[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129555549753.png - (71.35KB , 768x595 , first.png )
2376 No. 2376
A very pink BOY stands in this room. Wow, this kid is... very, very pink.

He's just piled into A FRIEND'S house, along with TEN other people PLUS this FRIEND. Apparently, he has some serious shit to do.

Serious shit like, playing a game.

[ergo, THE FANVENTURE BY KALI AND ITALY with weird adoptive trollkids that rarely uses the sprites that were made for it]
>> No. 2377
>Become this pink creature, if you dare.

Now that you are the pink boy, you should really be told a little bit about yourself. Yes; right. Let's see.

Your name is PANDORA TYPHINE. As you can so plainly see, you are VERY PINK, so you must be ROYALTY, yes? Yes. You are THE PRINCE. It is you. You are NEXT IN LINE for the throne, working under the EMPRESS, FEFERI PIXEIS. This means you do most of her ERRANDS, and have to go to a whole lot of IMPORTANT gatherings and meetings and such, so you can LEARN how to be THE BEST EMPEROR. This is your goal in life. Your FATHER snatched you up when you were just a GRUB because of your BLOOD, but he thinks you're kind of STUPID so you wouldn't want to give his NAME and EMBARRASS him. You will say however, he is the BEST DAD, even if he DOES act like more of a HIPSTER TEENAGER than you sometimes.

You like to PAINT and DRAW and all around be ARTSY. You really ENJOY art, and if you WERERN'T royalty, you'd PROBABLY look into doing it PROFESSIONALLY. But your FATHER says that is STUPID, so back to BEING A PRINCE it is. But it's OK, because you actually do like being a PRINCE. Despite the fact that your FATHER is very BIASED about blood color and such, you REALLY want to focus on EQUALITY for all of your subjects! This, you are sure, will make you ALMOST as great a ruler as THE EMPRESS. And that alone would make you happy.

Another thing that make you happy is LUCK. Oh, LUCK is surely the most important thing. Who would want an UNLUCKY RULER? Nobody, that's who. So, you surround yourself with LUCKY things, as you are a very SUPERSITIOUS person. But who in their right mind believes EIGHT to be the best? You know it to be true the luckiest of numbers is the SEVEN, so you try to do everything in SEVEN's. You own a horse-shoe (seven of them), never walk under a ladder, and the last time you broke a mirror you CRIED. This was about two weeks ago. You're still anticipating the BAD THINGS that are INEVITBLY going to happen to you.

You have TONS of friends. You used to have a MOIRAIL but things weren't working out between the two of you, so right now you just have a bunch of STRAY FRIENDS. And, of course, the GIRL you are trying to warm into a MATESPRITESHIP with you. But she is, apparently, VERY BLACK for you. You've never, ever, wanted a BLACK ROMANCE - it's too dark! Too... rough. And you are a LOVER, not a FIGHTER.

Your trollTag is delicateVagabond and you rea77y take the time to ~* appreciate *~ a77 the 7itt7e things in 7ife!!!!!!! 0 7 0

What will you do?
>> No. 2378
File 129555560198.png - (14.96KB , 768x595 , panthink.png )
As it stands, you are faced with the task of rounding everyone up and starting this thing. The ten other people you mentioned earlier? A majority of them have not shown up. You were just the first to get here because you have learned a Prince cannot be late. Ever.

You suppose you should start contacting your associates. Gosh, you are so good to them. They had better be grateful that their Prince loves them so much, because really.
>> No. 2379
File 129555565670.png - (38.18KB , 968x595 , hecateintro.png )
>Pandora: Ring up one of your associates.

-- delicateVagabond began trolling frozenOctave --

DV: catie!!!!!!!
DV: hey are you a7most here
FO: Y3s, y3s, |'m @lmo$t th3r3.
FO: Wh@t'$ th3 ru$h?
DV: rush
DV: what rush
DV: i just wanna sea you > 7 <

-- frozenOctave has ceased trolling delicateVagabond --
>> No. 2380
File 129555570551.png - (15.34KB , 768x595 , depressedpan.png )
>Pandora: Weep, for your love detests you.

Ah, your Ice Princess. Why must she do this to you? Why does she push you away, when you know she longs to be in your arms. Perhaps it is denial, you think. Perhaps she is too shy.

Whatever. You've learned to take her abuse in strides. It is worth it for your Sweet Ice Princess.
>> No. 2381
File 129555592553.png - (13.13KB , 768x595 , panleto.png )
Well, there's one associate down, and she's getting here. There must be someone else to pester!
>> No. 2382
File 129555596958.png - (19.40KB , 768x595 , contacting.png )
>> No. 2383
File 129555604258.png - (15.83KB , 768x595 , letotact.png )
>Pandora: Be a PRINCE and go help your comrade!


