[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129700099280.png - (716.41KB , 1875x543 , Allthegirltrolls.png )
2863 No. 2863
Uh, yeah. I figured since I lurk here a load I might as well put up some sketches of my fantrolls here.

Sketches are...most of what I have. I am too easily distracted to finish a whole lot. I am also a little nervous cause this is my first thread posted here so do tell me if I mess something up.

I should probably do some actual fanart one day but I mostly dabble in fan characters because I have trouble drawing characters who are not mine. I also have way too many fantrolls but making them is sort of an addiction.

Uh, so yeah. These are all my female ones so far. I actually have two more in the works but they haven't been designed yet. Most of these are based on mythical creatures, with a few based on sins and virtues thrown in, since that was the first theme my friends and I used.

From left to right:
SYLVIA GAROUL[Werewolf], SCYLLA PELAGI[Kraken],MELINA APIDAE [Diligence/Bee], HELAZE MARONE [Nightmare], AQUILA GRYPHE [Griffin], ALECTO MELIRA [Wrath/Honey Badger], MICHIR LERNIA [Hydra].

That's about it for this one. I need to practice girls more though.
>> No. 2864
File 12970011315.png - (72.80KB , 221x464 , Noscit Hirzai.png )
Here is something I actually lined and colored.
NOSCIT HIRZAI. He is the Charity-based virtue troll, and is horse/luck-themed.
>> No. 2865
File 129700132241.png - (126.16KB , 286x498 , Catty.png )
CATABI JAHNUS; one of my Amphisbaena based trolls. I don't really have a decent pic of his 'brother' yet, just a design sketch. So for now I will leave it at this one.
>> No. 2867
File 129700156259.png - (97.30KB , 323x495 , Aquila2.png )
Aquila again. I just sketched this up moments ago. It came out decent enough though. I still need to re-sketch and then line it, though. If I ever get to that.

Ahhh, I accidentaly made a new tread with that x_X, that can be removed. It was supposed to be a reply to this.

I am such a noob at chans.
>> No. 2868
File 129700185856.png - (56.37KB , 187x395 , Laksif_Karaku copy.png )
This was my first fantroll; LAKSIF KARAKU, based on Lust[which just translates to him being rather inclined to both hate and pity] and cows as a symbol of it.

I think that is all the semi-decent stuff I have for now, aside from a ton of WIPs.
>> No. 2870
dose horns :O
>> No. 2872
File 129702100620.png - (102.09KB , 307x385 , TycorrBarico copy.png )
They make good handles ;o. I kid, I kid.

This is a sketch I did of one of my friend's OCs. TYCORR BARICO. He's the manticore-based troll. I asked her if I could dump some of the sketches I did of her chars here, so expect a few more.
>> No. 2873
File 129702109124.png - (75.51KB , 281x485 , OrynexMonker2.png )
And another of my friend's chars. ORYNEX MONKER. He is the Unicorn-based troll and he is Helaze's matesprit and Alecto's kismesis.
>> No. 2874
File 129702122471.png - (127.56KB , 329x500 , MyedasCorile.png )
And MYEDAS CORILE, also my friend's. Based on the island turtle. She is currently my Tarasque troll's moirail, though they may or may not become matesprits later on.
>> No. 2882
File 129707718395.png - (103.87KB , 235x478 , Sabrit Cervas copy.png )
Forgot about this one. She also belongs to my friend. Her name is SABRIT CERVAS and she is the patience troll. She is Alecto's moirail, Helaze's kismesis and Noscit's matesprit.
>> No. 3037
These are beutiful, Griff! I should commission you someday C:
>> No. 3038

I don;t do commishes cause I am slow as molasses. But I do requests >D
>> No. 3039
Really?! Oh gog oh gog could I ask tomorrow for porn of two characters mabye possibly ;O;. Or even just romart?
>> No. 3040

Go ahead, though my porn ain't that great and it'll probably be sketchy, but hee, I can try.
>> No. 3041
I think I'll just go for romart, because I KNOW that he won't mind me asking for that.
>> No. 3042

Romart's no problem either. :3
>> No. 3079
File 129769396259.png - (92.27KB , 270x474 , Minari Colpac.png )
Finished up a new design. This is MINARI COLPAC, he is the Kelpie-based troll in my myth group.
I'm getting close to finishing all my designs now :3
>> No. 3195
File 129787499124.png - (189.36KB , 376x697 , NerlucAdult copy.png )
Wanted to draw one of my chars as an adult, since they're around 7-8 sweeps usually, when I draw them.

