[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 128977871740.jpg - (222.35KB , 741x685 , underwaterfriends.jpg )
113 No. 113
Here, you can post pictures of your OCs that may not exactly fit into your Adventure threads, but are pictures of your OCs nonetheless.
I'll start with this picture of little Aguili and Clandestine.
>> No. 114
File 128977923228.png - (13.09KB , 600x600 , Luscah hero mode.png )
I literally just finished this picture the same minute this thread popped up

Hero Mode Luscah!
>> No. 116
Oh wow he's so pretty! I love the way you draw him!<3
>> No. 117
Thank you! <3

I LOVE drawing him!
>> No. 119
He looks like he needs a hug. X3
>> No. 139
File 128980735437.png - (60.53KB , 649x449 , mythtrolls.png )
I don't know where to put this since these aren't really fleshed out. I just came up with them while I was worrying over my dentist appointment and trying to distract myself. Mythological beast trolls!

Manticore: Has three rows of teeth. Red blood.

Basilisk: Purple blood, contender for the throne, expert on poisons.

Firebird: Orange blood. Homeless, travels flying on his lusus. Bit of a Robin Hood figure.

Medusa: A coolkid. That's really all there is to say on the matter. Seriously, I don't know anything about her, I just wanted a troll with dreadlocks.

Chimera: These have the weakest designs imo, but I like the concept so much I may work more at it. Triplet troll that has a single mind spread out over three bodies (snake, lion, goat). Not sure if they should have red/blue/yellow blood, or orange/purple/green blood.
>> No. 148
File 128984990715.png - (18.43KB , 640x480 , PAPURCLIPS.png )
Skidji has a unique fascination with paperclips. Who knows why? I certainly don't.
>> No. 150
File 128985516156.png - (25.14KB , 508x1345 , SS Bad Perspec+ive.png )

>> No. 151
>> No. 152
YES I was just coming here to see if you knew it was back yet I am so happy yes yessss
>> No. 155

and everything was suddenly awesome
>> No. 157
Someone's gonna get a beating.
>> No. 173
oh fuck yes. <3
>> No. 236
File 129007623323.png - (14.80KB , 388x240 , Nyukii.png )
So I had so much fun drawing Nyukii in that little picture in my adventure, I drew another one of him
>> No. 249
File 129012248587.jpg - (152.79KB , 660x719 , 2.jpg )
Your name is VERTUX RINWEL.

You are an avid CARD COLLECTOR. You are often pestering your friends into trading cards with you.

You enjoy B&W HORROR MOVIES. Your favorite's title is too long to name here.

You suffer from CHRONIC NOSEBLEEDS, which you find yourself licking up often.

You have an addiction to CAFFEINE and often lose sleep as a result of it. Your lusus is a tiny OWLCAT who often pesters you to go to sleep when you forget (which is often).

Your trolltag is grayscaleMonster and you t3nd tO typ3 l!k3 a clust3rfuck.
>> No. 250
File 129012251969.jpg - (30.86KB , 384x388 , aaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg )
>> No. 262

get out of here ya big creeper~
>> No. 263
nO yOu
>> No. 268
File 129018297059.jpg - (180.19KB , 1280x1458 , Crista.jpg )
>> No. 270
File 129021147313.png - (7.55KB , 512x512 , wesleyboyd.png )
Wesley Boyd. orderlyCarpenter.
Just a quick doodle.
>> No. 292
File 129028262280.png - (271.35KB , 295x595 , Best outf1t.png )
Even when snarling he looks adorable : >

Cuzulu's session is turning her into an Alt of Mayonaka. It changed her title from Alchemist of Life to Alchemist of Space, also she gets slasher smiles now.

Also that sleeve with the ribbons turns into a Tentacle Drill.
>> No. 315
File 129039676498.png - (26.79KB , 1010x669 , bearmom.png )
oh man going to delurk for a bit
>> No. 316
File 129039827061.png - (102.46KB , 388x960 , Richthyes.png )
So I did some work on this guy's lusus.

I remember Bii did an original drawing of his lusus as a regular shark, then Sinderlin gave him MUSCLE ARMS in LSA, then Bii drew him with MUSCLE ARMS...

And now I've customized him further. I've noticed that Lusii tend to have some feature that matches their horns...

Also I named him RICHTHYES
>> No. 317
Aww this is cute!<3
Heheheh. I love the little horn dorsal fin! I originally called him Mr. Neptune, but I like Richthyes, it sounds more original. c:
>> No. 319
:O i didn't know he already had a name!

Richthyes is the latter part of the name of the class of animals that SHARKS belong to.

I thought it sounded Aristocratic.
>> No. 320
File 129040124824.png - (352.01KB , 388x720 , makris lusus.png )

Realized Makris had no lusus!

I remembered one of my favorite mythological creatures... The Qilin/Kirin!

It's fucking awesome and looks like a cross between a Dragon(Terezi) and a horse(Equius)!

So I found 5 really nice pictures of Qilins and threw them all together in a design and tried to draw it

I cannot draw animals.
>> No. 322
File 129040542615.jpg - (292.36KB , 800x800 , Skyler+Mirari.jpg )

... but yeah. He's a grub at the same time Mirari is.
>> No. 323
Ohmigod is that

Is that

is that a TavEri kid

>> No. 325
File 129040589044.jpg - (158.71KB , 600x600 , Skyler&lusus.jpg )
Heehee! yes cx I was just thinking how of all the pairings, there still hasn't been a child for them.

Here's another quick thing I made. I only came up with a first name for him.
>> No. 327
Oh my god yes


oh but who is the mother..?

Eridan is currently with Equius so if Eri's the mom that means there were two pregnant trolls together at the same time D8
>> No. 331
I dunno, honestly. Maybe it's never mentioned...?
I think Eridan moves in with Tavros or something...
I was kind of afraid to mention this, but I had the idea that Eridan probably wouldn't take the idea of Equius reuniting with Gamzee very well, so he winds up getting comforted by Tavros and they later fall in love, but it's your story.
>> No. 335
Oh mah gawd he is so cute. <3

The two of them pregnant at the same time sounds horrible. xD;;;

lolololol derp Kirin xD
>> No. 336
:OOOO loldrama ahaha

i'll mention it to Sinders

Jautis will be so confused about her parents changing around!
>> No. 337
Well, she'd be older by then, so she'll probably be allowed to travel to different hives.
>> No. 348
File 129049627372.png - (284.96KB , 388x478 , makris lusus2.png )
More of Makris' BADASS lusus.

