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3065 No. 3065
Your name is JUSTIN BIEBER and you are the definition of FLAWLESS.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for SINGING AND DANCING, which you consider yourself to be rather good at. You are also INCREDIBLY ADORABLE, a trait considered to by deadly by your species. Unlike most trolls, you also like to write songs about your TROLL FEELINGS, but you are VERY YOUNG AND VERY NAIVE. Consequently, your songs are not VERY GOOD. Some would say you were downright AWFUL AT IT but that doesn't deter you away from writing them. Your life's goal is to become a legend amonst the trolls, like your favorite band MY CHEMICAL TROLLMANCE. They are the gogs of music, don't let anyone tell you other wise. Until then, you pretty much just keep to yourself, writing songs and being cheerful. It's outright disgusting how cheerful you are.

You don't have a lot of pals, the ones you have just BARELY TOLERATE YOUR EXISTANCE, but you are always willing to make more! Your trolltag is chreubicMelodist and you speak in a manner that is ♫ very musical! OuO you love to sing!!!!! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ~___~ ♫ hehe.
>> No. 3114
why did I lol so hard
>> No. 3129
>Justice Beaver: Shave head, get rid of the lesbian cut