[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129841207092.jpg - (169.54KB , 628x843 , lakurilibert.jpg )
3398 No. 3398
When I first got into this fandom, I told myself I wouldn't make fantrolls.

Now I've made like a dozen. I'm so good at keeping my word you guys!

Anyway making a thread to show 'em of since I seem to draw them so damn much. May have a few friends also use my thread too, since most of these are a result of projects with them.

Unless you guys wanna make your own thread. That's cool too hurr.

Anyway starting out with trolls that are for no project in particular. Mostly just RP-use fodder.

This is Lakuri Libert. Gonna write up a silly intro for her in the next post.
>> No. 3399
File 129841262259.jpg - (96.40KB , 366x800 , anitrolls3.jpg )
Your name is LAKURI LIBERT. You are a troll who is rather low on the hemospectrum, but you are PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT. You're just about fine with anything, really. There are a few things that get you RILED up, including those who perform UNJUST MISDEEDS. You are quick in your attempts to make them pay RETRIBUTION for it.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. You love hearing SPOOKY STORIES and often HUNT FOR THE SOURCE OF THEM. You sometimes like to write your own, but you are a REALLY TERRIBLE WRITER. Writing isn't your forte, though. What you really aspire to be is a FIGHTER PILOT for your planet's armada. You've never flown before, but you've ALWAYS WANTED TO and are a little OBSESSED WITH THE IDEA. Sometimes you like to pretend your silly little cape is a set of wings. People have said you are STUPID FOR DOING SO. And, of course, you are an avid believer of RIGHTING ANY WRONGS, even if you yourself don't have the means to.

Your trolltag is apparitionsFlight [AF], and your grawwer is atrocious and you tend to get your letters wixed up. particularly Ms and Ws.
>> No. 3401
File 129841290232.jpg - (127.31KB , 800x651 , anitrolls2.jpg )
This troll is still a work in progress. When I get him done I'll write up an intro for him.

The initial set I'm posting is based off of animals. He's based on a chameleon.

He is also a blueblood who is into the idea of espionage.

He's so underdeveloped he doesn't even have a symbol yet.

>> No. 3402
File 129841297242.jpg - (134.24KB , 667x800 , anitrolls1.jpg )
She's also not completely developed, so I'll set up an intro for her later.

She's based off a panda, is a highblood, and an adorable murderbeast.
>> No. 3403
File 129841320890.jpg - (262.29KB , 805x900 , planettrolls1.jpg )
The few of you who talk to me about OCs know that when I'm talking about them, I'm usually referring to my planet-trolls.

The story behind them is a bit absurd, so I'll spare you that. Know that most of them are meant to have an unusual aesthetic trait about them.

Only half of these trolls are mine. The other half belong to a friend. This thread will mostly be filled with pics of these losers.
>> No. 3404
File 12984132704.jpg - (443.06KB , 900x900 , phobosp.jpg )
Their profiles pretty much speak for themselves, so I'll leave the message space blank.

Remember I'm only posting info on the ones I made.
>> No. 3405
File 129841331931.jpg - (212.11KB , 900x900 , hecatep.jpg )
>> No. 3406
File 129841333784.jpg - (318.68KB , 900x900 , taleriap.jpg )
>> No. 3407
File 129841335694.jpg - (438.11KB , 900x900 , jovinap.jpg )
>> No. 3408
File 129841337290.jpg - (386.41KB , 900x900 , dyausp.jpg )
>> No. 3410
File 129841344726.png - (245.82KB , 717x800 , planetscrap.png )
Tiny derp heads in Open Canvas.
>> No. 3411
File 129841350927.png - (35.66KB , 1741x245 , planettrollhemospectrum.png )
And lastly a set of sprites for the whole damn thing.

That's about all I've got, for now!
>> No. 3783
File 129920756639.jpg - (632.82KB , 900x767 , phobluss1b.jpg )
Whoops wrong one.

Well again 3-4 sweep old Phobos with lusus.

At his current age he'd be much taller than the thing.

Now all the planettroll Lusii have been designed. On my end anyway.