Your associate! Of course, you must help him!
>> No. 2384
File 12955561222.png - (16.92KB , 768x595 , taurie watch.png )
>Pandora: Be Taurie, watching Pandora with utter confusion.
>> No. 2385
File 12955562156.png - (11.61KB , 768x595 , whattaurie.png )
Confusion. It is written all over your face. Visible in your... eye.
>> No. 2388
File 129556263363.png - (24.63KB , 768x595 , taurieintro.png )
>Taurie: be introduced.

Your name is TAURIE STRANOS and your name is not girly, OK?

You agreed to let THE PRINCE use your home as a GATHERING POOL for the other people playing THIS GAME THING with you. You didn't really mind. You have a bit of a TEMPER, but it takes a lot to get that out in the open, so you're usually pretty COMPLIANT and CHILL. Contrary to your looks, you're pretty EASY GOING.

Speaking of YOUR LOOKS, you may as well address your eye. Yes, you only have one EYE, so what, wanna fight about it? You got in a little ACCIDENT when you were a GRUB, you think, and you sort of gauged your eye out. You can't really REMEMBER, because it was a really TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE and you suspsect you blocked it out for a REASON. Alright, now that that is out of the way, back to business.

This PERFECT CREATURE to your left is your HUMAN FREND, but you will get to that later. Out of the goodness of her BEAUTIFUL HEART she agreed to come and help you play this GAME. What? OF COURSE you have a way of changing her between UNIVERSES. Don't be SILLY.

Anyway, you're ADOPTIDAD is currently out, and you're SURE he wouldn't mind if he came in and saw you all DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING anyway. And if he did, GOOD FOR HIM. Your TAURUS FATHER adopted you for THREE REASONS: Because you had REALLY BIG HORNS like him; Because you HAD A HANDICAP, your EYE; and Because you, like him, were a TAURUS. However, you still despise him sometimes because he's such a WIMP. Lately though, you've started to BOND with him. Over your HUMAN FRIEND, actually. It seems when he was YOUNGER, ABOUT YOUR AGE, he had something like what you have WITH EVA. You think that is KINDA NEAT.

Oh, except, you're not just PALE for EVA. You're sort of VERY FLUSHED for her, but she doesn't UNDERSTAND QUADRANTS all that well and it makes things really AWKWARD. Plus, you're uh, kinda AN ALIEN and you doubt you're her TYPE. Oh well, a boy can dream. ONE DAY, she will be YOURS. You SWEAR this.

Your trolltag is blindedGambit and you don't know why everyone freaks out when they see you and ye11, "Oh, Eye don't know how Eye'd 1ive with just one eye!" ;[

What will you do?
>> No. 2389
File 129556269576.png - (12.48KB , 768x595 , panisannoying.png )
>Taurie: Get barraged with messages by some jackass.

This jackass LITERALLY just ran out your door. You SERIOUSLY need better friends.
>> No. 2390
File 129556278086.png - (17.13KB , 768x595 , desertcontact.png )
>Taurie: Answer Prince Retard.

-- blindedGambit began trolling delicateVagabond --

BG: Please don't te11 me you, 1ike.
BG: Got 1ost or something.
BG: Because there is no way you aren't anything past 6 feet of my front door.
DV: what
DV: oh no im not 7ost or anything
DV: i was just thinking.......
DV: we contacted everyone right???????
BG: Um.
BG: Eye think so.
BG: 1ook, just be patient, OK?
BG: Who's with you now?
DV: sp
DV: he wanted me to ask you if 7s has arrived yet
DV: said he wanted to wait for her but i cant stay in this dry p7ace much 7onger ;--;
BG: ...1S? Oh, her!
BG: No, she's not here, yet. Has he messaged her?
DV: on7y 7ike
DV: 7777777 times
DV: thats why hes freaking out
DV: 7isten just be on the 7ookout for fo and ask her ok
DV: i77 7ike
DV: stay here with him i guess
BG: You're such a saint, Pan.
DV: i know

-- blindedGambit ceased trolling delciateVagabond --
>> No. 2391
File 129556284494.png - (23.59KB , 768x595 , irrtau.png )
You swear. These guys are going to be the death of you. You have a feeling that by the time this game has ended you will want to kill all of them.
>> No. 2392
File 129556293328.png - (12.99KB , 768x595 , eva.png )
Well. Maybe with a little exception.
>> No. 2398
File 129557753179.png - (64.76KB , 768x595 , falseinto.png )
>Taurie: Be your Flush Crush.

Are you kidding? That would be a huge distraction. Not now, you stupid, stupid, love-struck, lowblooded mongaloid. What's the matter with you? And you wonder why she's not red for you. This is why, dumbass.
>> No. 2399
File 129557847221.png - (11.31KB , 768x595 , assssintro.png )
>Taurie: Get back to contacting associates.

