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File 129038945781.png - (69.01KB , 746x725 , trollsonafinish.png )
313 No. 313
[i am also a gigantic loser and fail at sprites. so you get pentool... sprite... things.]

[FOR STARTERS, this is mine:]


You have something of an unhealthy obsession with WEAPONS AND THEIR HISTORY. One cannot hope to beat you in a weapons-trivia-off. You are simply the best there is. You keep your weapons in a MUSEUM-LIKE ROOM, complete with glass cases and information plaques.

You have as many INTERESTS as you have weapons. You are completely in love with TROLL ELTON JOHN. At one of his concerts, you fought off SEVENTEEN OLD LADIES to obtain his coveted STAR-SHAPED SUNGLASSES. Unlike other trolls your age, you prefer WRITTEN ROLEPLAY to live-action. You are in ALL THE GAMES. All of them. You love CLOCKS AND WATCHES, and have various piles of them deposited around your hive. You even keep a few in your HORNS. You always know what time it is. Most of these clocks and watches were made custom for you by your matesprit, LOKI MITHUN.

Your trolltag is chekhovsGun and YOU! ARE A VERY! LOUD! PERSON!.
>> No. 314
File 129038949987.png - (64.47KB , 533x870 , skytrollsonafinished.png )
[AND my husbando's:]

Your name is LOKI MITHUN.

You may or may not be a BONA-FIDE MASOCHIST who intentionally seeks out sticky situations and GENERALLY VIOLENT PEOPLE. This makes your life a little chaotic but THAT IS HOW YOU LIKE IT.

You have an affinity for GENERALLY CREEPY THINGS, and as such, it is a little difficult for most to pleasantly interact with you. On top of that, you are QUICK TO SNAP and generally enjoy a GOOD FISTFIGHT. You spend a majority of your time CONSTRUCTING VARIOUS THINGS OF CLOCKWORK, many of them being for your matesprit, PROMESIA LIDSIN.

When you're not building, you are carefully planning JOKES OF THE PRACTICAL VARITY to play on your peers. These tend to involve EXPLOSIONS or other dangerous things.

Your trolltag is clockLocked, and you sometimesstend to forget thatthespacebar existtts as well as randomly ddouble or triple letterss.