[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129302503377.png - (12.87KB , 50x50 , pchum.png )
1199 No. 1199
Does anyone really use Pesterchum while using their characters? Roleplaying, basically. I think it would be a nice way to get interaction going with the community. If this thread actually goes somewhere... Chumhandle/trolltag/whatever thread?
>> No. 1201
I do believe there's a chumhandle thread on either /home/ or /gen/.
But this may also be more useful for actually roleplaying fancharacters instead of just randomly posting handles.

As soon as I get around to downloading pesterchum again, my handles are atrogiousGoat and omensHarbinger.
>> No. 1203

Maybe we could also post character profiles as some kind of incentive to get people talking to each other?
>> No. 1205
>> No. 1206
I'm a samefag namefag, bluish-cyan text; two dorks I RP for lulz are downtownGrandstand (scarlet) and quiescentWatchman (ultramarine). dG's LOUD and enthusiastic, qW is easily distracted and pretty laconic.
>> No. 1212
I agree with Katie. Maybe we should post our fancharacter chumhandles with an image [if we have one] and a brief profile?
>> No. 1214
Eh, if you want to. Or not. personally, when someone starts pestering with quirks, I automatically think they want to roleplay. If someone starts without any, then they just want to talk. Simple system.

Just don't try to rp with me when I'm rancorous. Won't be in the mood.
>> No. 1220
I'm up for roleplaying anytime.
>> No. 1221
I use pesterchum when Rping sometimes. Try and guess what my chumhandle is. :p
>> No. 1224
I'm usually on as courtesyChromaticity. If I'm on, there's a 99% chance I'm in the mood for RP, so hit me up~
>> No. 1240
zanyZinger is one of my 12 human characters. I get on as more when I finish developing them.
>> No. 1244
Pic of him
>> No. 1252
File 129315261889.png - (16.34KB , 442x517 , fantrollololol.png )
k why not
>> No. 1253
File 129315286890.png - (21.40KB , 650x450 , verfakepan.png )
sorry I'm being a huge fag and making a new post for each character, dur.
>> No. 1254
File 129315289671.png - (68.54KB , 1017x645 , vh.png )
ok last one!!
>> No. 1256
Also just to let you know, I also have JudgmentInquisitor for >>775. Basically all my chumhandles besides (non-Ranc) crimsonTorchbearer is open for roleplay.
>> No. 1259
>> No. 1263
inexplicableSigns, troll, TalkS LikE ThiS.
reverbRepeater, human, talks pleeeeeeenty normal.
computerDestroyer, troll, Talks like thi*BZZT* OW like this.

All open to RP nonsense, although RR is starting a session now.
>> No. 1666
But yeah, as an updated set of troll characters...

courtesyChromaticity is my character Gramma Notodei, a spoiled girl with an interest for complementary colors and types with a paaaassion 4 the nummmmber 4.

The other troll I have is a girl named Askla. Her trolltag is medicativeDocility, And Ssshe Capitalizesss The Firssst Letter Of Every Word, Asss Well Asss Addsss A Hisss To The Letter S.
>> No. 1669

Roleplay anytime I'm on.
>> No. 1699
I go on as blackoutKinesis as a troll AND my main account, but if you ask I can go on and chat/roleplay as a diff. troll.
>> No. 1948
I'm always on as slumberingCatalyst. Sometimes I'm a normal human, but I'm my troll quite often.
>> No. 1954
File 129432308892.png - (8.95KB , 500x500 , 110101.png )
Oh uh.

I'm so sorry, I drew this with a mouse and it looks horrible.

Well, 1'm appliedUnobuntium, and 1'm n0t sure 1f 1'm dead 0r n0t. 1 tend t0 speak 1n a very detached manner m0st 0f the t1me, and my fa1rly large r0b0t1c b0dy 1s all rather very hard t0 m0ve ar0und 1n s0met1mes. 1 d0 try t0 be as p0l1te as p0ss1ble t0 every0ne, and am t0ld that 1 am rather humble t00, but 1'm n0t sure 1f 1 agree w1th that s0 well. I tend t0 c0nfuse b1nary w1th c0mm0n letters, and f0r that, 1 am s0rry.

RP ava1lable, but 1 am capable 0f just talk1ng t00.
>> No. 2631
i'm on as acapellaWaterfall. aW has not much going on so you can just talk to good ol Penthe until I work out the kinks. OR you can help me work out said kinks, or wait until I work them out myself.

