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File 129843730326.png - (349.74KB , 936x2816 , MorganKit.png )
3419 No. 3419
I promised myself I'd never make a Homestuck OC, and yet here I am. I'm looking for some constructive criticism, since I just whipped this up pretty quickly. Any pointers or comments would be appreciated.

I guess this can also be a general human OC thread, since it seems like this place is fantroll central.
>> No. 3422
File 129844030654.png - (333.10KB , 361x703 , Morgan.png )
I am clearly not an artist, but I decided to do a little crayon doodle anyway to go along with this post. Also, please excuse any typos because I'm sure there are plenty.

Your named is MORGAN SOMNER. You are exactly SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and you have been for quite a while. You've lived a pretty quiet life up till now so you've developed a number of INTERESTS and HOBBIES to fill up your copious amounts of free time

Your number one favorite thing in the world is HIGH FANTASY. You are absolutely OBSESSED with MAGIC, MYTHICAL CREATUES, and EPIC ADVENTURES through unknown lands. In an attempt to consume all worthwhile media pertaining to your interest, you spend hours upon hours READING, WRITING, and PLAYING TABLE-TOP RPGs. You also make a trip to the local RENAISSANCE FAIRE every year, where you buy mountains of PERIOD CLOTHING, WEAPONRY, and other seemingly USELESS TRINCKETS. When you're not hiding away in a fantasy world, you instead make up stories about real people by PEOPLE WATCHING in crowded areas. Your parents think it's kind of CREEPY, but that doesn't matter to you. You're good at NOTICING and ANALYZING subtle things and it's fun to write based on what you see.

You rarely spend any time worrying about your own life, but when you do you worry TO THE EXTREME. You're a little PARANOID, so you surround yourself with warding charms like NAZARS, GARGOYLES, and DREAM CATCHERS. You also check your HOROSCOPE every morning and do a TAROT READING at least once a week. Thanks to this CRIPPLING FEAR you rarely get anything productive done.

You are also a bit of a SCATTER BRAIN, but you try to keep yourself organized. You keep a number of ODDLY SPECIFIC JOURNALS on you at all times, though you sometimes have a hard time getting to them thanks to your captchalog. The most important of these journals are your DREAM JOURNAL and DAYDREAM JOURNAL. You believe that dreams can tell you a lot about a person if analyzed carefully, so they are FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. You also have an AGENDA with your daily horoscope and tasks, an ACCOUNT of all the things you see while people watching, and a CHRONICLE of your Dungeons and Dragons character's adventures.

Your chumHandle is judiciousDreamer and though you use perfect syntax when you type, you have a tendency to….pause a lot….so that you can choose your words carefully.

Upon entering the Medium you were given the title Host of Purpose.
>> No. 3424
... i do not believe for a second that you are not good at art. 'doodle' my ASS. if that is a doodle then something you actually tried hard to make drawing must look kickass!
>> No. 3430
Heh, thanks! I was just messing around with Sai, but maybe I spent more time on it than I realize. That's basically the only pose I can draw on a computer, though.
>> No. 3431
File 129848034422.png - (201.36KB , 704x394 , NOT AS PLANNED.png )
>Deciding what to prototype
>Go with LotR
>Expect the black monarchs to become powerless flaming eyeballs.
>Monarchs inherit Tom Bombadil's power.
>Omnipotent monarchs, omnipotent monarchs everywhere
gg man, gg
>> No. 3432
Good gawd.

Prototypings, sure, but to include a list of the full inventory and everything alchemized in the picture? Lets not do that. If you're gonna roleplay, keep track of them seperate. Most people just do simple sprites and/or drawings of their character, but there's nothing wrong with including a BIT extra on the picture.

Other than that, 's good.
>> No. 3440
Haha, luckily the Tolkien collection was prototyped second, though that still didn't make Morgan's screeching, angry gargoyalsprite much easier to deal with.

Oh yeah, the "survival kit" is more for myself. Like you said, other people don't need that much information for a roleplay. I just didn't have any other images of her to post.
>> No. 3445
Here's are questions that goes unanswered too often for OCs that will play Sburb:
- what value does this player bring to the team they're on?
- what must this player overcome to succeed at the game? both externally, and internally.
- what is this player's personal quest? (will be symbolic, like "do the windy thing," "play the rain," or practical like "re-light the forge," "get dersites/prospitians exiles left and right")
And here's something that shouldn't be told, but I feel many OC authors forget:
- how will this person be different after the game reaches it's conclusion (even if this is a failed session)?
>> No. 3446
you also need to remember that you were made by Sburb and then sent back in time. so what item was your baby self sent back in time with that made you grow up this way?
>> No. 3447
Huh. These are some great questions. Thanks!

