[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129329271527.png - (26.18KB , 768x711 , webcamlumenn.png )
1291 No. 1291
General fantroll RP thread I guess

-- kilowattsKinesis [KK] began a videochat --

is this thing working. god i hope it is.
alright i'm glad that twelfth perigee's eve is over. we can stop throwing faux hospitality around like it was a box of cheap cigars.
>> No. 1292
File 129330475043.png - (15.63KB , 650x711 , tdcam.png )
-- tangentDiscotheque [TD] entered the videochat --

TD: *yes_it_is_working
TD: *youre_lookin_pretty_gravy_this_perigees
TD: *anyone_else_coming
>> No. 1293
File 129330811526.png - (25.63KB , 734x695 , youarestupid.png )
KK: i.
KK: what.
KK: if everyone else talks like that i hope they don't come.
KK: who uses gravy as an adjective.
KK: why.
>> No. 1294
TD: *man_youre_totally_harshing_the_vibe_man
TD: *its_like_its_perigees_man
TD: *can_you_dig_it
TD: *i_think_you_can
TD: *like_dig_em
TD: *he_was_a_groovy_frogster
>> No. 1295
KK: okay dude what.
KK: we're just gonna keep delving into more obscure slang aren't we.
KK: it's not gonna stop.
KK: is it.
KK: also only dumb little grubs celebrate perigees.
KK: e.g. you.
>> No. 1296

TD: *this_slang_isnt_obscure_my_friend
TD: *its_solid_gold_vintage_man
TD: *just_take_a_whiff_of_it_man
TD: *smells_like_memories_and_____
TD: *and_____
TD: *well_like_old_stuff_but_thats____
TD: *man___
TD: *and_perigees_is_for_everyone
TD: *its_the_reason_for_the_season
TD: *perigees_and_peace
>> No. 1297
KK: peace.
KK: well we aren't gonna get any peace any time soon.
KK: as long as there are two people in the galaxy.
KK: somebody is gonna want someone else dead.
>> No. 1298

TD: *oh_no_man_that_philosophys_all_negatory_man
TD: *man_its_like_if_there_are_two_trolls_left
TD: *in_like_the_whole_galaxy
TD: *thats_like_love_right_there_man
TD: *thats_some_groovy_destiny
TD: *funkadelic_hemospectral_love_rainbows
TD: ***
TD: *man
>> No. 1299
KK: honestly it depends on who's the two people left.
KK: and also shut the fuck up.
KK: your talking privilege has been revoked because you are a gigantic fuckwad.
>> No. 1300

TD: *oh_dont_be_like_that
TD: *we_gotta_stick_together
TD: *before_the_man_comes_and_revokes_all_our_privileges
TD: *our_freedom_man
TD: *the_man_wants_to_pillage_all_our_groove_my_brother
TD: *unite_man
TD: *unity
>> No. 1301
KK: unity my ass.
KK: i mean do you even KNOW what you're saying?
KK: what man.
KK: i see.
KK: no.
KK: man.
>> No. 1302

TD: *you_cant_see_the_man_man
TD: *but_hes_there
TD: *trying_to_put_a_lock_down_on_your_freedom
TD: *like_the_empire_keeping_a_watch_on_you
TD: *acting_like_they_dont_care_when_theyre_up_in_your_BUSINESS
TD: *its_all_about_control_man
TD: *try_to_be_happy
TD: *living_in_a_world_of_oceans_and_rainbows
TD: *and_the_man_says_no_you_cant_have_the_sea
TD: *thats_for_the_sea_trolls_man
TD: *well_if_we_rose_up_and_said_no
TD: *with_all_this_unity
TD: *man_that_would_be_over
TD: *any_troll_could_be_an_admiral_of_his_fleet_of_dreams
TD: *groovy_dreams_man
>> No. 1303
KK: okay you are now 20 times more tool.
KK: why would you even want to go to sea. it's full of snobby shitty ass hipster sea dwellers anyway.
KK: it's better to keep 'em where they belong.
KK: away from us.
KK: or more specifically.
KK: away from me.
>> No. 1304

TD: *man_not_under_the_sea
TD: *they_can_have_that
TD: *i_just_want_the_topside_man
TD: *waves_and_telescopes_and_that_salt_smell
TD: *my_lusus_is_from_the_sea_man_but_now_hes_stuck_out_here
TD: *its_way_harsh_man
TD: *way_negative_sad
TD: *i_feel_you_though_my_brother
TD: *we_all_know_the_seas_dangerous
TD: *and_what_kind_of_negative_harsh_scum_floats_on_it_out_there
>> No. 1305
KK: well at least we can agree on something.
KK: seadwellers are absolute scum.
KK: i have never met one of those gilled arses that have been pleasant to talk to.
KK: then again i don't find anyone pleasant to talk to.
>> No. 1306

TD: *well_theyre_not_who_im_talking_about_but_groovy
TD: *i_dont_wanna_talk_about_the_other_thing
TD: *you_start_talking_about_one_of_them_and_its_like_man
TD: *speak_of_the_degil_and_the_degil_shall_appear_man
TD: *out_on_the_sea_id_rather_be_getting_my_captain_on
TD: *of_the_crunch_variety
TD: *id_promote_him_to_admiral
TD: *sail_on_his_ship_of_sweetness_and_honor
TD: *freedom_man
>> No. 1307
KK: are we talking about breakfast cereal now.
KK: it's hard to keep track with you.
>> No. 1308

TD: *yeah_you_dig_me_right
TD: *cereal
TD: *only_its_not_just_for_grubs
TD: *thats_more_of_the_man_there
TD: *like_silly_hopbeast
TD: *trix_are_for_grubs
TD: *no_man_theyre_for_everyone
>> No. 1309
KK: what are you even saying now.
KK: is there supposed to be a hidden meaning or something.
KK: like a hidden surprise in a wholesome bowl of shutthehellup-o's.
KK: there we go we're back to cereal.
>> No. 1310

TD: *yeah_maybe_if_you_can_focus_on_it
TD: *i_got_a_karmic_message_in_my_alphabits_one_time
TD: *it_was_like
TD: *way_deep_my_friend
TD: *took_me_years_to_figure_it_out
>> No. 1311
File 129331383244.png - (20.34KB , 734x695 , okayno.png )
KK: you've gotta be kidding me.
>> No. 1312
File 129331451091.png - (14.32KB , 650x450 , tdcam2.png )

TD: *i_dont_joke_man
>> No. 1313
KK: for god's sake man.
KK: how gestonkered are you.
>> No. 1314

TD: *gestonkered_thats_a_harsh_word_man
TD: *i_just_get_way_existential_man
TD: *im_totally_cherry_man
TD: *these_peepers_are_orange_but_my_eyes_see_all_the_colors_man
>> No. 1315
KK: ugh hold on i exited out of urban dictionary it'll take a while to translate all that shit.
KK: you know what i'm just gonna assume cherry means sober and peepers are those atrocious clementine tinted glasses of yours.
>> No. 1316
KK: did he leave.
KK: if so.
KK: next asshat, please.
>> No. 1317

TD: *yeah_i_think_you_got_it_man
TD: *clementines_a_groovy_word_for_orange_too
TD: *i_might_have_to_start_using_that
TD: *man_i_glad_we_had_this_time_to_get_to_know_each_other
TD: *just_you_and_me
TD: *i_wonder_when_the_rest_of_the_rainbows_gonna_show_up
>> No. 1318
KK: no.
KK: god damn no. i don't want to know you and i don't want you to know me.

This is wonderful. I just wish there were more people.
>> No. 1319

TD: *aw_mean_dont_be_so_harsh
TD: *denials_all_rude_to_yourself
TD: *who_opened_this_videochat
TD: *ill_tell_you_who
TD: *it_was_your_soul_man
TD: *all_calling_out_to_me
TD: *like_come_on_over_man
TD: *and_bring_some_captain_crunch
TD: *and_here_i_am
TD: *with_some_capn_for_your_heart
TD: *crunchatize_me

Well, you did pick Christmas Day to start this thing.

But yes, when IS the rest of the rainbow going to show up? MSPaint a crappy webcam pic of your troll and get in on this!

>> No. 1320
File 129331841993.png - (89.02KB , 453x500 , Acidwing reply 1.png )
-- corrosiveJustice [CJ] entered the videochat--

CJ: Well, we're cccccertainly in the holiday ssssspirit aren't we?
CJ: I happen to enjoy thisssss 'sssssupposssssed' hossssspitality, it'sssss one of the few timesssss a year crime ssssslowsssss down and I can relax for a bit.
>> No. 1321
KK: oh my lord.

Haha, yeah. I usually just hang out with my family all day long the day before on Christmas Eve so.
>> No. 1322
KK: eyerape green and vomit colored tangarine.
KK: joy.
>> No. 1323
TD: *are_you_a_superhero
TD: *oh_man_that_is_so_far_out
TD: *i_think_i_recognize_you
TD: *did_you_ever_have_a_cereal
>> No. 1324
CJ: Acccccid coloursssss tend to be eyerape, yessss.
>> No. 1325
CJ: A cccccereal? No, that'sssss never happened to me. Though, I'm curiousssss now, where did you sssssee me before?
>> No. 1326
KK: what is with you and cereal man.
>> No. 1327

TD: *i_dont_know
TD: *maybe_im_just_confusing_you_with_someone_else
TD: *do_children_ever_chase_you_around
TD: *bein_all_way_rude_trying_to_get_at_whats_yours
>> No. 1328

TD: *man_whats_not_with_me_and_cereal
TD: *negativity_thats_what
TD: *all_sorts_of_bliss_and_groovy_happiness_happen_when_you_got_some_good_cereal_man
>> No. 1329
KK: the only things I have in my hive is trollios.
KK: those things are fucking bland.
>> No. 1330
CJ: Unlesssss you're talking about sssssome sssssort of child criminal, that occuranccccce hasssss never happened.
CJ: And besssssidesssss, if sssssomeone tried to get at my ssssstuff, I would sssssimply melt off their handsssss.
CJ: I mean, I'd only do it if they were criminalsssss.
>> No. 1331
KK: so what's up with the whole super hero ordeal.
>> No. 1332
File 129332122450.png - (24.48KB , 545x574 , moreorlessexactlywhatyouaskedfor.png )
-- insufferablePrick [IP] entered the videochat --

IP: Well I'm not ex^ctly sure wh^t's going on here
IP: But I'll go ^he^d ^nd wish you ^ll ^ h^ppy perigees.
IP: ^ssuming you deserve it
IP: Which to be f^ir ^ lot of you prob^bly dont'.
>> No. 1333

TD: *well_thats_because_trollios_are_like
TD: *the_mans_cereal
TD: *they_always_give_them_to_the_lusii_and_say
TD: *hey_give_this_to_grubs
TD: *so_theyll_grow_up_all_conforming_to_their_man_norms_man
TD: *you_gotta_ditch_the_trollios_man
TD: *also_they_taste_like_shit