This is my Tarasque troll NERLUC TERION. As a teen he is highly paranoid and scared, but I figure if he's gonna grow up and survive, he would have to man up a bit. He's still a softie as an adult, but he can do what he has to to survive.

And yeah he has four arms cause he's a mutant. Since Trolls have 6 little leg stubs as grubs, he just never lost the extra pair when he pupated. He hides them as a teen, but since they're actually beneficial[since he can use them pretty much normally] he would stop doing so at some point.

He has some other mutations[mainly vestigial face fins; he is an indigoblood] but nothing that warranted getting culled over.

tl;dr A pic of one of my trolls as an adult.
>> No. 3268
File 129805340760.png - (93.52KB , 242x422 , Jakuta Jareth.png )
13/16 designs done

This is the Goblin troll, JAKUTA JARETH. Yes, I went there, and yes, that is a guy. He came out rather girly[if tomboyish looking] though. Ah well, design sketches are done quickly after all.
>> No. 3350
File 129827505183.png - (11.41KB , 538x261 , HerpADerp.png )
Ok I finnaly have my courage up to ask for romart of these two guys ._. Chances are they're being real akward around eachother, or just making out.

Thank you so much .3. And I'm sorry I took so long!
>> No. 3351

Oh pffff, the name. But overall I pretty much love this guys design. Wonderful looking.
>> No. 3352
Holy crap. That's just. WOW.I'm LOVING those arms. Your style really has a lot of flow to it you know? Mmm..The way that clothing settles.
>> No. 3353
Lol, the name [at least the last name] was my friend's idea, don't blame me.


No probs. I'll see what I can do for those two. Anything special I should know about those two, personality or backstory-wise? That'd help me come up with a pose.
>> No. 3363

Well, the one with goggles has a robot arm I probably should have mentioned that ._. The troll is kind of...derpy around the human, he tends to be shy and flustered. The human is kind of oblivious until the troll actually says anything.
The human's name is Max and the troll is Kerak. If that's not enough, tell me :U
>> No. 3365

Hmm, just need to know which arm's the robot one on the human. And two more things I'm wondering. The things behind the troll, are they part of his hair? And do those wires from the goggles on Max plug into his head?

These are pretty sweet designs :D I should be able to get a sketch done soon once I know these things.
>> No. 3368
not the requester, but the things behind the troll are tentacles.
>> No. 3386
And yes the wires plug into his head.
>> No. 3388
also the right arm is mechanical
>> No. 3389
fang y u anon
>> No. 3390
Kay. Expect something in a few days or so. I;m easily distracted and currently tired for some reason. Probably got another cold.
>> No. 3417
Awww, well don't bother drawing for me if you need time to feel better C: I can wait. *Huggles*
>> No. 3427
File 129844762834.png - (312.64KB , 428x1200 , NOscitSabritDMR.png )

Yeah. I caught a darn cold again, so I;ll get started on it when I feel better.

On topic of my fantrolls, here's an awesome commissioned romart work by DMR-Elk on Deviantart, of my boy Noscit and his matesprit Sabrit, who belongs to my friend Clockspider. I just can't stop squeeing over how adorable this picture is <3. The hair looks so soft and pretty!
>> No. 3428
D'awww, that is the cutest lil piccur o3o
>> No. 3713
File 129900723886.jpg - (120.48KB , 306x497 , Nerluc Terion2wip.jpg )
Just an update on the situation, since I've been quiet for a while. Still sick. Got a nasty boil on my head once the cold was gone. Winter's not giving me a break at all :[.

My friend's b-day is soon so I will be working on a few pics for thatpthough i tried to draw today and it wasn't going as well as I hoped], but after that I can hopefully get the request done soon.

To make this not a content-less post, has a wip/sketch of my Tarasque troll Nerluc at his current age [around 7-8 sweeps]
>> No. 3724
BF dem eyes. And damnit, winter, why you do dis to wonderful artists DX But yeah feel beter soon and...yep C: *Hug*

feel free to not do my request if ya really don't have the time. you're friends and stuff are more important anyway