Your call.
>> No. 2687

I like to roleplay quite a lot.
>> No. 2693

Hey you tried to get at me earlier! I passed out. Obviously. ><; Hopefully next time our paths cross and I won't be dead in bed.
>> No. 2705
digitalSamurai. Catch me on|/ne, g/ve me a ho||er. / am an RP shenan/gans account.
>> No. 2721
you keep ignoring me :C
I'm talking to you right now
>> No. 2727
/feels like she's spamming her accounts. oh wait she is.

One of the three is in use at the moment :3


/strider thumbs up
>> No. 2730
highwayMaterialist. Still developing this character, but it'll be ok. :3
>> No. 2731
oh hey, didn't realize there was a PC board on OC.
inconcistentDoppelganger. I like to roleplay. Don't be surprised if I copy your quirk.
>> No. 2734
analogNexus speaks sp34ks 1n 4 rn4n0r 7h47 c4n 83 h4rd 70 d3c0d3 4nd 0nly g37s rn0r3 d1ff1cul7 vv17h 34ch p3s73r1ng Ie i havent exactly worked out a good quirk yet so I make it up as i go along. :P
>> No. 2786
File 129669447961.png - (197.66KB , 547x899 , katillian.png )
Your name is Katillian Zer and you know full well that your name doesn't fit with most of your kind. You don't have time to pursue any of your interests except for serving your boss. You strive to climb the ever growing ladder of success so that one day you can serve directly under your Empress. Your trollhandle is systematicSilhouette and you spe@k using the ch@t-friendly version of @ schw@.

[Picture by Steph because I have yet to draw a good version of her.]
>> No. 2787

>> No. 2789
>your name doesn't fit with most of your kind.
Screw that rule it's only for the Hivebent Trolls.

Take a look at Humans. Does every single fucking human have a four letter name? No? Then why should trolls have names of six-six?
>> No. 2792
That is a valid point. I just didn't want people bitching at me because I didn't have a 6-6 name. I liked the one Steph made up and so I kept it.
>> No. 2821
So... does anyone actually ever come on regularly? :X The people I have added are either never on or I have the worst time ever...
>> No. 2824
I think it's mainly because we're unorganized.

I mean we post our contacts but we don't know who's on, we just wait for someone to contact us rather than planning.
>> No. 2828

AcapellaWaterfall is basically always online. Sometimes I forget to log out and just pass out in bed so you might not actually reach me for a few hours.
>> No. 2829
hee hee! I guess some time zone posting is in order!

PST Zone here!

I try to be online most of the time because gosh, this sure is addictive !


◘3◘/ blub blub blub!
>> No. 2830
Im english and at the time of posting it is 10:00pm exactly.
>> No. 2838
systematicSilhouette will be on whenever I am, which is most everyday in the evening. EST for me.
>> No. 2839
Oh, timezones? PST here. I'm usually on in the evenings on weekdays, and pretty much constantly on weekends.
>> No. 2841
I've been hanging out on PC as omensHarbinger if anybody wants to yap at me. I've never been in character around anyone who wasn't already a friend, so I welcome anybody who wants to deal with a crazy girl obsessed with the number 4. ( But I am too timid to take the initiative. ''; )
OH is Fern, who is this lady: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/316/6/d/omensharbinger_by_fauxmonstur-d32qbwc.png
>> No. 2853
Hey I decided I uh, well I decided to chAnge my troll if thAts..ok?
So if you maybe hAd me Added As! callousAureAte, well you cAn probably find me As! anxiouslyArsenous, I guess.. :<
>> No. 2856
hee hee! you sound sooo cute!!
◘3◘ glub glub glub!
>> No. 2860
File 129696356960.jpg - (38.16KB , 887x264 , shittylineup.jpg )
favonianAdvisor: yellow-blooded scientist and, whenever he's not working, wanna-be relationship counselour who types in a very Distinct and Articulate Manner.
dolorousFiat: maroon-blooded FLarp gamemaster/referee who can't wait to go offplanet and 1s +1red of dea11ng w1+h peop1e's sh1+.
amplifiedAggro: purpleblooded FLarper, who tends to be very anxious and eager. he has a pronounced t-t-t-tendency to st-t-tutter???

EST, usually on during the evening~
>> No. 2876
File 129702745487.jpg - (22.63KB , 147x467 , aurant02.jpg )
Your name is Aurant Henoxy and you are WELL ON TRACK to being the COOLEST KID EVER, if you just ignore the badly drawn portrait. You spend your time ONLINE, learning about GENTLEMANLY things and obsessing over anything involving TROLLOCK HOLMES. Your trollhandle is cautionaryAscorabate and you speak with certain EMPHASIS on your words.

