[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129002973869.jpg - (282.40KB , 1472x377 , Sub-TrollLineup.jpg )
214 No. 214
The SUB-TROLLS are back and this time, you, the viewers are in control!

You can read short descriptions of the characters here: >>90

So, let's begin!
>> No. 215
File 12900297714.jpg - (124.05KB , 600x600 , LOTAG177.jpg )
We left off with ALKORA and MEVRIS, members of TEAM ZAHHAK, floating in the ocean, where they had escaped XODARR'S rampage. They found a fellow sub-troll, stranded on the remains of his hive in the middle of the ocean. AVISMO, the stranded troll was rescued by ALKORA and MEVRIS, and agreed to join their team.

So now that we know what happened, let's start our adventure!
>> No. 216
File 129003129154.jpg - (105.69KB , 600x600 , LOTAG178.jpg )
We started with her, and she appears to be home, so she's a good choice to start with.
OVISSA, you are lounging about in your loghive with an empty mug. What do you plan to do?
>> No. 217
>Cackle like a hyena and spit in the mug
>> No. 219
File 129003752055.jpg - (151.04KB , 908x500 , LOTAG179.jpg )
>Cackle like a hyena and spit in the mug
Why the hell not? It's your mug, you can do whatever you want with it!
>> No. 220
>Video Chat one of the other subtrolls whilst you continue cackling.
>> No. 222
File 129004518534.jpg - (158.82KB , 1000x500 , LOTAG180.jpg )
>Video Chat one of the other subtrolls whilst you continue cackling.
You decide to contact your bestest buddy SIMETA.
... while still cackling...
>> No. 223
File 129004560051.jpg - (160.81KB , 1000x500 , LOTAG181.jpg )
SIMETA doesn't question why you are cackling, she's just glad you're happy. She cackles along with you.
>> No. 224
This face is the best face.
>Ovissa: Invite Rosdro to video chat
>> No. 225
File 129004701340.jpg - (280.46KB , 1000x1000 , LOTAG182.jpg )
>Ovissa: Invite Rosdro to video chat
It's starting to even look like a triple cackle
>> No. 228
File 129004816152.jpg - (341.56KB , 1000x1000 , LOTAG183.jpg )
>OVISSA: Invite BETMUS to the video chat
TEAM MEGIDO is cackling up a storm!
>> No. 229
>> No. 231
>Kanaya Poster: Join Cackles
>> No. 240
PHHHHH god Biigu I love you. /brbdying

>Team Zahhak: Suddenly feel the urge to cackle.

This is getting silly.
>> No. 255
Team Zahhak: Make it your one and only goal to destroy those who cackle. All f001s must be e%terminated.
>> No. 267
Thanks guys. I have to go to school right now. I was going to continue last night had I not broken my glasses. xc
I will be back shortly though!
>> No. 279
File 129022617228.gif - (64.28KB , 700x600 , LOTAG184.gif )
>Team Zahhak: Suddenly feel the urge to cackle.
Shit's starting to get too serious.
It's a good thing your captain isn't here. He'd be abso100tely confused...
>> No. 280
>Lacona: Victory cackle.
>> No. 281
File 129023337818.jpg - (115.28KB , 600x600 , LOTAG185.jpg )
>Lacona: Victory cackle.
No one can cackle as good as LACONA can! She is simply the best!
>> No. 282
>Cackle, then proceed to feel deliciously embarrassed about your 100dicrously unb100blood-like actions.


Or, you know, plot things happen. What's that neat skull chick up to?
>> No. 283
File 129023556516.jpg - (191.48KB , 600x600 , LOTAG186.jpg )
>What's that neat skull chick up to?
Good question. Let's find out.