With all the drama I pile onto his character, he needed something totally awesome in his life.
>> No. 368
File 129063993457.png - (79.62KB , 1336x1534 , qcdone.png )
crappy ref

idk I am new at this fantroll thing
>> No. 592
Sort of tangentially related, but has anyone made a set of trolls based on the chinese zodiac? It seems like a fairly obvious idea after the canon trolls, but I don't think I've seen it done yet. They come ready with elements and personalities and everything.
>> No. 593
You know I was going to ask the same thing. I was almost going to make the sub trolls based on that, but some of the animals didn't match up with some of them. It's a good idea though! c:
>> No. 597
File 129126024511.png - (64.26KB , 700x1000 , easterntrolls.png )
Me and AllegoricalVulpini have been hard at work on a set of Chinese zodiac trolls for a while! I had a thread for a while on mspachan/oc/ that was about them.
I'm trying to start the thread again and start the narrative with Freija instead of Scaber this time!
>> No. 607
YES. FUCK YES. HELL FUCKING YES. They look awesome.

Ahahaha is Solene wearing crocs? As someone born in the snake year, I approve so hard.
>> No. 612
File 129128582590.png - (19.64KB , 600x500 , Urbane Ganster.png )
My Trollsona's exile.

He was a nobleman on Derse.

Found a way to make his exile rags look almost like a filthy tuxedo, bowtie included.

Became head of a rumrunning operation in Post-Apocalyptic Alternia. Probably in the same city as the Midnight Crew, but his gang pulls different crimes, so they probably haven't crossed paths.

He is very Debonair.

And he loves the ladies.

Upon becoming Jousie's exile, he tries to convince her to undress. He is a dirty old man. But a handsome and suave dirty old man.
>> No. 614
File 129128707245.jpg - (126.48KB , 495x754 , Jousie pencil.jpg )
I should probably post a picture of Jousie Kentar

She is my Trollsona/Trollself.

She's got really bright, yellowish-green blood.

She likes to use Spears that are longer than she is tall.

She is exactly 5 feet tall.

I drew her shoulders too broad in this. Grrr.
>> No. 618
File 129132015450.png - (193.40KB , 678x676 , Cuzzyyy.png )
This is my OC Cuz. O: Idk what to say other then he is a DJ and likes to rap. |D He is supposed to be a guardian O:
>> No. 659
File 129139345196.png - (13.87KB , 650x450 , Nyfunecompy.png )
I made this like yesterday.

I don't even have a story for this shuck.
>> No. 662
File 129139829037.png - (153.17KB , 409x614 , erm.png )
Your name is Adora Olysseus.

More can be read about you here
>> No. 683
File 129149801714.png - (100.79KB , 450x700 , troll.png )
Your name is NANDOR AFREET and you are a troll girl. As you can tell by the scene around you, you live in the LAND OF SNOW AND TONBSTONDES or LOST for short. LOST is a vast land of snow covered fields dotted with tombstones of dead trolls. It's a depressing world but it's your home.
gah first time posting here >.<
>> No. 697
File 129150469978.gif - (507.99KB , 750x600 , scientist_r.gif )
Not my OC but I had fun making this so I'll put it here. :3

The character in question is Escaped Scientist and he's played by my friend here: http://www.formspring.me/EScientist
>> No. 698
Gammy is awesome, and that's all there really is to say on the matter.
>> No. 706
File 129150934192.png - (532.38KB , 838x1077 , fantroll doodles.png )
There was a really stupid mistake in this, so I fixed it and now it's getting REPOSTED. Yeahhhh.

Anyway, these trolls belong to me, SuryaAsura and BoneXylophone.
>> No. 729
File 129156269032.png - (57.90KB , 279x552 , lammie.png )
This makes me feel stupid, but here, Here is a doodle of my dumbshit fantroll!

Okay so her name is Lammie Agneau. And I bet you fuckers can't even IMAGINE what her theme is. Because its defiantly not SHEEP/LAMBS/RAMS.

Okay it is.

That stupid looking sign on her shirt is a segno. Meaning to repeat back to a certain spot in music, but to ME this translates to STUTTERING. So yeah I guess this sheepy-broad stutters.

Y'know how the trolls have SHARP TEETH?! Well this bitch CHEWS THE FUCK OUT OF THINGS, making it so that her teeth are dulled and rounded, still slightly sharper than a humans.

Her personality could only be described as that of a mixture of Gamzee and Nepeta. Shes CHILL TO THE MAX, and her hobbies consist of rolling around everywhere, hugging things, chewing things, head-butting things, and other UN IMPORTANT THINGS.

I guess she'd live in some sort of pasture or field. Uhmm...Shit. Thats all I've got. Get out of my face.
>> No. 742
File 129166619397.png - (154.79KB , 1032x854 , thielelusus1.png )
Bluh bluh, Thiele (Gamz X Feferi). And her lusus. Which glows. Hurr hurr. It's designed after this nudibranch/seaslug: http://www.nudipixel.net/species/flabellina_affinis/
>> No. 743
>nudibranch lusus

>> No. 773
File 129174565738.jpg - (961.15KB , 1578x1971 , Midnight Scylla.jpg )
I love drawing Scylla so here's a doodle of her being all shadowy and shit

Yeah I don't know
>> No. 879
File 129204065930.jpg - (91.51KB , 481x369 , grubSkylar&Mirari.jpg )
That looks wicked awesome!

Here's another picture of Skylar & Mirari.
>> No. 917
File 129217732375.png - (123.99KB , 500x884 , Hershle Heinri.png )
This is my newest OC
The troll of Uranium
he's kind of weird
>> No. 923
File 12921844671.png - (11.14KB , 387x400 , ax.png )
This is Anonov Grouch. She likes music and doesn't afraid of anything. Kinda inspired in the "anonymous" concept as you can see.
>> No. 924
File 129218457637.png - (14.30KB , 387x400 , ac.png )
This is Klowzt Sylach. He's the pretty cool guy. He also doesn't have any scratch powers but they're a cool visual aid so look.
>> No. 926
File 129218472930.png - (15.52KB , 644x434 , blackromlulz.png )
Also, they're kismesis. Or Klowzt likes to think so. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren't. Probably. He's pretty sure aX hates him. He's pretty sure he hates aC. And then some day he just says "fuck it" and goes to aX's hive to prove to her she really hates him. Shit happens.
>> No. 927
File 12921848032.png - (71.60KB , 600x571 , 206030597.png )
Shit happens.
But aC is cooler that way, and aX has proved her hate for him, so it's a-ok. Metal arms are fucking awesome, man. Even if the original one was destroyed by harpoons.
>> No. 928
File 129218591220.png - (191.56KB , 400x500 , Scylla2.png )
Thank you!
Here's a colored picture of her for good measure.
>> No. 929
File 129218596651.png - (242.74KB , 400x510 , Scylla.png )
Lolol meant to reply to >>879

Anyway here's the last one I had.
>> No. 930
File 129218603027.png - (16.66KB , 449x596 , Ran Labcoat.png )
And Scylla's exile.

