[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129038153843.png - (16.85KB , 650x450 , u2 page 1.png )
305 No. 305
Your name is HANA PHILLIP.

You are SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and quite obviously FEMALE. No shit. You are quite obsessed with things and their POLAR OPPOSITES. You hate SYMMETRY, as it makes everything sooooo BORING. Because of this, your favorite colors are BLACK AND WHITE. You've clad yourself and your ROOM in these colors.

Most of the time, your are in a constant state of CONFUSION about your own FEELINGS, as you are really dumb and can't really interpret what you really want. Thus, you wear a MOOD RING on each finger, but because they are PIECES OF SHIT, they only make you more confused. The MOOD NECKLACE you wear is the most accurate, so you pay attention to it most often.

Your chumhandle is asymmetricalManiac, and you type in normal black because you can only have one color and white doesn't show up on chat windows. YOU ALTERNATE BETWEEN caps and lowercase when YOU'RE FEELING ANGRY OR relatively calm.

What will you do first?

herpaderp. let's see how long i can do this.
>> No. 307
>do a silly dance
>> No. 308
File 129038331178.gif - (39.22KB , 650x450 , u2 page 2.gif )
You aren't sure how you feel about this silly request. On top of that, you don't know any dances. You just tap your foot instead.
>> No. 309
>check surroundings
>> No. 310

ask markiz a doggamn question
>> No. 311
File 12903847699.png - (6.93KB , 650x450 , u2 page 3.png )
Alright. But your room is pretty bare; the only this other than your bed is your computer, against the opposite wall.

You don't know how you feel about a lot of things, so you don't have many possessions.

You don't know any "Markiz", and you certainly wouldn't ask him a question if you did.
>> No. 312
laziness + lack of tablet = shitty post. sorry.
>> No. 2657
You hate symmetry, so your favorite colors are black and white.

>> No. 2664
>Take your meds