-- blindedGambit began trolling viperTrinity --

BG: Hey. Stop trying to be fashionab1y 1ate and get down here.
VT: fassshionably late???
VT: oh wow...
VT: i jussst had a little detor isss all...
BG: Detor? Did something bad happen? Do you need me to come and help you or something? ;[
VT: while that isss incredibly sssweet of you to offer...
VT: no thanksss
VT: you mussst remember i can blow up thisss whole jungle if i wanted to
VT: i jussst dont want to...
BG: Eye'd actua11y rea11y like it if you didn't use any of your bombs to b1ow anything up if you can he1p it.
BG: If you're not 1ost, p1ease hurry up.
VT: that sssounded too much like an order...
VT: and if you werent the lowessst on the ssspectrum already...
VT: id tell you to bark ordersss at sssomeone who isssnt higher than you
VT: well...
VT: that ssstupid prince wouldnt hurt
VT: hesss too thick to take offenssse to anything...
VT: but dont think being my moirail givesss you any ssspecial privelagesss to bossssss me around...
BG: Yeah, Eye know, you've given me this speach a thousand times.
BG: Just get up here, Astron.

-- blindedGambit ceased trolling viperTrinity --
>> No. 2401
File 129557922971.png - (7.48KB , 768x595 , angerVT.png )
>Be this guy and find out what slithered up his ass.

You are now THE HARD-ASS ARISTOCRAT. Gosh, that gutterblooded BULLBRAIN makes you SO MAD. Why are you his Moirail? Pity. That is all. Yeah. Hmph.

Let's find out what got it's way up your ass and died.
>> No. 2405
File 129558105275.png - (33.90KB , 768x595 , astronintro.png )
>VT: Learn about yourself.

Your name is ASTRON GALENI. You are ALMOST at the top of the HEMOSPECTRUM, but that IDIOT PRINCE keeps hogging the highest rung. You swear, you would make SUCH a better Emperor.

PANDORA, though, seems to think you are just THE CUTEST. He, apparently, thinks of you as a YOUNGER BROTHER figure, claiming that WE SEA-DWELLERS NEED TO STICK TOGETHER. You really want to rip that guys gills off, he makes you so MAD. But gosh, LOTS OF THINGS make you mad, now that you think about it. You're default emotion is AT LEAST IRRITATED all the time, but sometimes you turn to just plain SNARKY. Or, what's the word TAURIE uses for you? Oh, EGOTISTICAL. Well, what does he know? He's just a BULLBRAINED GUTTERBLOOD.

FOR SOME REASON, You let your 'BROTHER' and MOIRAIL talk you in to playing this game. They said they wanted you to MAKE FRIENDS but you told them you don't NEED friends because your motto is "To love oneself is a lifelong romance." Ergo, you have YOURSELF. WHY would you need OTHER PEOPLE too? They are just about the only people you KNOW, going in and PLAYING THIS GAME, so you really aren't looking forward to conversing with EVERYONE ELSE. In fact, you can't remember a time in your life where you were EVER happy at the thought of CONVERSING with ANYONE. But, you digress.

There are SOME THINGS that make you happy, though. SCARY THINGS make you happy, for example. You are kind of a WIMP when it comes to SCARY THINGS, but you have this THING for scaring yourself. You don't know why, either. Perhaps it is the RUSH, you think. If you knew what HALLOWEEN was, you would be going all out for it. You would make sure NO ONE, including YOURSELF, slept, EVER. You also like ANIMALS, actually, but you would NEVER tell anyone that because it is totally girly. ALL SORTS of animals, too: Reptiles, mammals, birds, you name it. The only place you feel, well, OUT OF PLACE IN is the water, which is weird, because you are a SEA-DWELLER. But you've spent so much time AWAY from water with YOUR MOTHER you feel like you need to do something to EARN the water's acceptance. OH GOD, you are SO GLAD PANDORA did not just read that.

Though you mostly live by yourself, you do TECHNICALLY have A MOTHER, even if she does leave you for MONTHS at a time and never shows you ANY form of attention - she MADE YOUR WEAPONS, though! MOTHER made all your bombs, of all shapes and sizes, so you could DEFEND yourself! And no matter what ANYONE ELSE SAYS, this is irrovacable proof that MOTHER LOVES YOU. Her yelling and beating you up and mentally torturing you is just her way of preparing you for the REAL WORLD, really. Or, so you like to tell yourself.
>> No. 2413
File 129566604525.png - (21.63KB , 768x595 , grumbleasss.png )
As it stands, you are currently really in the jungle. You know you're probably close to the beach, but you're aiming for the desert where that bullbrain lives. You swear, that kid is more trouble than he's worth.
>> No. 2414
File 129566673372.png - (21.25KB , 768x595 , BLUHBLUH.png )
Especially now, with all his constant yacking about 'human girl this' and 'human girl that.' It's really getting on your nerves. It's almost as if he wants *her* to be his moirail.
>> No. 2426
File 12957426373.png - (33.31KB , 768x595 , hissss.png )
Not like you care, though. You hate that gutterblood. He's just a good lackey. You could get any moirail you want - and any matesprite, and any kismesis!
>> No. 2427
File 129574268155.png - (23.23KB , 768x595 , surprise.png )
You bet he thinks he's something special--

Who dares interrupt your brooding? You pull out some of the super fantastic awesome special bombs Mother made for you, which you know will protect you from any harm because Mother made them with all her most heart-felt emotions for you.
>> No. 2428
File 129574271086.png - (24.66KB , 768x595 , splode.png )
>> No. 2429
File 129574275047.png - (17.53KB , 768x595 , buzzbuzz.png )
It occurs to you Mother never liked you very much anyway.
>> No. 2433
File 129576416017.png - (17.54KB , 768x595 , whodafuck.png )
>Astron: Gaze upon this interrupting newcomer with scorn and discontempt.