>> No. 931
File 129218691771.png - (18.81KB , 478x580 , aXYEAH.png )
(I hope this isn't NSFW oh well. Last drawing I promise)
Shit happens twice. aX's body is scarred and aC lost his arm and probably part of his hearing. And this is pretty cool in their opinions.
>> No. 1007
Quick question: Can we post fanart of other people's OCs in this thread?
>> No. 1008
You can put it in this thread >>60
>> No. 1015
File 129253039237.png - (44.38KB , 283x365 , h1.png )
Quick doodle of my OC who I just made up last night and haven't used in anything yet~
>> No. 1016
File 129253298014.png - (19.40KB , 315x560 , heylookitisthatguy.png )
Someone I talked to on Pesterchum decided he was bored and drew this for me. That was a nice boredom indeed. :p benignUrsine was his name I believe.
>> No. 1017
File 129253327854.png - (181.21KB , 741x823 , Acidwing Intro.png )
Your name is REZLAM CORLID, but you mostly refer to yourself as ACIDWING due to your innate ability to SECRETE CORROSIVE ACID from your person. In fact, everything about you is acid, especially your STRIFE SPECIBUS; ACID-TIPPED CHAINKIND. You're Alternia's SELF-PROCLAIMED SUPERHERO, though you might be Alternia's only superhero.

Your ChumHandle is CORROSIVE JUSTICE, your symbol is a Sigma found on your cape collar and cape itself, and you tend to ssssspeak with a dissssstinct hisssss like accccid hitting sssssolid ground.
>> No. 1018
>> No. 1019
OH BOY look a+ all of +his CRIME I'm commi++ing.

(Awesome new look. 8D)
>> No. 1020
Oh it'sssss YOU. How many timesssss mussssst you be a conssssstant threat to Alternia'sssss sssssafety?

(Thank you :3)
>> No. 1029
File 129256276777.png - (178.15KB , 762x528 , SUCH AN OTP.png )
Bluh bluh double post.

KISSSSSMESSSSSISSSSS~ Taking the 'Foe Yay' trope to new levelsssss.
>> No. 1030
File 129256666085.jpg - (89.50KB , 672x800 , IS - By uncannyUroboros.jpg )
-I- WaS TalkinG T-O uncannyUroboros AnD H-E ToteS DreW M-E BeinG AwesomE A-S ShiT!
ChecK I-T OuT!
AlsO ThanK YoU UU.
>> No. 1031
File 12925717112.gif - (8.53KB , 300x300 , COMBOBREAKER.gif )
Realised everyone was gone over on Plus4chan.
Decided to come here and LOOK AT THIS!
This is where you all got too
>> No. 1077
Well HOT DAMN 8O Sogram needs himself a cos+ume of some sort!
>> No. 1079
File 129269795598.png - (9.71KB , 369x369 , Nagglysgottafind.png )
I edited a thing
>> No. 1081
Indeed he doesssss. I'd take a ssssshot at it myssssself but I'd have no idea where to begin, and he isssss your character, ssssso it'd be weird if I did it :U

((Why am I typing in character?))
>> No. 1134
File 12928308171.png - (25.42KB , 311x1000 , sadakosamara.png )
Might as well post it here too, I suppose.

Your name is SADAKO SAMARA. Despite your ominous name and appearance, you are actually KIND OF A PUSHOVER and people tend to WALK ALL OVER YOU. You have a deep passion for GHOSTS, CURSES, AND OTHER UNDEAD PARANORMAL BULLSHIT, as well as DRAWING SOCIALLY IMPOLITE IMAGES OF ROTSHAMBLERS AND TROLLS ALIKE.
You have a nasty habit of flushing over every cute girl you meet, which leaves you rather susceptible to BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, and your insides are kind of messed up, causing you to throw up blood whenever you get TOO FLUSTERED, which is ALL THE TIME. No one has ever seen your face past the sweeping curtain of inexplicably wet hair, leading people to believe you are hiding some kind of AWFUL SECRET.

Your trolltag is mezzotintSpiral, and you talk in all low caps with no punctuation and a b-bit of a st-st-stutter

You're honestly surprised you weren't culled sweeps ago.
>> No. 1144
Yesss, I love her. <3
>> No. 1146
File 129287553159.png - (292.33KB , 786x1164 , gramma.png )
I'll get to a full reference eventually

Your name is GRAMMA ROYALE. You hold a passion for COMPLIMENTARY COLOURS, and have dedicated your life as a troll with a high blood-caste to enforce ROMANCES BETWEEN COMPLIMENTARY COLOURED BLOODS. In fact, you have admitted on more than one occasion that the only filial pails you shall fill will be ones shared by people with yellow blood. Needless to say, people see you as a MORON begging to be CULLED.

Your hive is half underwater, with the other half above the surface. You mostly spend your time on the bottom half, due to your feisty lusus, GLORETO. You can't shirk your responsibilities lest your lusus finds itself into even more battles. Luckily, a certain JADE GREEN BLOODED TROLL is there to maintain your upper half. You trust her without a doubt that she will keep it clean.

Your trolltag is courtesyChromaticity, and you eaggerly use words includingg Gs, as well as makingg sure you double the amount.
>> No. 1151
File 129289069892.png - (5.60KB , 230x435 , TRheromode.png )
Might as well post this in case I ever do get the adventure going. (neverrrr) And yeah I know eastern zodiac trolls have been done but hey look fiduspawn.

You do not yet have a NAME. At FIVE SWEEPS OLD you are ready to begin your journey as a FIDUSPAWN MASTER, also known as a SPAWNER, as well as receive your NAME. Your interests other than Fiduspawn include RETRO VIDEO GAMES (which doubles as an interest in ancient history because alternian video games are almost as old a media as film) and HOARDING USELESS SHIT, meaning your respiteblock is an absolute MESS.

Never mind your old life though! You are all set to make a name for yourself as one of the twelve chosen FIDUSPAWN MASTERS! You are going to be the very best and nobody is going to stop you!

Not that you'd ever show that sort of enthusiasm. Your trolltag is technologicRatatosk and you talk in a very flat tone... all the time... even when youre e x c i t e d...
>> No. 1172
File 129292416052.png - (19.21KB , 610x463 , goddammitsadakoisaidstop.png )
Sadako you are such a free spirit knock it off

Also, her lusus is always trying to sing but it just comes out as obnoxious neighs and keeps her from sleeping during the day.

I am pushing this The Ring pastiche as far as I can, you guys.
>> No. 1239
File 129313711988.png - (102.25KB , 650x800 , Zefiro_god_pajamas.png )
>Zefiro: Rise up.

