[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129591852195.gif - (5.09KB , 94x100 , iunfed.gif )
2463 No. 2463
hi guys its me, local fag.
i was thinking of starting a Sgrub/Sburb session using fancharacters not currently in one via pesterchum, msn, iscribble, i dont know, any other instant messaging program.
i was thinking this could be big, like, a six or more people thing, but if no one wants to it'd be cool with a small amount of people.
uhh, if youre interested i guess you can just post here or you could message me on pesterchum (im blackoutKinesis ) or message me on deviantart, my username is Morbidular.
so anyone interested?
pic related: it's me finding out how cool and attractive you all are
>> No. 2466
i'd be interested :)
>> No. 2467
Troll's only?
>> No. 2468
sweet deal :D
it depends on what people want
it can be multispecies if people want.
>> No. 2469
I would be interested. Sounds radical.
>> No. 2470
if by some chance you don't have 6 people by tomorrow I'll join with a troll, digitalSamurai.
>> No. 2471
Perhaps put it to a vote or something, Trolls, People, Both?
>> No. 2472
yay, people are interested :D

alright, well, it seems we have two trolls so far in it, digitalSamurai, and i'll be playing a troll, hideawayCornia .
>> No. 2473
Sounds cool!
(depending on chat client)I'll probably join as imperfectSleuth,
a human girl;)
>> No. 2474
I have like...at least 18 trolls right now, and 2 humans.

/is working on a constellation project for her trolls.

So I have a couple options available for this :)
I'm using the handle reluctantScavenger right now~
>> No. 2476
I might include charitableDesperado if there's still room.

I can't use pesterChum for some reason. Never works.
>> No. 2477
Have you tried Pesterchum 2.2? :?
And yeah DS is definitely in.
>> No. 2481
hey uh. Just out of curiousity, are OC roleplays not allowed in the Roleplay section?

And don't yell at me for yelling at you or anything. This IS an OC roleplay you're after, so unless /rp/ denies you it, it'd fit in either.

Also: Should this thread be for any roleplay session seekers or just your session
>> No. 2483
Last time I tried to bring IS into a RP on the RP board they flipped shit on me. Like serious rude biznasty.
>> No. 2484
Some RPers are such srs bsns @ A @

I think it would be cool that if we get enough people here interested in one we should make our own RP board :3
>> No. 2485
Yeah. Maybe once we get everyone together ghAsp can make a proboards forum or something.
>> No. 2488
i would be interested in this! i dunno if you've still got room though. if not that's fine haha. if there is, though, i could throw in my troll farcicalReversal.
>> No. 2490
yeah, we totally have room if people are still interested.

the reason i did not put this in roleplay because i assumed /rp/ was for canonical characters only?
and as to the problem for people w/o pesterchum, msn is always an option because a lot of people have that, or even iscribble.net, which is free to sign up for and easy to use with the private board system, so we could always use that.
>> No. 2493
MSN sounds fine to me, and we can do group chat memos with that, can't we?

MSN thingit in email field.
pesterchum is digitalSamurai
and I'm cool with iScribble as well
>> No. 2495
yeah, msn would be pretty easy because you can have huge conversations with everyone...
>> No. 2498
MSN's in my name.

I'm usually using carcinoGeneticist, but right now im using dynamicConundrum :)

I can get an iScribble too if need be~
>> No. 2587
I'd totally be down for this, if there were still room, of course. If not, I could understand. My MSN's on top; I wish I could give you my pesterchum, but that thing never seems to work for me. :\ Been meaning to flesh out my human OC for a while now. Maybe now I'll have a reason to.
>> No. 2616
let me be miss doucheyboots
could i have email addresses typed in a comment? this windows shitbox wont let me view :(
>> No. 2617
>> No. 2624
Oh okay, sure, no prob. METALBAWKSES@hotmail.com. MSN me if you want, just be aware if you wanna chat that I'm on CET (Central European Time, +1), and I'm assuming you're on EST -5. Email me if there's still room, cuz this sounds like a whole lotta fun!
>> No. 2625
i'm very interested i have 3 troll and 2 more in the making at this time. saint_misty@hotmail.com is my msn haydenmonster is my skype and zombiebites is my da if you cant reach me on skype or msn :>
>> No. 2630
Oh hey, skype. Ha.
Dievos Tempos on skype.
>> No. 2683
okay, i'll add you guys on msn asap.
i think you might need to add each other as well, or does group chat not work that way?
>> No. 2684
group chat can be done without adding everyone, as long as the person creating the chat has everyone.
>> No. 2765
alright, all of you who commented emails ive added, so ill see around when youre all on and we can plan this :D
>> No. 2766

/'ve got everyone added, /:D
/'|| try to stay on|/ne whenever /'m at the computer.
>> No. 2770
looking forward to it. im in class atm, but ill be free in a bit~
>> No. 2771
File 12966145243.png - (4.28KB , 167x246 , DeviakThemos.png )
I'll go ahead and post this, though.

Deviak Themos, aka digitalSamurai.
>> No. 2772

and to all you guys, i was chatting with one of us a while ago and im a bit frazzled on which troll i should choose: Uguava Medino, the three eyed troll who can see into peoples souls, and is pretty much a monk, or Decido Quasit, the science obsessed troll who thinks if it's not on the periodic table, it's not real, and thinks everyone else is just a science experiment waiting to happen.
>> No. 2775
I'm torn between my three trolls over who I should be playing with you guys.

