>> No. 298
File 129033146382.gif - (3.30KB , 186x228 , 6478395.gif )
Crap, I posted the wrong one before. This one is slightly more fixed up and I'd delete the old one but I can't.
>> No. 299
File 129034082851.png - (6.77KB , 236x280 , quirra.png )
(ugh I feel so lame but whatever)

your name is QUIRRA KORATI. You have a great many INTERESTS. You enjoy INSULT COMEDY, you think it is THE BEST, and troll Rodney Dangerfield is your greatest HERO. You also are obsessed with CONSPIRACIES and never shut up about them, which makes you sort of ANNOYING. You tend to get ex!ted about stup!d bullsh!t!!
>> No. 303
File 129037673562.png - (3.81KB , 140x200 , worriesoftheworld.png )
Your name is SIEBOL KLEBBS and you are stressed like you would not fucking BELIEVE. Maybe it's just your nerves but holy fuck you need to relax. Oh wait that's right, you can't because you think WAY TO HARD about everything. Despite this you try to appear nonchalant whenever you can, with little success. The one benefit of being incredibly neurotic is that writing comes easy to you, and you are quite the ASPIRING NOVELIST. Now, if only you could bring yourself to SHOW anyone what you've written.
When you talk to your fellow trolls you tend to be a bit short with them. Hopefully they understand that you don't really mean it, you're just going through a lot of shit right now. Well, right now and any time in the foreseeable future.
Your trolltag is overwroughtStenographer [OS] and you sometimes come across as 12eally 13itter.
I might be addicted to making pointless fantrolls
>> No. 304
I love your pointless fantrolls.

I love yooouuuu

>grabby hands

Also you should get on skype more or at least warn us when you're not gonna be on for a week. :C
>> No. 370
File 129065038877.png - (3.15KB , 190x250 , Strokend_Katherine_past-catsuit.png )
Kid Katherine has a black-cat suit.
>> No. 389
File 129067605262.png - (8.93KB , 177x221 , CommustuckPlayer.png )
This is what happens when /co/ stops getting updates.
>> No. 392
File 12907137419.png - (7.17KB , 358x256 , HS_OC.png )
Boredom && Horror music && Checking the Magic the Gathering site = This creeper.
>> No. 394
I love this.
>> No. 396
File 129072559673.png - (61.38KB , 1410x559 , HS_OC2.png )
I was already fumbling around with some AU versions of him, but...Wow. I'm both flattered to a blush and terrified that the rest won't be as good. D:

I mostly just wanted to avoid the stigma of having only a black magic version of him.
>> No. 401
File 12907346602.png - (6.52KB , 150x243 , Skyler.png )
Oh and here's the sprite of Skyler from these pictures:
>> No. 421
File 129080271558.png - (145.91KB , 799x790 , Spritegroup.png )
So... a few of them are still missing trollhandles because I'm still working on combinations I like that go with the initials of the planets' associated elements/metals/bluh. But yeah. Do we post fake update/intro pages here, too?
>> No. 438
File 129083277516.gif - (2.36KB , 153x216 , Mevris-6-solar-sweeps.gif )
figured I'd repost these
Two solar sweeps from now, Mevris will be SO STRONG!
>> No. 439
File 12908328003.gif - (1.29KB , 116x185 , Alkora-6-solar-sweeps.gif )
Alkora... not so much...
>> No. 441
File 129083282899.gif - (2.23KB , 146x234 , Aguili-6-solar-sweeps.gif )
And Aguili gets herself some sunglasses!
>> No. 442
File 129083369524.png - (2.36KB , 190x250 , Non_Kat-kid-suit.png )
Major thanks to Non for making a better version of the sprite.
>> No. 443

proof that talking sprites are the best thing
>> No. 451
Oh man that is just awesome
I wish I could make sprites like that jfwenfjds
>> No. 452
File 129086121689.gif - (82.26KB , 207x275 , tronnodances-2.gif )
>> No. 453
File 129088342582.png - (6.77KB , 208x246 , GLARE.png )
Since portraits are being added, might as well add Nyfune.
>> No. 458
I don't know how well this well help you but if you use the brush tool (at least on GIMP) when the image colors are indexed to just a few colors, it makes thinner, varying width lines typically used in sprites. You can use this to make the initial sprite and then add colors (If needed, just erase the unneeded bits and then draw what you need bit by bit)
>> No. 495
File 129098842114.png - (4.85KB , 302x229 , OA.png )
>> No. 501
File 129099300524.png - (5.71KB , 183x245 , surewhynot.png )
So I gave it a shot.
>> No. 505


>> No. 508
OA W-E TalkeD AbouT ThiS YouR GoateE I-S StupiD.
>> No. 513
File 129106605917.png - (3.28KB , 149x231 , charliekimberley.png )
I made some character designs at like 3 o' clock last night, and I felt like spriting one of them. Should I continue?
>> No. 616
File 129131607146.png - (246.83KB , 544x1000 , zefintro copy.png )
>> No. 617
File 129131608912.png - (253.85KB , 544x760 , zefarms copy.png )
>> No. 623
File 129132078088.png - (36.77KB , 702x662 , verlooo.png )
This was my first Fantroll C: I have a few others and a guardian <3
>> No. 666
That's coool, you don't see a whole lotta full sprite sheets for OCs! Cool outfit too. :) Why's Verlo looking down in all of them?
>> No. 769
File 129174188352.png - (4.40KB , 188x262 , implyingimplicator.png )
Boredom equals this.
Your designation is NUMBER 3, but you like to be called VRAUGHT SPITEROM. You are not a NATURAL being, you were born in an attempt to be create a COMPLETELY SENTIENT COMPUTER, but was abandoned when you seemed to DEFY everything that is spoken to you. You show a large interest in downloading HOOFBEAST/TROLL PLEASURE BROADCASTS of which you devote large amounts of your MEMORY SPACE to. You also have a great fondness for wearing GREEN CLOTHING, but since everything in your vision is tinted a sickly green, you are not aware your very clothing and person is BLACK. You wish to be a great MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, but due to your VERBAL tics, your skills are deplorable at best.

Your trollhandle is implyingImplicator and >implying that this isnt >implied to be hardwired into your mind
>> No. 771
File 129174262874.png - (45.56KB , 774x822 , Scyllaexpressions.png )
>> No. 772
File 129174266783.png - (20.37KB , 600x522 , Damian2.png )
>> No. 775
File 129175163377.png - (8.09KB , 193x266 , Jerayh.png )
oh boy, here I go again.

your name is JERAYH ZALDUN.

You love GETTING INTO FIGHTS and bringing in the PAIN. You have a firm believer of the LAW, however you tend to make your own TWISTED SENSE OF JUSTICE. You love to believe you are a PALADIN that serves for the EMPIRE, but having to resort to bashing brains in with you SHIELD because you didn't have enough to buy a FRIKKIN' SWORD makes it hard. with you LUSUS wandering around for GOG KNOW WHAT, you spend your time ALONE. Though you dislike your FRIENDS with an EXTREME PASSION, they keep you company when it gets too lonely.

Your trolltag is judgmentInsquisitor and you tend to C>always speak []n the Defensive siDe.

There I made a friend for my other troll.
>> No. 778
File 129177571131.png - (12.03KB , 388x220 , chokeabitch.png )
Piss blood here's has been a thorn in your side for far too long. You've tried the diplomatic approach, you've tried to be reasonable, but there are some problems that only your GARROTE can solve. Just have to creep up behind him, like the masterful and dashing secret agent that you are, and...
>> No. 779
File 129177587550.png - (7.30KB , 324x220 , hugecowardbluhbluh.png )
Oh... hey "Quater." Wasn't, uh... wasn't "really" expecting you to "turn around" there. "Just" going to go ahead and... "abscond" here...
>> No. 792
I had to stifle a laugh because it's 3 am so i accidentally snorted up a booger instead

dammit you <3
>> No. 813
File 129188040282.png - (5.02KB , 181x241 , Anothermonster.png )
Might as well post another sprite that I made for a friend, MAXWELL GRAYLING, just made recently. The goggles for me were a monster.
>> No. 825
File 129193106677.png - (2.87KB , 155x230 , klowzt.png )
You are KLOWZT SYLACH and you kinda think all of this is UTTERLY STUPID. You really like INTENSE VIDEO-GAMES, mainly the ones where you can kill a lot of TERRIBLY POOR DRAWN CREATURES. Although most your friends like pairing and stuff, you think all of this is INCREDIBLY SILLY, and you really don't care for other trolls emotions. You like to LOOK COOL, using your SWEET SHADES and your NICE FLATCAP wherever you go, but most people think you are just weird. You love ELECTRONIC MUSIC and hate everyone who dislike it. Despite all of it, you are a normal troll, hating and thinking everything and everyone is STUPID. A LOT.

