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3487 No. 3487
Okay, so this is kinda silly but let's roll with it, shall we? This is my derp troll; saving the nice one for later, LOL. Fair warning - I like to get WORDY.

If you want, feel free to suggest interactions with your characters or propose new ones for me ;; I only have Shiina and Elodea at the moment, and I loooove drawing people's fantrolls so I can improve ;;



Your name is SHIINA ESTREL, and your blood is a deep shade of blue. While not the highest on the hemospectrum, it doesn't bother you much, and neither does anyone else's. However, you have a terrible habit of asking every troll you meet for a blood sample [[AN: a la Angelina Jolie, hurp durp]] so you can look at all the pretty colors (and possibly wear them round your neck). Unsurprisingly, you don't get many takers.

You are the biggest fan of an EARTH BAND NAMED AFTER A ROMANTIC GESTURE. As such, you have taught yourself to ALCHEMITIZE MERCH, paint your face, and to play a mean AXE BASS.

You are strangely attracted to humans after you found yourself feeling red towards the STARCHILD, who unfortunately has a fishwife and several grubs. Golly gosh darn it.

Overall you are almost disgustingly bubbly at times, yet morose at others. You have a love of RIDICULOUSLY HIGH HEELS, which infuriates your teammates. Your inability to leave your prized PAUL STANLEY DOLL at your hive whenever you go out also infuriates your teammates. You need better FRIENDS, gogdamn.

Your lususis in the form of a fat barn owl named GADWALL. He likes to roost on top of your medium-sized hive. He is rather forgetful and enjoys cleaning house, though it can be a little disconcerting for visitors when he comes through the doorway beakfirst.

You have a wall of MEN YOU FANCY in your respiteblock, right above the recuperacoon (which is very glittery, of course). Everything in your hive has to do with either THAT BAND, PAUL STANLEY, STARS or UNICORNS.

Your trolltag is glitteredUrchin; you like to type in a down~home Earthy drawl that shows off your *giggly*, *star~crossed* personality, y*all~*~! *_*

What will you do?
>> No. 3507
> Troll some idiots
>> No. 3509
File 129865897990.png - (1.57MB , 640x640 , shiinatrollin.png )
>Shiina: Troll some idiots.

What a great idea! You fire up the STANLEYTOP and log on to one of those human websites.

▼: hi a/s/l/ furry?
▲: No, you ninny! Trolls have ~*~*~NO~*~*~ fur!
▲: Seven solar sweeps, of the female persuasion, and a ~*~BIG OL* ASTEROID~*~
▼: none of that matters but I bet you'd look good in a fursuit sexy
▼: yiff yiff scritch scritch unf unf unf
▲: Excuse me? You remind me of one of my kismesii. He likes to hump barkbeasts too.
▼: ....
The other user has left

▼: hi there
▲: Hey, you~! How ya doin*?
▼: i hate myself and i want to die
▲: Oh, wonderful~*~ Say, you don*t happen to have any razor blades or ~drugs~ around, do you, hon~~?
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Oh well, better luck next time, right? After all, those humans hurt your thinkpan...nailing the fauna and all that rot.