[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 128978125454.png - (53.54KB , 587x398 , snore.png )
118 No. 118
A young girl stands sleeps in her room. We could ask her about her name or interests, but unless she sleeptalks we're probably out of luck.
>> No. 120
>Enter name: SCRAWNY MC GEE
>> No. 123
File 128978831920.gif - (332.96KB , 300x207 , RESIZED BLUH.gif )
It seems your name is LIRA MISTHE but you're still too LAZY to get out of BED...
>> No. 137
Alarm clock: Go off.


Cursor: Drop something on Lira's head.
>> No. 146
>Curtain: fly off of the window and hit Lira in the face
>> No. 163
File 128992475147.gif - (286.39KB , 587x398 , OW.gif )
Let's settle for dropping alarm clocks on her head. She seems to have enough of them.
>> No. 164
File 12899248498.png - (59.98KB , 587x398 , liraawake.png )
Alright, alright. You're awake now.
What the hell happened to all of your CLOCKS? You were storing those for something LATER, because none of them have any BATTERIES.

You're already starting to regret leaving the FOURTH WALL open, but you like the fresh air.
>> No. 177
> Inspect contraption on your head
>> No. 179
File 128995106349.png - (55.35KB , 587x398 , emptyroomliravisiony.png )
What are you-?
Oh, right!

You've been wearing this PITCHPIC headset long enough that you sometimes forget about it when you wake up. You suppose it is the same way your FRIENDS always lose their GLASSES.

You turn it on and the room is filled with a sound out of a normal person's hearing range. Your PITCHERPICTURE - one of your AUNT's many inventions - acts as a SONAR device, allowing you to SEE. Or that's what you think the gist of it was. You tried to pay attention, but she talks so fast and uses too many big words.

You've been BLIND your entire 13 years of existence, but you've always found a way to get around. But now you can even play computer games when plugged in. It has led to a variety of INTERESTS, many of which -
>> No. 180
File 128995131241.png - (9.43KB , 587x398 , DOH.png )
GODDAMMIT you forgot to CHARGE it. Good work, SCRAWNY.
>> No. 185
> Fetch your baby walking cane, you baby.
>> No. 194
File 128996736634.gif - (153.35KB , 512x354 , TODAY.gif )
>> No. 197
>Lira: Hit the weights to work off excess arm flub.
>> No. 218
> Investigate what you stumbled over, if you weren't just tripping over your own feet
>> No. 233
>Lira: Do something adorable.
>> No. 300
File 129035651258.png - (109.45KB , 650x500 , liraup.png )
You enter ADORKABLE MODE and feel around on the ground.

Aha, it was your CANE after all! You really should stop leaving this lying around, it's dangerous! Someone could get electrocuted or something!

But at least your COMPUTER and CLOSET are nearby. You can plug your PITCHPIC in to charge and get dressed now that you've stopped being a klutz.
>> No. 301
Yeah so I've been busy/lazy on days I work so bluh! I'll try to be less of a sloth.
>> No. 324
>Lira: Realize you're Curley Brace from Cave Story.
>> No. 338
>Be far too adorable to care.
>> No. 355
File 129056754727.gif - (8.72KB , 285x258 , derp.gif )
You've never looked into the media in question before, you really thought you were closer to your japanese robot girl heroines.

Despite this, it still causes a bit of a derp moment.

You waste a few minutes waving your TASERCANE around stupidly.
>> No. 356
>Lira: Get dressed already.
>> No. 388
File 129067421076.gif - (9.38KB , 306x386 , curlybracea4321ac.gif )

>Lira: Realize that you're in luck, because Curly Brace is in fact a Japanese robot girl heroine so it's all good.
>> No. 409
Is she a heroine or a sidekick?
>> No. 444
Heroine, sort of.

She's playable in the Wii version of the game though!
>> No. 459
Wait really? Fuck now I want a Wii. I'm still stuck with an N64 in the way of Nintendo consoles.
>> No. 463
>> No. 473
She's adorable~! Might have to look into Cave Story sometime... keep hearing about it. Should have some new crap drawn tomorrow because bluh bluh lazy bitch.
>> No. 475
File 129092025567.png - (75.29KB , 1069x396 , liramovetocloset.png )
You have a large collection of BUSOU SHINKI action figures, as well as some random FIGMA and REVOLTECH. You would feel nerdy about this obsession, but these plastic robot girls bring you much comfort.

You will have to start acquiring FANART, posthaste! You also make a note that you have *green* hair and are not a blonde.

You use some of the charge from your TASERCANE to charge your PITCHPIC before storing it safely inside your TASERKIND strife specibus.(not depicted here because I forgot to draw the frame and I really should go to bed..)

You then make your way over to your closet.
>> No. 476
File 129092031422.png - (16.93KB , 467x1018 , clothesoptions.png )
You pick out three of your FAVORITE outfits. You keep things tagged just in case, and because you're used to it.

What should you wear today?
>> No. 480
The second one, it's much classier.
>> No. 484
(my computer monitor is flat glass, so I can't run my fingers over these tags to read them. Hope you don't mind if I translate for the sighted people.)
Spoilers: a - School , b- shirt and skirt , c - simple dress
>> No. 485
Fine by me! I'm not too good with braille myself and some people could possibly be too lazy to find a translation guide.

Hrm... decided to go with another Umineko-related screename for my posting here to match two of my characters. Only one of them breaks the pattern now but he hasn't appeared yet.

>> No. 539
>continue wearing pajamas; much more comfy.
>> No. 551
>Pick C
>> No. 732
File 129156844985.png - (70.74KB , 1069x396 , liraisdressed.png )
After what seems like forever you finally settle on something a little more traditional.

Well, might as well add a bit more colour now that we're all dressed. It's not like you can really TELL or anything being COLOURBLIND, but hey why not?
>> No. 733
>Wonder why your hair is green all of a sudden.
>> No. 734
What are you talking about? Your hair has ALWAYS been this colour.

In fact you'd be a bit worried if your hair were WHITE or something.
>> No. 736


>Lira and Dog: Go on a zany adventure!
>> No. 740
>go make some breakfast!!
>> No. 744
>Lira: Tweet like a bird and shit on your dog.
>> No. 810
>Inspect vaguely round puffy object next to sleeping dog.
>> No. 936
holy crap not dead I swear...
I just totalyl didn't forget about the chan or anything there for a bit.

Okay so christmas season has left me exhausted!
>> No. 978
(This is beautifull and awesome and abdorable! ^_^)

> Examine general tech level, are these kind og gadgets common or do you just have them because of your aunt?