Your trolltag is activeComrade and yoU likE tO givE emphasiS tO everY fuckinG lasT letteR.
>> No. 826
File 129193132529.png - (5.93KB , 194x258 , 12.png )
You are ANONOV GROUCH, and you have an UNHEALTHY LIKING FOR THE GROTESQUE, and your friends regard you as a SICK FUCK, even if you aren't one. You love MUSIC AND SOUNDS IN GENERAL and you literally CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT, because SILENCE EQUALS INEXISTENCE. Not DEATH. DEATH makes noises and you know it. You really like this ANONIMITY THING, even if you SUCK AT IT. You like HARPOONS for some reason or another and you blame the SERIES OF TUBES.

Your trolltag is anonymousXphile and you finish EVERY DAMN SENTENCE with an emoticon or two :B

(made those sprites to RP with >>825 . two more to come.)
>> No. 841
File 129195241268.png - (196.95KB , 600x1019 , zerintro copy.png )
>> No. 852
File 129196584937.png - (6.92KB , 163x221 , Jarz.png )
Your name is JARZ KULTIZ. Your creator is yet to come up with a DESCRIPTION for you.
Your trolltag is insaneArcade. You replace s with z and c with k, you also end every sentence with an exclamation mark!
(Actual Chumhandle for Pesterchum. I can feel the adds flowing in.)
>> No. 877
File 129203815282.png - (6.92KB , 163x221 , Jarz.png )
>mfw Spiderman colors.
>> No. 896
File 129211195164.png - (4.47KB , 159x218 , Zorion Benoni fixed2.png )
A friend of mine made a Zorion sprite, but the head was shaped wrong.

I fixed it, though.

This is the fixed version.
>> No. 980
File 129234159047.png - (1.69KB , 137x371 , Strokend_Katherine-boy.png )
>> No. 989
File 129238574765.png - (132.38KB , 1393x1379 , Trollcall.png )
Fantrolls, fantrolls everywhere.

I didn't want to spam the thread with sprites so I just tossed them all together. I've been thinking of writing a fan adventure for them but I have no plot planned aside from silly troll-romance drama.

The one on the bottom is my trollsona and doesn't really have a "personality". The rest of 'em do.
>> No. 994
File 129241466533.png - (4.98KB , 192x243 , pteropaaa.png )
overcoming my shyness to actually post something here.
>> No. 995
almost for got to add a little info,

Name: Pteropa Levska
Trolltag: communistUprising
Blood: Indigo
Strife: SicklekindTyping habit: You type in a passioиate and sometimes overяly veяbose maииeя! Шhen amused, you aяe иot shy to laugh wholeheaяtedly, XAXAXAXAXAXAXA!
Planet: Land of Blizzards and Frostbite
Theme: Nuke Them
>> No. 998
File 129243324755.jpg - (59.62KB , 886x657 , nepata.jpg )
Jesus christ that is so adorable.

>dat fukken bow
>> No. 1000
Very cool! Love the teeth on the second one. Are the symbols anything in particular?
>> No. 1003

I made all of the symbols up, but most of them are significant somehow (aside from Insula's, I just doodled t) Personality, interests, abilities, etc. In short, I put way too much effort into my trolls.
>> No. 1005
I've seen a few of your things on the MSPA forum but I don't have an account there and I just wanted to say that I think Tronno is ADORABLE ok.
>> No. 1006
Thanks! Glad you like him.
>> No. 1012
File 129250194661.png - (14.54KB , 139x224 , blaix.png )
name: Blaix Halber
chumhandle: collapsingBuildings
blood colour: teal
strife specibus: cellokind
speech: Ÿöü tënd tö spëäk ïn ä härsh wḧïspër...
emoticons: Ö or Ü
planet: Land of Chains and Chairs
house: You lived in an abandoned industrial warehouse.
interests: You enjoy collecting broken musical instruments, scrap metal, and other random junk and then clanging it all together in order to create "music."
>> No. 1013
haha, thanks! i'm glad you like her!
>> No. 1032
File 12925734926.png - (4.01KB , 195x263 , waitwat.png )
83 7h3 7r011. 7h3 7r011 !5 y0u
>> No. 1060
File 129264220922.png - (3.97KB , 182x254 , torll.png )
Your name is SETVEN SANLOE. You spend your time reading about FACTS that DON'T MATTER. You enjoy MUSTARD like nobody would BELIEVE. You have the interesting ability to SCRAMBLE people's THOUGHTS. Sometimes, though, you end up SCRAMBLING your own. You have an undying THIRST for WATER and are almost ALWAYS enjoying a tall glass of it.

Your trolltag is chaoticLexus and you tned to mxi tinghs up.
>> No. 1066
File 129264651882.gif - (30.03KB , 148x334 , Strokend_Katherine-catsuit-flirty.gif )
I can't do sexy so this is all I got :/
>> No. 1198
File 129300579669.png - (5.70KB , 145x203 , shittysadasprite.png )
Your name is Sadako Samara and you have a feeling today is going to be just super keen! Even though the past 9 sweeps have been pretty horribly unpleasant, you just have a really, really good feeling about this one day.

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 1216
File 129307754455.png - (3.00KB , 115x310 , IRsprite1.png )
does fancarapace count
>> No. 1226
File 12931149708.png - (16.97KB , 177x245 , template.png )
First time trying something like this.
...It's based off my Gaia avatar.
Inb4 laughter.
>> No. 1227
File 129312130081.png - (7.60KB , 148x266 , toque.png )
You are OGDILA GILMAN , aspiring chef. You dream one day of opening your own restaurant, but with your blood, you'll be lucky to run a grubdog stand. Still, you gotta laugh, which is why you're also do a little STAND UP COMEDY on the side. Thanks to this you have become quite adept at handling hecklers, who don't find your jokes terribly funny.
Some people take everything too seriously, whereas your problem is more the opposite. The majority of your fellow trolls find your incessant optimism and good humor detestable, but you try not to let them get you down.
Your trolltag is riotousGourmand [RG] and you speak with perfect comedic timing.
>> No. 1243
File 129314432331.png - (3.26KB , 177x221 , LL.png )
Your name is LATKIV TACHAE and your trolltag is luminescentLithium. :V
>> No. 1258
File 129315576291.png - (6.38KB , 400x300 , shenanigans.png )
boop, moirail shenanigans

Latkiv and Delphi


DD: Thght yu culd use sme air!!! xD
>> No. 1269
File 129320834944.png - (6.16KB , 118x217 , Tuurin.png )
Okay last one, I swear.


Your name is TUURIN PLAION.

You have a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of MECHANICAL THINGS. it has become your obsession that ORGANICS ARE WEAK and that technology is the next step on EVOLUTION. You think the shift is taking too long, so you tend to speed up the process by UPGRADING YOURSELF. You also tend to be a bit of a KLEPTOMANIAC, stealing junk from others and MODIFYING them to your desires. some people think you're insane. you do your best by PROVING THOSE NEANDERTHALS WRONG.

your trollhandle is megaloDevelopment and [YOU_SPEAK_IN_A_CONTRUCTED,_COMMANDING_PATTERN.]_

...huh, I just noticed tumorousWayfarer beat me to the punch of skull-plated troll idea earlier in this thread.
>> No. 1283
File 129325386941.png - (27.52KB , 768x711 , lumennlehvis.png )
Your name is LUMENN LEHVIS, and today is your WRIGGLING DAY. Not that it's anything worth mentioning, anyway. It is an anniversary, if anything, to lament the faults of your existence, of which there are assuredly plenty.