Be NAGGLY: It appears you are just lounging about in your hive. MORTAN is out to get coffee, so you take this opportunity to look over your voodoo dolls.
>> No. 284
>Naggly: DON'T cackle. Find the idea of cackling incredibly silly.
>> No. 286
NAGGLY: Make your Karkat voodoo doll make out with another doll

... Then, cackle about it
>> No. 287
Whoops, you haven't gotten to the part of the story yet where Mevris gains the face-scratches.
Unless... cackling time-travel shenanigans?
>> No. 288
I think it's facepaint, and her personal symbol. Like how Alkora is seen not wearing the team Zahhak symbol, but instead he has a star on his shirt. Instead of the team Zahhak facepaint, she has the claw marks.
>> No. 290
Yes, that's Mevris' symbol. She's a blue-blooded troll, but her symbol is red.
>> No. 294
Naggly: cackle anyway
ain't i a stinker >:D
>> No. 318
File 129040003547.jpg - (146.65KB , 600x600 , LOTAG187.jpg )
>NAGGLY: Make your Karkat voodoo doll make out with another doll

You have already made this clear to your friend SIMETA the last time she was over.
>> No. 321
>Simeta ships Gamzee/Equius.

I have a new favorite character. <3
>> No. 328
me too <3
also you got 321 post :V
>> No. 329
3/21 is also me & Tsuin's birthday.
just sayin'...

>> No. 343
Wow, this is ridiculously good! Where could I see part one?
>> No. 346
Unfortunately, Part one went down with the rest of the first MSPAchan.
>> No. 373
File 129065252515.jpg - (118.46KB , 600x600 , LOTAG188.jpg )
>NAGGLY: It's a Voodoo doll! You know what to do with Voodoo dools!- Stab that fucker!

Um... you can't.
As soon as she found out about your possession of said dolls, your captain ordered for all sharp objects to be kept away from you. So these guys are pretty much useless.
Oh well, at least they're cute.
>> No. 377
Aww, I'm sorry, that sucks! But in that case, could you give me a brief summary of what happened? I feel kind of out of the loop reading this. Also, do these guys have any relation with the canon trolls?
>> No. 378
>Smash them against walls/Bite them
>> No. 380
> Captchatalog a few dolls, just in case you might need them later.
... say, what would a venomous sub-troll fan of Troll Burton use for her fetch specibus, anyways?
>> No. 385
Yes, well, the Sub-Trolls were born in a brood made up of the leftovers of genetic material so they're kinda like "little brothers and sisters" to the canon trolls. They are the canon trolls' apprentices. The OP picture shows their affiliations in the color of the background.
>> No. 402
File 129073755056.jpg - (110.18KB , 600x600 , LOTAG189.jpg )
> Captchatalog a few dolls, just in case you might need them later.
That's a good idea, but since your fetch modus, FATE, is incredibly random, you might have to fetch your doll now and get to it later.
>> No. 403
File 12907387133.jpg - (135.91KB , 968x500 , LOTAG190.jpg )
>Fetch the doll
You take out your cards.
Time to use FATE.
>> No. 404
File 129073935313.jpg - (138.28KB , 600x600 , LOTAG191.jpg )
>> No. 406
File 129074014950.jpg - (100.33KB , 600x600 , LOTAG192.jpg )
Phase 1 of FATE's draw has succeeded.
A black card has been drawn, while the white card disappears.
The doll will be received by the fetch modus of a sub-troll from TEAM MEGIDO, TEAM ZAHHAK, or TEAM CAPTOR.
Just who will it be?
Let's look at the card to see our answer...
>> No. 407
File 129074045788.jpg - (212.29KB , 600x600 , LOTAG193.jpg )
Oh great! It's THIS guy!
You're going to have one hell of a time trying to get your doll back from him, assuming it isn't washed out with cleansing fluids twenty times before you get to it!
>> No. 410
I was not expecting tarot cards. Well played.
>> No. 411
>MASTER OF MIND: Receive doll in a way befitting Fate.

And remember boys and girls, sometimes Fate is a real bitch.
>> No. 412
File 129075546213.gif - (24.99KB , 600x600 , LOTAG194.gif )
>BETMUS: Receive doll in a way befitting Fate.
The hell was that?!? You don't remember captchaloging anything!
>> No. 417
>Fate: Damn, that one was supposed to hit him in the head. OH WELL. Try again!
>MASTER of MIND: Might as well grab the thing.
>> No. 418
Wait, if you didn't captchalog that, then you don't know where it's been, nor what it's touched, nor what has touched it!
>> No. 428
>You know what you must do.