TD: *oh_man_wait
TD: *no_thats_lucky_charms_im_sorry
TD: *but_the_whole_vigilante_sounding_thing_thats_far_out_baby
>> No. 1334

TD: *hey_man_welcome_to_the_perigees_lovefest_my_friend
>> No. 1335
KK: i know someone who probably doesn't.
KK: his trolltag initials start with t and end with tacky as fuck orange shades.
KK: alright breakfast expert what the hell do i eat then.
>> No. 1336
[spoilers]starts* and ends* What the fuck brain[/spoiler]
>> No. 1337
Auggggggggh. How do I spoiler. I'm out of it today.
>> No. 1338
CJ: Alternia needssss sssssome sssssort of hero to keep thingsssss in order.
CJ: I mean, mossssst trollsssss jussssst do what they want, and a lot of thossssse wantsssss are of the dassssstardly sssssort.
CJ: Ssssso I took it upon myssssself to help prevent thessssse dark desssssiresssss coming to fruition.
>> No. 1339
CJ: Thank you. It'sssss alwaysssss niccccce to have sssssupport from othersssss.
>> No. 1340
KK: lame.
>> No. 1341
Aw crap I gotta run. Hope to be back for this later though!
>> No. 1342
>> No. 1343

TD: *i_dont_know_man
TD: *my_lusus_goes_out_hunting_and_he_always_brings_back_cereal_in_his_beak_man
TD: *sometimes_a_fish_but_then_its_like_perigees_all_over_again
TD: *like_man_its_a_fish_lets_celebrate
TD: *he_had_some_guys_wireless_cellular_distance_communicator_one_time_too
>> No. 1345
IP: Either th^t or you just enjoy melting f^ces
IP: ^nd found yourself ^ w^y to justify it.
IP: Oh w^it she left.
IP: Weird.
IP: The only bre^kf^st item my lusus de^ls in is coffee.
IP: Loving the sh^des by the w^y.
>> No. 1346
KK: all my lusus does is hiss at me and get in my business.
>> No. 1363
File 129337339346.gif - (43.58KB , 585x476 , Iamnotamused.gif )
-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] entered the videochat --

JI:C> l[]wblooDs, l[]wblooDs everywhere.

JI:C> we D[]n't neeD []rder, all we need is justice!
JI:C> anD it Doesn't neeD t[] come from a green-bl[][]D such as y[]urself.
JI:C> though I will aDmit, i'm surpriseD that s[]me[]ne as l[]wbl[][]D as y[]u unDerstanDs such virtue.

JI:C> Ha! I take back what I saiD, greenbl[][]D, if what balDie saiD is true! y[]u may carry []n with y[]ur crusaDe.

JI:C> anD y[]u, I'm keeping my eye []n. I have never met a c[]ncealeD bl[][]DeD tr[]ll that I can trust.
JI:C> but en[]ugh with the formalities.
JI:C> back at the t[]pic at hanD, at least y[]ur lusus D[]esn't wanDer []ff f[]r wh[] kn[]ws where.
JI:C> []r st[]p y[]ur fights.
>> No. 1365
KK: what.
KK: oh fuck you.
KK: it's none of your business what my blood is.
>> No. 1366

JI:C> shrug me off if y[]u want. it's n[]t like y[]u can change the c[]l[]r anyway.
JI:C> it's pr[]bably s[]mething l[]w like br[]wn []r mar[][]n anyway.
JI:C> why else w[]ulD y[]u hide it?
JI:C> Never seen a bluebl[][]D that w[]ulD be embarrasseD t[] sh[]w their bl[][]D.
>> No. 1367
KK: ..you know what shut your ugly blue blooded snob trap okay.
>> No. 1368

JI: Excuse me? D[] n[]t put me in that gr[]up, thank y[]u very much knave.
JI: blue may be acceptable, but I have richer bl[][]D than that.
>> No. 1369
KK: do you think i care?
KK: whatever dumb fruity ass color of blood on the rainbow anus spectrum you have doesn't matter to me.
KK: you are still gay and dumb.
>> No. 1370
>> No. 1371

JI:C> y[]ur anger amuses me.
JI:C> >|-)
JI:C> als[] I'm happy and stupiD? that D[]esn't even make sense!
>> No. 1372
-- tangentDiscotheque [TD] began videochatting --

TD: *oh_man_whats_with_all_this_strife_man
TD: *all_the_colors_theyre_in_the_rainbow_man
TD: *its_like
TD: *color
TD: *thats_just_like_life_man
TD: *color_everywhere
>> No. 1373
KK: what are you even saying.
KK: alternian motherfucker.
KK: do you speak it.
>> No. 1374

JI:C> ...y[]u Disgust me.
JI:C> and it's n[]t because []f y[]ur bl[][]Dstatus, heretic.
JI:C> regarDless, I merely stated the []bvi[]us and my []pini[]n. he's the []ne wh[] g[]t rileD up []ver n[]thing.
JI:C> in which, is entertaining as well.
>> No. 1375

TD: *yeah_i_do_speak_it
TD: *i_just_dont_understand_it_man
TD: *just_because_my_computers_ten_sweeps_old_dont_mean_my_views_have_to_be
TD: *rainbows_and_happiness_man_thats_the_future
TD: *everyone_living_together_helping_each_other_out
TD: *one_day_man
>> No. 1376

TD: *oh_man_guys_its_the_man
TD: *man_i_warned_you
TD: *here_he_is_all_manning_it_up_in_here_man
TD: *keeping_us_down
TD: *man_we_need_our_unity_man
>> No. 1377
KK: yeah it's the man what do you suppose we do braniac.
>> No. 1378

JI:C> y[]ur c[]mplements will n[]t save y[]u fr[]m my wrath, heretic!
JI:C> y[]ur blasphem[]us ways will c[]me t[] an enD.
JI:C> anD when my lusus c[]mes back, there will be n[]where y[]u can hiDe.
JI:C> there WILL be justice! D-|<
>> No. 1379
KK: haha you need your lusus to solve your problems.
KK: okay you are like 10 times more pathetic.
>> No. 1380

TD: *yeah_man_if_you_need_your_lusus_man_to_do_it_for_you_man
TD: *thats_just_like
TD: *well_its_like_a_downer_man
TD: *i_mean_im_all_in_a_meditative_state_most_of_the_day_man
TD: *focusing_so_hard_on_my_inner_peace_man
TD: *man
TD: *damn_i_lost_my_train_of_thought_man
TD: *what_does_your_little_C>_thing_mean_man_the_man
>> No. 1381
KK: i think it's a shield.
KK: which is funny since one of my specibi is shieldkind.
>> No. 1382

JI:C> mere w[]rDs will n[]t affect a r[]yal palaDin such as myself. bark as much as y[]u want.
JI:C> but I will p[]int []ut that I D[]n't need her f[]r c[]mbat.
JI:C> It's just that I'm stuck in my gl[]ri[]us islanD, anD she's my []nly way int[] the mainlanD.
JI:C> and I alreaDy t[]lD y[]u, mr.my-bl[][]D-is-t[][]-p[][]r-t[]-be-sh[]wn, that my lusus wanDers []ut with[]ut my kn[]wleDge.
JI:C> quite ir[]nic, really, c[]nsiDering the fact that y[]u calleD me stupiD, anD it turns []ut y[]u d[]n't even listen.
JI:C> n[] w[]nDer y[]ur keeping y[]ur bl[][]dc[]l[]r hiDDen, y[]u'd shame tr[]lls with y[]ur c[]l[]r everywhere.
>> No. 1383
KK: why would i take time out of my mundane shitty life to memorize details of your mundane shitty life.
KK: it just doesn't add up.
>> No. 1384
File 12933990902.png - (35.66KB , 585x476 , waitwhat.png )

JI:C>hiddenbl[][]D, y[]u're a shieldkind t[][]?
>> No. 1385
KK: uh.
KK: yeah.
>> No. 1386

JI:C>alright, truce. Despite the fact that I am superi[]r in every way, D[]n't give tw[] shits ab[]ut y[]u, anD the fact that y[]ur probably mar[][]n bl[][]D, we shielDkinDs neeD t[] stick t[]gether.
JI:C>but I'm still kicking the heretic's ass n[]ne the less.
>> No. 1387
KK: no.
>> No. 1388

JI:C> l[]wly w[]rm. I DiDn't say y[]u haD t[] answer.
JI:C> seri[]usly, with[]ut y[]ur c[]l[]r, y[]u have n[] []pini[]n.
JI:C> s[] Due t[] my high caste, I DiD what any paliDin w[]uld D[] anD maDe the liberty []f making the Decisi[]n f[]r y[]u.
JI:C> and now we're truce'D!
JI:C> |-)
JI:C> but that D[]esn't mean I have t[] like it.
>> No. 1389
KK: oh let's see.
KK: no.
KK: and...
KK: no.
KK: wow that was so hard wasn't it??????
>> No. 1391

JI:C>Can't hear you.
JI:C>being superi[]r.
>> No. 1392

TD: *wow_man_you_need_to_lighten_up_man
TD: *were_all_free_trolls_all
TD: *like
TD: *breathing_the_same_air_man
TD: *unless_youre_one_of_those_cats_what_lives_underwater_but_waters_just_like
TD: *like_really_thick_air_man
TD: *that_you_can_drink
TD: *man____
TD: ***
TD: *what_if_you_could_drink_the_air_man
TD: *thatd_be_groovy_baby
>> No. 1393

IP: Now it's funny th^t you're bitching him out for hiding something
IP: Bec^use I re^lly c^n't see ^ny other re^son for we^ring ^ helmet in your own hive during ^ convers^tion.
IP: That your'e hiding something is the re^son
IP: If I w^sn't m^king th^t cle^r.
>> No. 1394

IP: Whoops.
IP: Kind of fucked up the punctu^tion on th^t l^st bit.
>> No. 1395

JI:C> quit spreaDing lies.
JI:C> n[] []ne is equal.
JI:C> n[] []ne will ever be.
JI:C> it's a lie t[] weeD []ut the weak.
JI:C> anD it is my []wn sw[]rn Duty that I must vanquish liars.
JI:C> n[]w if y[]u excuse me, I g[]tta prepare.

-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] left the videochat --
>> No. 1396

-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] entered the videochat --

JI:C> I'm hiDing n[]thing!
JI:C> I'm n[]t hiDing anything!
JI:C> questi[]n the helmet and I'll fucking bash y[]ur brains in.
JI:C> piss []ff, yell[]wbl[][]D!!!