Equally plenty, and somewhat related to that topic, are your INTERESTS. You have an unrelenting passion for BLACK AND WHITE NOIR DETECTIVE FILMS. You should really be EMBARRASSED for liking this DREADFUL CINEMA, but for some reason you are not. You like to compose CHIPTUNE SONGS on your COMPUTER, but you are UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY AT IT. You try to hide your DISGUSTINGLY OBVIOUS LACK OF MUSICAL SKILL in a FACADE OF IRONY, without any hint of what the word actually means. Unexpectedly, you actually have a great SINGING VOICE, but you rarely reveal it.
You like to chat with some of your other troll pals, most of which drive you BATSHIT UP THE FUCKING BELFRY. You have been trying out a new chat client beta called TROLLIAN, and you are NOT REALLY SURE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT YET. Your trolltag is kilowattsKinesis and you speak in an utterly boring and uncreative manner.
>> No. 1362
File 129335288828.png - (7.41KB , 371x277 , isaz.png )
using this sprite as a self-reference does nothing but make me forget he wears mittens, tbh.
>> No. 1665
File 129366433292.gif - (3.88KB , 162x220 , Msprite.gif )
Your name is MARKUS TREMANIAE, and today is your WRIGGLING DAY. Not that it's anything worth mentioning, anyway. It is an anniversary, if anything, to lament the faults of your existence, of which there are assuredly plenty.

Equally plenty, and somewhat related to that topic, are your INTERESTS. You have an unrelenting passion for CARDIGANS and GERMAN KNIGHTS. You should really be EMBARRASSED for liking this HOMOSEXUAL ATTIRE, but for some reason you are not. You like to design YOUR OWN CLOTHES, but you are UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY AT IT. You try to hide your DISGUSTINGLY OBVIOUS LACK OF SKILL in a FACADE OF SMUGNESS, without any hint of what the word actually means. Unexpectedly, you actually have AMAZING TUBA PROWESS, but you rarely reveal it.
You like to chat with some of your other troll pals, most of which drive you BATSHIT UP THE FUCKING BELFRY. You have been trying out a new chat client beta called TROLLIAN, and you are NOT REALLY SURE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT YET. Your trolltag is stylishBrass and you speak in annoying to read text that capializes all the Ms.
>> No. 1679
File 129367905494.png - (22.82KB , 200x250 , AryoMini.png )
I have conformed, and it felt so good.
>> No. 1680
File 129367967831.gif - (88.00KB , 162x220 , FFFFFFFFFFFU.gif )
duuuur huuuuuur
>> No. 1846
File 129379535944.png - (29.43KB , 646x440 , verycreative.png )
its obvious im a very creative person

Also it entertains me how many troll ocs there are
>> No. 1849
File 129380456456.png - (6.26KB , 200x300 , gallus_hair2.png )
Don't even know which hair I like.
wtf am i doing anymore its 6 am

im out of here
>> No. 1867
>homosexual attire
pff oh my god I laughed harder then I have any right to
>> No. 1876
File 129394919773.png - (6.51KB , 206x266 , hethra sprite 1.png )
Your name is HETHRA VELLUS.

Though one might not suspect it from your MODEST DEMEANOR, your blood is actually of REMARKABLY RICH NOBILITY. As a result you have put a considerable amount of effort into trying to learn to be an ARISTOCRAT. But, because of your EXTREME SOCIAL AGORAPHOBIA, most of this has gone to waste. You don't suffer much though, because despite not being able to feel CULTURED at SOPHISTICATED PARTIES, all that CLASSICAL MUSIC you listen to makes you feel like one CLASSY DAME! Besides, you are pretty sure that no one likes a PRETENTIOUS DOUCHEBAG.

You are a bit of an INTROVERT, with most of your time spent isolated in your hive, which inside is a DREARY SEMIDARKNESS with the only source of light being the occasional DIM GLOW glow emanating from your computer monitor, or the SPARSE RAYS OF LIGHT seeping in through the blinds. Though despite all that GLOOMY and UNPLEASANT imagery, you find this atmosphere to be both VERY COZY and THE IDEAL ENVIRONMENT FOR THOSE WHO PREFER TO ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM THE ANXIETY INDUCING HORROR OF SOCIETY. You always felt that lamps were overrated anyway. And people.

You are FERVENT about reading and own an abundant collection of CLASSIC NOVELS and TASTEFUL SELF-HELP BOOKS that are littered throughout your hive. You have always felt that it's important to be both well educated in refined literature and aware that fearing the fear adds to the fear.

At the moment you are reading TROLL WHOOPI'S BIG BOOK OF MANNERS, which you are finding to be quite the insightful read!

Your trolltag is inadequatelyArticulate and you can't help but...sstutter a llittle bbit wwhen yyou are fforced tto ttalk tto ppeople...
>> No. 1877
File 129394923412.png - (7.00KB , 212x277 , hethra sprite 2.png )
Second version!
>> No. 1878
File 129395195150.png - (10.61KB , 588x295 , Vostok.png )

he's going to break your legs and lick your tears
>> No. 1879
File 129395209949.png - (6.67KB , 371x277 , isaz.png )
And Isaz!
>> No. 1880
File 129395675744.png - (7.38KB , 278x255 , Acidwing MSPA Sprite.png )
>> No. 1925
File 129420302430.png - (25.41KB , 808x720 , umbrel.png )
>> No. 1926
File 129420311892.png - (32.16KB , 808x720 , braken.png )
>> No. 1927
File 129420369561.png - (35.36KB , 903x693 , buttwesdongleggg.png )
And finally...

>> No. 1972
File 12944202518.png - (5.45KB , 250x267 , ineedtoredothiswithagoddamntablet.png )

... Oh god, I'm not the only one with a science-loving red-blood.

Her trollian ID is illustriousChemist(Which uses IC just like another complete ass of a human in the RP, and the guy is literally nicknamed asshat), and her only special ability other than some crazy intellect and love of dissections would be some minor illusions to hide her blood. Otherwise, her illusions are hella-weak and might just be enough to intimidate some weak-minded person to get away. In general she has rather low psionic strength, and tries to make up for it with a few vials of mind honey she keeps with her for emergencies.

|-|er typing style is a bit odd and s|-|e prefers to ma|<e people t|-|in|<, t|-|an|<s to double-meaning smileys. <:>

Strife Specibus is scalpel-kind, which is obviously hurrdurr weak.

... and I need to stop rambling in a reply thing about my terrible character. Apologies.
>> No. 1973
see now, the thing with my science troll is that

ahem, he doesn't really know how science works ahem.

His Strife kind is Test Tube, because mixing the colors blue and yellow make green, and it amuses him.
>> No. 1977
who's this cute little guy?
>> No. 2002
File 129452727290.png - (1.30KB , 190x182 , Strokend_Mole.png )

At least this isn't eye-melting failure like most of my stuff.

So Kat's consorts are moles that have to live above ground. I'd think their eyes would evolve to be a bit bigger so they can actually see or something. I decided to make a mole sprite. I just couldn't exclude arms. Also, frontal-view instead of partially to the side.
>> No. 2003
File 12945312778.png - (51.82KB , 1135x556 , lookitmyfail!.png )
so, im working on a fic that involves "moderator" trolls, and I decided I'd go ahead and design all of them and make their sprites. :Ia
>> No. 2007
Moderators where? Or what?
>> No. 2008
it's part of a fic im writing. they call themselves moderators in it. :/ im still working on the concept.
>> No. 2026
File 129462201799.png - (9.13KB , 230x286 , detachedThought.png )
Here's a sprite I made for a fansession. His handle is detachedThought and he s p e a k s l i k e t h i s.
>> No. 2035
File 129462696846.png - (17.21KB , 710x328 , Herakles Anax.png )
Your name is HERAKLES ANAX.

You love being STRONG.

You are so strong, you intentionally pick fights with GREAT BEASTS just for the challange. You kill them with nothing but your SHARP CLAWS AND TEETH! You keep PILES OF SKINS AND HORNS in your respite block. You wear THE PELT OF YOUR DEAD LUSUS as your greatest trophy. You challanged and bested your protector, an INCREDIBLY STRONG LION, securing your place among the elite legion of RUFFIANNIHILATORS.

You are a little bossy to your friends, especicially those of lower bloodlines. However you are extremely protective and would become very angry if anyone where to harm them. Sometimes your strength is more than you control and so you are frequently surrounded by heavy damage. You require a new dwelling place rather frequently and new furnishings even more frequently.

Your trolltag is constantPride and >:3 Oyu faec dagner wiht a smiel nad hlod littel regaurd fro teh corrcet ordre of lettres.

You are always wearing your CLAW GLOVES. You never know when you might encounter some unsuspecting prey. Or when some prey might encounter an unsuspecting you!

