[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 12896004484.png - (167.40KB , 500x500 , droski26.png )
21 No. 21
Your name is still ROUTAN DROSKI. You have just surfaced from the DEEP SEA for some good old fashioned FLARPING. What will you do?
>> No. 23
>> No. 24
File 128960618841.png - (161.75KB , 500x500 , droski27.png )

You encounter a fearsome monster. It seems like a boss-type beast, even. The reward will be great.
>> No. 51
>> No. 53
File 128962998349.png - (100.95KB , 500x500 , droski28.png )

You make a it a point to get some more levels, if you ever wish to compare to your flarp partner.
>> No. 58
File 128966673772.png - (104.66KB , 500x500 , droski29.png )


Red-bloods are weird.
>> No. 67
>Be the skull-wearing psycho
>> No. 76
File 12896976114.png - (129.79KB , 700x700 , hogarh1.png )
>Be the skull-wearing psycho.

You be the skull wearing psycho.

Your name is HELLGA HOGARH. You have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, mainly HISTORIC VIOLENT BATTLES and THE DARK ARTS. You consider yourself to be a MASTER FLARPER, even though you lost your hands in a related accident years ago to a NAUTICAL SCURGE.

Currently, you are gathering the spoils from an unchallenging boss battle for later sacrafice.

Your trolltag is valhallasRevenge and you SSPEAK IIN AA SSORT OOF JJUMPY EEXCITING MMANNER!!

What will you- wait one second.
>> No. 78
File 12896976791.png - (44.35KB , 500x500 , oshit1.png )

What the hell is that!
>> No. 101
>> No. 102
The blood god is disappointed in not recieving enough blood! Quickly, find another monster to slay and sacrifice the blood of!
>> No. 128
File 12897926509.png - (142.71KB , 500x500 , hogarh2.png )
>Find another monster to slay and sacrifice the blood of!

Looks like Routan's lusus saw the meteor too! It's rich violet blood won't be missed, right?
>> No. 176

>Routan: Defend Hydraddy!
>> No. 271
File 129021154791.png - (144.18KB , 500x500 , oshit2.png )

>Routan: Defend hydraddy!

You step back into the water to keep this kook from harming your lusus. Looks like the helmet, and therefore, the gloves, are off. You both get a pester from the same source, and although this could answer a lot of confusion, you are both a bit distracted.
>> No. 302
File 129036398421.png - (61.91KB , 500x500 , oshit3.png )

-- gogdamnProfessional [GP] began pestering EVERYONE [EE] --

GP: Okaye veryon, here'sthe dea.l

GP: We're all going todie.

GP: But wedo nt h ave to.

GP: iF youa re currently anywhre near thec ity that is...

GP: I think Idiscovered somethijgn that can get su out ofhere before the meterors hit.

GP: So get you r asses to the city so we can figure tjis all out.

Gp: Our lives depend on it.

GP: My hive is thetall glass one.

GP: Uh youmightrecognizeit.

GP: This goes out to allofyou.. .If you wanttosurviveyou bettergetherefast....

GP: Gogspeed.

-- gogdamnProfessional [GP] ceased pestering EVERYONE [EE] --