-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] left the videochat --
>> No. 1397
KK: great.
KK: bye dumb fagbutt.
>> No. 1398

Since when did trolls know there are words for being homosexual?[/nerd]
>> No. 1399

TD: *oh_look_at_that_man
TD: *right_on_the_money
TD: *you_call_her_on_the_think_pan_armor_and_she_buggers_right_off
TD: *but_whatever_some_people_just_cant_see_how_negative_theyre_being
TD: *wonder_what_shes_preparing_for
>> No. 1400
I don't know. kK already has a pretty fucked up vocabulary for even SAYING fagbutt so he probably doesn't even know what he's saying half the time.
>> No. 1401
KK: that was a chick.
KK: what.
>> No. 1402

TD: *were_you_even_looking_at_the_video_feed_man
TD: *looked_like_a_lady_to_me_man
>> No. 1403
KK: well i didn't really pat attention.
KK: i'm dearly sorry.
>> No. 1404
--corrosiveJustice re-entered chat--

CJ: Okay, remember when I sssssaid crime had sssssettled down? Yeah that wasssss a lie.
CJ: Prime example of how much law and order isssss needed in thisssss placcccce.
CJ: Ssssso, what did I misssss?
>> No. 1405

TD: *aw_man_just_some_chick_ranting_about_justice_and_blood_baby
TD: *this_chick_was_major_establishment_baby
TD: *like_a_total_downer_man
>> No. 1406
KK: yeah she blowed completely.
>> No. 1407
KK: or blew.
KK: who.
KK: cares.
>> No. 1408

IP: ^ str^nge wom^n in ^rmor w^s r^nting ^bout something or other.
IP: You two would h^ve gotten ^long f^mously.
>> No. 1409
KK: flamboyant green acid girl and flighty armor broad adventures.
KK: worst sitcom ever.
KK: or best.
KK: maybe both.
>> No. 1410
CJ: I sssssee. Well, I guesssss the sssssacrificcccce had to be made between meeting a compatriot and ssssstopping criminalsssss.
CJ: Ssssspeaking of, doesssss anybody know how to get melted facccccial tissssssssssue off of a cape?
>> No. 1411
File 129340973095.png - (22.23KB , 644x700 , lumenn what.png )
KK: compatriot.
KK: she's a caste crazed asshole.
KK: she is not the compatriot you are looking for.
>> No. 1412
File 129341068343.png - (74.17KB , 500x500 , Acidwing Reply 2.png )
CJ: Alright then, who do you sssssuggessssst?
CJ: Unlesssss you mean to sssssuggessssst yourssssself?
>> No. 1413
KK: hell no.
KK: just anyone but that psycho.
>> No. 1414
CJ: Well what concccccern isssss it of yoursssss?
CJ: You ssssseem adamant on insssssulting me, yet you insssssissssst on keeping me from making a sssssupposssssedly 'bad' choiccccce.
>> No. 1415
KK: because.
KK: you'll be helping her.
KK: do.
KK: uh.
KK: unjust things.
KK: yeah.
KK: she is going to uh.
KK: kill.
KK: all of the lowbloods.
KK: yeah.
>> No. 1416
CJ: Oh.
CJ: Well, thank you for preventing me from making sssssuch a poor decccccisssssion then.
CJ: I ssssshall have to keep an eye out for thisssss woman.
>> No. 1417

TD: *hes_right_man
TD: *man_that_chick_all_called_me_a_heretic_and_said_she_had_to_prepare_to_vanquish_me_man
TD: *not_that_im_worried
TD: *everythings_groovy_here_baby
TD: *safe_and_sound_no_plundering_or_pillaging_or_the_like_in_my_neck_of_the_woods
TD: *doubt_she_knows_where_i_am_anyways
>> No. 1418
KK: pretty hilarious to talk to, though.
>> No. 1419

TD: *i_dont_know_man_that_kind_of_mentality_just_makes_me_all_kinds_of_far_out_sad_man
TD: *like_people_out_there_actually_think_that_way
TD: *like_man_theyre_so_worried_about_blood_color_the_whole_world_turns_gray
TD: *instead_of_looking_at_a_troll_and_seeing_were_all_gray
TD: *and_thats_when_you_really_see_all_the_colors_man
TD: *its_way_psychedelic_man_that_revelation
TD: *like_eating_count_chocula_man
TD: *man_hes_a_rainbow_drinker_and_he_has_a_cereal
TD: *and_he_drinks_all_kinds_of_blood_but_the_cereals_all_chocolate_man
TD: *one_flavor_man
TD: *its_amazing
>> No. 1420
File 129341568496.png - (20.31KB , 500x500 , STUPIDGODDAMNINTERNET.png )
-- crimsonTorchbearer [CT] entered the videochat --

CT: ohhey,finallyI goton.
CT: Iswear,mobilegrubtopsare notreliable.
CT: uhyeah,cananyone see me?
CT: I don'tknowifthisblastedthingworks.
CT: the eyecamgot,er,stabbed.longstory.I don'tknowifit'son.
CT: urgh,whatever.
CT: so, what'sgoingon?
>> No. 1421

TD: *whoa_man
TD: *its_like_your_text_is_all_like
TD: *scrunched_together_like_youre_all_saying_it_fast
TD: *groovy_man
TD: *but_no_man_we_cant_see_you
TD: *thats_a_shame_man
>> No. 1422

CT: ohgoddamnit!
CT: see, thisiswhatI getwhenIbringmycomputerto dangerousshit.
CT: ah,hellwhat'sthe point,I hardlyeveruse itanyway.
CT: anyway,thanksuh...Hippie robot?
CT: I'msorryifyou're notone, beentalkingto robotsallday.
CT: I don'tmeanto interrruptthislittlechat.what'sgoingon?
>> No. 1423
KK: well i suddenly got a terrible headache.
KK: hm i wonder why.
>> No. 1424

TD: *no_maaaan_im_not_a_robot
TD: *this_thing_i_do_its_like
TD: *my_words_are_sitting_on_this_horizon_like
TD: *like_an_ocean_man
TD: *lookin_up_at_the_stars_and_see
TD: *theres_that_one_star_man_thats_like
TD: *guiding_the_way_man
TD: *stars_and_horizons_man
>> No. 1425

IP: Hello
IP: We were h^ving ^n eng^ging convers^tion
IP: ^bout whether ^ r^cist psychop^th would m^ke ^ suit^ble comp^nion for ^n unhinged vigil^nte seri^l murderer.
IP: Or in the c^se of the guy with the or^nge sh^des over here, cere^l murderer.
>> No. 1426

CT: sorryto hearthat.
CT: theygotpillsforthatI think.
CT: ortake a break.I finditrelievesstress.
CT: butyeahI feelforyou man.
>> No. 1427

TD: *ahahahaha_maaaan
TD: *thats_a_good_one_man
TD: *cereal_murderer
TD: *oh_and_groovy_as_it_is_being_orange_glasses_guy
TD: *or_clementine_or_tangerine
TD: *which_are_both_like_way_far_out_fruits_man_good_choices
TD: *you_groovy_trollsters_can_call_me_harolt_man
TD: *harolt_hesper
>> No. 1428
KK: yeah, wow, we haven't even introduced ourselves properly.
KK: the name's lumenn lehvis.
KK: so.
KK: yeah.
>> No. 1432

CT: intrestingintresting.
CT: wait,no itis't.
CT: howwoulda psychopathbe usefulto avigilante?
CT: it dosen'tsoundwellatall!


CT: thenI shouldcontributeaswell.
CT: name'sNyfune.NyfuneDridyx.
CT: greetingsto one andall!
>> No. 1433
CJ: I go by Acccccidwing. It'sssss part of the whole sssssecret identity thing.
CJ: And I'm not a ssssserial killer!
>> No. 1434
IP: Qu^ter H^rold.
IP: Ple^sed to meet you ^ll.


IP: Seri^l skin dissolver m^ybe?
>> No. 1435
KK: you know you aren't so bad.
KK: at least you're sane.
>> No. 1436

CT: ohgreat,anotherkiller.
CT: er,no offense.
CT: well,I guessI shouldn'tcomplainreally.
CT: lumennandQuaterbalancesthischatup.
CT: again,no offense Acidwing.
>> No. 1437
CJ: It'sssss to prevent MORE sssssenssssselesssss bloodssssshed!
CJ: Even though I ssssshed blood myssssself, it'sssss for the greater good in the end.
CJ: I guesssss thisssss criticccccisssssm ssssshould be expected in my line of work...
>> No. 1438

IP: Look don't think I'm persecuting you or ^nything
IP: It's just th^t ^ lot of my friends ^re eng^ged in stuff th^t isn't, s^y, strictly leg^l
IP: ^nd I'd be quite distressed if ^ny of them were dissolved p^infully by ^ corrosive subst^nce.
>> No. 1439

KK: trying to justify killing people by saying it will stop people from killing people.
KK: okay.


KK: i don't have any friends so it's okay by me.
>> No. 1440

CT: I agree.
CT: I have a friendwho I kinda needalive, thankyou verymuch.
CT: thoughI have anotherwho doesthatshit,howeverI thinkwe're makinga breakthoughbyunderstandingthatpunchingpeople inthe face isnota wayto sayhello.
CT: no restforthe wicked.
>> No. 1441
CJ: Thisssss isssss clearly a very sssssore sssssubject and I sssssuggessssst we change it to sssssomething a bit more...sssssensssssible.
>> No. 1442
CT: aw,damnI'llhave to cutthisone short.
CT: goodluckoutthere!

-- crimsonTorchbearer [CT] left the videochat --
>> No. 1444

IP: H^ve a gre^t d^y
IP: Or something.


IP: ^greed.
IP: ^s long ^s you promise not to melt my bulge or ^nything.
>> No. 1445
CJ: I ssssshouldn't have any reassssson to do sssssuch a thing.
CJ: And I'm willing to make at leassssst one exccccception becaussssse you ssssseem quite cccccivilized.
>> No. 1447
TD: *alright_good_to_meet_all_of_you
TD: *wow_man_aint_it_good_to_be_friends_now
TD: *wish_we_could_like
TD: *all_sing_a_song
TD: *but_that_probably_wouldnt_work_with_the_time_delay_over_the_video_eh
>> No. 1454
File 129348008561.png - (10.27KB , 511x314 , 1v.png )
plese bare with me, I'm a bit of a noob here._.