On Alternia, everything is considered unsuspecting prey by everything else.
>> No. 2036
File 129462737378.png - (8.93KB , 151x224 , ensis.png )
can i spam my shit here? cool
lets do this

Your name is ENSIS VENERANDUM. You like EATING LUSUSES and hanging out with your BEST MOIRAL Ferrum Oxide. To be honest, it's sort of a ONE SIDED thing, he doesnt really like you.
>> No. 2037
File 129462748543.png - (5.85KB , 151x224 , Procam Topisc.png )
Your name is PROCAM TOPISC and you live in a REALLY DIRTY LAKE. You like to PULL PEOPLE under the water and DROWN THEM.
>> No. 2038
File 129462758785.png - (2.65KB , 259x319 , kittysprite.png )
this is Kittysprite, a kernelsprite mixed with a kitty plushy.
later to be made into HORNYASPRITE, second prototyped with a BROKEN TROLL HORN.
>> No. 2039
File 129462771940.png - (11.64KB , 151x224 , sangsprite.png )
Your name is SANG. You pretty much hate fucking everything. You have candy red blood, and you are a huge COCK.

this guy's whole creation was pretty much "Okay, we're going to have a second gen. Sgrub Session. We will put names of all the humans and trolls into a hat, you will draw two names and those will be the parents."
...I got Dave and Karkat.
>> No. 2040
File 129462784532.png - (80.65KB , 650x450 , gL in room.png )
your name is PEYTON ROSE and you are a pretty chill guy.

this was for my forum adventure before everything went kaput.
>> No. 2041
File 129462789410.png - (61.56KB , 650x450 , vS in room.png )
your pesterchum handle is vinylSpider and you Enjoy things of the Gothic sorts.

also for fanventure.
>> No. 2050
File 129464084551.png - (6.72KB , 316x251 , maybe.png )
Me and my friends OCs :0

Mine: Your name is LYNN CLAIRE. You like to think music is the main love of your life, especially 8-bit tunes.
Your handle is maximumBeat.

My friends one: Your name is SETH BETHEL and I forgot what your description was!
Your handle is riddlePerfectionist.
>> No. 2051
File 129464200858.png - (4.05KB , 174x277 , visketsprite.png )
Your name is VISKET KUNST

You have a variety of interests that include OBSESSING OVER TRASHY ROMANCE NOVELS OF THE RED AND BLACK KIND. However, you rarely share this interest with anyone. You spend a lot of time ANALYZING THE QUADRANTS because of the symbol so carefully attributed to you, QUADRANS MURALIS, which translates into the Mural Quadrant in Latin. But you don't know what Latin is as it's a language that belongs to a planet called Earth that you don't know about.

You are actually an OLDER TROLL, at 8 Solar Sweeps Old, and you're overly excited about enrolling in the ALTERNIAN MILITARY. In short, you can't wait to start scourging the galaxy. Until then you'll settle for being a HARVESTER, a type of Alternian bounty hunter. Instead of bringing criminals in to be judged for their crimes, you get to KILL THEM ON THE SPOT.
You're actually quite chill and relaxed about everything. Except you're CONSTANTLY PLAGUED BY NIGHTMARES, so you haven't slept in several months. But you're okay with that. There's plenty of awesome things to do when you're awake all the time.

You use the handle dynamicConundrum, and you <speak to everyone as if you're moirails but are PRONE TO GETTING PISSED REALLY FAST>
>> No. 2053
File 129465804578.png - (4.42KB , 163x218 , 1.png )
Your name is SISTE CONSTO.

For as long as you can remember you have been interested in studying the BIOLOGY of TROLLS AND ALTERNIAN FAUNA. Admittedly this is mainly due to the INCESSANT NEEDLING of your LUSUS who seems ODDLY OBSESSED with watching your SUBJECTS squirm during INTENSIVE EXAMINATIONS. They've always been KIND OF WEIRD.

You are also interested in writing GRIPPING TALES OF A FANCIFUL AND MORBID NATURE. You have produced MANY TOMES of work, though your UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY HANDWRITING renders them all ILLEGIBLE.


You are not good at expressing your COMPLEX AND OFTEN CONFLICTING EMOTIONS and tend to say UNINTENTIONALLY CRUEL THINGS as a result. Most people think you are KIND OF A DICK, but they just DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU.


Your trolltag is duendeSempre and you Are Terse. Halting. And altogether; curt.
>> No. 2062
File 129470899371.png - (11.73KB , 538x299 , ira.png )
5th sprite out of 5
2nd character to show up

>> No. 2077
File 129473070270.png - (3.92KB , 169x242 , alpheespritte.png )
Okay, troll 2/14. Yes, I have tons.

Your name is ALPHEE RIGIL

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU LOVE PLANES. PLANES, BIRDS, HELICOPTERS, CATS FALLING FROM TREES. IF IT FLIES YOU LOVE IT. You get really excited by some things really easily. Primarily planes. If it flies, you are ALL ABOUT IT. If it flies you can PROBABLY PILOT IT. Because that's just HOW YOU ROLL.

Your roots can be related to a certain STRONG SAGITTARIUS, because hey, you are VERY STRONG, but you've learned to CONTROL YOUR STRONG. It's cool. Very cool. You know what that means? YOU CAN USE A BOW. That's right A BOW. On top of that, you like to USE A BOW WHILE FLYING. Because that just makes you a BAMF. Yes, a BAMF.

You also FUCKING LOVE MUSIC, and collect a variety of instruments. You're good at only a handful of them, your favorite being an ELECTRIC GUITAR, which you LIKE TO PLAY WHILE FIRING YOUR BOW WHILE FLYING. Because you're a BAMF.

You also LOVE EVERYONE. In your mind, you are EVERYONE'S BEST FRIEND. But you love to FLIRT RELENTLESSLY WITH EVERYONE. You never know when one might BE YOUR MATESPRIT.

You use the handle melodicAviator and you Tend to put Emphasis on certain Words, just so you get your Point Across.
>> No. 2162
File 129497716743.png - (6.70KB , 159x207 , carolisprite.png )
Your name is CAROLI HENSAW, and you are not someone to be trifled with. Your primary interest is CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and FORENSICS, which you take very seriously. To you, the most interesting part of this hobby is the BLOOD, which you tend to get overexcited about. You enjoy JABBING people, both figuratively and literally, and are generally amused by things that others find distressing.
Your trolltag is standardizedProfessional [SP] and your 'fin'ger kee'ps ta'pping the' god'dam'n'ed apostr'ophe' 'ke'y wh'en' 'y'ou typ'e'.
>> No. 2185
File 129504630329.png - (3.25KB , 231x255 , fantwoll.png )
>> No. 2211
IP: 'I wa's 'here fi'rst'
IP: 'pis's' blo'od!
(Not really)
>> No. 2213
File 129510408112.png - (4.96KB , 183x213 , magxit sprite.png )
Your name is MAGXIT ATAKAX.

You live in a COMMUNITY of HIVES deep underground, below the OCEAN FLOOR, connected with a series of TUNNELS. Other trolls live here too, but communication is a rare occurrence.

You rather enjoy hunting GIANT MEGABEASTS with your TRUSTY BATTLEAXE. Recently, you and three friends have teamed up to form a MEGABEAST HUNTING SQUAD. Together, you take on monsters ranging from the once mythical CAVE-DWELLING DRAGONYY'YDS to the dreaded SIX STORY TALL 20-LEGGED SPIDERFIENDS and create new WEAPONRY and EQUIPMENT from their HIDES and OTHER PARTS. Your lusus of course doesn't like the idea of you risking your life, but he's such a lazy ass that he doesn't try to stop you. When not hunting, you like to OBSERVE the STARS and CELESTIAL BODIES in the NIGHT SKY using your LONG-DISTANCE COMPUTERISED VIEWING APPARATUS which you made and programmed yourself.

Your trolltag is unlearnedFamiliar and your speech is completely normal. [M]ostly.
>> No. 2215
File 129511915392.png - (96.59KB , 1467x261 , comic.png )
Why not?-cracks knuckles-

Crimson Troll(no name yet)
As it seems, you are a FIGHTER. While you were good at it, you still FAILED and LOSE a lot of the time. Your trollhandle is emptyNightmare and you 2peaK 1iK3 thi2.