The update yesterday made me want to draw my fantroll wearing a god-hood. I really like how this turned out. Zefiro is the Mage of Time in his session so I tried making the "Mage" aspect more apparent in his getup.

also i left out the wings because i drew this at 5am and i was lazy
>> No. 1241
File 129313730564.jpg - (148.88KB , 319x884 , TEAM ZAHHAK IS GO.jpg )
Here's a thing I made...
>> No. 1255
wowww, this is super cute
>> No. 1262
OHGOD That is adorable.
>> No. 1267
File 129318516024.png - (8.27KB , 400x400 , implyingImplicator2.png )
>> No. 1275
File 129322612428.png - (6.01KB , 322x510 , heromode.png )
still incredibly pointless. :I
>> No. 1586
File 129360173080.png - (7.20KB , 259x346 , strife.png )
Alright I guess its time to make this official.

Your name is CAELUM GLOIRA, and you JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. Seriously, you've broken all your bones at least twice in FLARPing matches. But your iron resolve does ensure many victories, even if it does guarantee you will be maimed or broken.

You have a great love for WESTERNS. Troll Eastwood is the very best end of discussion. You wish to be like him someday. You have adopted a bandito persona for FLARP, and you also tend to talk with a drawl.
You are EXTREMELY FORGETFUL, which is most likely due to many head injuries. You are also COMPLETELY DEAF. That tends to happen when you make detonating explosives your hobby.

You troll under the name charitableDesperado.

Yeah I know the anatomy is kind of off I'm new to this drawing people thing.
>> No. 1595
Hnnngh, so cute. Acidwing can teach you all about kicking ass, don't worry.
>> No. 1597
Bandanna alliance!
>> No. 1598
I want to draw this, but I'm going to be stupid here and ask if Caelum is a boy or a girl. I can't tell with the ponchooo, sorry! *embarrassed*
>> No. 1599

is cool. The intention was to make a tomboy
>> No. 1724
File 12937207525.png - (115.08KB , 400x725 , Aryo.png )
This is bad, and I should feel bad.
>> No. 1725
More like an unbelievably awesome piece of art.
>> No. 1749
That is really awesome.
>> No. 1909
File 129409648134.png - (207.77KB , 800x600 , indop.png )
I don't really know what to do with this guy.

Your name is CYNTAC LESTAB and you really aren't sure what you're doing anymore. You have a fondness for MIMICRY and DISGUISES, but due to your POOR OBSERVATIONAL SKILLS you tend to be a blunder at both. You'll usually run in the face of danger, since when you get down to it you're JUST A WIMPY COPYCAT.
Despite not being as low as you could on the hemospectrum, your THIN SKIN tends to make you HORRIBLY SELF-CONSCIOUS and you do all you can to STAY INDOORS AND AVOID HIGHBLOODS. That doesn't keep you from wearing their colors, though. In fact, it only drives your PASSIONATE ENVY of them and SELF-LOATHING.
Your chumhandle is inconsistentDoppelganger and you try to adapt to the quirk of whoever you're talking to, though sometimes YoU H4V3 ^ 8!+ 0f a bREAKDOWN 4ND DO WWHATEVVER THE FUCK YOU WANT,, 0r ju2t dont CarE eNOUGh two BOTHER typing like anyone in particular. It's just not that big a deal.
>> No. 1910
Oh yeah, and you sawed off your own horns. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
>> No. 1911
Adorable, and also really original! I likes.
>> No. 1913
This troll is adorable! I'm sorry if that wasn't what you were going for but... just adorable!
>> No. 1916
File 129412148986.jpg - (376.64KB , 960x1000 , Lususdoodles.jpg )
Here's all the sub-trolls' lusii.
From top left: GAIA(Mevris), FISHDAD(Avismo), VULCAN(Alkora), TUWAWI/TUTU(Aguili), ERZULIE(Naggly), LESTER(Mortan), LUCY(Simeta), JEE(Ovissa), HORUBIS(Betmus), AUDREY(Rosdro), CROCMOM(Lacona), PAPAPEDE/MAMAPEDE(Solmor/Solmea), and tiny little PROMETHEUS(Xodarr).
>> No. 1917
File 129412238680.png - (51.65KB , 609x547 , thef_fuck_did_you_just_call_me.png )
Haha, thanks~ :D
>> No. 1922
I've always wanted to make a Homestuck OC, I just don't think he'd see any action. :I My bro and friends don't like homestuck. And they're the ones with all the amazing drawing talent. Like whoa. But I got this awesome land for him.
>> No. 1962
you should totally make him anyway! :] i am curious about this awesome land hahah, and you might be able to track down a drawfag to help you out. i'd even be willing to give it a shot perhaps, if you'd like.
>> No. 1963
File 12943673873.png - (30.81KB , 429x1088 , STRIFE.png )
>> No. 1969
Is that an alchemy troll

Aww hell, I was too late in posting my bunch, now it;s like copying. 8(

Science is very nice though. I like the art.
>> No. 1970
File 129438349028.png - (35.31KB , 746x545 , knf.png )
Kids and fun?
kids and fun.
>> No. 1975
File 129443283570.png - (5.13KB , 237x215 , jautis joy.png )

tHAt lADy hAs hORNs jUSt lIKe mINe!!

>> No. 1976
File 129444434085.png - (112.62KB , 650x450 , 128269290871.png )
>> No. 1979
File 129444775487.png - (81.02KB , 650x450 , UNICYCLE BLUH BLUH.png )
>> No. 1985
Great, now I feel really nervous about posting this cause I'm worried that my random jumbled up thoughts aren't any good. Plus he's a human; that might not have been the best choice seeing all the troll characters…

Anyways, the name of the world is the Land of Ebony and Velvet. The consorts of this world are cute little flying lizards (the ones that have side-webbing to glide around). They all live in these colossal ebony pyramid/hives-cities. The lizards that live at the top of these spires are somehow better than the ones who live at the lower levels… The reason why they live in these giant ebon cities is because they're extremely warm, and the rest of the world is fairly barren. These Ebony cities are actually vents, used to channel off the excess heat the sleeping denizen provides…. I'm stumped on how to incorporate velvet into this world.

Erm… the Denizen was supposed to be asleep and casually heat up the world to livable conditions. But then it woke up and bad shit happened. It started stealing all of the heat in the world and eating up the consorts. Everything is dying off because of this, and the lizards really cold and are beginning to fall asleep. Soon they'll all be asleep forever. I don't know what it should look like, in the back of my mind I picture it as some sort of raven/phoenix/dragon looking creature but eh… that could change. In fact all of this could change, aside from the name of the world… I like that.