>Betmus: Flip the fuck out cleaning supply style.
>> No. 430
File 129081678027.gif - (63.54KB , 600x600 , LOTAG195.gif )
>BETMUS: Fetch unknown object
It must be from NAGGLY. She has that weird Fetch Modus...
>> No. 432
File 129081936924.gif - (46.01KB , 600x600 , LOTAG196.gif )

>> No. 433
File 129082044739.jpg - (138.30KB , 600x600 , LOTAG197.jpg )
You suppose you'll hold onto it until she comes over to pick it up.
>> No. 602
File 129126292348.jpg - (105.87KB , 600x600 , LOTAG198.jpg )
and for some odd reason you feel like someone or something is CRUSHING YOUR STOMACH!
>> No. 604
File 129126458543.jpg - (81.02KB , 600x600 , LOTAG199.jpg )
Suddenly something starts banging at the window. What the hell kind of creature could have possibly traveled all the way out here to the Veil?

MINOR STORY CHANGE: the Superior Trolls are now in the Veil during the time this takes place, and not their own hives. lol retcon much?
>> No. 701
File 12915061565.jpg - (100.65KB , 638x600 , LOTAG200.jpg )
>> No. 705
File 129150893166.jpg - (134.32KB , 638x600 , LOTAG201.jpg )
It appears that a wayward seabeast of some sort has wandered in with one of your colleagues when they reentered the veil.
You try to make a quick decision on what to do with the beast. You have a quick counsel with one of your colleagues. She states that this creature, in fact, is a sub-troll's lusus and should be let in so that it can use the portal to return to LOTAG. Apparently she knows more than you do about these things.
>> No. 708
File 129151031919.jpg - (146.41KB , 638x600 , LOTAG202.jpg )
You let him in, but you threaten him that if he makes any false moves, you will fuck up his shit.
>> No. 709
File 129151132315.gif - (126.50KB , 638x600 , LOTAG203.gif )
Apparently the beast mistook it as a direct attack.

>> No. 712
>KARKAT: Fuck up its uvula
>> No. 713

Bii's retcon powers activate!

Also, question! Is Avismo's lusus male or female?
>> No. 714
He's male. All of the sub-trolls' lusii match their own genders save for Audrey, Rosdro's lusus, though Audrey doesn't actually have a gender since she's a plant.
And yes, I know only the female deep sea anglerfish look like that, but if a male centaur can have udders, then a male anglerfish can be big and intimidating.
>> No. 715
Maybe that's the small size for male angler lusii, and the females are fucking huge.
>> No. 716

Hmm, now all I can think about is the lusus being semi-parasitic :/


O-oh god, that would be terrifying. Alternia sure is weird!
>> No. 719
File 129153121836.jpg - (144.02KB , 638x600 , LOTAG204.jpg )
Your other colleague appears to apologize for the behavior of this creature. He states that the creature came here seeking his lost troll. The troll is a member of his team, so he blames himself (to an unnecessary degree).
He offers to take the lusus back to his troll.
You send him to do that before he can add any more unnecessary words to his request.
>> No. 720
File 129153403581.jpg - (119.04KB , 638x600 , LOTAG205.jpg )
You are still rather embarrassed that you allowed that whole thing to happen, but your leader said to get the lusus back to his troll and you will listen to his orders.
You must help FISHDAD find his way to AVISMO.
>> No. 721

>Fishdad and Equius: Have a series of zany adventures that happen conveniently off screen.
>> No. 731
> ... but you still have the 100dicrous hats from your adventures by the time you find Avismo.
>> No. 806
File 129187080042.jpg - (132.23KB , 638x600 , LOTAG206.jpg )
Of course ALKORA has found you, and he has immediately begun following you.
You don't mind. He is very well behaved, as all bluebloods should be.
You should ask him where AVISMO is...
>> No. 848
OGOD he's tiny
>> No. 868
File 129202796554.jpg - (102.58KB , 652x648 , LOTAG207.jpg )
ALKORA tells you that AVISMO is busy building himself a new hive.
While you are talking, the massive Fishdad has suddenly disappeared.
How could a huge fish just suddenly disappear out of thin air?
>> No. 881
>Gamzee: Become relevant due to the MiRaClE known as Fishdad disappearing.
>> No. 938
File 129221000662.jpg - (169.11KB , 652x873 , LOTAG1208.jpg )
>Gamzee: Become relevant due to the MiRaClE known as Fishdad disappearing.