Uh-uh. Hell no. Who the hell is this bitch?
>> No. 2435
just popping in to say that I really like this so far! your trolls have all the adorables, all of them.
>> No. 2449
thanks! <3
>> No. 2450
File 129585330049.png - (17.40KB , 768x595 , cypassconvo.png )
>Astron: Converse.

Astron: uh
Astron: sssorry about um…
Astron: that…
???: YeS, ThaT WaS, UM.
???: CertainlY SomethinG! 8>
Astron: yeah…
Astron: ssso um…
Astron: can i help you???
???: WelL, ThaT DependS!
???: WhO ArE YoU?
Astron: assstron
Astron: i mean
Astron: that doesssn't matter…
Astron: what are you doing here???
???: WhaT ArE YoU DoinG HerE?
Astron: i asssked firssst…
Astron: but i'm looking for my friendsss hive
Astron: bit of a sssocial gathering, i guessssss…
???: OH, GooD! TheN WE ArE GoinG TO ThE SamE PlacE!
???: I'M CypriA. DO YoU KnoW PaN?
Astron: unfortuneately…
Astron: well whatever if we're going to the sssame place you may asss well tag along
Astron: but um
Astron: are you lossst???
Cypria: NO, I KnoW WherE I'M GoinG. DO YoU?
Astron: of courssse!!!
Astron: but
Astron: you lead the way…
Astron: jussst in cassse i ssspot anything you know???
>> No. 2451
File 129585336114.png - (37.02KB , 768x595 , cypintro.png )
>Astron: Become this Bumblebee Chick.


Your name is CYPRIA ALSHAT. For being of such LOWLY YELLOW BLOOD, you sure are CHIPPER most of the time. But BLOOD COLOR doesn't really mean much to you, anyway.

You were recently INVITED to come play a GAME with some of your FRIENDS and ACQUANTANCES. Originally, your MATESPRITE advised the two of you stay out of it BECAUSE HE IS A WORRIER, but you convinced him otherwise and now you are attempting to MEET HIM at the gathering place, but you wouldn't really be surprised if he was THE FIRST TO GET THERE. IN FACT, he's probably thinking up ways you could've DIED. One day, you will prove to that guy that you can TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Which you can. Although you are not big on FIGHTING, if it comes down to it, you can DEFEND YOURSELF and OTHERS. You are not USELESS, and if you did not have such a SUNNY DISPOSITION you would probably be out to prove to a lot of people that you aren't, but as it stands, you reason the lot of them just need someone to look after to them. Perhaps during THIS GAME you will prove your worth.

ANYWAY, you do a little bit of EVERYTHING to keep yourself busy, but most of the time, you are busy because you are OUTSIDE exploring and such, because the OUTDOORS just FASCINATE you! The OUTDOORS, and all of the CREATURES in it, especially LITTLE INSECTS, because they are just SO CUTE. You spend your time weaving through FORESTS, mapping out CITIES, and sitting on the BEACH. You have met some PRETTY excellent people this way, including THE PRINCE and his NOW EX-MOIRAIL, your MATESPRITE. Currently, your job is to be your MATESPRITE'S CHEERLEADER, urging him to make friends and communicate better. He really is a sweet boy. He's just very INTIMIDATING - to other people, at least. But THAT BOY aside, you kind of play the CHEERLEADER to a lot of people - even PANDORA from time to time. Everyone needs someone to talk to, and APPARENTLY you're good with the whole TALKING TO thing.

Although some people have told you to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, they fail to realize that you know EXACTLY how to stand up for yourself, you just haven't been PUSHED off that LEDGE yet. But your rage is a silent one, and, contrary to popular belief, you do have a BACKBONE, and have told myriad people to TALK TO SOMEONE ELSE when they come whining to you. You will NOT be taken ADVANTAGE of you. That being said, you could be called the SWEET-ON-THE-OUTSIDE-DARK-ON-THE-INSIDE type.

Your trollTag is litheSilver AnD SomE PeoplE SaY YoU HavE A CutE, AlbeiT FunnY, AccenT. 8>

What will you do?
>> No. 2452

>Cypria: Lead the clueless noble to the meeting spot while keeping up a a one-sided conversation.


>Bee puns. Do it.
>> No. 2457
Oh my god she is so adorbs.
>Asstron: Quit being such a ripe dick
>> No. 2499
File 12960040126.png - (14.14KB , 768x595 , inthewoods.png )
>Cypria: Examine this kid that just blew himeslf up.