Orange Troll(Kairoo Zodiac)
Your a troll who HATES being with others. You prefer to in your CABIN. Your are a STICK-IN-THE-MUD. your troll handle is silentMountain and you talk...very slowly...o.o

Green Troll(Simhaa Inimeg)
As you should notice, your BLIND. You were born BLIND but you can still "SEE". You like MOCKING people about their FAILURES, but you do MOCK your own to be FAIR. Your trollhandle is suryaShine and --->YoU sPeAk LiKe ThIs<---

Blue troll(no name yet)
You think highly of the BLOOD CASTE but most trolls couldn't give a DAMN. You like READING about the BLOOD CASTE and SHUNNING the lower bloods. Your trollhandle is chandraRays and yoU typE likE thiS

Royal Blue Troll(Ecliptic)
Your a WEIRD troll by name standards, your name is 8 letters long and you have no LAST NAME. Your an ACTRESS and you don't have a trouble getting a role at all(AKA your a pretty gog damn good actor.)your trollhandle is actingSylph
and yOu like speAk this.
(cap all A,C,T,O,R's)

Navy troll(no name yet)
Your a CALM COOL guy. You take your TIME and don't RUSH on things. Your trollhandle is marineDivide and yooou speaaak likkke thiiis maaan.

Indigo troll(Popuri Recnac)
You stress over being the BEST and PRETTIEST troll. You FLARP for that reason, you also aren't affected by the SUN. Your trollhandle is morningNew and You Speak Like This~

light purple troll(no name yet)
Your an AQUATIC troll and you FRET over small things, like the BLOOD CASTE. Your PARANOID that others want to KILL you. Your trollhandle cardinalSeas and yo-ou speak l-like this-s.

Purple that sparkles violet(Ailvis Prakly)
You have blood that sparkles a VIOLET color, making you a bit higher on the BLOOD CASTE. Your very LONELY in the OCEAN, but you rarely LEAVE it. You could say that your a PRISONER of your own or of the SEA. Your trollhandle is xenophobicInferno and you talk like this...glub:|

If you read all of that,
you get a cookie.

I'll maybe make a adventure,
>> No. 2220

You need this poster on your respiteblock's wall >>/home/389
>> No. 2263
File 129532457776.png - (5.12KB , 189x255 , panananana.png )
So expect to see these next few characters (which are all shared between me and Kali from the fanart board) in an adventure soon. Said adventure may or may not actually use sprites IDK. Let's start with DA LEADER.

Your name is PANDORA TYPHINE. You are the luckiest thing ever. It's a good thing you're such a lucky prince!
>> No. 2264
File 129532476939.png - (4.85KB , 200x262 , hecatelovelove.png )
Your name is HECATE TEGMEN. You are completely FEARLESS toward EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. No wonder that stupid prince called you a frigid Ice Princess.
>> No. 2265
File 129532484290.png - (4.25KB , 178x260 , aquila.png )
Your name is AQUILA PEGASI. Hey, adventuring is pretty cool! Too bad you're not street-smart.
>> No. 2266
File 129532494812.png - (4.35KB , 180x239 , peachesandkrimie.png )
Your name is KRIMIE HEXLEA. You're dressed a little funny, but nevermind that. You're just MULTI-CULTURAL.
>> No. 2267
File 12953250693.png - (4.76KB , 217x273 , cypr.png )
Your name is CYPRIA ALSHAT. People say you're as energetic as a bumblebee - and, well, they're right!
>> No. 2268
File 129532514279.png - (3.85KB , 172x244 , leto.png )
Your name is LETO ORANOS. Your like to think you're not that creepy. Wouldn't want to scare away the bees.
>> No. 2269
File 129532528510.png - (5.04KB , 251x257 , taurieee.png )
Your name is TAURIE STRANOS. You hope the people reading this aren't put off by your missing eye. It's not that obvious, right?
>> No. 2270
File 129532535937.png - (4.85KB , 206x268 , evavava.png )
Your name is EVA BOWMAN. Your odd, one-eyed friend dragged you here! Remind him that you're not helpless.
>> No. 2271
File 129532556829.png - (4.71KB , 198x245 , astron.png )
Your name is ASTRON GALENI. You really like snakes. You also think that stupid lowblood is copying your one-eye card!

that's all for now c:
>> No. 2272
File 129533049093.png - (4.87KB , 181x300 , orioncannibaltroll.png )
3/However many trolls I've got done
This is a creepy bastard. o_ob


And shit, you can't wait for your lusus to die. Nothing says a party like a parasitic bat lusus permanently affixed to your neck. You have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, as do most trolls. However, you're too busy freaking out about just LIVING in order to pay much attention to them.
You live a VERY UNFORTUNATE LIFE as a troll, especially since your lusus NEEDS TO EAT OTHER TROLLS TO SURVIVE. However, it's not capable of feeding itself--so you have had to go through the RATHER GRUESOME TASK OF EATING YOUR FELLOW TROLLS. And you absolutely despise it. You have to endure this HORRIBLE TASK at least once a week. So because of this, you HIDE IN YOUR RESPITEBLOCK ALL THE DAMN TIME.

However, you LOVE TO PAINT. You're a huge fan of creating elaborate and beautiful WORKS OF ART. So, because of that, you are constantly COVERED IN MANY DIFFERENT COLORS. However, it's not clear if they're REALLY PAINT OR SOMETHING MORE DISTURBING.

You love stories about RAINBOW DRINKERS, sadly, you have a LOT OF RUMORS INVOLVING THEM SURROUNDING YOU. But you're kind of okay with this. You really would like to have friends but YOU'RE TOO AFRAID YOU MIGHT BE FORCED TO EAT THEM.

Your trolltag is reluctantScavenger and "you're typ!ng lo-o-oks l!ke you're ?ust about to scream and freak out at everyone"
>> No. 2395
File 129556953562.png - (21.07KB , 744x283 , groupphoto.png )
WIP on these guys. There will be 12 in all. I'll get to work on some of the girls soon.

From left to right:

nihilisticAggriever, O--> Beginnnns his speech with a masculinnnne symbol, and speaks with a zzzzany accennnnt.
Lumenn Lehvis, kilowattsKinesis, speaks in an utterly boring and uncreative manner.
Caenis Cureta, feralAnomaly, +alks with a wild and spon+aneous +one!!! (|
absoluteZen, (Un1tes h1s monotone drabb1e)
Lamorr Rakast, aphrodisiacBliss, O--+ Beginssss her sssspeech with a femmmminine symmmmbol

When I'm finished, I'll do a summary on their relations and backstories, for now this is all you get.

Hopefully they're not TOO uncreative, unoriginal, etc. Enjoy!
>> No. 2407
File 129560321642.png - (3.39KB , 274x227 , technoAnomaly.png )
(This was done for my little bro's fantroll.)


You are the lowest of lowbloods, but you are very proud of it. See, if you weren't such a low blood caste, you wouldn't have this wicked psychic ability to MANIPULATE MACHINERY. Admittedly, it doesn't work on people, but any machine you get your hands on is stripped down and reassembled in seconds, usually coming out as something different from what it was when you started.

You have used your psychic ability, along with your interest in TRADING, to become the most power Troll on the Black Market. Anyone wants anything, they come to you. Weapons, Information, a new hive, ANYTHING. You even received permission from the Empress to build your Hive in the middle of the Market.

Many nobles want you dead, but you are considered TOO USEFUL TO KILL. Without your extensive surveillance and equipment, few trolls on Alternia would be able to fight effectively. You have few friends, but those that earn your trust are FIERCELY PROTECTED... you always have a few favors to call in.

Your trolltag is technoAnomaly and (> you 7end 7o be all bu51nu55. 7ime i5 money, af7er all. <)
>> No. 2408
File 129560352929.png - (14.37KB , 892x117 , Fehu.png )
An example of his typing quirk/typical attitude.
I also forgot to mention his symbol, so this image explains it. It's burned into his face.

