[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129775092351.png - (31.31KB , 837x632 , gawsh.png )
3117 No. 3117
I guess I can post all my dumb fantrolls here as I design them, right?
Yeah, well... I'm using celestial symbols and RNA based trolltags for mine because I'm completely original.

So have my troll girl sporting the Venus symbol, Erzulie Karkki, a.k.a unorthodoxAdmirer.
>> No. 3120
File 129775107917.png - (38.33KB , 749x873 , karkki.png )
Aaaaa my very first attempt at drawing Erzulie. Sad fact: I jumped on the troll bandwagon before starting Hivebent as I was catching up. *sob*
>> No. 3121
File 129775113274.png - (5.66KB , 318x366 , uA.png )
And a sprite I made ages ago. Perhaps I can remake one sometime.
>> No. 3123
oh wow. I have a troll who's lusus is named Erzulie. cx
>> No. 3124
File 129775132099.png - (22.82KB , 638x664 , Eretroll.png )
My first stab at my troll for Pluto, Ereshkigal Mayat. I later started using Pluto's alternate symbol instead.
>> No. 3125
File 129775141943.png - (34.25KB , 480x640 , 129705157077-26548.png )
Whoa! Ffff and I thought I picked a name no one else would have used for anything. XD

Oh, and here's another Ereshkigal.
>> No. 3126
File 129775158384.png - (91.70KB , 325x445 , trolledit.png )
Erzulie likes to send 'pictures of herself' to people she fancies, a.k.a everyone.
>> No. 3127
File 129775172318.png - (43.88KB , 480x640 , 129709738530-26548.png )
Oh, and here's my manly Mars troll, Camulus Satria, but I guess I'll finish this picture when I'm less lazy.
She gets REALLY MAD when people call her a dude online.