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File 129286688998.png - (12.53KB , 359x364 , EpicFatGay.png )
1142 No. 1142
i invented this character i call Extremely Fat Gay
what do you think?
>> No. 1145
I think this isn't 4chan
>> No. 1147
where did you get that picture of me
>> No. 1152
Sorry, I just thought it was a slightly funny joke.
I will GTFO.
>> No. 1174
I love how everybody here is anonymous.

What the heck does that mask symbolize anyways?
>> No. 1175
Among 4channers that is. I understand it originates from V for Vendetta.
>> No. 1176
A stick-figure wearing the mask is "Epic Fail Guy," or EFG for short. Always depicted in a scene where an awful but well-intentioned mistake is made.

sage for trying to bring a meme into a place where it is irrelevant.
>> No. 1177
this is a bad thread and you should feel bad