TT: tick/ good afTernoon /tock
TA: (> 15 7h15 bu15n155 rela7ed? <)
TT: tick/ noT parTicularly /tock
TT: tick/ This is more informal i suppose /tock
TA: (> 7hen why are y0u wa571ng my 71me 0n 7h15 n0n5en5e? <)
TT: tick/ please. i am sure you have a momenT To spare for me /tock
TA: (> r1gh7 n0w, ye5, bu7 m057 l1kely n07 f0r l0ng <)
TA: (> well w0uld y0u be par71cularlly aga1n57 re7r1v1ng 50me ma7er1al5 f0r me? <)
TT: tick/ if iT means i geT a few more minuTes of your Time as well, i will do so /tock
TA: (> I requ1re 50me 5hee75 0f 50f7 1r0n and 50me lead. <)
TT: tick/ ThaT is fully wiThin my abiliTies /tock
TT: tick/ alThough i suppose i was unTruThful earlier /tock
TT: tick/ i apologize /tock
TT: tick/ i do need someThing from you /tock
TA: (> and wha7 m1gh7 7ha7 be? <)
TT: tick/ informaTion /tock
TA: (> 0n? <)
TT: tick/ well ThaT is where Things geT a biT more complex /tock
TT: tick/ i am looking for a cerTain FLARPer /tock
TA: (> 7ha7 15 50me7h1ng 1 can help y0u w17h... <)
>> No. 2410
File 129564721711.png - (5.11KB , 177x221 , Alderine.png )
I might end up fixing him, and making him look less derpy.
>> No. 2416
File 129569459563.gif - (2.69KB , 188x247 , aardexsprite2.gif )
WELP, I made a dang sprite so I might as well post it.

Your name is AARDEX YYGMIN.
You are the inventor of TROLL YOGA, a set of physical exercises designed to promote relaxation through STRETCHING. You are totally into STRETCHING. It's one of your favorite things to do, along with CHILLING, RELAXING, and SLEEPING. None of your friends seem to see the point of TROLL YOGA; you wish they would give it a try, since they are mostly CRAZY, and would benefit from some CHILLING OUT AND RELAXING, man. But, unsurprisingly, they think relaxation is MONUMENTALLY STUPID, as do most of your kind.

Nevertheless, you are TROLL YOGA's most learned and skilled practitioner, mostly because you are the ONLY PRACTITIONER. Your sessions tend to consist of you twisting yourself up into knots, falling asleep on the floor, then waking up unable to remember how to untangle yourself. This happens more often than it probably should, owing to the fact that you are PRETTY MUCH AN IDIOT. Sometimes you are forced to wait for your LUSUS to come and assist you. This can take a while, since she is usually out DIGGING TUNNELS somewhere. In these cases, you take the opportunity to DO SOME MORE SLEEPING.

Besides the aforementioned, your INTERESTS mostly consist of sitting at your husktop being a USELESS PIECE OF SHIT all night. You especially enjoy chatting with your friends, even if they are CRAZY. A few of them have invited you to FLARP with them on several occasions, but you never play GAMES FOR GIRLS. They are way too intense!
Your best bro is DOOOPE RHYMEZ-- at least, that's what he says his name is. He's probably the COOLEST GUY YOU'VE EVER MET. He always sees fit to drop fresh science on you, and even though you are pretty much never not confused by the stuff he raps about, it's still awesome. You think.

Your trolltag is fictileSleeper, and yyour two faavorite letters enjoyy aa lot more usaage thaan is reaallyy necessaaryy.
>> No. 2425
I like this.
This is cool.
>> No. 2434
File 129576992977.png - (3.37KB , 177x221 , dooope.png )
You can thank fictileSleeper for the hair and krazy kool horns on this guy!

Your name is DOOOPE RHYMEZ.

You are probably the COOLEST GUY AROUND, the one all the troll hotties want to FILL PAILS WITH, and all-around MOST VALUABLE TROLL in the ALTERNIAN SLAM POETRY GAME. At least, that's what you tell everyone.

Okay, on the real. Your name is VIRAGO PLYAEN.

You are a huge fan of ALTERNIAN SLAM POETRY, so much so that most of your day is spent composing FRESH BEATS and writing down JUICY LYRICS. Many of your number one songs feature meaningful topics, including but not limited to TROLL MODELS, TROLLPAGNE, and the mysterious VIT ROOM. You're not quite sure what that last one even is, but it rhymes with a lot of different things so you tend to abuse it.

You couldn't care less about FASHION or TRENDS, but you do know what's popping in THE STREETS. You don't actually know what THE STREETS are, but you've heard that the COOLEST KIDS on them wear PINK exclusively. Unfortunately, you could only afford enough to paint your shoes, but you consider your CHIC KICKS to be your TRADEMARK anyhow.

When you're not busy DROPPING MAD SCIENCE on everyone, you somehow find the time to hop on your HUSKTOP and have a friendly chat with your NUMEROUS FANS. Your best bro is AARDEX YYGMIN, who invented some kind of TROLL YOGI or something. You don't really understand or pay much attention to her hobbies, but you have MAD RESPECT for anyone trying
to do something INDEPENDENT AND NEW. You also share a common taste in TROLLITOS; probably the best snack ever invented.

Your trolltag is guerillaTroubadour, and
~* you always speak with flow *~
~* the kind unimaginable *~
~* youve got biznasty beats *~
~* and your lyrics own the streets *~
~* whatever those are. -eats *~
>> No. 2478
File 129592810080.png - (6.43KB , 168x242 , kunaiEscapist.png )
Eh, first troll. Minus well post it.

Your name is SIERRA RYDERR.

You have an extreme expertise in the art of PARKOUR. Your fluid, graceful leaps and wall runs are only matched by your luscious, flowing hair. Regrettably, you encountered an UNFORTUNATE SITUATION and have lost your RIGHT EYE in the process, but that does not stop you. You've vaulted so many times, it has developed into a habit BORDERING ON FETISHTIC. You have to stop. But addiction is a powerful thing.

Your fascination for STEAMPUNK FASHION drove you to swipe the FASHIONABLE GOGGLES donned atop your head. They are simply the best FASHIONABLE GOGGLES, nothing can match its elegance. Your other accessory would be your OVERSIZED BELT, a spoil of war you greatly adore and cherish. If anyone soiled either of these two articles of VOUGE AWESOMENESS, you'd be sure to slit their throats thrice over.

Your trolltag is kunaiEscapist and you -= Tend to be overly sarcastic towards friends, kyuu.

What will you do?

Sierra: Steal.
>> No. 2487
So fuckin supah fly
>> No. 2503
File 129601560522.png - (3.43KB , 152x221 , troll.png )
for a first time doing this, i think i did pretty good ]:)

Your name is : Rynu Acko (god i suck at names)
>> No. 2504
File 129601617396.png - (4.30KB , 150x273 , DjKohuded.png )
>> No. 2524
File 129602287884.png - (14.65KB , 315x476 , faiauefa.png )
I'm going to get around to using these guys eventually.
>> No. 2588
File 129623329914.png - (3.81KB , 221x272 , STUBBY TEFFFF.png )
Your name is TEFF YAMADA.

That is not your real name but it's okay because you've been going by fake names since a very young age that it may be possible you forgot your real name anyway.

You have chosen the life of a HIKIKOMORI and you use this japanland word because you think you are so cool when you use it even though you are obviously not. You have many weird nterests that can easily butthurt a group of people, buy you could care less.

You are either very ANGRRRRRY, EXCITEEEED or serious about something and incidentally, you are so in love with Ø that you use them instead of O's.

You are of YELLOW BLOOD, which is rare, and your lusus is extremely rare as well, seeing as though she is the immortal celestial goddess of your moon.

Because of your reclusive nature, your literati tendencies and your disgusting laziness you have been given the title of

I also have a rp tumblr based on this little troll
>> No. 2599
So unique~
Should be the land of snowflakes and black petals. *rolleyes*
>> No. 2805
Parkour must be tricky without depth perception.
>> No. 2809

"But addiction is a powerful thing."
>> No. 2817
File 129679771120.png - (5.39KB , 318x393 , Xoxrax Etyrek.png )
You're name is Xaxrox Etyrek. You are a WEIRDO with somehow very high SELF ESTEEM. You have a few INTERESTS that you think you are maybe okay at. ART and VIDEO GAMES are these interests, even though you know that you're NOT THAT GREAT.

You enjoy COMMUNICATING with your FRIENDS online, even you are DYSLEXIC to a frightening level. You also have an obsession with masses of things. You've never met your friends in the REAL WORLD, even though you'd honestly love to. You LUSUS is just too complicated for you to leave it alone, if even for a moment.

You've always hoped that you could be ORGANIZED, but this obviously wont happen any time soon. You hope your RIDICULOUS EYES wont care off any of your FRIENDS if you ever meet them in REAL LIFE. That probably will never happen though.

