[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129682883390.png - (97.56KB , 532x739 , rhoviera.png )
2822 No. 2822
Hello! I had no idea how many original characters there were! I made one for the Zodiac sign Opiuchus because that's my zodiac sign and yup. I like to draw older girls so I drew her maybe as an adult. I'm not done, oekaki crashed on me as I was finishing her clothes D:> I hope you guys like this. If you do, I'm also working on something for Aradia (Even though this is Original Characters)
>> No. 2823
# Name: Ophiuchus
# Translation: Serpent Holder

name: Vibora Basila
Troll handle: anguillaNuntia (does this have to be twelve letters?)

# seeker of peace and wisdom
# Attractor of good luck and jealousy
# Interpreter of dreams
# One who reaches for the stars
# Wearer of plaid (this one is oddly specific)
* Many people are envious of the Ophiuchan as he/she progresses well throughout life.
* A seeker of wisdom and knowledge
* A flamboyant dressing sense, favouring bright colours.
* Authority looks upon him/her well
* Would make a great architect or builder
* Number 12 is the lucky number.
* Will have a big family but will leave home at an early age
>> No. 2826
Be careful not to make her TOO perfect. Protagonists without flaws make for boring stories because there's no sense of overcoming difficulty.
>> No. 2832
oh I know. The little #- thingies are just personality traits of a typical Ophiuchus. I just need to develop her more
>> No. 2912
File 129716124693.gif - (18.75KB , 200x200 , avatartumblr.gif )
made an avatar for my tumblr: http://sweetpeasoup.tumblr.com/
>> No. 2915
File 129717436424.png - (2.14MB , 200x200 , viborainbow.png )
skittles version
>> No. 2932
File 129726501847.png - (339.28KB , 1000x1000 , vobira_and_wadjet.png )
eeeeee so cute
>> No. 2933
i really like the design!
>> No. 2950
File 129729977376.png - (395.54KB , 1000x1000 , vobira_and_wadjet copy.png )
finished the lines. now I get to go get my lungs drained at the hospital :( (oh except I forgot I haven't done the staff yet)
>> No. 2997
File 129747919644.png - (186.82KB , 605x609 , vobira_and_wadjet.png )
thinking of adding some color to Wadjet's hair but not sure
>> No. 3016

If so Id go for something to contrast the blue. Oh wait but then shed have red dye in her hair...well then again it could also mean she's trying to be like Vibora, in a sorta cutest 'Im gonna be like you someday' kinda deal. :3
>> No. 3084
File 129771998554.png - (441.18KB , 1200x1200 , vobira_and_wadjet.png )
finished the lines finally.
>> No. 3132
these trolls are bad and you should feel bad.

PS: they're fucking huge mary sues
>> No. 3134
Look man, it's cool if you think that way but I'd like to think everyone is free to post their ideas and characters here without unnecessarily harsh criticism. What you said does nothing for the person putting effort behind their creation besides lower self esteem and generally make them feel terrible.

That said...

I like their designs, the horns on Wadjet are very cool and I like the whole snake theme going on between the two of them! I think they may not be what this board is particularly used to in style and flair, but they have their own thing going and that's pretty damn cool. Also, that is one kickin' staff.
>> No. 3138
It's okay, I don't feel bad at all because I pretty much just made up my character (Vobira) just for fun and not really much more. I haven't even posted her personality, the OP stuff is just personality quirks of a typical Ophiuchus, NOT what my character is. And I'm happy you like them :)
>> No. 3139
What I am going to say on this matter is very silly.

She's too fashionable to be a troll! /giggles

So it's not really a bad thing XD
>> No. 3199
haha. I LIKE DRAWING HIGH HEELS OKAAAYYYYYY. Also, Kanaya is a very fashionable troll, would you not agree? :D
>> No. 3213
File 129790382997.png - (206.64KB , 800x1200 , daftarsonist.png )
preview for daftArsonist
>> No. 3214
this looks soooo good so far, i cant wait for it to be finished <3
>> No. 3225
I love doing requests!
>> No. 3230
File 12979232208.png - (235.56KB , 800x1200 , daftarsonist.png )
yaaaaaaaay. colors in the mornin!
>> No. 3311
File 129817807927.png - (194.61KB , 700x700 , vobira_and_denzel.png )
for a conversation with Denzel~
>> No. 3325

Poor bastard's bout to have a asthma attack.
>> No. 3341
File 129825425229.png - (388.44KB , 800x1250 , daftarsonist.png )
herpdy derp. still coloring. hope you like it so far, liesna
>> No. 3342
Your colouring work is really beautiful!
>> No. 3343
it looks amazing!
sorry i havent been on pc as liesna lately
ive been chillin as pteropa as comradeChekisty if you want to catch me! c:
>> No. 3349
arms don't bend that way
they just

the one that's extended downward, i mean.
>> No. 3359
I know
>> No. 3360
File 129830977570.png - (596.94KB , 800x1250 , daftarsonist.png )
I did different bg colors but I'm done. I spent way too long on this >_o
>> No. 3361
File 129830979216.png - (582.58KB , 800x1250 , daftarsonistblackbg.png )
and a black bg
>> No. 3372
File 129832261473.png - (345.68KB , 867x1600 , aradia.png )
my next thing is to finally finish this picture of Aradia. sheesh.
>> No. 3379

this is so amazing, and i totally saved it. thanks so much! ill try to get something in for you in return sometime soon! c:
>> No. 3383
i really love the style you used on these two.
>> No. 3392
the less cartoony kinda style?
>> No. 3416
yeah! your cartoony style is cute, but idk i like the more realistic one better; the poses seem more natural in those.
>> No. 3418
s'probably a good idea anyway
>> No. 3493
File 12986190381.png - (310.29KB , 1000x1200 , denzel.png )
my current project~ Denzel the twitchyLockpicker <3 his left hand'll get fixed eventually
>> No. 3585
File 129875181733.png - (347.87KB , 1000x1200 , denzel.png )
I have a better version of the lines now
>> No. 3589
File 129875333529.png - (20.55KB , 468x620 , vesposmandis.png )
this is for Vespos :3~
>> No. 3654
File 129892234081.png - (134.34KB , 700x700 , ashilawillow.png )
blah blah more OCs what is wrong with me
>> No. 3655
File 129892238579.png - (19.89KB , 700x700 , aremiskeanos.png )
Also working on a wallpaper of karkat x terezi :d
>> No. 3656
File 129892459433.png - (145.91KB , 563x582 , terezikarkatwall.png )
I might as well keep all my art in one thread on one board so here is the KK x terezi wallpaper sketch
>> No. 3753
File 129909686415.png - (337.15KB , 800x1200 , basettsekmet.png )
blarf more OCs