[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129831721632.jpg - (50.86KB , 703x609 , hs_troll_derps__miracleculler_by_kadaj_fallen_ange.jpg )
3367 No. 3367
miracleCuller!!!!! >D Gamzee/Feferi bucket-rape baby ftw....Seriously...
I have lost my sanity
>> No. 3387
File 129834931074.jpg - (40.09KB , 500x652 , jA.jpg )
justiceAquarium!!!!! XDDDDD I DON'T EVEN KNOW, OK!?

Technically, this is my trollself...>_> Like miracleCuller was my friend's...
>> No. 3395
File 129840822727.jpg - (214.75KB , 500x825 , justiceAquarium.jpg )
Me wif mah one of my many Strife Specibi.
>> No. 3415
File 129842799977.jpg - (180.32KB , 540x825 , miracleCuller.jpg )
miracleCuller again with Fingerdentkind. C:
>> No. 3425
File 129844416590.jpg - (25.51KB , 649x397 , jA and mC.jpg )
You become the two strange derps by the ocean.
Yes, you are both.
Why the purple blooded female is making strangle 'blehluh, blehluh' noices is unknown, but her turquoise blooded friend is humored.

Man...I stayed up until 2 to make this...I'm going to bed...
>> No. 3426
File 129844446843.jpg - (25.62KB , 649x397 , jA and mC.jpg )
Always forgetting something...but I have a reason this time...=_= I need sleep.

Added her green hair.
>> No. 3429
File 129846861833.jpg - (23.73KB , 783x359 , god tier jA.jpg )
Pff...random God Tier thing of jA.
Finally thought of a title: Nymph of Soul.
I'm gonna do some serious art. These pixel things are fun, but I prefer drawing to this.
God Tier mC will be next. C:
And yes...her wings are ink. =w=
>> No. 3653
File 129891757071.jpg - (35.99KB , 347x664 , araxie_lucerne__nymph_of_soul_by_kadaj_fallen_ange.jpg )
I actually have a name for her now!!!
And she is no longer justiceAquarium. She is chromaticEtherealist.
>> No. 3657
...Where's my hide thread button?
>> No. 3659
It's the far left button. You should use it and ignore this thread if you don't like it so much. :B
>> No. 3662
how old are you?
>> No. 3663
ignoring the fan in me crying at your designs and how much canon they break, you do realize you can save in png to prevent those awful jpg artifacts to make your colour scheme choices a little less severe on the eyes?
>> No. 3702
If you don't like, don't look, and don't waste your time writing flames. These are OCS, not canon, after all...

I don't see why people can't appreciate the art style even a little bit...and have to criticize about how uncanon or horrifyingly awful the characters themselves are, especially when these OCS aren't even used in canon rp. Hense why my title is "Random Derpy OCs that FAIL."

These are technically more like trollsonas that I designed for my friend and I. And that is why their hair is different colours. Just because they have different coloured hair does NOT make them entirely uncanon or an eyesore.

I do apologize about the png. files...not...being pngs. I don't know why they didn't convert over, but they didn't. I must have hit the wrong pictures in my files. Sorry.

I am an adult. Thank you.
>> No. 3703
The problem isn't you doing whatever you want in private RPs. I have a whiteblood kicking around, among other stupid stuff.

The problem is taking something you put no effort into and that violates all of canon (trolls can't have direct kids!), and then posting it up on an anonymous form. You can't expect people to not comment on things you put up in public!

So yes, enjoy whatever you want with your friends in private, but chans are generally not shy about criticizing things put up there. That's all.
>> No. 3723
Yeah, sometimes flames are written for a reason. If they're trollsonas, that's cool, but tell people that before we assume they're OCs. The canon-breaking can be somewhat ignored, then...

And it's more than the hair and their impossible origins (as previously stated, trolls can't directly have grubs), it's also CE's blood color (turquoise blood designates a landtroll), the recycling of symbols (those are almost unique to every troll. That's why having the same symbol as someone else is such a big deal), and to a significantly lesser extent the eyes and clothing (All trolls have gray eyes, and very few trolls wear patterns).