Your trollTag is illusoryMayhem, and you +ypE iN A verY confusinG waY +o a++emp+ +O keeP organizeD.
>> No. 2848
File 129688097660.jpg - (60.77KB , 193x223 , aU.jpg )

Your INTERESTS, while limited are something you hold dear to you. Most prominently, you have a passion for RIDICULOUS OUTDATED MARTIAL-ARTS FILMS. You like to practice with your OLD SCHOOL NUNCHAKU but can't help but hurt yourself more often than not. You absorb yourself in pass-time with word related puzzles such as ANAGRAMS, RIDDLES, and CRYPTOGRAMS. You also have a love of science and math, but are sadly only MEDIOCRE at best in both subjects. You also have an underplayed love for MEN'S FORMALWEAR: an all but forgotten niche of the already rare practice of TROLL FASHION on your planet. You were also once an ASPIRING ARTIST, but due to your lack of perceived ARTISTIC TALENT you gave up on that dream long ago. You have accumulated a large number of DISCARDED DREAMS and ABANDONED AMBITIONS over the ten solar sweeps of your life.

You aspire to one day join the fast paced, cut-throat world of REFERENCE CLASS FORECASTING and ascend into the upper echelons of TROLL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. As a manner of course for an aspiring BUSINESSMAN such as yourself, you have taken to emulating a calm and aloof attitude as well as certain COMPULSIVE HABITS regarding the organization and balance of DIGITS and NUMERALS.

Your trolltag is archaicUtilitarian and you try to speak in a manner that insists upon ConstanT BalancE AnD OrdeR, but sometimes slip into yIuL oQn UnHoSiHg FiNtFe WiJhYr McLiJt.
>> No. 2871
File 129701598840.gif - (37.36KB , 226x225 , LaasyaApriaCharacter1.gif )
>> No. 2881
File 129705739379.jpg - (15.10KB , 169x232 , redone weee.jpg )
This is my fan troll, yup.

Leinoi Darino
Trolltag: tripleAnalog
Blood color: Spring green

>> No. 2884
File 129711501965.gif - (4.52KB , 208x270 , FANTROLL.gif )
My fantroll LOOOOVES YAOI. ^____^ ^_^ kawaii ugu~
>> No. 2893

You win forever.
>> No. 2920
took me a sec to notice the dick horns
>> No. 2928
File 129723815114.png - (5.79KB , 177x240 , ampersand copy.png )
Your name is Eper Echout.

Your entire life thus far has revolved around serving your SUPERIORS, one in particular. You are not sure how you feel about this, but you are thankful for your master's protection against both psychically gifted LOWBLOODS and conniving rival HIGHBLOODS. Your life as a pawn has given you a slightly ANXIOUS DISPOSITION and a great deal of jealousy toward trolls who never got involved in the UPPER CRUST.

You have a strong passion for listening to MUSIC of the instrumental variety, although you have no skill with it yourself. No matter how many instruments you try, you can produce nothing but HIDEOUS SQUAWKING. You are much more talented with the FENCING FOIL, your weapon of choice. You sometimes regret choosing a light, BLUNTED SWORD, but your skill with it has saved you from disaster many times.

And sometimes it has not. Your horns were both shattered many years ago in a MYSTERIOUS INCIDENT. You sleep with the pieces in your recuperacoon, which some find SLIGHTLY DISTURBING. You often feel EMASCULATED by their absence from your head, but you try not to let it get to you.

Your trolltag is fatedFoil and you have a tend&cy to be redund& for the sake of clarity because you are concern& about being mis&erstood.
>> No. 2936
File 129728346861.png - (97.65KB , 1068x994 , whydiditcometothis.png )
Well fuck. Not even a week ago I had just one stupid little idea for myself as a troll and suddenly now the little grubfuckers are everywhere.

I've lost control of my life...
>> No. 2938
File 129728718051.png - (9.27KB , 177x221 , DGlucy.png )
>> No. 2956
File 129731828258.png - (3.27KB , 157x240 , DeviakThemos.png )
That.. exp|a/ns so much.

Also Deviak: Post horn loss and hair shave.
>> No. 3231
File 129792625540.png - (6.93KB , 172x221 , troll.png )
Your name is Seniip Rekcus.

You probably come across as the MOST ANNOYING TROLL EVER but you still try your damnest to be ULTRA CUTE & PAINFULLY CHEERFUL almost ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Despite the black everything you enjoy the color PINK and you sport REALLY CUTE PINK RIBBONS on your super adorable horns. Seriously, aren't they just too cute? Everything is so cute & wonderful!

Okay but in all seriousness.

You're actually the BEST FUCKING TROLL EVER for trolling all trolls with your DAINTY FACADE. In reality you find all the sugary pleasantness to be down right SICKENING. What really tickles your fancy is a bunch of HACKED LIMBS & LOSERS WITH STUBS. Gore is actually a HUGE TURN ON.

Your interests include.. well.. the process of DISEMBOWELING a corpse, or maybe slowly setting a harmless caterpillar ON FIRE.

... you're actually a SICK FUCK. No wonder why you don't have any friends. Why the hell have you not been put in a MENTAL INSTITUTE you fucking PSYCHO?

Oh that's right you're playing the oh so CHARMING CUTE KID who also happens to love the GENITALIA of MALE TROLLS an awful lot.

Your trolltag is earthlyCataclysm & GOLLY you really enjoy to accentuate your expressions with odd words & lots of punctuation marks YIKES!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 3232
File 129792823912.png - (6.75KB , 157x253 , Castrigoggles.png )
I was tweaking with the hair and horns FOREVER UGH

But whatever. I already posted the normal sprite earlier. GOGGLES GO

Oh wait your damn horns are in the way of the band

>> No. 3234
why doesn't he just mod the band to wrap around his horns and keep the goggles in place some how?
>> No. 3237
Because THEN

it would make sense. Since when do trolls do that.
>> No. 3293
File 129810255522.png - (6.51KB , 259x261 , plsshootme.png )

All I can say for those who want to make sprites use this as bases, and I also drew my friend's troll Kerak
>> No. 3544
File 12987134671.png - (4.14KB , 201x244 , gunder.png )
Ugh how did I get myself into this.


Your name is GUNDER IPNOSI.

You are chiefly interested in PHILOSOPHY, though on occasion you are known to dabble in GAMES FOR GIRLS, and in both of these you are TERRIBLE AND DERIVATIVE. Both of these are also your attempts to mask CONSIDERABLE APATHY AND LAZINESS. You are so lazy that it will probably kill you someday. Your COMPLETE AVERSION to any sort of EFFORTFUL ACTIVITY is, however, not quite at the level of an addiction.

Like most bluebloods, you are prone to SQUANDERING YOUR TALENTS ON FRIVOLOUS THINGS, rather than attempting to prepare yourself to join the ranks of the TACTICALOGICIANS. You are certain you would have made a spectacular LEGISLACERATOR had you bothered, but your considerable laziness forces your aspirations elsewhere. You lack the objectivity to work as a Legislacerator, anyway, due to your EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH PSYCHIC SUSCEPTIBILITY among the higher bloods. In this, like in other things, you are chiefly AN EMBARASSMENT and your high place in society is a REGRETTABLE CONSEQUENCE OF THE HEMOSPECTRUM.

In battle, you are equipped with a fearsome pistolKind strife specibus. However, unsurprisingly, due to your considerable laziness and GENERAL POSITIVE DISPOSITION TOWARD LIVING BEINGS, your high accuracy is COMPLETELY SQUANDERED on shooting targets, which is a FETISHISTIC BEHAVIOUR for you. You have to stop. Even your laziness demands it. But unlike your laziness, this actually is an addiction, and addiction is a powerful thing.

Your trolltag is targetTheologian and you tend to type in an exceptionally proper manner that is marred by your desire to express your feelings <> <3 <3< c3<, stay on target @, veer off targ@ when agitated, or engage in

problem@ic carriage returns
with no purpose whatsoever. @

What will you do?
>> No. 3551
File 129872292966.png - (3.75KB , 151x235 , Napola.png )
You are MEDIUS NAPOLA, you most enjoy spending your time on PSYCHOLOGY and HORROR MEDIA. Both of these are a subset of your CREEPY AND BORDERLINE FETISHISTIC INTEREST IN DEATH. This generally makes many people wary of you, but you don't understand why. You are prone to BOUTS OF IRRATIONAL ANGER, primarily at your kismesis but they subside before anything significant happens. You walk with a limp thanks to a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT.