What's this little thing doing all by his lonesome in a place like this with explosives? He's certainly a bit younger than you, and he said he knew PANDORA... How strange.
>> No. 2500
File 129600406647.png - (15.16KB , 768x595 , offer.png )
You offer him your assistance.
>> No. 2540
>Astron: skip merrily with bumblebee chick through flowers
>> No. 2549
File 129611097779.png - (19.42KB , 768x595 , decline.png )
He refuses.
>> No. 2553
>Cypria: Become aware of his obvious blush.
>> No. 2578
File 129618366377.png - (17.04KB , 768x595 , matesprite.png )
>Cypria: Follow this grumpy boy.

You wonder if your matesprite has arrived at the gathering place yet. You know he is a big boy and can take care of himself, but you can just imagine him...
>> No. 2579
File 129618370918.png - (14.73KB , 768x595 , worry.png )
Worrying and worrying and worrying, like he usually does.
>> No. 2642
File 129634487596.png - (18.70KB , 768x595 , worryworry.png )
Probably worrying himself into a frenzy!
>> No. 2667
>> No. 2735
File 129653632220.png - (29.30KB , 768x595 , letointro.png )
>Cypria: Be the worrier.

Your name is LETO ORANOS, and you are currently trying to block out the sound of PANDORA'S BITCHING so you can PROPERLY worry yourself into a COMA.

For you see, WORRYING is what you do best. You think there are few things you can say you are REALLY GOOD at doing like how you are really good at WORRYING. If people let you, you could sit in a DARK ROOM and think about your demise with nary an inkling of a positive thought for DAYS. Who needs to EAT? If you're LUCKY, the fatigue will get to you, and you won't be as STRONG as you are well-nourished. If you can't TELL, you are a very NEGATIVE person. But really, you are working on that. You just need some people to HELP YOU with your problem.

See, you used to have PANDORA. He was your MOIRAIL for as long as you can remember, but having a FRIENDSHIP forced on you, just so you could PROTECT the PRINCE, didn't feel right to either of you. So, it's a little AWKWARD. Thankfully, now you have CYPRIA, your MOIRAIL-MATESPRITE {you honestly can't tell sometimes} and you gather you should follow her EXAMPLE and try to CALM DOWN. Which is really hard, because have you mentioned your FREAKISH STRENGTH? It's not very cool.

And HERE'S something you don't tell everyone: The Empress? FEFERI PIXEIS? That's your MOTHER. As soon as you were let out of MISS LEIJON'S NURSERY, you met THE LITTLE PRINCE, and, while HIS FATHER nearly killed you with a LETHAL STARE, you PROMISED to make sure NOTHING got to him. SOON AFTER, you decided to start living with EQUIUS ZAHHAK, the only other FREAKSIHLY STRONG person you had ever heard of. Since you have lived with HIM for a number of SWEEPS, your relationship with your MOTHER is a little AWKWARD {and do not even get you started on your FATHER}. Not too long ago, you decided to get away from EQUIUS and started working under the SEA CAPTAIN, MISTER MAKARA, who has mellowed you out considerably but OLD HABITS DIE HARD. So you can see why your PEOPLE-SKILLS ARE lacking.

Your trollTag is stalwartProphet and you hate the way these D-->amn arrows fly off the hanD------>le when you're flustereD---------------->.

What will you do?
>> No. 2736
File 12965363606.png - (20.96KB , 768x595 , letoworry.png )
Was that a serious question? You are going to sit here and wait for litheSilver to contact you, and you are not going to move until she does.
>> No. 2738
>Cypria: make the Cap'n proud; slam a faygo
>> No. 2739
guys if you make awesome commands like this i might draw them and post them in the art thread i got going on this board because i just did this one
>> No. 2753
File 129658842833.png - (36.59KB , 500x346 , tumblr_lfycvbAqZL1qzivi0.png )
>Leto: Worry some more. And in the meantime, become YOUR CREATOR.

You are now HALEY. You sense your readers are a little confused. You will need to stop for a moment and explain a few things to you.

"Slave," you call, motioning to ARIEL. "Stop your drawing. We need to pause and-"
>> No. 2755
File 129658858477.png - (44.46KB , 500x346 , tumblr_lfycx4mkFk1qzivi0.png )
>You said, Slave!!!

Your slave seems to think that just because she can draw better than you, she can draw ALL the pages. Firstly, you TOLD HER, SLAVE, WE NEED TO PAUSE. And Secondly, you'll never get ANY glory if you only do the plotting and writing. I mean, geez!!

You thwack her with a newspaper and continue on your speech. Anyway. Where were you?
>> No. 2756
File 129658865025.png - (63.26KB , 500x346 , tumblr_lfyd0eYe0n1qzivi0.png )
>Become the center of attention. Draw. Poorly. Also, explain.

As the WRITER and the EXPLAINER, it is now your time to shine. Time to get to writing, and explaining. And oooh, drawing, too!