>- what value does this player bring to the team they're on?
I haven't created other OCs or set up some sort of session with others so I can't think of specifics yet. However, as the little introduction states, she's very observant and analytical so she might notice things about the game that others in her session wouldn't pick up on, and then every bit of that information would be compiled into a journal. With all that data in one place, it would be easy to pick up on patterns and such in-game and plan according.

>- what must this player overcome to succeed at the game? both externally, and internally.
Internally, her biggest hurtle would be her insane fear of decision making. At the start of the game she won't do anything unless her horoscope tells her it'll turn out alright and even then she still seeks protection from various charms.

I'm still a little vague on the external issues, as I've yet to come up with a solid description of her planet, but fighting enemies in general would be a problem. Her weapon is, obviously, more defensive so while she can keep herself relatively safe, she'd have a hard time actually destroying imps and such.

>- what is this player's personal quest? (will be symbolic, like "do the windy thing," "play the rain," or practical like "re-light the forge," "get dersites/prospitians exiles left and right")
This is a question I've been having a difficult time with, most likely because I picked her title before really considering what it means. I don't have a solid answer, but her quest would definitely be more symbolic, as you put it. I was thinking that perhaps the song heard on her planet would give hints on how to properly play to game (though it wouldn't be so obvious, because that's just too easy), forcing her into a leadership position as she discovers more about the purposes of various game mechanics and other players. I'm worried that might be overpowered in a roleplaying environment, though.

>- how will this person be different after the game reaches its conclusion (even if this is a failed session)?
Assuming she successfully lives up to her title, she'd have learned to be more active rather than reactive and that risks are a necessary part of life if you want to accomplish anything. If she fails, (besides being dead) she would probably end up even more paranoid than before, blaming her attempt at growth for anything terrible that happens.
>> No. 3448
I've been roleplaying for months on the rizon.net irc group, some things that you should remember for your oc, the mental blocks and wall graffiti. Wall Graffiti and Mental block are their weaknesses, their flaws which help making the character in general.

I sound like a knowitall for some reason, only my suggestion man
>> No. 3452
Oh wow, I totally forgot about the wall graffiti. Thanks for the reminder, I'll have to work on that. Though, to be honest, it's a concept that confuses me a bit so I'm not really sure how to go about creating it for my own character.
>> No. 3453
the fact that you already have a dreamcatcher as a normal item for her means that she does NOT like what she sees when sleeping. maybe she could be a derse dreamer and is afraid of the horrorterrors. maybe she scribbled something on her wall that she wants to ignore.
>> No. 3454

It's their greatest fear, their weakness.


I agree, a dream catcher would be an interesting thing, but then again the block.

You know I should probably show off some of one of my characters here *shrug!*
>> No. 3456
only thing i got for me is what i would make my sprite. first would be robosapien
making everything robots.

then after enter i would throw in a 'the blind side' DVD, with luck that would make my sprite a giant robot football player with a good heart.
>> No. 3458
> it's their greatest fear, their weakness.
Huh. I see the wall graffiti as something their dreamselves need to express, but their conscious minds deny. Let's try out the 'grafiti as weakness' theory:
John: you are not a trickster, you are wasting your time on childish things.
Rose: Jaspers left you, and you will never know why; you are alone.
Dave: your art isn't ironicly bad, it is genuinely bad, your attempts are failures. ALTERNATELY: SBaHJ comics are foretelling the future, and the future looks pretty horrible.
Jade: ... ?

... hey, this is pretty good.
>> No. 3460
File 129855806370.jpg - (66.29KB , 348x372 , 674-20241.jpg )
For the Morgan Somner character, how about covering her walls in labyrnthine scrawlings? It reflects her problem with indecision, and mazes are often used as wards again evil spirits (just like dreamcatchers do).

MS: Oh. My. God.
MS: Who did this to my walls? Every inch of my walls are covered in mazes!
??: well yeah girlie i see it every time you turn on your webcam
??: i thought it was some shitty wallpaper or something
MS: You mean it's been here the entire time?
MS: Why didn't you tell me about this?
??: hey girlie not my place to point out someones interior decoration shortcomings
??: not exactly something you can fix with throw pillows and swatches
>> No. 3465
On the subject of Wall Graffiti, one of my characters actually didn't have any.