-- xenophobicInferno [XI] entered the videochat --

XI: guhh...
XI: why i am i doing this???
XI: well whatever...
XI: anyway i am ailvis...glub:|
>> No. 1455

TD: *hello_man
TD: *youre_doing_it_because_your_soul_was_drawn_to_the_love_baby
TD: *dont_be_afraid_of_cosmic_friendship
TD: *nice_to_meet_you_ailvis
>> No. 1456
XI: okay...
XI: i will just go with that for now...glub
XI: and who are you???
>> No. 1465

TD: *my_names_harolt
TD: *i_see_youre_one_of_those_groovy_sea_trolls_eh
TD: *whats_the_ocean_like_these_days
TD: *clear_and_free_and_the_like
>> No. 1466
XI: well nice to meet you...
XI: it is wonderful...
XI: and wet...glub
>> No. 1472
KK: we don't take kindly to your kind here.
>> No. 1473
XI: and???
XI: i am not here to bash anyone...
XI: or anything other aquatic trolls do...
XI: i am here to just chat...glub
>> No. 1474
KK: yeah okay.
KK: i see through your ruse.
KK: scum
>> No. 1475
XI: ruse???
XI: you got to be kidding me...glub:|
XI: what could i gain from being a jackass to other trolls???
>> No. 1476
CJ: Let'sssss not be ssssso hasssssty in judgementsssss here.
CJ: Falssssse judgementsssss and sssssuch can lead to crimesssss of ssssseveral sssssortsssss.
>> No. 1494
File 129350940979.png - (4.86KB , 301x311 , arentyouchipper.png )
-- lethargicLithium [LL] entered the videochat--

LL: wow arent you all a chiipper bunch
LL: what iis up wiith viideochat that driives everyone crazy
LL: also ii hope thiis thiing iis workiing
LL: thiis cam iis a piiece of shiit
>> No. 1495
KK: cheersville, alternia up in here.
KK: so who are you.
KK: but these accusations are true.
>> No. 1496

LL: the names latkiiv
LL: theres not much else about me worth shariing
LL: but anyway
LL: wth iis goiing on iin here
>> No. 1497
XI: and what i am being accused for???
XI: i did not do anything...glub:|
XI: the only thing i planned to do was chat...
XI: oh hello...
>> No. 1498

LL: hii
LL: ii guess
LL: ok seriiously what iis goiing on
>> No. 1500
KK: sea dweller scum in this chat, that's what.
>> No. 1501

LL: oh ok
LL: yeah not tryiing to be a biitch but
LL: ii could care less about that
>> No. 1502
XI: you are being quite crude...
XI: may i ask why you hate sea dwellers so much???
>> No. 1503
KK: they are shitty and dumb and shitty.
KK: like you.
>> No. 1505
XI: well okay...
XI: but a part of me says you are scared of being culled for some reason...glub:|
XI: most trolls are...
When Ailvis was younger, he culled lots of trolls(of all blood colors) but he kinda "grew up" and stop culling people. If asked about how people HE culled he'll become a bit on edge because he really does regret taking so many lives.
>> No. 1506
LL: not to iinterrupt your conversatiion but
LL: damn
LL: that makes sense
>> No. 1507
File 129351767621.png - (11.33KB , 443x397 , cam.png )
charitableDesperado [CD] enters videochat

CD: uhhhh
CD: how does this
CD: is this on???
>> No. 1508
XI: indeed it is...glub
>> No. 1512
CD: ah thanks sir

CD: soo.. anyone up for some flarping
>> No. 1514
CJ: What isssss...flarping?
CJ: Isssss it criminal? If it isssss, I'd have to ssssstop you from doing sssssuch a thing.
>> No. 1515
CD: i... uhh dont think so..
>> No. 1517

IP: Well, you know how I w^s r^gging on you e^rlier
IP: Bec^use I thought you were just using being ^ vigil^nte to justify killing people.
IP: Well FL^RP is like
IP: ^nother excuse for th^t.
>> No. 1523
KK: no shut up.
KK: i used to flarp but i was so unbelievably shitty at it that i stopped.
KK: the game also blows in general.
KK: it's like.
KK: fruity vigilante chronicles: fantasy edition.
>> No. 1528
File 129355900326.gif - (13.93KB , 612x413 , ay.gif )
-- fictileSleeper [FS] entered the videochat --

FS: yyo whaat the fucks up!!
FS: B)
FS: whaat is going on in this chaat

i'm still trying to figure out this character, so forgive me if it's inconsistent
>> No. 1529
XI: right...glub:|
XI: well...
XI: we are all chatting...
XI: about flarp or something like that...
XI: and mr.grey bullseye there doesn't want me around...
XI: that is about it...glub
>> No. 1530

FS: oh shit flaarp
FS: caall me aa grub but i dont plaayy gaames for girls dude
FS: shit gets waaaay too intense!!
FS: B(
>> No. 1532
XI: sometimes it does...
XI: i do not flarp anymore though...glub:|
>> No. 1533
File 129356241752.png - (12.44KB , 443x397 , cam2.png )
CD: damn i didnt know you guys felt so... strongly about flarpin

CD: so uhh whats "cool" to do then???
>> No. 1535
XI: hmmm...
XI: a better question is what is your name???glub:|
>> No. 1536
CD: oh haha sorry sir
CD: caelum gloira
>> No. 1537
XI: nice to meet you caelum...
XI: i am ailvis...glub:)
>> No. 1539
File 129356525529.png - (10.84KB , 612x413 , whoaa.png )

FS: whoaa shit caaelum dude
FS: not that its myy daamn business but like
FS: yyou might waannaa waatch where you point yyour caam if yyoure gonnaa keep yyour business aall aaired out in the wide open spaaces aand such
FS: if yyou get myy meaanin
FS: myy naames aardex byy the waayy dudes
>> No. 1540
CJ: Ahh...I sssssee.

CJ: And sssssinccccce we're going through the introductionsssss again; I'm Acccccidwing.
>> No. 1541
XI: it is nice to meet you all...
>> No. 1542

FS: haahaa whoaa!!
FS: aacid girl yyou aare styylin!! BD
FS: its like yyou aare the queen of green up in here
FS: so many raad baandaanaas up in this chaat haahaa
>> No. 1543
KK: oh.
KK: my.
KK: god.
KK: someone please prevent me from flogging myself with my own brainstem.
>> No. 1548

FS: oh maan
FS: dont do thaat shit!!
FS: there i just stopped yyou hehehehe
FS: maan yyou got some baangin eyyebrows i gottaa saayy
FS: theyy aare myystifyyin the shit outtaa me
FS: yyour faacial cilium fringes dont plaayy no gaames huh
>> No. 1549
CD: woah thats not ... its my friends im
CD: fuck how do you turn this thing offff

--charitableDesperado [CD] has disabled webcam.--
>> No. 1551
KK: hahaha oh my god man.
>> No. 1553

FS: haahaa
FS: didnt meaan to caatch yyou out there dude
FS: yyou dont haave to maake no excuses to nobodyy!!
FS: yyou caan flyy yyour freaak flaag B)
>> No. 1555
File 129357775814.png - (79.20KB , 416x397 , Acidwing Reply 3.png )
CJ: Oh, thank you!
CJ: That'sssss quite flattering, no one hasssss complimented my cossssstume before.

((Pff, me? Draw Rezlam consistently? Get outta here.))
>> No. 1556
KK: that's because the second they glanced at it they went blind.
>> No. 1571
File 129358664810.png - (8.77KB , 410x366 , cam3.png )
-- charitableDesperado [CD] re-enters videochat--

CD: hi guys..
CD: so after thoroughly embarrassing myself i guess im back
>> No. 1573
XI: nice to see that you are...
XI: you should not worry...
XI: just be careful next time...glub:)
>> No. 1576

IP: I wouldn't joke ^bout going blind.
IP: I c^n't be the only one here who's he^rd the stories ^bout
IP: Well, you see where I'm going with this.


IP: M^ybe you melt people's eyes before they get ^ ch^nce to ^ppreci^te it.


IP: W^it wh^t did you do?
IP: I missed it.
IP: Or on second thought m^ybe I'd r^ther not know.
>> No. 1581
KK: i really don't care.
>> No. 1583
File 129359524369.png - (9.78KB , 511x314 , 1.png )
XI: ah those stories...
XI: for caelums ego sake,,,
XI: you probably should not know...glub
>> No. 1584

IP: Don't w^nt to ^l^rm you here, p^l
IP: But there's something behind you, outside your window
IP: ^nd I think it's moving.
IP: Th^t ^rmb^nd's not telling me ^nything good either.
>> No. 1585
XI: oh...
XI: that is just my lusus...
XI: and the armband...glub:|
XI: i would get rid of it if i could...
XI: my lusus made this for me(somehow)...
XI: he gets very flustered when i try remove it...
>> No. 1588
File 12936050885.png - (21.16KB , 612x413 , breaakfaast.png )
FS: heyy sorryy for just up aand leaavin
FS: haad to graab some chow
FS: breaakfaast is where its aat
FS: most importaant meaal of the night


FS: i dont see nobodyy dressin up faancy usuaallyy
FS: on aaccount of most of myy bros think faashion is stupid
FS: i dont got the eyye for it myyself but there you go


FS: whoaa yyour lusus must be daamn big!! BV
>> No. 1590
File 129360786340.png - (8.49KB , 336x319 , frivolousmasquerade.png )
--frivolousMasquerade [FM] has entered video chat--

FM: hahahaha hell() guys
FM: whaaaaats g()ing ()n in heeere
>> No. 1591

IP: Well ^lright.
IP: I'd ^sk wh^t it st^nds for but I'm thinking it's ^ touchy subject.


IP: Wo^h how ^re you doing th^t?
>> No. 1592
FM: heh heh heh
FM: maaaaaagic
FM: theyre called masks d()()fus
FM: add s()me dramatic lighting and
FM bam|
>> No. 1594

FS: those are fuckin cool
FS: do yyou haave aa hoofbeaast maask
FS: or like a cluckbeaast one
FS: sooooo coooooool BV
>> No. 1596
File 129361223084.png - (8.23KB , 336x313 , cluck.png )
FM: hahahahaha cluck cluck
FM: cluck cluck cluck
>> No. 1609
XI: uhhh...
XI: you are freaking me out...glub
>> No. 1610
KK: what is that you're eating.
>> No. 1611
KK: oh jesus what.
-- kilowattsKinesis [KK] has left the videochat --
>> No. 1613

FS: shit thaats so aawesome!!
FS: maask bro yyou aare the coolest
FS: cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck B>


FS: its trollitos
FS: breaakfaast of fuckin chaampions
FS: aaw he left B(
FS: cluck
FS: (hehehehe)
>> No. 1617
TD: *oh_maaaaan_did_someone_say_breakfast
>> No. 1619
File 129364207483.gif - (42.24KB , 585x476 , SHITJUSTGOTREwhatthehellamIlookingat.gif )
-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] entered the videochat --

JI:C> Just s[] y[]u kn[]w I've g[]t better plans now.
JI:C> there was...
JI:C> S[], heretic, if y[]ur reaDing this, y[]ur []ff the h[][]k.
JI:C> well, until I kill this sin of nat-
JI:C> ...
>> No. 1620