You imagine your readers are confused that so many canon characters are being mentioned in this thing. Captain Makara? Taurie's ADOPTIDAD? MISS MARYAM? Yes, in Reset: trialRun, they are all still alive and kicking. This is because while Ariel and Haley were creating these little brats, they still thought that by the end of HOMESTUCK, everyone would still be alive. HOPEFULLY, by the end of it, they will MIRACULOUSLY come back to life, but just in case they don't, OH WELL.

Originally, a majority of the characters in Reset: trialRun would ACTUALLY be direct descendants of the canon characters {EXAMPLE: Doesn't CYPRIA look like ANOTHER CERTAIN VIRGO YOU KNOW? She was GOING to be the ILLICIT lovechild of GAMZEE and KANAYA. And PANDORA? He was going to be the ACTUAL son of ERIDAN AMPORA. But what's with those CATLIKE looks?}. However, we decided to keep LETO the ACTUAL son of FEFERI and SOLLUX, and TAURIE was ALWAYS just an adopted son for TAVROS.

The fact of the matter is, we are, and we believe a majority of our readers are as well, far too emotionally invested in the characters from HOMESTUCK to really kill any of them off, even if they DID die in canon. So, for the sake of CHILDREN and for the sake of OUR LOVE OF THESE CHARACTERS, nobody DIED. OK? OK.
>> No. 2757
File 129658876315.png - (45.25KB , 500x346 , tumblr_lfydg5MEU21qzivi0.png )
>Leto: Become yourself again.

You are now LETO. Again. Huh. You suspect that if you had TWO CREATORS, the one that could not draw would've just hijacked your select amount of spotlight that you GET in this comic so she could babble on and show everyone her shitty art. She should leave the art to your other creator, the one that NORMALLY draws you.

You mean… What? You STOP being poorly drawn and go back to THE PLOT. Or something. You think you just broke the Fourth Wall.
>> No. 2758
>Leto: Don't let those random un-plot posts get you down, start heading for Taurie's house.

I know this makes since but idk I just feel like posting in your guys's thread.
>> No. 2763
Would it be right or wrong for me to guess that Astron's "Loving" mom is Vriska?
>> No. 2767
Hello, my darling readers! My art/explanation posts may be the only ones for tonight, but keep the suggestions coming and Italy / Ariel and I will do our best to draw them.

I've rarely post in this thread, since I choose to instead keep up with our tumblr account {reset-trialrun.tumblr.com}, but I just thought I would stop by and say, thank you, to all of my readers. :>

{Also, Vriska? As Astron's mother? Why, whatever gave it away? The answer is yes. }
>> No. 2781
File 12966803762.png - (15.92KB , 768x595 , letocontact.png )
>Leto: Receive message.

Oh, someone is--

Hm. You remember this phone. It was a present from Pan. You keep telling yourself you don't throw it away because of how useful it is, but the reality is, sometimes you like to pretend you are still moirails. It was kind of happy, sometimes. Maybe one day, you will go back to it.

Is this litheSilver contacting you finally?
>> No. 2808
File 129676193392.png - (14.64KB , 768x595 , pansdyin.png )
>Leto: Answer

- delicateVagabond began trolling stalwartProhpet -

DV: leto
DV: im dyin here
DV: i think im searious7y dyin
SP: PanD->ora.
SP: I'm right here.
SP: If you wanteD-> to talk, you coulD-'ve just spoken up.
DV: hurts
DV: hurts too much to ta7k
DV: everythings dark

- stalwartProphet ceased trolling delicateVagabond -
>> No. 2833
File 129686139711.png - (25.56KB , 768x595 , 73TOOOOO.png )
You take it back. You would rather live with ten Equius's then with Pandora.
>> No. 2834
File 129686164687.png - (20.70KB , 768x595 , letocrazy.png )
Why? Why does he always distract you from the important things? Why is he so selfish? You cannot believe you MISS this guy, he's a dramatic, clingy SPOILED------> BRAT AND------> YOU CAN'T STAND--------> HIM.
>> No. 2835
File 129686193162.png - (31.64KB , 768x595 , letosnap.png )
>Leto: Be interrupted.

>> No. 2857
File 129694145456.png - (22.95KB , 768x595 , letofreakout.png )
>Leto: Snap out of it.

Oh. Woah. Did you mention you do that sometimes? Really gotta keep that in check.
>> No. 2858
File 129694148981.png - (24.14KB , 768x595 , KRIMIESCAREDOHNO.png )
>> No. 2878
File 129705380928.png - (22.06KB , 768x595 , krimieconfront.png )
LETO: Krimie.
LETO: Um. Uh. I D-->on't know what to say.
LETO: I, uh. Really... Fuck, I'm sorry.
KRIMIE: No, it's fine!
KRIMIE: I just, um. I've never seen you do that. Are you okay?
KRIMIE: ...Kinda skared the shit out of me.
LETO: Yeah. Yeah, probably D-->iD-->.
LETO: I just.
LETO: You know what. Can we just pretenD--> that never happeneD-->? Can this stay between us?
KRIMIE: Yeah. Yeah, of kourse we kan. Our lips are sealed.
>> No. 2903
File 129714586980.png - (33.69KB , 768x595 , krimieandletoarekindagay.png )
Now this guy. This guy you like. See, he's not a drama-queen. Krimie is nice.
>> No. 2904
File 129714601146.png - (27.54KB , 768x595 , krimieintro.png )
>Leto: Be this nice guy.