Despite your passion for horror, you tend to leave things HALF FINISHED. Your room is filled with HALF READ BOOKS, A HALF WATCHED MOVIE COLLECTION, HALF BEATEN GAMES, and HALF FINISHED MODELS. Your refrigerator is full of HALF EATEN FOOD. You also enjoy TV BOX SETS but rarely watch them to completion; most of them were CANCELED before they finished anyway. Your hive is cluttered because of your unfinished chores, such as HALF-MADE BED, HALF WASHED DISHES, and SHOPPING BAGS you haven't finished emptying. Your walls are undecorated because you never bothered to put up any POSTERS you buy.

Any technology you use tends BREAK ALL THE TIME. You own TWO COMPUTERS because ONLY ONE is functional at any time. Your HEADPHONES only have ONE WORKING EAR, and no matter how many times your MECHINAICLY INCLINED FRIEND fixes them, they break again.

Because of your INTEREST IN DEATH you wish to become a SUICISYCHOLOGST, but are only halfway through your REQUIRED EDUCATION. You are a NATURAL LEADER even though your blood is only halfway up the hemospectrum. You'd like to LEAD A REVOLT but can't be bothered to finish ASSEMBLING FOLLOWERS.

Your strife spectibus is not working properly forcing you to switch weapons in the middle of battle, nor is your fetch modus, which only allows you to draw items half the time you want to.

You type /n a most\y coherent fash/on w/th proper punctuat/on but you overuse s\ash marks. Your tro\\tag is vampiricVicar.
>> No. 3561
File 129873685680.png - (5.83KB , 155x196 , Vaenia.png )
Your name is VAENIA ADERXE.

You live in a community of HIVES deep underground, below the OCEAN FLOOR, connected with a series of tunnels.

You spend a lot of your time hunting BIG MONSTERS with your buddies. You and them are a team of FOUR, taking down EXTREMELY VIOLENT and DANGEROUS creatures using your big collection of LONGSWORDS. Your favourite part, though, is making armor out of them, which you use to go kill more MEGABEASTS! Your lusus is a gigantic WATER DRAGONYY'YD. She loves nothing more than to come along on expeditions and help out, which is weird behavior for lususes but you don't care. When you are not adventuring, you DEDICATE yourself to becoming the absolute best GRUBCRAFT player there is. Your friends can barely keep up with how fast you gain ALL THE LEVELS. You also love writing POETRY and MUSIC which you publish online.

Your trolltag is benignIntegrator and =|your speech has a slightly depressing feel to it...|
>> No. 3626
File 129885291216.png - (7.32KB , 300x300 , vobiragif.png )
I'm not going to bother writing up a big thing.
Your name is VOBIRA BASILA and you talk with U~'s and long s'sssssss
>> No. 3627
File 129885344035.jpg - (10.40KB , 251x277 , fantroll.jpg )
Your name is KALKIN HARPER.

You are a GREEN BLOOD, and as bloods go, having green blood is PRETTY OKAY. You have been known to throw EPIC HOUSE PARTIES when your LUSUS is away. No one ever comes to your PARTIES, though you think that you are PRETTY POPULAR compared to some of your friends. Even if you are only SEVEN SWEEPS OLD, you know how to ensure your social standing as a COOL KID.

It has never really crossed your mind that most trolls you know think you are IRRITATING, and have no desire to listen to how you can PARTY TIL YOU DROP on your own. Even your STRIFE SPECIBUS has recently become GLOWSTICKKIND in light of your SICK DISCOVERY of the art of TWIRLING GLOWSTICKS around. Of course, it makes you look TOTALLY RETARDED.

Your LUSUS is a GIANT OTTER, which means living NEAR THE WATER whether you like it or not. And, in fact, you DO NOT. WATER is just not really your thing. Thus, your HIVE has been built upon a large, rickety pair of STILTS to get away from the BEACH that is your front yard, and it seems to get PROGRESSIVELY HIGHER every sweep or so. It's gotten to the point where you no longer even DRINK WATER.

You enjoy partaking in ALTERNIAN ELECTRONICA, which many other trolls find ANNOYING AND TUNELESS. One of the main reasons you never get to see your friends in person is because THIS IS ALL YOU LISTEN TO. They prefer talking to you through TROLLIAN.

Your TROLL TAG is adustedGlowstick, and you tend to type like you are TRYing to SCREAM oVER some SICK BASS LINES!
>> No. 3630
File 129885465761.png - (3.31KB , 154x217 , vespos1.png )
Your name is VESPOS MANDIB. You are currently EIGHT SOLAR SWEEPS.

Your SLIGHTLY-OFF-OLIVE blood makes you one of a crew of HIVE BUILDERS, a group of trolls who choose to live up in the mountains who have an interest in CONSTRUCTION. Because you often spend your time in the mountains, you DON'T OFTEN ENTER CIVILIZATION.

Because of both your role and your upbringing, you are an IMPECCABLE BUILDER AND ARCHITECT, but VERY COMPULSIVE WHEN IT COMES TO IT. You are NOT QUITE BETTER AT MUCH ELSE. You aspire to become a CONSTRUCTOR OF DESTRUCTION, building the vessels and buildings to assist in the valiant effort to CONQUER EVERYTHING.

Your handle is tunnelingAbomination and you ave a sligt bit of trouble pronouncing a certain letter altoug tat is not too big a problem you also often dont seem to know wen to finis your sentences.
>> No. 3631
File 129885521098.png - (6.96KB , 166x229 , gwennewoutfit.png )

>I protest against such a mockingly chosen title for my honor. Please change thine title posthaste!


>You are now GUINEVERE QUIXOTE. You are not a TROLL, but you are not exactly HUMAN EITHER. You used to be HUMAN, but due to WEIRD FAE SHIT you're kinda not. Either way, this is your true form now. Although normal people can't see it. You're sort of glad for that. Very few people can tell your GENDER, and your eloquent and archaic manner of speaking does not help.

But enough about your UNSUAL APPEARANCE, your odd childhood was spent in the deep south, giving you a slight drawl while speaking. You were raised by your OLDER SISTER to be a chivalric and courteous Knight.
Your chumhandle is scenicChivalry

Your land is the LAND OF FAY AND LIGHT and your title is KNIGHT OF LIGHT.
What will you do?
>> No. 3634
File 129885682938.png - (4.69KB , 191x278 , nuvola.png )
>> No. 3635
File 129886901065.png - (27.05KB , 357x274 , feudev.png )
you can kill me now if you want 6v9

Your name is FEUDEV VEHEMA and you're kind of a TOTAL BITCH. You like OBNOXIOUS COLORS and tend to dress in them. You wish your blood was a more NEON GREEN to reflect this preference. Your INTERESTS include SEWING and ACTING. You often use SHARP OBJECTS when sewing and fighting but you're very CLUMSY with them, resulting in a lot of scrapes and scars. You're pretty VIOLENT in your methods. You enjoy LAUGHING AT OTHERS' MISFORTUNE which makes you pretty excited about TROLLING on the INTERNET.
Your trollhandle is dastardlySeamstress and y◊u tend t◊ be pretty fucXing me∆n t◊ pe◊ple.
>> No. 3648
hi chastened herp derp

im Octopus B)
>> No. 3649
File 129888502464.png - (13.24KB , 410x300 , trolls.png )
Land of Amusement and Noise
Maid of Kindness
Babbit Moujik

>> No. 3679
i need to fucking draw derl some day
>> No. 3760
File 129912869395.png - (6.62KB , 177x221 , spectralRogue.png )
Posting this for later use.
>> No. 3765
File 129918036923.gif - (7.91KB , 533x264 , mspaoc.gif )
I'm still working on two of these guys.

From Left to Right: Parisa, Emma, Jean
>> No. 3773
File 129919529086.png - (6.61KB , 216x254 , LiycusCharon.png )
Babby's first OC sprite.

Your name is LIYCUS CHARON and you are a HUGE ASSHOLE.

Just wanted to share this douchebag and then go back to lurking.
>> No. 3781
File 129920634912.png - (4.30KB , 186x249 , peitho.png )
I call this young one Peitho. She's a fishbitch.

I love making sprites.