Suddenly Gamzee appears out of the LOTAG portal. He points out that FISHDAD is somewhere behind you. And sure enough, he is! It seems that he is wandering aimlessly. You try to call him over, but he doesn't seem to be listening.
>> No. 956
>Gamzee: join fishdad in wandering aimlessly and ignoring Equius
>> No. 975
>Gamzee: the fish has a fucking light on its head! Ogle its beauty.
>> No. 991
>Tie Alkora to a rod and use him as bait to get Fishdad's attention
>> No. 993
> Cackling: prove to have virally spread all over Alternia.
>> No. 1036
>The Vast Cackle
>> No. 1086
File 129272283835.jpg - (133.08KB , 652x648 , LOTAG209.jpg )
>Tie Alkora to a rod and use him as bait to get Fishdad's attention
That doesn't seem like a good idea...
And besides, FISHDAD doesn't eat land dwellers...
>> No. 1089
File 129272761131.jpg - (99.88KB , 652x648 , LOTAG210.jpg )
You try calling FISHDAD over, but he still seems to be ignoring you...
>> No. 1090
File 12927278063.jpg - (133.46KB , 652x648 , LOTAG211.jpg )
>Grab him by his fin
You grab him by his fi-

Oh shit! That was a bad idea!
>> No. 1093
File 129273218496.jpg - (139.70KB , 652x648 , LOTAG212.jpg )
You try to calm him down. He doesn't seem to listen to what you're saying, but he mistakes your apologetic gestures as a submissive stance.
>> No. 1094
File 129273322971.jpg - (158.24KB , 638x600 , LOTAG213.jpg )
>Get moving already!
It's time you should get your shit together and start walking!

From the time you spent with FISHDAD, you've learned that he is, in fact, deaf. Or at least above water he is.
In order to fix the problem with him keeping up, you decide to tie a rather STRONG piece of string to his head. This way, he won't wander off anymore.

Now, you, FISHDAD, ALKORA, and GAMZEE are heading to ALKORA's hive to find AVISMO.
>> No. 1103
> Fishdad: wander of
>> No. 1106
>Gamzee: Hold Equius' hand.

NO? ok jk.
>> No. 1130
>Fishdad: Fly away
>> No. 1215
File 129307586277.jpg - (103.90KB , 638x600 , LOTAG214.jpg )
>Fishdad: Fly away
Suddenly FISHDAD starts flying. How he manages to lift you up, you have no idea.
GAMZEE grabs hold of your hand and ALKORA grabs hold of GAMZEE's leg.
>> No. 1217
File 129307848554.jpg - (78.59KB , 638x600 , LOTAG215.jpg )
>> No. 1219
Equius: Defy gravity.
Gamzee: Sing "Always" ("Always I wanna be with you, make believe with you...")
>> No. 1222
>Equius: Start sweating and find the rope increasingly difficult to hold on to due to the sweat.
>> No. 1228
>start going "oonts oonts oonts oonts" to attract Avismo's attention.
>> No. 1229
File 129312422594.gif - (152.77KB , 638x600 , LOTAG216.gif )
"Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony harmony oh love..."

>> No. 1230
File 129312474456.jpg - (146.69KB , 638x600 , LOTAG217.jpg )
but of course, FISHDAD can't carry you for very long. He finally ends this f001ishness and lands.
>> No. 1242
Gamaze: Comment on what a MiRaCuLoUs experience it was.
>> No. 1284
File 12932563509.jpg - (99.26KB , 638x600 , LOTAG218.jpg )
>GAMZEE: Comment on what a MiRaCuLoUs experience it was.
Your highb100ded companion mentions how much of a MiRaCuLoUs experience that was.

... also what is that in the bushes?
>> No. 1285
File 129325642620.jpg - (123.28KB , 638x600 , LOTAG219.jpg )
It's another little sub-troll!
And she appears to be spying on you.
>> No. 1286
File 129325650280.gif - (39.23KB , 638x600 , LOTAG220.gif )
>Be little troll girl
>> No. 1287
>Simeta: Fangirl squeal
>> No. 1288
Equius: Notice that the girl blushes violet, but her shirt says her blood color is pink. Flip the fuck out on the tiny fraud.
>> No. 1289
>Simeta: Update shipping chart.
>> No. 1358
>Simeta: Notice that you wear a magenta symbol even though you yourself are a violet blood. Wonder why one so high on the hemospectrum as yourself has no aquatic properties.