SBURB /is/ supposed to target people with things to learn, hurdles to overcome, and who are growing up, but that doesn't mean that they'll have subconscious thoughts that are represented by their dreamselves or whatever.

For all we know, the trolls didn't have it (unless I missed something in Homestuck).

Of course, it does help define your character's problems.
>> No. 3488
Go for it! It sounds like you've really thought a lot about what goes into your characters; I'm sure they're really interesting.

Oooh, I really like this idea. I'll have to do some research on different patterns and such and draw something out. Thank you!

I suppose that's true. We don't all have some dark repressed secret or whatever. I think it's a fun idea to play around with, though.
>> No. 3511
File 129866755420.png - (12.37KB , 435x600 , blih.png )
Alright here's my oldest character, It may seem sueish or whatever but I have her on a tight leash when I roleplay her.
>Ravenprep Emokid

...Nice try but fuck you :/


You have a variety of interests,but your time in SBURB has narrowed it down. You are the BISHOP OF SHADOW, residing in the land of POISON and GEARS. You have learned to HACK the game, out of necessity to survive when your session GLITCHED ITSELF OUT. You hopped sessions for a bit until settling into your current one. You enjoy preforming your BISHOPLY DUTIES, exorcising demons and practicing you sburb made religion. You've already died once, being your DERSITE DREAMSELF. You gained the scar from a session hopping BEC NOIR, which you loathe deeply. You've been waiting for your session to catch up, being post denizen battles.

What will you do?
>> No. 3514
Actually... this character doesn't seem Mary-Sue-ish, unless mishandled. There's plenty of vulnerabilities and potential for character growth.
- since the characters backstory depends on other sessions, this character only works if there is metafiction. ie.: her story is a sequel to another story with a Sburb/Sgrub session, not necessarily her own session, but the reader has to know Sburb's structure so Emily can have a backstory without explaining the plot.
- I'd take out the BecNoir reference; feels like trying to be important by riding someone else's coattails. Substitute an assault by a Prospitian Monarch, or a Dersite plot gone horribly awry.
- as a refugee from another session, she's missing the plot armor that the "regular" characters get. Furthermore, she's already using her dreamself, so she's blocked from godtier and can't afford to getting killed like the regular players. She can be surpassed by the "normal" players in a session playing a normal game.
- Her role as a older wiser player can flip into disinterested party, maybe with a surprise betrayal. "Why are you just standing there? I need your help!" "Nope, too dangerous, not my session."
- Perhaps she glitched her own session because she was afraid to die, and her session-hopping is symbolic of her evading the guilt? (read up on "the sword of Damocles")
- she could hop into a session where one of the players died before entering the medium; this would be an opportunity for her to redeem herself as she takes that person's role in the game... but, she'll be faced again with the dilemma: glitch the game to make sure she can hop sessions and survive, or risk her life so that the other players can complete their session? Or, in true Sburb style, does she discover this session is where she was always meant to be?

Her redemption in sacrifice would be satisfying... as would her doom finally overtaking her cowardice and justice finally is served. Sometimes characters in a story die, even your favourite ones. It's when survival isn't certain -- nor death! -- that risk is exciting.
>> No. 3526

I really like these ideas, and I'd apply them but sadly I'm roleplaying her every day and the changes can't be doing that. There are ooc reasons, and the session she's currently in is dubbed({even by me}) "Session Super Special Sparkledog Snowflake kaiwaii no uguu" Aka it's not a positive one for characters, but I will though apply the hopping sessions to avoid guilt, the original glitch was an ooc reason, being kicked out of the session and me wanting to keep my character. I however will put up a second character for crits.

Thanks alot for the crits I really enjoyed them, they made me think :)
>> No. 3560
It's good to have a thread like this so we realize not everybody's into trolls. But I've noticed something else. Pretty much everybody makes player OCs. Not too many people make OCs based off the Midnight Crew Intermission, do they?
>> No. 3581
I've seen OC Prospitians and Dersites.
It's hard to fit new characters into The Felt because their shtick sets the number of possible characters (same number of billiard balls as in a game of Eight-Ball), and their roster is already filled out.
You'd have to have, like, Felt crackbabbys or something... OH GOD NO, DON'T MAKE FELTBABBYS
>> No. 3582
Crack babies are the best babies