TD: *oh_man_some_jerk_up_on_your_island_
TD: *it_wasnt_a
TD: *no_man_im_not_saying_it
TD: *but_anyways_yeah_man_groovy
TD: *gotta_take_care_of_your_problems_at_home_before_you_can_open_your_heart_to_a_brother_baby
TD: *i_hear_you
TD: *wickeeeeeed
>> No. 1621

JI:C> Heretic, tell me.
JI:C> what am I l[][]king at here?
JI:C> is that a mutant chicken?
JI:C> Do i Detect f[]ulplay in this viDe[]chat?
>> No. 1622

TD: *oh_no_man_i_think
TD: *thats_just_some_guy_in_a_mask_i_think
TD: *doesnt_have_any_eyepatches_or_what_on_it_so_its_groovy_man
TD: *but_i_dont_know_ive_been_out
TD: *my_lusus_brought_home_some_qwisp_and_i_was_waaaaaay_into_that_for_a_while_because_like
TD: *i_thought_they_didnt_make_it_anymore
TD: *it_was_far_out_i_tell_you
>> No. 1623
XI: no...
XI: your senses are off...
XI: they are just being goofy...glub:)
>> No. 1624

JI:C> th[]se masks are a Disgrace.
JI:C> a hint []f heresy even.
JI:C> Urgh, speaking []f, it l[][]ks like you're practicing m[]re blasphem[]us shit.
JI:C> I w[]ulD leave, but none []f my c[]mpatri[]ts are []n.
JI:C> s[] I might leave this []n.
JI:C> D[]n't want t[] miss talking t[] the greenbl[][]D again.
JI:C> need t[] eat anyway.
>> No. 1625

JI: []h! a seaDweller!
JI: I am h[]n[]reD t[] be in such r[]yalty!
>> No. 1626

TD: *man_its_like
TD: *what_is_blasphemy_anyways
TD: *sounds_like_something_that_happens_to_your_bowels_man
TD: *not_some_groovy_ideas_all_blooming_like_flowers_in_your_think_pan
TD: *like_man_that_fish_i_ate_was_three_days_old_ive_got_some_wicked_blasphemy
TD: *but_this_is_free_thought_baby
TD: *its_beautiful
TD: *man_all_thought_is_beautiful_i_bet_yours_is_too
TD: *lay_some_of_that_inner_beauty_on_us_baby
TD: *whats_your_groovy_happy_world_look_like
>> No. 1627

JI:C> i am N[]T in the m[][]D []f whatever y[]u just saiD.
JI:C> th[]ugh I must thank y[]u never the less.
JI:C> if i DiDn't g[] []ut anD train t[] kick y[]ur heretic ass, that ab[]minai[]n c[]ulD've snuck up and killed me!
JI:C> i w[]nDer if y[]u sent that THING t[] snuff me []ut bef[]re []ur c[]nfr[]ntati[]n.
JI:C> y[]u heretics are s[] Dis[]rganised it makes me laugh!
>> No. 1628
XI: i have a question for you...
XI: what is the "abomination" you keep speaking of???glub:|
>> No. 1629

FS: hey if yyoure taakin questions
FS: i waas wonderin how yyou see out of thaat cranium scuttle yyoure weaarin
FS: becaause like
FS: its coverin yyour eyyes how caan yyou see whaat yyoure tyyping!!
FS: aare yyou aa wizaard
>> No. 1630
File 129364685024.png - (22.84KB , 644x700 , lamorrintro.png )
-- aphrodisiacBliss [AB] entered the videochat --

AB: O--+ It sssseems that Lummmmenn is flipping out about ssssomething
AB: O--+ Sssso I took the liberty to check on what he was doing on his husktop
AB: O--+ Hello
>> No. 1631
XI: heh...
XI: i think it would the masked "cluck beast"...
XI: or the fact i haven't gone away yet...glub:)
>> No. 1632

JI:C> a metal man!
JI:C> with eyes burning green!!
JILC> planning t[] kill all tr[]llkinD and enslave us t[] the ab[]minati[]n known as the machine!
JI:C> this Dem[]n was n[] push[]ver either, y[]ur highness!!
JI:C> Changing fighting styles every three minutes!!!
JI:C> Claws that c[]uld rip a tr[]ll bare!
JI:C> feet that c[]ulD crush a musclebeast!
JI:C> rage that c[]ulD put the wrath []f []ur empire t[] shame!
JI:C> Needless t[] say, I st[][]D my gr[]unD anD c[]nfr[]nteD the black beast!
JI:C> but, unf[]rtantely, it g[]t away.


JI:C> the answer is simple really!
JI:C> I see th[]ugh the h[]les while the painteD []nes give the illusi[]n that I have f[]ur eyes.
JI:C> Tr[]lltzu w[]ulD be pr[]uD of me!
JI:C> |-D
JI:C> als[] name and bl[][]Dc[]l[]r.


JI:C> Greetings... inDig[] bl[][]D?
>> No. 1633
XI: oh my!!!
XI: that is troubling...glub

XI: honestly i prefer to be refer by my name...
XI: which is ailvis...glub:)
>> No. 1636
JI:C> It shall be D[]ne, laDy Ailvis.

BLUH BLUH I thought you were a different person for a minute there. this is what I get for skimming the trollhandles disregard that name&color bs
>> No. 1637
AB: O--+ That issss correct
AB: O--+ Hello to you too
AB: O--+ Mmmmasked cluckbeasssst?
AB: O--+ How
AB: O--+ Intriguing?
>> No. 1638
XI: sir ailvis not lady...
XI: i am happily a boy...glub:|
XI: it was very...
XI: strange...
>> No. 1639

JI:C> s[]unDs like s[]mething that neeDs t[] be purgeD.
JI:C> seri[]usly, th[]se masks can't be legal.


>> No. 1640
AB: O--+ But theyre jusssst harmmmmless massssks!
>> No. 1641

JI:C> it starts up as harmless.
JI:C> next thing y[]u kn[]w you enD up g[]ing insane by l[][]king at them f[]r t[][] l[]ng!
JI:C> aDvert y[]ur eyes []r risk l[]sing y[]ur minD!
>> No. 1643
File 129365290840.png - (8.35KB , 335x320 , frivtwo.png )
FM: ()hhhhhh
FM: my masks t()() much f()r the highbl()()ds sensibilities
FM: heh heh heh heh heh
>> No. 1644
AB: O--+ Thats ridiculous
AB: O--+ Charming
>> No. 1645
CJ: They ssssseem harmlesssss to me.
CJ: Though I'm trying my bessssst to not passssssssss judgementsssss too quickly in here...
CJ: Maybe I'm already under sssssome sssssort of ssssspell...
>> No. 1646

FS: oh thaat is prettyy clever
FS: four eyyes would be too daamn maanyy!!
FS: id get waayy confused
FS: oh do yyou meaan me
FS: im aardex yygmin
FS: aand myy bloods the saame color aas this cool noisedrum receptificaator ornaament im rockin on the left side here
FS: check it B)
>> No. 1648

JI:C> m[]ckery will get you n[]where.
JI:C> this is stupid.
JI:C> unless y[]u sh[]w me a mask that isn't DamneD creepy, there's n[]thing t[] discuss.


JI:C> that's what they all say!
JI:C> never DiD catch y[]ur name.
>> No. 1649
O--+ Lamorr Rakast. Pleased to meet you
>> No. 1650
FM: n()ne ()f my masks are damned creepy
FM: y()ur just a pansy
>> No. 1651
XI: i do not mind just do not do that again...
XI: looking in the background,,,
XI: plenty of the masks look wonderful...glub:)
XI: just that one mask gives me the creeps...
XI: i am pleased to meet you too...
>> No. 1652

JI:C> FINALLY someb[]Dy unDerstanDs.
JI:C> y[]u're alright.


JI:C> pleasure is all mine.


JI:C> yes. because hanging masks all ar[]unD a p[][]rly lit hive, even more p[][]rly lit than i, is c[]nsiDered n[]rmal.
JI:C> y[]ur insults d[] n[]t change that.
JI:C> st[]p digging y[]urself a bigger h[]le.
>> No. 1653
File 129365796656.png - (7.78KB , 270x262 , cam4.png )
-- charitableDesperado has re-entered videochat--

CD: hahaha heeeey guys
CD: just got back from a flarpin match
CD: guess who wooooon???

CD: owww i can't feel my leg
>> No. 1654

JI:C> y[]u l[][]k like shit.
JI:C> I c[]mmenD you. |-D
JI:C> h[]w vict[]rious were you? Did y[]u make them run in fear in the name []f justice?
>> No. 1655
CD: hahaha what???
CD: i guess
CD: i blew one of his arms off if thats what you mean
>> No. 1656

FS: whoaa thaats intense
FS: see thaats whaat i meaan about flaarp dude
FS: aall these gaames for girls
FS: shit staarts out aall fun aand then everybody staarts losin limbs aall willyy nillyy like
FS: i don't waant to lose mine maan
FS: im kind of
FS: aattaached to em
FS: B)
>> No. 1657
CD: oh yeah i guess i can see what you mean
CD: but ummm im sure he'll be alright
CD: i didnt take off anything he absolutely needs

CD: i mean, hes a blue blood he can buy a robotic arm im sure
>> No. 1660
XI: oh my you look like your in bad condition!!!
XI: are you sure your okay???
XI: that is the reason i stopped flarping,,,
XI: i like my limbs...glub:|
>> No. 1661
CD: oh yeah im fine
CD: just a broken ankle i think
CD: nothin important but thaks fer the concern i guess
>> No. 1663

JI:C> He knew the risks, I'm sure as D[] y[]u.
JI:C> At least y[]u DiDn't l[]se any limbs y[]urself.
JI:C> w[]ulDn't be caught DeaD with []ne []f th[]se blasphem[]us implants.


JI:C> If I may speak freely, that is []ne []f the reas[]ns I want t[] play it.
JI:C> h[]wever getting []ut []f my island is it's []wn Day in itself.
>> No. 1668
File 129366758942.png - (15.51KB , 470x450 , Vidcam.png )
-- matrixAuxiliatrix [MA] entered the videochat --

mA: 0k4y.
mA: 1 th1nk 1 g0t my wΣbc4m runn1ng n0w.
mA: F0r s0mΣ rΣ4s0n my wΣbc4m rΣfusΣd t0 w0rk wh1lΣ 0n t0p 0f my c0mputΣr.
mA: S0 1 h4d t0 t4kΣ 1t 0ff thΣ t0p 0f my c0mputΣr.
mA: 1 th1nk my l4pt0p h4tΣs my wΣbc4m bΣ1ng 0n t0p 0f 1t f0r s0mΣ rΣ4s0n.
>> No. 1670
XI: hello...
XI: webcams can fickle things...
XI: anyway i am ailvis...glub:
XI: who are you???
>> No. 1671
JI:C> alright, finally []ne of my pals are []n.
JI:C> I wish I could meet that acid spewing greenbl[][]D.
JI:C> perhaps an[]ther time.
JI:C> see y[]u l[]wbl[][]Ds later.
JI:C> and you, Sir Ailvis and Lam[]rr.

