[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129470313753.png - (16.01KB , 389x617 , homestuck.png )
2060 No. 2060
YOU! Your name is Zenaul Xarie.

You are a stubborn girl with long horns and two personalities. One is a sweet loveable girl while the other is a TOTAL bitch!. You are under the TAURUS symbol. Which is the same as your far away neighbor TAVROS NITRAM. You are a close friend to him even though you two don't see eye to eye on everything. He sees you as a bigger sister and you see him as a little brother. You rather hate the fact he likes pupa pan and would be much willing to stab him but you are too kind and cant hurt your big horned buddy. Most of the time you find your self funny videos on grubtube and hornbook. You have a huge list of trolls on your trollian. Though oddly you find yourself talking to GAMZEE MAKARA most of the time about the infamous double rainbow shit you have come to adore and love. You are pretty sure if you saw one your face would explode from the pure win of the colors. Though you tend to talk to two of the main 12 trolls on alternia. You are also talking to your close friend/hated friend NARI TVY who is eye patched pirate virgo. She is your closest friend and you both find each other idiotic yet loveable. While living at home you have a REAL older brother named well....acutlly ....You don't give a shit about his name or who he is....We'll answer that later....Any way!

When talking on Trollian you talk like y-y-you are n-n-n-nervous and s-s-tuttor mainly e-e-ending y-y-your sentences w-w-with a c-c-ute moooooo.

As of the momment you are doing nothing.....What the fuck should you do!?!?!
>> No. 2140
>figure out where the hell you are!!! also, moo.
>> No. 2218
You start to think for a but then your like WTF?! Where the hell are you!? D8 You have no idea where in gog you are!

(i'll add a picture later )
>> No. 2219
File 129512391525.png - (11.11KB , 512x512 , where am i.png )
You decide to look around and over your shoulder...You hear a werid sound you wonder what could be out there.
>> No. 2242
(i thought i would add just for heck others can join in :3 )
>> No. 2678
File 129640201158.png - (4.96KB , 306x251 , cagro.png )
WEll then since zenaul is doing nothing lets go to her brother Cagro Xarie. He's pretty much the total opposiste of his younger sister. He is a capricorn. He's also a total perv lol