As for him I got his image down. His name is Cole Turner, and he's a dude. He's got messy red hair, that's kinda wavy. Big eyebrows, and periwinkle colored eyes. He isn't very strong, being thin and lanky. Purple long-sleeved shirt, lazily buttoned up, and a white tee shirt underneath. Black baggy dress pants and black suede shoes. Debating on either giving him a black beret or a poorly tied tie with a chess-board pattern. He's got an obsession with jazz music, and enjoys playing on his saxophone. He's a pretty cool cat, but doesn't have many friends. He's a bit conceited, has a passive aggressive personality and often gives people backwards compliments.

I don't have a weapon for him yet but I think it would be cool if he did something with his sax…

Urgh… I regret this so much it was such a terrible idea. I should have though him out more. Now to bed and to forget I ever typed this out.
>> No. 1989
File 129446827673.png - (27.41KB , 732x500 , silly hats.png )
>> No. 1990
File 129447163692.png - (25.83KB , 650x665 , amphibiousavarice.png )
This is amphibiousAvarice as an adult. Doip.
>> No. 1991
File 129447514442.png - (30.07KB , 800x600 , how sweet.png )
more crap, whooooo
>> No. 1998
sounds pretty interesting to me! i especially like that you've thought so much about his world and the consorts/denizen, that's not something that most people focus on from what i've seen.

like i said, i'd be willing to be your humble drawfag if you'd like to get pictures of this guy and his world. hearing your ideas, i'm kind of excited to try drawing this stuff hahah.

if you want, drop me an email and lemme know what exactly you might want drawn. i'd be happy to give it a shot. :]
>> No. 1999
I'm looking forward to the tangled whatthefuckery that will come now that there's more relationships for Aelise.
>> No. 2064
Um, does anyone have the picture of Mephis? I kinda forgot what he looks like...
>> No. 2068
File 12947175566.jpg - (160.86KB , 794x628 , youngMirari.jpg )
Here's a picture of young Mirari and her lusus.
>> No. 2080
Augh!! So cute!!

And the person who has the updated Mephis sprites is out of town :C
>> No. 2139
I find it strange that someone would be interested in drawing something I've made. Mostly because my idea is unfinished and there are better ideas above mine but... I would like that very much.

I'd like some art work of my character, possibly just relaxing with his saxophone, or something cool like that? And maybe a cute sketch of his consorts.... Or possibly them all huddled together and gray? Really anything you do would be nice.
>> No. 2142
File 129490139878.gif - (156.01KB , 568x396 , mephisdwi.gif )

Yeah. I'm out of town.
>> No. 2143

K. Flo, you are the most beautiful person, it is you.
>> No. 2276
File 129534667797.png - (595.57KB , 545x600 , AryoGodTier.png )
Good evening, MSPAchan.
I present you with a rushed traditional piece. Now in God Tier!
>> No. 2297
...What IS she? Biochemist of Nature?
>> No. 2302
Thief of Biohazards?
>> No. 2327
No, Thief has pointed dangly things, not rectangular with swirls on the end.
>> No. 2329
Oops I had forgotten to include my name I am dumb.
But uh, Aryosk is Witch of Venom. I guess the biohazard symbol was really the only thing I could use, since venom is a biohazard.
>> No. 2332
File 129541192337.png - (27.17KB , 896x556 , Homestuck Momi.png )
Decided to make a pair of trolls based off my sister and I. BECAUSE I CAN.

Your name is Veilta Maanen.

You are a surprisingly SWEET Troll, though many of your fellow Trolls merely see this as one of your many maddening quirks. You have HEALING abilities, which is very odd, considering your typically violent bretherin, but you don't care. It just adds to your sweetness. As per your nauseatingly sweet nature, you refuse to have a kismesis. You just want to fill the world with love, and buy the world a Faygo.

Your obsession with the color pink is most likely associated with your high blood caste. Even with bright pink blood, you tend not to spend much time in the ocean, despite the fact that your water-bunny Lusius, Usaqua lives there.

You have a twin sister, which is rather uncommon in Troll society. She will be introduced later maybe.

You absolutely love DRAWING. There are piles of SKETCHBOOKS in your hive, many of which are filled with drawings of fictional male troll characters in sexual relations with other fictional males. BUCKETS ABOUND in your sketches. Hey, you may be sweet, but you have a saucy side.

Your Trolltag is tickledChalceus, and y3w sp3ak in a v3ry c3wte, childlik3 mann3r XD.
>> No. 2333
File 129541307399.png - (31.37KB , 943x744 , Homestuck Yotsu.png )
Your name is Irubes Maanen.

You pride yourself on your mature habits. You have a natural ability to READ MINDS, and use this ability to swindle and thwart any who would oppose you. You have made many a boon this way.

You have an unusual love for the culinary arts, making a vareity of dishes that most other trolls would find odd, but would be delicacies on Earth.

You've often had to find yourself at arms against those who would try to dispose of your sister, Veilta. You don't spend much time in the ocean, either.

Some Trills see you as a PROPHETESS or a GOGGESS, as your Lusius is the flying frog, Amphaves, who bears a strong resemblance to the ancient temples. But you know this is utter bullshit, and you're just a troll.

Your Trolltag is temptingCichlidae, and "you like to quote yourself, because you often make intelligent remarks that should be quoted anyway."
>> No. 2336
File 129541532469.png - (17.02KB , 734x385 , Homestuck Lusus.png )
And here are Usaqua and Amphaves.
>> No. 2341
Cooool. If you're going to use them as story characters, don't forget to include flaws. I know they're trollsonas, which makes it difficult (or far too easy :T ) to be critical, so take some quality or feature of yourself and amplify it to an unreasonable extreme.
(ie. Kurt likes computer programming, but aside from some web page stuff he never made anything big ->(becomes)-> Karkat is so bad at computer programming that computers blow up)
>> No. 2343
Y'know, I dunno if I am or not, yet. If I am, then I have a bunch of other trolls to make up.

But flaw-wise, I figured Veilta being so ungogly nice was enough of a flaw in Troll society. Meh, I can figure something else out.
>> No. 2347
> being so ungodly nice
Yup, and the irony should make for good humour as well as conflict.
TC: its so bwight and sunn3y owtsid3 he would hav3 dwi3d up D:

What about Irubes? She's clearly powerful, but that makes any obstacle she has to overcome correspondingly more powerful.
tC: "An enemy in our possession can be used as a hostage."
tC: "A troll that hides his blood caste should not use colorful metaphors."
tC: "Nothing, surely. Veilta, if you can seize your houseguest, I'm sure Karkat will forgive you, and I'll give you some candy... cherry flavored."
tC: "Nobody said we had cherry candies until you threatened my moirail."
>> No. 2370
File 129549870180.png - (19.61KB , 631x470 , Homestuck Twins.png )
(v)tG: I WUV Cherry candies!
>> No. 2409
File 12956350804.png - (60.00KB , 1300x614 , Homestuck Senshi Trolls.png )
Because they're not MY original characters... They're Naoko Takeuchi's
>> No. 2424
I have gone beyond diabetes, and right into tooth decay.
>> No. 2438
These are bad and you should feel bad.
>> No. 2440
In what way are they bad? I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism.
>> No. 2441
Don't feed the troll.
>> No. 2444
File 129583611395.png - (19.97KB , 465x499 , Shad-Ace2.png )
Well, Ace has only the SLIGHTEST reason to be here, but maybe that can change soon if I find a reason for him to finally open that mysterious envelope marked SBURB. Until then, he's just a Formspring RP character.