-- judgmentInquisitor [JI] left the videochat --
>> No. 1672
MA: My n4mΣ? My n4mΣ 1s R0sΣtt4
MA: Y0ur tr0llt4g rΣm1nds mΣ 0f 4 cΣrt41n fr1Σnd 1 h4vΣ
MA: WΣll n0t much 0f 4 fr1Σnd
MA: th0ugh
MA: :/
>> No. 1673
XI: well nice to meet you...
XI: oh really???glub
>> No. 1674
MA: YΣ4h. xΣn0ph0b1c4rm4gΣdd0ns.
MA: Tw0 w0rds th4t dΣscr1bΣ hΣr pΣrfΣctly.
MA: WΣll 4lm0st
MA: ShΣ's 4 Gl4d14t0r buff.
MA: ShΣ l0vΣs stuff prΣt41n1ng t0 b4ttlΣs 0f thΣ h4nd t0 h4nd k1nd
MA: L1kΣ sw0rds 4nd 4rm0r 4nd stuff
MA: ShΣ's 4ls0 4xΣ cr4zy.
MA: 4nd shΣ h4tΣs pΣ0plΣ wh0 4rΣ wΣ4kΣr th4n hΣr.
MA: ShΣ's 4ctu4lly prΣtty str0ng.
MA: ShΣ's fr0m 4 gr0up 0f tr0lls c4llΣd thΣ tr0ll4z0ns
MA: Wh1ch 1s 4 gr0up 0f fΣm4lΣs wh0 l0vΣ t0 f1ght 4nd h4tΣ thΣ wΣ4k.
>> No. 1675
CD: oh wow
CD: could you maybe... hook me up with her contact or somethin sir?
CD: sounds like a blast t'fight
CD: i haven't had a decent challenge forever
>> No. 1677
File 12936741918.png - (16.10KB , 470x450 , vidcam2.png )
MA: 1 dunn0
MA: ShΣ h4sn't c0nt4ctΣd mΣ 1n 4 l0ng wh1lΣ.
MA: ThΣrΣ m4y bΣ s0mΣth1ng wr0ng w1th hΣr
MA: ThΣn 4g41n shΣ w4s nΣvΣr vΣry s0c14lbΣ t0 bΣg1n w1th.
>> No. 1678
XI: i think i have heard of them...
XI: but maybe not...glub:|
>> No. 1681
MA: S00000000000
MA: W0w 1t's qu1Σt 1n hΣrΣ.
MA: Hmmm.
>> No. 1682
CD: oh im still here
CD: so could you tell me more about yer friend???
CD: she... sounds interestin
>> No. 1684
File 129368324727.png - (10.47KB , 476x450 , Vidcam3.png )
MA: 0k4y h0ld 0n.
MA: My lusus w4nts t0 g0 0uts1dΣ.
>> No. 1685

IP: M^ybe you should w^it until your ^nkle he^ls
IP: Before going ^fter this ^pparently incredibly d^ngerous ch^llenger?
IP: Just ^ thought.
>> No. 1686
File 129368464019.png - (16.17KB , 476x450 , Vidcam4.png )
MA: 0k4y b4ck.
MA: 1t's frΣΣz1ng c0ld 0ut thΣrΣ.
MA: Brrr.
>> No. 1687

IP: It's ^ bit chilly here too.
IP: ^lthough to be f^ir I could prob^bly fix th^t
IP: If I got some gl^ss for these windows.
>> No. 1688
MA: Th4t's str4ngΣ.
MA: But thΣn 4g41n 1 b4rΣly h4vΣ 4ny w1nd0ws 0n my h1vΣ 4nyw4ys
MA: 4nd 1 4ls0 h4vΣ 4 hΣ4tΣr t0 hΣ4t my h1vΣ
MA: 1t kΣΣps mΣ n1cΣ 4nd w4rm
MA: 1t 4ls0 kΣΣps thΣ sn0w fr0m p1l1ng up 0n t0p 0f my h1vΣ ΣvΣry d4y.
>> No. 1689
CD: i live near the desert
CD: so no snow fer me

CD: ... whats it like???
>> No. 1690
CJ: My hive doesssssn't get much sssssnow.
CJ: But it isssss cold in here.
CJ: What'sssss sssssnow like?
>> No. 1691
XI: i only get the living kind in the summer...
XI: and they get eaten up quite fast...
XI: i want to know that too...glub:)
XI: what is it like???
>> No. 1692
MA: C0ld. VΣry c0ld.
MA: L1kΣ frΣΣz1ng c0ld.
MA: But 4ls0 vΣry 4wΣs0mΣ.
MA: 4nd b4d 4t thΣ s4mΣ t1mΣ.
MA: 1t's fun t0 h4vΣ sn0wb4l f1ghts w1th my lusus
MA: but w1th0ut my lusus bΣ1ng 4blΣ t0 br1ng h0mΣ f00d f0r mΣ, 1 w0uld n0t bΣ hΣrΣ r1ght n0w.
MA: HΣ's 4 vΣry g00d huntΣr.
>> No. 1693
MA: B4s1c4lly sn0w 1s vΣry c0ld. 4nd wh1tΣ. 4nd 1t c0llΣcts 0n t0p 0f ΣvΣryth1ng 4nd y0u c4n sh4pΣ 1t 1nt0 4 b4ll 4nd thr0w 1t 4t 0thΣrs.
>> No. 1694
XI: oh...glub
XI: it is always mildly cold down here...
>> No. 1696
-- xenoDefender has entered the chat! --

XD: oh god 's this going to 6e just a 6unch of guys wankin it
XD: im not turning on my camera until im 90% sure 's not guys wankin it
XD: i aint feeding your weird fetishes (fetii?) for seeing teenage boys
XD: (why am i here?)
>> No. 1698

IP: My Lusus doesn't hunt or do much of ^nything else re^lly
IP: ^lthough he keeps the hive s^fe, one w^y or ^nother
IP: Well I s^y "he" but who even knows with this guy.


IP: Throw on ^ co^t m^ybe?
>> No. 1701
File 129369273013.png - (20.84KB , 650x450 , vidcam6.png )
MA: 1 c4n cΣrt41nly 4ttΣst th4t 1 4m m0st cΣrt41nly 4 g1rl.
MA: 1 d0ubt thΣrΣ 4rΣ 4ny b0ys wh0 w0uld bΣ n4mΣd R0sΣtt4 4nyw4ys.
>> No. 1703

XD: are you a girl wankin it 6ecause honestly thats not 6etter
XD: then again whatever floats your boat i guess
>> No. 1704
CJ: I'm quite obviousssssly a woman.
>> No. 1705
MA: N0 1'm n0t 1nt0 th4t k1nd 0f th1ng, wh4tΣvΣr 1t 1s.
>> No. 1706

XD: oh boy im learning
XD: what if youre a boy just going nuts (literally) on his bone 6ulge at the thought of me thinking youre a girl


XD: good
XD: that shits nasty
XD: it makes me want to cry tears of diluted olive swill
>> No. 1707
MA: ShΣΣsh y0u surΣ h4vΣ 4 pΣrvΣrtΣd m1nd
MA: Y0u kn0w th4t, r1ght?
MA: 1 mΣ4n th1nk1ng th4t ΣvΣry0nΣ 1s gΣtt1ng 0ff 0n y0u
MA: y0u must th1nk vΣry h1ghly 0f y0ur 4ppΣ4r4ncΣ 0r s0mΣth1ng l1kΣ th4t.
>> No. 1709
File 129369498049.png - (20.10KB , 612x413 , nom.png )

FS: whoaa yyou know i never even thought aabout thaat
FS: like
FS: the faact thaat this chaat isnt aall like
FS: waaywaard bone bulges waagglin aall over
FS: is kind of aamazin
FS: its like a perigees miraacle haappened hehehehe
FS: B)
FS: but yyou should turn yyour caam on dude
FS: so everyone caan see yyour shinin haappy faace!!
>> No. 1712
MA: WΣll 1'm g0nn4 g0 n0w
MA: 1 nΣΣd t0 g0 t0 slΣΣp
MA: S0 th4t 1 c4n w4kΣ up Σ4rly 4nd g0 pl4y 1n thΣ sn0w.
MA: N1ght ΣvΣry0nΣ.

-- matrixAuxiliatrix [mA] has left the video chat --
>> No. 1713
CD: wait why are we talkin bout wankin
CD: thats disgustin
CD: you disgust me thats just
CD: ...
CD: ill be right back got some uh stuff to take care of
>> No. 1714
File 129370096226.png - (14.42KB , 640x480 , eeeyyyy.png )
--causticAtmosphere [CA] entered the videochat --

Well Leky here, me cemere-a's werken!

New whet's gen en en here?
>> No. 1715
CD: hey fellow low blood
CD: how are you doin this fine evenin
>> No. 1716
File 129370187114.png - (15.85KB , 430x498 , KARROT BY SHAD.png )
--mildlyInterested[MI]has joined the video chat--
mI:Vell uh
mI:Hi guys. It's snowing.
>> No. 1717
CD: woooaaah you look realllly familiar
CD: i can't put my finger on't
CD: this is gunna bug me all night
>> No. 1718
CA: Pretty ged.
CA: Ye leek pretty eppesete ef me the-ough.
CA: E leke belth the celd end the het persenelly.
CA: Get me eeeeeeeeyes en e nece plece en the desert.
CA: Ef E'm genne ten en enyplece, et'd best be semewhere plesent, ey?
CA: Hehehe.


CA: Snewen here te. 'Cept et's e snewsterm. Cen't enjey thet, pretty deseppe-inten.
>> No. 1719
CD: haha what
CD: i have no idea what yer talkin bout man
CD: like
CD: none at all
>> No. 1720
File 129370449949.png - (14.49KB , 640x480 , pffft.png )
CA: Ef you den't know whet I'm seying, I sheld probably eeeeeeese it ep, ey?
>> No. 1721

IP: Put on ^ co^t m^ybe?
IP: I don't know
IP: I told the other guy th^t but I don't think he he^rd me.