>Equius: The young troll girl's improper signage is so scandalous! Sweat extra stongly while Gamzee stares on.
>> No. 1359
You and me both, Simmy. You and me both.
>> No. 1390
No, Fangirl CACKLE
>> No. 1511
File 129351808740.jpg - (285.26KB , 638x600 , LOTAG221.jpg )

You are far too busy daydreaming about disturbing fangirl things to answer any important questions.
Also you don't want to blow your cover.

Simeta's blood color is iris, which is closer to indigo, so she's more like Gamzee than a seatroll.
>> No. 1518
> Fangirl fantasies: become real!
>> No. 1593
God the more I see of Simeta the more I adore her. xD She's so funny and cute. And she has good taste~ xD

>Equius: Notice the high blood is still holding your hand.
>> No. 1602
Everyone: Cackle
Also where is part one of this?
>> No. 1710

Forever lost to the bowels of the internet, along with the original MSPAchan.
>> No. 1711
Yes, unfortunately.
I have all of the images from it, but none of the words.

The overall story has kind of changed anyway...The superior trolls are in the veil and the sub-trolls themselves are not on Alternia, but they think they are.
>> No. 1915
File 129411760067.jpg - (112.94KB , 638x600 , LOTAG222.jpg )
> Fangirl fantasies: become real!

You'd like that, wouldn't you?
>> No. 1918
>Alkora: Punch intruding girl in the snout to establish dominance.
>> No. 1920
>Intruding Girl: Simultaneously punch Alkora in the snout to establish dominance.
>> No. 1934
Say nothing and just watch with her,head not down so much they can't see you.
>> No. 1937
>> No. 1938
Wow, how'd I not notice how badly I screwed that up?


>Have this be the beginning of a beautiful kismesis.
>> No. 2071
File 129472187589.jpg - (99.56KB , 638x600 , LOTAG223.jpg )
Before you are able to ask her what she's doing, Your captain tells you that they need to head over to your hive to see where AVISMO is.
You must go and bring him, Gamzee, and FISHDAD there.
>> No. 2072
File 129472357369.gif - (120.27KB , 800x600 , LOTAG224.gif )
>Go to your hive
You have arrived at your hive. You and your teammates have tracking devices and therefore, you are able to find them anywhere on LOTAG.
Your captain and his affiliate make themselves comfortable at your hive while you activate the radar.
>> No. 2073
File 129472645911.jpg - (209.00KB , 732x579 , LOTAG225.jpg )
>ALKORA: Look at the map
You focus in on the WETLANDS, the area of LOTAG where you live. AVISMO appears to be at his hive. He's probably still fixing it up. Well, at least you know where he is now.
>> No. 2075
File 129472776632.gif - (199.01KB , 800x600 , LOTAG226.gif )
You should head over to bring FISHDAD back to AVISMO.
>> No. 2082
*notBrandX claps excitedly at seeing Gamzee and Alkora's lusus bonding*
>> No. 2164
>> No. 2167
File 129499037316.jpg - (194.20KB , 800x600 , AVISMO\'S NEW ROOM(reveal).jpg )
Now that we know where you are, we can be you for a while.
Oh look! It appears that you have already begun setting up your new hive!
>> No. 2173
>> No. 2511
>Look behind curtain
>> No. 2573
<Fondly regard decoration
>> No. 2584
File 129619017054.jpg - (247.51KB , 800x600 , AVISMO\'S NEW ROOM.jpg )
>Look behind curtain
This is the MEGAORGAN. One of your prized possessions. There wasn't any room for it in your old hive.
>> No. 2586

>Avismo: Pump out a bitchin' tune
>> No. 2795
>Avismo: Play Trollhan Sebastian Bach's Little Fufue in G minor. You like to shake things up once in a while.
>> No. 2806
fffffff- I meant Fugue. Eff my keyboard, seriously.
>> No. 2924
>Avismo: Play haunting piano refrain. you mean ORGAN refrain