Alan McGregor, the Ace of Diamonds, is from an alternate timeline that introduces Lambdas, people with superpowers like pyrokinesis, super strength, and in Alan's case, telepathy. In the chaos that ensued from a sudden burst of people with abilities, mob rule took over. The Diamonds took over one city and compete against other gangs and militarized normals. There's a lot more story, but it's pretty involved.

I originally planned him to just be some figurehead and more like a GM, but I couldn't recruit a lot of people to play as superpowered mobsters. So in the stead, I included his timeline into the cross-session shenanigans of the FS-RP circuit to emulate something a bit more similar to the Intermission sequence.
>> No. 2458
Alan is already involved with a ton of SBURB peeps.
>> No. 2459
File 129591225249.gif - (1.88KB , 135x175 , Ovissa fakegame.gif )
Welp, I was bored.
Have some fake gamesprite-Ovissa
>> No. 2461
Sburb PEOPLE, but that's not what I originally made him for. But that might be where I take him.
>> No. 2462
File 129591846831.png - (125.26KB , 512x512 , waiting.png )
Sup, Italy from Reset: TrialRun. Lemme post some art that is in my normal style - since um i cannot art tonight at all and therefore cannot update

Taurie N' Eva. Before Taurie had his little red overshirt and I had to guess as to what shirt to gave him.
>> No. 2464
File 12959185366.png - (225.05KB , 698x615 , cypriaalshat.png )

man this picture is just way too sparkly desu, something about it irks me now
>> No. 2465
File 129591875333.png - (325.28KB , 548x860 , KRIMIEEEEE.png )
And a mystery fantroll! You'll learn about this fine fellow in due time.

okay i'm done
>> No. 2475
File 12959242491.png - (283.15KB , 600x700 , brakan.png )
just did this one.

His Name is Brakan.
>> No. 2496
File 129600022829.png - (119.71KB , 600x400 , vipertrinity_by_kaliona-d37ib1k.png )
Co-Creater with Italy of Reset: trialRun here, with who everyone has been referring to as ASStron.
>> No. 2497
He is a total anus robot.
>> No. 2502
File 129600998330.gif - (11.84KB , 800x600 , heromodeaardex.gif )
FS: im gonnaa shovel the shit outtaa yyou >B) hehe
FS: waait
FS: no thaat sounds gross
FS: aaw fuck B(
>> No. 2538
Ahhhh yeah shovelkind

I thought I was the only one who liked shovel based weaponry.
>> No. 2701
File 129644282980.jpg - (425.88KB , 1968x504 , Trolls-Progenitors.jpg )
Here's The Progenitors ('Parents' of the current 12 trolls)

They are (from left): Tyrian Pulpur, Caseus Goudan, Fandan Lilace, Virgil Irises, Swarth Mesoas, Aspara Glauko, Helios Ambres, Pomona Terare (Troll Empress not pictured).
>> No. 2706
File 129645523867.png - (7.49KB , 172x314 , trololol.png )
Your name is MATLAL RAWLIN and you are FIVE SWEEPS OLD.

You are a troll of IMPECCABLE TASTE, what with your STYLING BLACK SHIRT and FASHIONABLE GREY PANTS. Unfortunately, your style is ruined by the LUDICROUSLY TALL HAT upon your head. Alas, it can't be helped. You desperately need it to hide your UNATTRACTIVELY LONG AND TANGLED HORNS which unfortunately grow at an uncomfortably fast pace. You clip them every day, but by the time you rise again from your RECUPERACOON, they require another trimming. Although the hat makes you look like a TOTAL DORK, you wear it to keep eyes off of your horns.

In addition to your taste in clothes, you are also fond of your GLORIOUS MUTTON CHOPS. You believe that they make you EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE to potential MATESPRITS. Unknown to you, such is not the case. You are QUITE FULL OF YOURSELF in that regard. One would not go so far as to call you are completely conceited, though.

Your custodian is a small, squawking fowl known as the FRIFRI HEN, whom you have not seen in quite some time, which worries you slightly. You hope it comes back soon.

Your operate the STRIFE SPECIBUS HORNCLIPPERKIND, which is to say you fight with a larger pair of GARDEN SHEARS. Needless to say, YOU DO NOT WIN MANY FIGHTS. Because of this, you probably shouldn't be FLARPING, but you continue so because honestly YOU AREN'T THAT BRIGHT.

Your trolltag is helloHaberdasher, and you have a 10dancey to focush a10shion to a shertain number and also shlightly shlur your wordsh
>> No. 2713
File 129648238471.png - (6.83KB , 360x355 , bucklitrikle.png )
him name buckli trikle

him powers freaky long arms and big hands

ashamed of indecently-shaped horns
>> No. 2720
File 129649683261.png - (92.87KB , 550x700 , gelbii.png )
Your name is DIVESU GELBII. You have a fixation with gold, so much so that it could be considered a fetish. You often greet people with COARSE INSULTS, although they are very hollow. You lost one of your horns at a PAILSLIME TROLLBASH, a festival where the most avid Pailslime fans gather to enjoy the HARSH MELODIES OF THESE GLORIOUS MINSTRELS. As with most GOLD BLOODED trolls, you are hugely GREEDY, and INEXPLICABLY VIOLENT. You also seem to get a natural buzz from the ALTERNIAN SUN, probably due to your blood. Your lusus is an ALTERNIAN SUNBEAST, a vicious creature nearly driven to extinction. You are also blind in one eye, an injury assumed via a DAILY SPARRING SESSION with your Lusus. You speak in a rather odd manner, Which $ome cOuld cOunt as very agre$$ive, but they're ju$t $tupid grubfucker$.

yeah he's the gold troll
>> No. 2728
you also use the HOOKCHAIN OF SOLUS, something that you found in your respiteblock shortly after moving in. Ever since you have used the CHAINKIND strife specibus. You also dOn't take typos Wel

>> No. 2811
File 129677178984.png - (138.41KB , 241x850 , aracasref.png )
Day off work due to snow = woo let's make an OC!

Your name is ARACAS SKAPHE. Your blood is a dark maroon SLUDGE that no one in their right mind would want to possess. You are often CRANKY and always TIRED. You have the ability to either AMPLIFY or DAMPEN other trolls' POWERS within a certain radius, which can make you either EXTREMELY FUN or ANNOYING AS HELL to hang around with, depending on who you ask.

