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File 129826994445.png - (881.67KB , 1500x1941 , asgardianBlackoutref.png )
3347 No. 3347
This is my Troll OC. She is still a bit of a work in process. Let me know what you think :)

Screen Name: asgardianBlackout
Title: Maid of storm
Planet: Land of Rain and bamboo
Sign: Zonar
Blood: Yellow Orange
Strife Specibi: Tasorkind
Lusus: Firefly
Must be fed grubs every sweep.
Other times it will eat nectar
It will glow the colour blood it eats.
>> No. 3356
i like her!
shes really cute, also i love the way you draw her hair. you have a really cute style. c:
>> No. 3357
She's cute! I like her horns and this poncho kick everyone seems to be on, haha.
>> No. 3364
@3@ thank you Commie <3

She is actually wearing a cape :)
Thanks though