IP: Well it's not TH^T h^rd.
IP: I think he's s^ying th^t he likes ^ny kind of we^ther
IP: ^nd he's trying to move to ^ w^rmer clim^te
IP: ^nd right now he's in the middle of ^ snow storm
IP: But I'll ^dmit it's ^ pretty thick ^ccent.
>> No. 1726
FS: hehehehe
FS: guyys check it out
FS: i don't know where everyybodyy else went
FS: but im aall being like higher blooded thaan aall yyou four dudes
FS: lol
FS: bow before me peons >BD
FS: hehehaahaahaahaa
>> No. 1727
AB: O--+ Im still here, you know
>> No. 1729

FS: oh noooo
FS: my reign of terror is aall like over aand shit
FS: B(
FS: forgive me highblood
FS: hehe
FS: oh maan is mr greyy fruit loopyy sunshine still scaared of the cluckbeaast maask over there haahaahaahaa
>> No. 1730
AB: O--+ Heheh
AB: O--+ I think so
AB: O--+ He's so silly sometimes
>> No. 1731

XD: theres no such thing as miracles dum6ass
XD: 's there
XD: (i really have no clue)
>> No. 1732
XI: in some sense yes...
XI: depends who you are and what you believe in...glub:)

XI: anyway i have to go find food for my lusus before he "acts up"...
XI: i will be back sometime...
by "act up" he means "he will fly to land and have a killing spree, destroying everything in his path, just because he didn't get his food on time." happy thoughts, aren't they?
>> No. 1733
-- xenophobicInferno left the videochat --
>> No. 1734

XD: okay sure 6ro
XD: miracles are dum6
XD: no, theyre dum
XD: without the six slash b
>> No. 1735

FS: aaw
FS: haave fun
FS: if thaats the kind of thing you'd haave fun doin hehe
FS: B)


FS: maan i don't know for reaal
FS: they're probaablyy faake
FS: but its fun to pretend yyou know
FS: aand maayybe its like one of those things where if yyou believe in em haard enough theyy become less faake
FS: but probaablyy not hehe
>> No. 1736

XD: that 's like saying if i 6elieve hard enough my allergy to muscle6easts will go away
XD: ............
XD: it didnt
XD: so6so6so6
XD: those so6s are sarcastic
>> No. 1737

FS: yyeaah probaablyy not
FS: yyou know itd be eaasier to tell if yyou were bein saarcaasticaal
FS: if yyou turned yyour caam on!!

will I ever stop fucking up this stupid quirk
A. no

>> No. 1738
File 129373496253.png - (17.11KB , 479x450 , Vidcam7.png )
-- matrixAuxiliatrix [MA] entered the videochat --

MA: 0k4y guys
MA: 1'm b4ck
MA: 4nd wΣll rΣstΣd t0 g0 pl4y 1n thΣ sn0w 0uts1dΣ, 1 guΣss.
>> No. 1739

XD: fine ill turn on my gogdamn camera
XD: just so you know im not wanking it
XD: that'd 6e weird
XD: (pro6a6ly)
>> No. 1740
MA: WΣll 1'm just g0nn4 turn my c4m 0ff s0 1 c4n pl4y 1n thΣ sn0w
MA: 1 d0n't th1nk 1'd l1kΣ 1t 1f my v1dc4m w4s dΣstr0yΣd 4cc1dΣntly.
>> No. 1741
File 129373606833.png - (9.97KB , 600x600 , xdcam.png )

XD: k see you

XD: anyway 's this thing on
XD: how do i tell if it 's on
XD: oh god

hurray for my awful art wooooh
>> No. 1744
CA: Hehehe!
CA: Look et those nebby little herns!
CA: Den't see peeple without e symbol eften!
>> No. 1747
CD: aaawwww
CD: fer such an angry guy yer adorable
CD: look at them tiny little horns
>> No. 1748
File 129373973717.png - (8.71KB , 600x600 , xdwat.png )

XD: i have a symbol, my good shirt 's in the wash
XD: and fuck you, they aren't nu66y
XD: (are they?)
>> No. 1750
File 129373993146.png - (10.95KB , 511x314 , 1.png )
-- xenophobicInferno re-enter the videochat --
XI: there...
XI: back on...glub:|
>> No. 1751
File 129374005885.png - (8.18KB , 600x600 , xdriiiiiiiiight.png )

XD: im uncomforta6le about this exchange
XD: help, i think i have a rapist
>> No. 1752
XI: just do not tell them where you live...
XI: and you should be fine...glub:)
>> No. 1753

XD: i guess
XD: why are people so creepy
XD: gives me the shudders
>> No. 1754
XI: i do not know...
XI: i do know that some of them are just being goofy...glub
>> No. 1755

XD: if 6y goofy you mean child molesters than you are correct, mr or ms glu66y glu6
>> No. 1756
AB: O--+ They are very nubby
AB: O--+ The nubbiest
>> No. 1757
XI: haha no...
XI: they are just goofy...glub:)
XI: it is ailvis and i am boy...
>> No. 1759
File 129374198622.png - (8.34KB , 600x600 , xddisgruntled.png )
XD: they are not goddamn nu66y
XD: the are a perfect nonnu6
XD: whatever, they're creeps.
>> No. 1760
CD: hahaha what
CD: woah man
CD: that is uhhh
CD: not what i meant by my previous comment
CD: i was just commentin on yer adorably tiny horns is all
CD: i don't have any interest in

CD: yeah im gunna have t'go

-- charitableDesperado [CD] has disconnected--
>> No. 1761
AB: O--+ I honestly have to agree, here
AB: O--+ Your horns are absolutely adorable
>> No. 1762

XD: they are not adora6le or nu66y or tiny
XD: they're cool, y'all can fuck yoselves.
>> No. 1763
File 129374271162.png - (8.41KB , 600x600 , xdLOLBROIMAD.png )

XD: seriously guys if you love them so much why dont you matesprit them
>> No. 1764
XI: oh hush now...
XI: let us change the subject...glub:)
XI: now who are you???
>> No. 1765
AB: O--+ Im sure you would love that wouldnt you~
>> No. 1766

XD: my name 's lanate
XD: olive 6lood
XD: uh yeah that 's pretty much it

XD: of course
XD: it will 6e a 6eautiful wedding 6y the sea
XD: you can honeymoon in FUCK YOU
>> No. 1767
AB: O--+ Heheheh~
>> No. 1768

XD: and then you'll have many children
XD: all of them will 6e named jake
XD: all of them
>> No. 1769
CA: It's ekey buddy.
CA: I thenk your eeeeeeyes are pretteer.
CA: Hehehe.
>> No. 1770
AB: O--+ Jake
AB: O--+ Thatssss
AB: O--+ A very exotic nammmme
>> No. 1771
File 12937444542.png - (8.32KB , 600x600 , xdIdontlikeyou.png )

XD: we should stop coming onto me
XD: im not feeling very comforta6le
XD: at all
>> No. 1772

XD: sure
XD: i saw it on a television show once
XD: talking about aliens
>> No. 1773
File 129374573713.png - (2.90KB , 187x138 , youdungoofed.png )
-- charitableDesperado had re-entered videochat--

CD: alright im back
CD: i would kindly ask you t'stop twistin my words makin me look like some pervert
CD: or else were gunna have a problem
>> No. 1774
File 129374624311.png - (8.51KB , 600x600 , xdreallynow.png )
XD: this 's my face being not scared
XD: at all
>> No. 1775
CD: you wanna go?
CD: ill happily drop you like a rotted hoofbeast you perverted creep
CD: pick the place ill be there
>> No. 1776
File 129374682910.png - (7.80KB , 600x600 , xddonotwant.png )

XD: okay so well
XD: about that
>> No. 1777
CJ: You've got ssssspirit. That'sssss quite admirable.
>> No. 1778
MA: ShΣΣsh 1 lΣ4vΣ f0r 4 fΣw m1nutΣs 4nd y0u s1lly b0ys st4rt f1ght1ng.
MA: C0mΣ 0n guys lΣt's gΣt 4l0ng, plΣ4sΣ?
MA: S0 1 c4n pl4y 1n thΣ sn0w 1n pΣ4cΣ, plΣ4sΣ.
>> No. 1779

XD: im not fighting with anyone
XD: fighting 's whack
XD: i dont even fight with my lusus
>> No. 1780
XI: you can not fight can you???
XI: well caelum is a girl...
XI: but agreed...glub:|
>> No. 1781
CD: ...
CD: im a girl
>> No. 1782

XD: i fight fine!
XD: im pretty strong
XD: (i guess)
>> No. 1783
File 129374940850.png - (46.78KB , 708x496 , Vidcam8.png )
MA: ....
MA: ShΣΣsh.
MA: 4nyw4ys, 1 g0t my fly1ng wΣbc4m w0rk1ng 4nd n0w y0u guys c4n sΣΣ mΣ 0uts1dΣ pl4y1ng 1n thΣ sn0w.
>> No. 1785
CD: so thats snow...
CD: it looks really cold
>> No. 1786

XD: oh well, that 's pretty cute
XD: it never snows where i live.
XD: 7 . _ . 7
>> No. 1787
File 129375077375.png - (39.41KB , 708x496 , Vidcam9.png )
MA: YΣ4h 1t's fun pl4y1ng 1n thΣ sn0w, but
MA: ....
MA: NΣvΣr m1nd.
>> No. 1788
XD: 6ut what
XD: you can't just cut off your sentences
XD: thats dum6
>> No. 1789
File 129375152121.png - (35.28KB , 708x496 , Vidcam10.png )
MA: N0
MA: NΣvΣr m1nd wh4t 1 s41d
MA: 1t w4s g0nn4 bΣ s1lly 4nyw4ys.
MA: 1 w0ndΣr whΣrΣ my lusus wΣnt 0ff t0
>> No. 1790

XD: sssshhhh
XD: do you hear that?
XD: that 's the sound of me not giving a fuck whether it 's silly or not
>> No. 1791
CD: damn now im mighty curious
CD: what were yeh gonna say?
>> No. 1792
File 129375250335.png - (18.62KB , 612x413 , haahaahaa.png )
FS: LMAAO oh maan
FS: i caant believe i missed the lovefest over mr nubbyy wubbyy horns BDD
FS: its a saad daayy
FS: oh well hehe


FS: maan i didnt know thaat either!!
FS: well now i feel like aa nooksucker haahaa


FS: yyeaah spill it girl!!
FS: now yyou gottaa!!
FS: ... SHIT
>> No. 1793
XD: if 6y nu66y wu66y horns you are talking about me
XD: then fuck you, why 's everyone keep saying they are nu66y
>> No. 1794
File 129375297557.png - (34.91KB , 708x496 , Vidcam11.png )
MA: ...
MA: Y0u'rΣ bΣ1ng rudΣ.
MA: SpΣ4k1ng 0f rudΣ
MA: ...4ctu4lly 1'd r4thΣr n0t c0nt4ct h1m.
MA: HΣ'd just chΣw mΣ 0ut 4g41n.
MA: Ugh.
MA: HΣ's just 4 l0ud rudΣ jΣrk4ss wh0 l1kΣs t0 bΣ 4 d0uchΣb4g t0 ΣvΣry0nΣ hΣ mΣΣts.
MA: HΣ th1nks ΣvΣry0nΣ ΣlsΣ Σx1sts t0 4nn0y h1m f0r s0mΣ rΣ4s0n.