Vote please?

Semi-whimsical, rather aloof, but incredibly smart bamf who's in the military.

Young cannibal troll who needs to eat other trolls to keep his lusus alive and not eat him, and is terrified of everyone.

Obsessive aviator kid who flirts with everyone.

I'm leaning towards the first guy
>> No. 2776
Quasiiiiit. SCIENCE is awesome.

I like the first and third. First because Military trolls are awesome, Third because people flirting with DS is hilarious.
>> No. 2779
opting for the first guy of my three. I like playing him the most because of his snark levels.

>> No. 2782
Btw, Decido Quasit sounds cool :D
>> No. 2783
alright, I vote military-bro :D
and I suppose I'm going to use Decido, then!

ALSO, BROSKIS. It'd be cool if you could follow dS's example and post referances of your characters? They don't have to be sprites, but it's just so we know what everybody's humans and trolls look like. I'll get a pic of Decido asap.
>> No. 2785
File 129669402941.png - (5.39KB , 151x224 , and then decido was a douche.png )
herp derp here is my shitty decido sprite.
>> No. 2788
File 129669472713.png - (5.42KB , 151x224 , wow this kid is a homo.png )
>> No. 2793
hurr durr three posts in a row

okay so i guess we are sort of wrapping up sign-ups?
if youve posted your email youve probably been added to the msn group, which means we need your character info. we'd like to start soon, so :0
>> No. 2794
File 129669891828.png - (89.04KB , 801x580 , BaldDeviak.png )
Something I was doodling while we were talking on MSN.
>> No. 2796
File 129670510226.png - (55.86KB , 300x277 , the hubbinator.png )
this is canon right
>> No. 2804
Yes. Oh god yes. The tier beyond god tier; the Hubbard tier. Holy of Holies, he will bring salvation to the multiracial session....for a nominal fee of $29,600 per auditing.
>> No. 2807
You heard the lady, folks! Sign-ups are a'closinnnn' (by Friday or Saturday, I think) so post yer contacts or miss out on all the tomdickery (TM)! We've already got most of the core foundations of the session set up, but chat us up and let your voices be heard!

(Please, Papa Nurgle, let me not be the only human in this troll rumpapalooza)
>> No. 2976
File 129738886220.png - (5.22KB , 151x224 , Dottor.png )
(the other troll I'm using, asides from Decido.)

Your name is Dottor Markus and you are wrapped in mystery.

Your trollianHandle is propositionalDisease and you Speak in a ?uite ?uestionable manneR.
>> No. 2989
this is relevant to my interests

I'd be down for iscribble or Skype roleplay, sicne my pesterchum is a big fat derp.

Skype is Spinderfly, deviantArt is themistressSpawn.
>> No. 2994
...I would like to partake on the session if its no problem.

Might be fun to get into a real RP instead of giving myself headaches with pesterchum.

Can do characters on the spot to balance out the numbers of either humans/trolls.
>> No. 3014
File 129753466056.png - (92.33KB , 550x700 , divesulol.png )
Shit am I too late? I'd like to join as this douchebag

his trolltag, and my pesterchum handle is callousAureate

My timezone is GMT or something i dont know. Right now it's 6:17PM anyway. Im normally on MOST of the time.
>> No. 3022
Well, we haven't officially started the session, so if you feel like you do still want to join in, our main method of contact has been via MSN messenger (me: METALBAWKSES@hotmail.com, ghAsp: kewl_kat12321@hotmail.com). If we're not online, just send us an email; we don't mind! We are planning on starting soon, so time is of the essence, but as they say: the more, the merrier!
>> No. 3053
I am here to announce that I want to join your roleplay as well, nya.

I've already contacted antediluvianSorcery on MSN about the matter.
>> No. 3077
I'm up for it. Using Denzel Rynlak, as seen here.


If you can't read my writing, his handle is twitchyLockpicker
>> No. 3107
suddenly so many people suddenly joining! i suppose this means i no longer need to use two characters

which leaves me with a question for you all
should i use Decido Quasit, the science obsessed troll who is cold hearted and believes everybody else experiments waiting to happen (also he is a douche)
Dottor Markus, the troll who can sense upcoming death and is shrouded in mystery. wears plague doctor mask and enjoys puzzles, and asking questions.
>> No. 3142
Is this still open for joining?
>> No. 3143
vote goes to dr. plague

i mean

Dottor Markus
>> No. 3189
Personally, I would say Decido, as he is the more developed of the two. Although I may be biased, as Decido as he is makes the perfect kismesis for Noland. >:)Decido observes, Noland manipulates; Decido is a scientist, Noland is a sorcerer; Decido creeps people out, Noland has great PR. It's a match made in hell!
>> No. 3194
I've been working on my character.
I think I might have the background and stuff ALMOST ready, but I'm still working on the appearance.

Oh yeah she even has a theme song now, apparently. Atomic Bonsai.
>> No. 3287
I refuse to let this idea die!
>> No. 3393
File 129839858789.png - (163.91KB , 650x650 , oh look an ancestor.png )
>Decido: Open up JUNIOR SCIENCE FUN CASE (includes Scalpel and Beaker). Wait, whats that? A Flying mustard colored Meteor...?
>> No. 3423
>Decido: Investigate meteor. Bring babby's first chemistry kit to collect samples.