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Who's this asshole?

Your forename is ALBIRI. You'd state your surname too, but you DON'T REALLY HAVE ONE YET. You have lived out the SEVERAL DAYS of your existence so far in a state of CRUSHING LONELINESS, due to the fact that your creator is a LURKER, averse to social situations, especially ones where she has to display something she has invented.

You have a handful of VAGUE PERSONALITY FEATURES. You're prone to SPACING OUT, though you generally have enough presence of mind to avoid doing it in front of others. You FIDGET with things compulsively, including doodling all over your hands and arms, and have an annoying tendency to CHEW stuff when you're not paying attention. Your teeth are quite blunt, yet you still almost always manage to DESTROY whatever you turn them on. Despite your spaciness, you are also a VERY GOOD LISTENER, and have found over the years that your pool of potential conciliatory partners is RATHER LARGE INDEED. Your conscupient quadrants, on the other hand, are suspiciously lacking. You just don't have the attention span to be bothering with those sorts of things.

You enjoy FOOD and LANDSCAPES, but you hate THE COLD. You rarely remove your jacket as you tend to find you are cold NEARLY ALL OF THE TIME.


What will you do?

Albiri: Patiently await criticism.

tl;dr: first fantroll, first post on MSPAchan. Please feel free to suggest things/throw your own trolls at me. The poor girl needs friends. And character development.

PS: she blinks. I am the worst kind of person.
>> No. 3550
In truth I find this kind of lack of "radical overcomplication" refreshing among fantrolls.

You have already won my heart.
>> No. 3558
Kind of you to say so. :) Thank you!

Actually, the more I look at her, the more I think maybe she doesn't really need that much development, as she will run the risk of overcomplication.
Just a few general things, I guess. O:
>> No. 3559
... I spelled my name wrong in the last post. GOOD JOB.
sage for no content.
>> No. 3602
i like her design, but you didn't really write anything about her personality! you have quirks listed (and they're good quirks) but not a lot of personality traits.

what does she like? what does she dislike? how does her lusus reflect her personality / how does she reflect it's?
>> No. 3606
Mmyes, these are things I'm still working on, I promise. I confess I posted her while she was still half done, because I just wanted to know if I was Doing It Right so far. From the response I've got, it seems I am, so I'm definitely going to give stuff like that some exposition now. :)
Pretty much all I have so far is that her lusus is a big bird of some description.
Thanks for your comment!