MA: WΣll
MA: 1t's pΣrpΣtu4l w1ntΣr hΣrΣ
MA: 1t sn0ws hΣrΣ ΣvΣry d4y.
MA: 1 just w1sh th4t 1t c4n bΣ w4rm 0nΣ d4y s0 1 d0n't h4vΣ t0 wΣ4r th1s w1ntΣr wΣ4r ΣvΣry t1mΣ 1 g0 0uts1dΣ.
>> No. 1795
XD: im not 6eing rude, im 6eing nosy.
XD: now spill yo beanz guuuurl
XD: (why did i just type that)
>> No. 1797
CD: well miss weird E lady maybe we could switch hives for a day er somethin
CD: cause im gettin awfully tired of it bein dry and hot
>> No. 1798
File 129375373647.png - (33.72KB , 708x496 , Vidcam12.png )
MA: 1t's n0t "wΣ1rd Σ l4dy"
MA: My n4mΣ 1s R0sΣtt4.
MA: 4nd unlΣss y0u h4vΣ 4 tΣlΣp0rtΣr
MA: Y0u m4y just l1vΣ t00 f4r fr0m mΣ f0r us t0 d0 th4t.
>> No. 1799

FS: i just saaid it cuz everyybody else waas saayin it haahaa
FS: its ok i think yyour horns aare cool!! B)


FS: whoaa thaats rough
FS: i aaint seen it snow here ever
FS: but we get fuckin aablution traaps of raain
FS: which i guess is like snow thaat didnt ever get cold enough to be snow
FS: its faailed snow
FS: whaat aa downer
>> No. 1800
CD: oh err sorry miss
CD: i fergot yer name earlier
CD: meant no offense
>> No. 1803
File 129375423177.png - (7.96KB , 600x600 , xdnomnomnomralface.png )
XD: wait what
XD: really?
>> No. 1806
mI:I'm Kerak, and I don't think I know you...
>> No. 1807
MA: 4nyw4ys my fly1ng V1dc4m 1s runn1ng 0ut 0f p0wΣr, s0 1 h4vΣ t0 rΣturn 1ns1dΣ
>> No. 1809
XI: please excuse my absence...
XI: it takes a lot time just to get the shallows...glub:|
>> No. 1811

FS: yyeaah dude B)
FS: theyyre like
FS: little aangle pointer whaatchaamaacaallits
FS: prettyy cool!!
FS: i wish mine haad aangles
FS: theyyre just kindaa
FS: shooooo
FS: up there
FS: maakes it fuckin haard to cut myy haair ever
>> No. 1812
File 129376100117.png - (7.93KB , 600x600 , xdTHANKYOUKINDISR.png )
XD: oh wow man
XD: thanks i guess
XD: nobodies ever really said anything that nice to me
>> No. 1813
CD: woah uhhh now i feel bad fer
CD: you know,
CD callin you out and shit
CD: if you wanna be nice i guess i could be too
CD: yer horns arent /that/ small

CD: theyre still really adorable though
>> No. 1814
XD: they are not adora6le gogdammit
XD: i am not adora6le
XD: (really, i'm not.)
>> No. 1815
CD: fine fine whatever yeh say

CD: my camera is on the fritz again i think i broke it somehow
CD: it wont turn back on
>> No. 1816
XD: smack it until it works.
XD: thats what i do with mine.
>> No. 1817

FS: aaww buck up little dude!! BD
FS: see now this is aawesome
FS: just aa bunch of chicks aand dudes shootin the shit aand bein civil to eaach other aabout our horns aand suchwhaat
FS: now dryy yyour oculaar secretions my olive bro!! BD


FS: whenever myy caam staarts gettin aall sassyy i just sortaa shaake the shit
FS: but thaat might not be the right waayy to fix it probaablyy
FS: so i dont know
>> No. 1818
XD: im not crying if that 's what you think
XD: i just
XD: ate a
XD: fly
>> No. 1819

FS: whoaa
FS: thaats kind of gross but ok
FS: im not here to like judge yyour dietaary choices
>> No. 1820
CA: Hehehehe.
CA: If et makes ye feel better, only the little week ones heve huuuuge herns.
CA: Boys I know, enywey.
CA: Girls ere terrifying eether way, ey?
CA: Hehe.
CA: Does enyone Flarp ereend these perts, by the by? Ne good pleyers in e tundra, y'knew.
CA: Ell of them are scered of the sun!
CA: Just e little heet, ey.
CA: Psh.
>> No. 1821
CD: i flarp
CD: you up fer a match?
>> No. 1822
CA: We're practically en different werlds.
CA: Unless ye come ever here, it's e match thet can't be made.
CA: Hehehe.
CA: Oh well, wasn't expecteng much.
CA: I thenk you'd be a chellengeng match, pety.
>> No. 1823
XI: so you are not affected by the sun???
XI: you should meet popuri,,,
XI: she is getting back into flarp lately too...glub:|
>> No. 1824
CD: eh i could catch a ride
CD: i got tons of loot from my previous conquests
>> No. 1825
XD: i didnt mean to dum6ass.
XD: i choked.
XD: whatever, i can't really change them anyhow, so i have to live with tiny horns i guess.

XD: anyway homeboys and homegirls
XD: i think im going to hit the hay. im tired.
XD: i guess i will talk to you guys later?
XD: outtie.

-- xenoDefender [XD] has left the chat! --
>> No. 1828
File 12937711688.png - (11.67KB , 372x343 , cam5.png )
CD: i got it workin again i think
CD: alright
CD: so anybody on??

CD: also seeya grumpy guy
>> No. 1830
CJ: I'm ssssstill here. I'm afraid being here hasssss become a forccccce of habit.
CJ: Your eye looksssss a bit sssssore. Are your woundsssss alright?
>> No. 1831
-- xenoDefender [XD] has entered the chat! --

XD: okay, so i took a nap.
XD: it was dum6.
XD: i dont really have any friends so i guess i'll chill with you guys.
XD: 7. _ .7
XD: (that smiley is dum6)
>> No. 1832
CD: oh yeah im fine
CD: i lost some sight in my left eye earlier t'day but its commin' back
>> No. 1833
XI: i am still here...
XI: haheheh...glub:)
XI: i am still here chatting because it is a pain to get to the shore...
>> No. 1834
XD: youre lucky you HAVE water.
XD: i live on a damn potato farm
XD: i drink shitty rain and wellwater
XD: please rescue me from here
>> No. 1835
CD: ill trade
CD: im on a swillbeast farm
CD: you could probably guess i dont like it
CD: im so glad i went deaf, those things were obnoxious to wake up to
>> No. 1836
XD: i have to eat potatoes for every meal
XD: any potatoes i dont eat grow
>> No. 1837
CD: jeez no wonder yer so grumpy
CD: i at least get to eat swillbeast and radishes
CD: and occasionally somethin i loot off of an opponent
CD: which is usually just a candy bar or somethin
>> No. 1838
XI: well everything is pretty much dead here...
XI: of course not me or my lusus...
XI: only time i get see life is if i go to shallower water or even to land...
XI: maybe two three days in the summer i see life down here...glub:(
>> No. 1839
CD: that seems kinda lonely
CD: you want a visitor?
CD: seriously i need to get out of the hive
>> No. 1840
XD: why does everybody think im grumpy.
XD: im not grumpy.
XD: i would rather chill with dead things than spuds.
XD: it 's also REALLY damn 6right here.
>> No. 1841
XI: my that would be nice...
XI: but i do not think you breath underwater...glub:|
XI: it is really cold and dark...
XI: it is not a happy place...

XI: anyway i need some sleep...glub
XI: bye...
-- xenophobicInferno left the videochat --
>> No. 1842
XD: cold and dark sounds 6etter than 6right and potatoes
XD: 6ut w/e.
>> No. 1855
-- xenophobicInferno re-entered the videochat --
XI: my my it is quiet in here...
XI: anyone still here???
>> No. 1857
File 129385116244.png - (15.40KB , 916x521 , VidCha7OhYeah.png )
-- skittishWeaver [SW] entered the videochat --

-- dauntlessScythe [DS] entered the videochat --

DS: Ho7Y he77 I can see us!
SW: i-i told y-you i could f-fix it...
DS: Hopefu77y 7his piece of shi7 ho7ds 7oge7her.
SW: i-its not th-that bad of a m-model...
SW: y-you just need to treat it b-better...
DS: Oh swee7, 7here's a7ready a cha7 up!
SW: o-oh dear...
SW: i th-think i'll head o-out...
DS: 7ike he77, 7hey've been s7aring a7 us for a bi7 now.
DS: Don'7 be rude.
SW: g-glub... ._.
SW: b-but sutekh...
DS: Is wa7ching soaps as usua7.
DS: Si7 your ass down.
SW: g-glub... ._.
SW: o-okay...
DS: 'Sup everybody?
DS: Wha7's happening in here?

Wish I found this thread earlier. Fun. Bluh, let's see if I can manage to not screw this up...
>> No. 1858
CD: heeey you two!
CD: oh! im in the presence of a highblood
CD: how are you doin today miss?
>> No. 1860
XI: hello...
XI: now who are you two???glub:)
>> No. 1861
SW: a-ah... y-you dont have to b-be so p-polite...
SW: i-i dont mind...
DS: Aw come on, someone no7iced you're supposed 7o be a sea dwe77er for once!
DS: Re7ish i7.
SW: ._.
SW: g-glub...
SW: a-anyway... i-im doing a-all right...
SW: you...?

DS: 7he name's Za7ke7.
SW: zalket...
DS: 7ha7's wha7 I said.
SW: ...
SW: i-im julaha...
SW: n-nice to meet y-you both...
>> No. 1862
XI: i am ailvis...
XI: nice to meet you both...glub:)
>> No. 1863
CD:ahhh well arent ya a cute little thing?
>> No. 1864

IP: N^me's Qu^ter H^rold
IP: nice to meet you both.

IP: Don't w^nt to ^l^rm ^nyone
IP: but I think this thre^d's ^utos^ging.
IP: ^nyone w^nt to throw together ^ new one?

>> No. 1865
SW: a-ailvis...
SW: hello... c:
DS: Yo~

SW: e-eh...? ._.
DS: Hahahahahahahahaha!
SW: g-glub...
>> No. 1866
SW: o-oh hello...
SW: n-nice to meet you too...
DS: Same~

SW: a-auto... sage...?
DS: Heh, oh yeah, 7ooks 7ike it is.
DS: Someone shou7d fix 7ha7.
DS: We've go77a 7eave in a second 7hough.

>> No. 1868
CD: oh haha wasnt tryin to be awkward er nothin
CD: just statin the obvious