[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 12895306474.jpg - (404.80KB , 800x800 , hero_mode_DONE.jpg )
2 No. 2
Though your OLD ADVENTURE has been lost to the AGES, there is hope that a new one will soon continue in its place.

Alright, instead of mass-posting Idiot Trifecta stuff, we're going to consolidate it into one thread...as soon as one of us gets around to it. Glad to be back, guys. We missed you!
>> No. 9
File 128953210788.png - (460.75KB , 469x1712 , OHMYGODIMFUCKINGSTUPID.png )
Yes, and this way you can just mass ignore all our bullshit instead of ignoring three separate threads! Great, eh~? Now I should have actually been working on something more.

Lambda: Become better drawn
You decide to quite conveniently show off the other side of your Hive. Nearly 5 whole minutes have passed since you attempted pestering the boys and this will absolutely not stand.

You put on your favorite YELLOW JACKET before heading out. It is not like you are interested in FASHION or anything, your few colorful objects are merely a result of your ATTENTION WHORE persona.

As you land at your front step you have the feeling SOMEONE is watching you again. You throw a crude gesture to piss them off and head off to find your minions 'friends'.
>> No. 365
>The cookie pyrite. I mean Pirate.
>> No. 474
File 129091643088.gif - (74.63KB , 600x500 , TrajecYouthZip.gif )

So we're back to this guy again. What is he up to anyway?

>Trajec: Youth Zip.

Instead of answering your message, you CAPTHALOGUED some cookies, the husktop, checked your STRIFE SPECIBUS just in case, and used the ZIP LINE to head down to the troll outside who is patiently wait-OHMYGOGTHISISSOFUN!

Back to the original SN due to an oversight. Hi again, MSPA chan!
>> No. 486
>Other troll: Catch Trajec, he might hurt himself!