You live on the grimy edge of a city in a RAMSHACKLE HIVE that keeps blowing down, with a bunch of other LOWBLOODS who have similar issues with their crappy hives. You have MANY INTERESTS, including TORTURE METHODS THROUGHOUT THE AGES and one day you aspire to be part of the Imperial Inquisition in some sort of HANDS-ON position. You are experienced in the wielding of PLIERKIND and sometimes PULL FANGS from the mouths of your enemies, given the opportunity. You keep those fangs in a NIFTY BOX. You are also an accomplished ABSTRACT GARBAGE ARTIST, decorating your and others' hives with your MASTERPIECES of outsider art.

Thankfully you have recently found a DISCARDED HUSKTOP during one of your SCAVENGING MISSIONS and after some tinkering from a friend you can now keep in touch with OTHERS via Trollian. Not that you know many OTHERS outside of your SHANTY TOWN anyway. Perhaps now is the time to EXPAND your HORIZONS.

Your trolltag is exquisiteAgony and you have a >Cringing tenden>Cy to remind others of your weapon of >Choi>Ce, also avoiding those high and mighty >Capital letters.
>> No. 2827
File 129684876462.png - (129.21KB , 818x785 , cerere reference 1.png )
Uuuuuuum. Here's a picture of the OC I'm currently working on. I posted a sprite of her in the sprite thread, but since then I've renamed her and stuff.

Her name is Cerere Piazzi and I'm currently working on her new trolltag, but at the moment it's still watercolorPeppermint.

Maybe I'll do a full reference/bio when I'm not lazy.
>> No. 2840
File 129687055734.png - (6.67KB , 394x324 , whosisthisnumbfuck.png )

Your name is...

aw fuck you sure as hell don't remember it!

Actually, you don't remember many things about yourself.

What kind of idiot are you to even forget your goddamn name?

Geez, what a useless space of existence.

It sure is a fucking wonder how the fuck you made it thus far. Wherever that is!

You sure as fuck aren't a FUCKING SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE but you sure act like one. Goddamnit, you are so damn retarded you tend to BELIEVE WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU LIKE THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Anyways its not like you are going to remember for much longer!

You have a MISTERIOUS MIDNIGHT CALLER who keeps you up the night and thus made you UNABLE TO SLEEP AT HEALTHY HOURS.

This has made you either INCREDIBLY BUBBLY or REALLY CONFUSED, which makes you quite USELESS and ANNOYING if it couldn't get any worse.

Your lusus is a BIGASS WALRUS who has made it its top priority to look after your stupidity and pretty much REJECTS your wishes to play and mingle among OTHER TROLLS.

Your HIVE is not exactly a HIVE but a CAVE BY A WATERFALL and tends to be GLACIAL COLD.

You wear the COMPASS ROSE as your sign, whatever that means and thread COLORFUL PEARLS in your hair and attire.

Your troll tag is dreamingGeminia and you tend to be REEEALLY EXCITED!! and proooooloooooong your wooooooooooooooords in a sea of constant GIGGLING.

>> No. 2842
Oh hey there, m/|d|y crazy |ady.
>> No. 2843
hee hee!!

heeeeeeeeey!! ◘3◘!!
>> No. 2844
I have a question i was hoping someone could answer...
how the hell do you guys draw the HS sprites so GD well? Im getting frustrated over here 8(
>> No. 2845
Time and patience!
>> No. 2846
Ive tried but my clock broke and i smashed some eight balls 8D But i try and i cant seem to make it look right 8/ i dont know what im doing wrong.
>> No. 2861
File 129698116374.png - (40.40KB , 620x667 , wowIambeingespeciallymeantonight.png )
I will stop being mean to Sadako when it stops being so easy.
>> No. 2869
File 129700741957.png - (23.30KB , 550x700 , zarniq.png )
Your name is ZARNIQ ARZENA. You are a huge fan of SCI-FI FILMS, most particularly a tale that follows the SPACE KNIGHTS, an elite team of WARRIORS WHO HAVE MYSTERIOUS PSIONIC POWERS,and travel the galaxies, DEFEATING THE EVIL SPACE KNIGHTS. Your Lusus forbids you to leave the house, so you spend all day SLEEPING AND PLAYING FIDUSPAWN, something you enjoy greatly.

Your blood is of a Pale, Cinerous colour, a rare blood that is frowned upon greatly, all Trolls that have it would be culled, were it not HIGHLY TOXIC. Your blood has made you very weak, so your Lusus, a FLINCHBEAST has taught to always to be wary; which has made you SOMEWHAT ANXIOUS. You would never dream of killing anything, but the fact that simply touching your skin can kill even the toughest musclebeasts, you are never allowed outside. Ever. This is made even worse by your RAMPANT STIGMATA.

You use a the rakekind, the chosen weapon for the SPACE KNIGHTS. Your trolltag is anxiouslyArsenous, And you speAk..uhm..well you speak very..well uhh..nervously.. :<
>> No. 2875
File 129702573491.png - (11.99KB , 450x450 , lusus.png )
>> No. 2987
File 129741457448.png - (149.01KB , 650x650 , makris smile.png )
it's been a while since i drew any of the little shit

probably gonna doodle them all smiling blankly into space
>> No. 2988
File 129741467113.png - (120.86KB , 650x650 , luscah smile.png )
you can't draw a Makris without later drawing a Luscah

or vice versa
>> No. 3030
File 129756660052.png - (128.76KB , 651x659 , Denzel Rynlak reference copy.png )
So I decided to be unoriginal and make trolls based off the Chinese Zodiac. Here's the Rat symbol, Denzel. I tried to make his horns look like rodent ears and they just ended up looking like Aradia's horns. OH WELL.
>> No. 3049
File 129762361122.jpg - (43.96KB , 574x626 , AltNyu_notracesleft.jpg )
Planned on drawing one thing, then drew Nyukii instead.

Apparently I just really like drawing alternate realities for the little shits.
Quick explanation for this is Gamzee got off of the slime in this reality and ripped out Nyukii's yellow eye to "purge" the hints of lower blood in him (even though his eye color has nothing to do with blood). Nyukii grew up less happy/derpy in this reality.