PST, always on unless sleep/work/school. Also always up to RP. :)
>> No. 2880
You are RHYS CAUPER, a mere HUMAN who spends time writing shitty sceneplays in your head while daydreaming about being a fireman deep down on a subconscious level. Your PesterChum is balmyHellion, and you prefer to talk longwinded with plenty of words and synonyms, because you hate repetition.

You tend to be on randomly, but when you are, anything is game.
>> No. 2937
File 129728350753.png - (171.42KB , 640x480 , arahusktop.png )
I finally upgraded my OS and can use Pesterchum now! You can find me around mainly on the weekends as exquisiteAgony, and we can either talk like actual people, or you >Can amuse yourself bugging a mildly >Cranky troll named ara>Cas who just got his first >Computer and is trying to figure out this dumb >Crap.
>> No. 2945
This little freak here

I'm always open for RP. That is if you are open for some ETERNAL HEADACHES and MASSIVE GIGGLES.
All the giggles.
All of them.

>> No. 2951
File 129730016242.png - (38.16KB , 200x200 , avatartumblr2.png )
Name: Vobira Basila
TH: anguillaNuntia
I won't be availU~bU~l tonight, bU~t I'm oftU~n online, sssso feel free tU~ drop me a line.
>> No. 2955
My pesterchum currently won't connect to the internet, but as soon as it does I'll be hanging out as paragonDerivative. :D
>> No. 2959
File 129733040692.png - (81.55KB , 485x657 , Crixst2.png )
May the fun begin!
>> No. 3050
File 129762425254.png - (8.47KB , 306x445 , smile1.png )

i'm always up for rp if i'm on~
>> No. 3156
File 129781479874.png - (47.79KB , 649x445 , melmeneinteract.png )
oh, and there's also artificialImmutation ~
>> No. 3157
File 129781485634.png - (10.79KB , 338x402 , Denzel Alterniabound sprite.png )
twitchyLockpicker for Denzel.
>> No. 3178
File 129783320549.png - (4.20KB , 165x265 , azazelabsprite1.png )

Fully RP Trollian account. Do what you like, just be aware that if you message me, I'll be in full character. Other than that, I'm always up for RP when I'm online. Don't be shy; it's better than me just fucking around bored all day.
>> No. 3300
File 129814380673.png - (13.88KB , 360x394 , pteropas.png )
Your trolltag is comradeChekisty and you type in a formal manner vith wery few mistakes.
>> No. 3309
Denzel is online atm, if anyone wants to bug him. He's pretty paranoid, should be a barrel of laughs.
>> No. 3312
File 129818159034.png - (4.89KB , 190x222 , earthtroll.png )
feralAnomaly ready for +rolling!!!! 8)
>> No. 3332
File 129824243066.jpg - (16.95KB , 164x221 , scylla_sprite.jpg )
solarBarnicle --> calm and speaks within a manner that seems long and intriguing, never uses periods at the end of her sentences, is very sociable
>> No. 3337
just so you know, as of now, courtesyChromaticity will probably be on for a few hours~ come and pester or troll me!
>> No. 3338
I'm always online in the day time, so feel free to troll or pester me
Come back online, ssssssugar ;)
>> No. 3340
File 12982529662.png - (229.92KB , 900x1500 , AI2.png )
Name: avianInfluenza

Personality: He's probably going to hate you.
>> No. 3345
cailen crow you magnificent bastard what are you doing on this chan i love you forever
>> No. 3346
File 129826933977.png - (107.61KB , 900x1034 , asgardianBlackout01.png )

>> No. 3686
File 129895152618.gif - (4.34KB , 224x273 , fantroll2.gif )

Come and talk to Devlin!
>> No. 3721
File 129902005557.png - (233.56KB , 400x600 , teriphprofile.png )

my n4me is teriph qu4tre. hit me up if you seeee me online. we c4n rp if you w4nt, or just ch4t if you don't.
>> No. 3775
File 129919987420.png - (3.85KB , 163x237 , albiri.png )
hi guy2.
I ju2t di2covered thi2 internet thing 2o... I don't really know what I'm doing I gue22. mom 2aid I 2hould try talking to 2ome people online?
if anyone want2 to come talk to me I'm happy to ch-chat anytime really. 2uppo2edly I'm a pretty good li2tener.

anyway my trolltag i2 algidHalcyon.
>> No. 3786
File 129921126132.png - (5.47KB , 257x288 , stealthToxifier.png )
stealthToxifier is my main char's and probably the only one that'll be around primarily.