Your name is KRIMIE HEXLEA, and you are flattered someone so HIGH thinks you are NICE.

Let's get one thing straight: You are POLITE, GIVING, and ALWAYS a shoulder to CRY on, but you are NOT a pushover and you will not bow down to the HIGH-BLOODS. That's NOT how you roll. While you do like to stay quiet for the most part, there is a spark, deep down inside of you, that YEARNS to be MORE INVOLVED. Perhaps have a litle people recognize how NICE you are, at least.

You have lived on your OWN for a very long time, deep in the CITY, working for YOURSELF. You worked at MISS MARYAM'S shop for a long while, but when you told YOUR BOSS you would be playing this game, she smiled WRYLY and told you YOU WOULDN'T BE GONE LONG. You don't know what this MEANS, but MISS MARYAM has a habit of being CRYPTIC with you. But it's OK, you LIKE a good brain-teaser.

And you know WHAT ELSE you like? This LOST CULTURE you do not KNOW the name of, but you LIKE IT nonetheless. The people have GOOD MORALS, which are VERY important to you, and are always VERY POLITE. Definitely you're kind of GUYS. That is why you are DRESSED SO FUNNY. When people say you LOOK WEIRD, with your PINK AND GREEN, you go on a long lengthy SPEACH about WHY you look this way, and by the time you are DONE, they have either LEFT or have DIED of boredom. You take OFFENSE to this but instead of BITCHING at them, you QUIETLY stalk off and curse THEM, THEIR FAMILY, an their FAMILY'S FAMILY. UNAPPRECIATIVE FUCK.

For a while, you have been LIVING with your new MOIRAIL, a girl named AQUILA who you pretty much PICKED off the street. She is a little INCOMPETENT at everything she does, but you got her a JOB, some NICE CLOTHES, and taught her ETIQUETTE. Yes, you did this for HER, but you also did this to prove to yourself THERE IS NOTHING YOU ARE NOT GREAT AT.

Your trollTag is bonsaiLunatic and you speak kalmly, but have a habit of over-annunkiating things.
>> No. 2906
sup italyyyyy
i am enjoying these characters immensely
>> No. 2907
oh would you just come here and let me hold you in my bosom oh dearie i do not know you but i have oddly missed you akdbgldebdnbfieur
420chan now runs like sloppy turds on my computer, so you should send the folks there my love!
Anyways, I thank you for the compliment!
>> No. 2908
heck yeah nicholas from fo twenny
i dont really go there much anymore since i got banned ;-;

>> No. 2909
last non-adventure post i swear, but why is my nicki banned. why. it breaks my heart. :'c
>> No. 2910
i posted a link to a livestream and loskene was all "NOPE.GIF NOW GET OUT AND DONT COME BACK"

and then i was all "okay ;-;"

and then i was done fillin your thread with nonsense as well
because it is bad for organization
>> No. 2917
>Krimie: be the Sassy Gay Friend
>> No. 2966
File 129736573495.png - (20.00KB , 768x595 , quilakrimie.png )
>Krimie: Introduce your friend.

As much as you love her, THE GROWN-UPS ARE TALKING. She will have her time to shine.
>> No. 3026
File 129756563420.png - (14.27KB , 768x595 , letokrimieaqu.png )
Oh, isn't it nice, standing around being friends! But you can't shake the feeling you are forgetting some--
>> No. 3028
File 129756574016.png - (15.94KB , 768x595 , panforgotten.png )
>Pandora: Be Remembered - Not.

>> No. 3029
>Weep in the sand? pile
>> No. 3051
>Pandora: Bleat like a goat as a desperate cry for attention.
>> No. 3080

Just like his daddy.
>> No. 3211
File 129790345251.png - (11.72KB , 768x595 , pansdyingwords.png )
>Pandora: Attempt to write your dying words in the sand.
>> No. 3212
File 129790356642.png - (14.30KB , 768x595 , OOQS.png )
>Pandora: Have your attempts be for naught.
>> No. 3246
>Pandora: Blame the mirror.
>> No. 3327
File 129823150210.png - (14.31KB , 768x595 , panaccept.png )
Fine. You'll just die. What you could've done as a prince.
>> No. 3328
File 129823155935.png - (13.13KB , 768x595 , evaothers.png )
>Pandora: Accept your death, and be someone else.