I wanted to actually draw a comic about it, but I'm lazy and I can't draw anymore. And I'm not good at blood.
>> No. 3052
File 129763060353.png - (182.64KB , 628x800 , lineandrohydra.png )
Some concept art of Andromeda and Hydra, to go along with Ara [there are two more but they aren't done yet]. Maybe someday I'll stop being lazy and make an adventure. :V
>> No. 3054
File 129763873553.png - (173.76KB , 765x711 , Talmaz Hendit reference copy.png )
And now Talmaz. She's not STRONG like Equius, but she's got some mean punches anyways. Her strifespecibus is Boxing-glove kind.
>> No. 3072
His nose is really mouselike! You're drawings are great.
>> No. 3113
File 129774988938.gif - (8.84KB , 175x240 , Scyllatalk.gif )
A Scylla talking sprite. I did a lot of things on the wrong layer so I likely won't make any other expressions. Such a shame. But here it is anyway, because I like how it turned out.
>> No. 3140
File 129778657875.png - (199.62KB , 744x933 , aelise x fern2.png )
felt like drawing fern and aelise matespritin' it up.
>> No. 3141
File 129778977975.png - (177.18KB , 729x978 , nem buggin fern.png )
and then this dumb crap
>> No. 3144
File 129779807842.png - (51.77KB , 450x340 , snogging.png )
me and a couple of my friends had a pesterchum session going on a while ago
here is my character Ludus and her character Celler snoggin' because she is a wizard with drawing
>> No. 3145
File 129779812059.png - (8.09KB , 428x319 , ZnKMl.png )

>> No. 3147
File 129779823685.jpg - (17.24KB , 180x307 , 167560_1835506006334_1200965754_32211030_5936649_n.jpg )
can i just spam this shit

this is my oc Saltus, eitherwise known as elegantParadox, that kid that tawked wike this on the oc rp board
>> No. 3185
File 129784166349.jpg - (163.40KB , 689x619 , enter_name_by_lunalaughgood-d390vky.jpg )
Your name is RHEIIC STHIRA.

Your trolltag is timelyArbitration and you sspeak with~ a certain ssort of enth~ussiassm. :))

What will you do?
>> No. 3186
File 129784210860.jpg - (225.85KB , 1000x1580 , Aasherref2.jpg )
XD Here is my fan troll. He's a bit of a derp.

Your name is Aasher Karpus.

You enjoy FANTASY NOVELS and VIDEOGAMES. You are LOUD WHEN EXCITED, but only because your hearing SUCKS, not because you want to yell or anything. You are also very STRONG, but again you don't really know your own strength sometimes. You have a few close friends on the INTERNET and you tend to GO WITH THE FLOW when it comes to social situations.

Your lusis is a BEAUTIFUL UNICORN, who is quite openly ashamed of what a CLUMSY SPAZZOID you turned out to be. Still, she puts up with you and watches out for you from afar when you go out into the woods on your own.

Speaking of which, your HIVE is in the middle of the WOODS, and is pretty far from all of your FRIENDS, so you've never really SEEN THEM. You spend a fair amount of time OUTSIDE, trying to be STEALTHY and give your ever-watchful lusis THE SLIP. You have yet to succeed.

Your Modus is set to GRAB BAG, which means you never know what you'll get. NOT VERY USEFUL.

Your Trollian tag is solitaryCrusader, and you punctuate pretty much everything with a face -: D at the beginning, and the end -: 3 and laugh far more than is necessary lolololololol -: ) And sometimes at very inappropriate moments lmao D:-
Aasher's specibus is KNUCKLEKIND. He uses BRASS KUCKLES when in STRIFE.

His medium is THE LAND OF CASTLES AND EARTHQUAKES. His title is the Knight of Silence.
>> No. 3192
File 129785878299.gif - (150.06KB , 768x1000 , THEYTOOKMYFACEJUSTIN.gif )
Your name is Zachaz Kittrak

You have a VARIETY of INTERESTS, such as FINE ART, MUSIC and WORKING OUT. You enjoy MAKING ART, and ARE VERY GOOD AT IT according to your friends. You also like making MUSIC, which you ARE NOT VERY GOOD AT.

Your lusis is a CRITIC OGRE, who uses the paint of slain hoofbeasts mixed with natural dyes to paint MAJESTIC PAINTINGS for the higher classes. He PREFERS TO BE LEFT ALONE, AND IS GENERALLY A GRUMP, though he does take you to SLAUGHTER hoofbeasts for paint.

Your Hive is located on the borders of a FOREST and a DESERT filled with the RAVENOUS UNDEAD. To stay STRONG, you slather yourself in a mixture of hoofbeast blood to make a lotion to fend off the sun as you fight the RAVENOUS UNDEAD that sometimes stumble near your Hive.

Your Trollian tag is artisticJuggernaut: AND! YOU! TALK! IN! A! LOUD! AND! EXCITED! MANNER!
>> No. 3209
File 12978955545.png - (23.43KB , 650x450 , garonn_justaskeikaku.png )
>> No. 3339
File 129825246052.png - (320.36KB , 1205x800 , linecomplete.png )
Full set of design concepts completed, imagination satisfied. For now.
>> No. 3354
File 129828705898.png - (10.46KB , 400x700 , aardex2.png )
I could have sworn I posted this here already but apparently I did not. WELP.
>> No. 3355
File 129828746735.png - (8.58KB , 612x413 , lusus.png )
gonna post twice in a row flert dert

Time for some SABRE-TOOTHED BURROWING CHIRPBEAST lusus! (Guardian to >>3354 >>2416)

She digs so good. She is off in the tunnels a lot of the time, but when she is around the hive she is pretty slow-moving, which means she is good for sleepins. Zzzzz.
>> No. 3362
Hey, somebody else who understands that moles chirp!
>> No. 3370

... They do? That was actually just a reference to the fact that the lusus is partly based on a mole cricket, aahaha! Hence the extra buglimbs and ridiculous little wings.


of course I knew that, everybody knows that, especially me, because I am not stupid or dumb at all.
>> No. 3374
File 129832926349.png - (68.33KB , 800x800 , Shockrodent beast copy.png )
Finally drew up >>3030 shock-rodent beast lusus. It's obsessed with socializing Denzel, and is often adding people to his Trollian without consent. And when it's not trying to socialize it's kid, it's running off and collecting gloworbs aka lightbulbs.
Can you guess the fandoms I ripped off in making it?
>> No. 3380
File 129833618158.png - (1.17MB , 640x640 , dress to kill.png )

...this is Shiina she is derpy and booby
>> No. 3382
File 129833709331.jpg - (123.22KB , 1600x1000 , godmode.jpg )
Ah what the hell, I drew a god mode version too cause why not.

Crixst Apathe
>> No. 3385
File 129834801039.jpg - (68.45KB , 717x1040 , oh man i love grape soda.jpg )
(apologies in advance.)

Your name is PARLEY ILLICH and your creator is extremely friggin' lazy.
bluh bluh obsessed with marine biology bluh bluh never been near the ocean bluh.
FLAILKIND bluh bluh.

Anyways, your trolltag is sassyThalassophile and you ~7ype wi7h all 7th fury of 7he seven seas!