You are now EVA BOWMAN. You would introduce yourself, but you are too busy at the moment. Perhaps later.
>> No. 3348
File 129827072471.png - (33.51KB , 768x595 , jennybencasey.png )
There were not enough 'TROLLS' to play this game. So Taurie suggested you ask the OTHER THREE HUMANS THAT FOUND OUT HE WAS AN ALIEN to play instead. They include the daugther of YOUR NEIGHBOR, and her TWO COUSINS. You will expand on that later, too.

Taurie has a code {that you think he got from THAT BIG STRONGKID'S DAD, if you remember correctly} that he uses to get you between UNIVERSES. The code is fairly easy to remember and even easier to execute, so bringing this kids here on your own CERTAINLY was not hard.

NO, the hard part is putting up with these kids, who are just the slightest bit younger than you. One of them is indifferent about everything, the other is so bouncy it makes your head hurt, and the last one is just sour. As the oldest HUMAN, you find this makes your head hurt a little bit.
>> No. 3375
>Humans: Purge the xenos scum.
>> No. 3376
more like: state how you feel about aliens.
>> No. 3381
Making WH40K jokes in an mspa fan-adventure is HERESY! *BLAM*
>> No. 3414
File 12984254688.png - (17.03KB , 768x595 , evatauriespeaking.png )
>Eva: Report to your MOI... MAH... Taurie.

TAURIE: Eva. ;] That was fast.
EVA: hehehe what can i sya im good at what i do!
TAURIE: Haha, oh yeah? And what exact1y do you do?
EVA: um.....
EVA: well if todl you i'd have to kill yuo. c:
TAURIE: Fair enough.
>> No. 3459
>Eva: Introduce Taurie to your juvenile associates.
>Juvenile Associates: Try not to embarrass Eva. Fail miserably.
>> No. 3482
File 129859153225.png - (14.96KB , 768x595 , evastopit.png )
>Eva: Fondly regard alien boy.

Whatever TAURIE prefers to call your relationship, he always forgets there's a much easier way to call what he is to you: BEST FRIEND!!!!!! You will say, his is a sweet boy, and you're glad to have him as such a good friend.

Oh, in all the excitement, you forgot to introduce yourself! Or, well, you forgot to be introduced.
>> No. 3483
File 129859169467.png - (71.16KB , 768x595 , evaintro.png )
>Eva: Remedy this.

As it has been stated before, your name is EVA BOWMAN. You are one of the FOUR HUMANS playing this GAME, and it is very exciting to you!

Long story short, you downloaded this MESSENGER THING since no other messenger was WORKING on your computer, but once DOWNLOADED, some pretty weird people started talking to you. Since you got too much ATTENTION when your USERNAME was in PINK, you put it to DARK RED and LO, you met TAURIE STRANOS, who wanted to know where you lived so he could 'MEET ANOTHER RED BLOOD HIS AGE.' After the two of you worked out that you were an ALIEN, AND NOT HIS SPECIES, you exchanged photos, talked about each others CULTURES, and EVERY DAY SINCE, TAURIE STRANOS waits for you to come home so he can TALK TO HIS HUMAN MOI-WHATCHACALLIT.

TAURIE, though, was VERY EAGER to be able to see you FACE TO FACE, and somehow got his hands on a CODE that let him head to your universe. SINCE THEN, he has been ENAMORED with EARTH AND IT'S PEOPLE, and even got DISCOVERED TO BE AN ALIEN by someone. Thankfully, this someone was your NEIGHBOR, MISTER EGBERT, who apparently had an ALIEN BEST FRIEND once. He immediately introduced you and TAURIE to his DAUGHTER, and his SISTER'S TWO CHILDREN. But enough about TAURIE! You are the star here. It is you.

Before you met TAURIE, you were a very SHY AND QUIET person. You lived with your GRANDMOTHER and rarely ever talked with people from your SCHOOL. You played a lot of video games and slept a lot, and most of your FRIENDS were, and STILL ARE, from over the internet. You try very hard to SUNNY AND NICE, but there is a part of you deep down that is VERY CRITICAL of others. You tend to be HYPOCRITICAL, though, because most of the time you DON'T CATCH your mistakes. While you can be SELFISH, HYPOCRITICAL, and maybe even SNOBBY sometimes, this is your way of MAKING UP FOR IT. You're more SELF-CRITICAL than you look, and you're goal is to MAKE YOURSELF a better person. You don't really know how you're going to do this, but it is VERY important to you.

Your chumHandle is radiantAdvisor and you tyep liek a manicac and tned to make a lt of typos!! C:

What will you do?
>> No. 3673
File 129893571878.png - (10.00KB , 768x595 , evaturn.png )
>Eva: Assume the roll of mother figure.

These kids! They are going to be just a handful! Oh, but they're so cute, who cares? Everyone is so cute! You can't be mad at any of them for too long!
>> No. 3780
So due to unforeseen circumstances, this fanventure is now on pause! Due to running out of script/prompts, lack of ability to art, and school, to be exact.

Doesn't mean I'm stopping this oh hell no nothing is stopping this crazy train.