[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129058806364.png - (102.19KB , 500x600 , ravvage me.png )
357 No. 357
Because I'm sure there's some people that don't want porn in the regular OC art thread.
>> No. 358
File 129058813639.png - (65.80KB , 400x400 , silly makris porn.png )
Did some stupid doodles of Makris

Luscah was aiming for his eyes.
>> No. 359
File 129058817435.png - (93.21KB , 500x500 , silly makris porn2.png )
Luscah you have a tiny dick

i mean look at that thing.

Makris is displeased to have it sliding across his face.
>> No. 360
File 129059222854.png - (33.99KB , 388x240 , silly makris porn 3.png )
The Midquel apparently.

Moodbox sized, lol
>> No. 361
Aw yis!
We needed a separate thread for this! 8D And lookit all the MakrisxLuscah art! cx
This made me giggle like crazy! cx
>> No. 363
go on my favorite sub forum, get bombarded by kid dick

gee, where are spoilers when you need them
>> No. 364
Yeah I know.
I think that's still being discussed or something.
>> No. 366
Well at least I created a seperate thread, though.

I would have preferred Spoiler tags to accompany it, though. :\
>> No. 367
You know you wanna
>> No. 2234
lol saged thread
>> No. 2235
File 12951515951.gif - (355.81KB , 600x450 , iustus85.gif )
>> No. 2237
>> No. 2243
File 129523765854.jpg - (98.64KB , 482x726 , MOSTIMPROPER.jpg )
I didn't make underwear, but I did do some sexy sleepwear!
>> No. 2253

>> No. 2273
-- veryHorny [VH] has started a public note --
VH: o hay
VH: i want to say tank yu
VH: fore the camra
VH: i taek gud pikchure with it
VH: but i cant spel ur chumhandel
VH: so i post this note so u can has foto
VH: helo?
VH: u get foto of u yet?
VH: helo?
VH: mayby u not see foto
VH: i post foto somwher else too u can see it

Anyone else notice that Iustus is a prude, and yet he is getting all the laids? Not to mention he hooked up with a matesprit that is helping him succeed with his diabolical plans.
>> No. 2371
File 129553932677.png - (130.19KB , 624x704 , nergal x aelise.png )
i did a thing HEH.
>> No. 2374

It's a really good thing!
>> No. 2375
you should do more things like this
>> No. 2386
Oh dear; did he slip her some troll-rhohypnol? That slouch, the dangling arms, her half-open eyes... she's just not into this.
>> No. 2400
It makes me sad that I would be murdered for drawing the porn I really want to draw. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
>> No. 2436

...okay, you can't just say something like that and not expect someone to ask what it is you want to draw, so spill.
>> No. 2439
Ditto, you've got me curious now.
>> No. 2442
Um... is this a troll only sexytime OC thread?
>> No. 2445
All ocs
Felt, carapace, human, troll, etc
>> No. 2446
Is it a requestthread, too?
>> No. 2447
I think it should be
>> No. 2479
To the Formspring RPers! They shall give us characters we can request OC smut of!
>> No. 2480

Oh yes formspring and all its self insert characters. LETS GET PORN OF OURSELVES GAIS.

In seriousness though, you have my go ahead to request anything of my characters. I don't have a self-insert yet so, y'know.
>> No. 2482
I uh
I have a porn request b-but
it's uh
a little blackromish. Is that okay?
>> No. 2486

Blackrom is pmuch 1/2 of all pairings here, so it should be just fine.
>> No. 2489
Alright well it's of Dievos Tempos and his kismesis Kravin Dragen. 10 sweeps old. Dievos strapped down to a chair while Kravin gets his torture on. BDSM style, not anything gory.
Uh, I guess if anyone is interested in drawing it send me an email and I'll provide pics/detailed descriptions?
>> No. 2491
references would be nice
>> No. 2492

This has just about everything. I have a few more pics of Dievos lying around but nothing of Kravin :(
>> No. 2501
Stroke that is cold. But so, so, true XD.
I'd be downright shocked if someone wanted anything of Ace, though.
>> No. 2513
File 129601974997.png - (40.17KB , 146x182 , 128699065319.png )
>> No. 2514
I totally want something of Ace.No. Really, I do.
>> No. 2515
The last thing I want to see is porn of Cuzulu and George, no fucking thanks.
>> No. 2517
I'm honored, I guess. But I'm not an artist...
>> No. 2518
...Okay you know what screw it I want porn of



I want porn of nah

he is so sexy
>> No. 2519

Dave Midnight



with Spaz. :u
>> No. 2520
>> No. 2521
Ahk,if I say everyone will know who I am.
>> No. 2522
Ok, they won't, that is an egotistical thing to assume, but the few people on here that I KNOW browse the place would know. And eternal embarrassment right there
>> No. 2523
dude i just
i just requested porn on a board i know my friends browse
with a username that is connected to my facebook.
Being Embarrassed is stupid. Porn.
>> No. 2525
File 129605769926.jpg - (19.29KB , 408x377 , Spaz.jpg )
Here's a picture of Spaz. Midnight Dave is basically just a MC version of Dave.
>> No. 2527
o_o why is there request for porn of my OC Spaz?

>> No. 2528
Looks like you're new to this part of the internet.
>> No. 2529

Crazy troll chick with cleats and a labcoat needs some love.
>> No. 2530
I wanna help you out with that. Gimme a good pic of your troll, and I'll see if I can work something out.
As much info as possible, please.
(Both about the character and what you want in the pic)
>> No. 2531

That's that only picture I've seen, from what I can tell is she is a nutjob cereal killer who probably gets off to hurting people with those spiky boots of hers, and I don't really care.

And apparently she can see through other peoples eyes with vision threefold or something.
>> No. 2532

>> No. 2533
no im wise to the ways of chans but why Spaz? there are /plenty/ of more interesting ocs to do.

also its a bit weird to think someone likes her.. in /that/ way
>> No. 2534
Chill out, guys. It's just porn. Not canon or anything. Besides, if someone wanted it then it's your duty to find some way to come through for your audience. That's why I'm trying to get someone to get that Aceporn.
>> No. 2535
You probably requested it in the first place didn't you
>> No. 2537
You could say that. I was this guy: >>2479

But it's been interesting seeing the opportunities it's brought, hasn't it?
>> No. 2539
I think it's their decision whether or not they want porn of their characters to be made.
I also think it's not their responsibility to get/make smut of their characters for their "audience."
So uh.
>> No. 2541
Just the way I see it. Also, I'm only giving the guy who plays Dave a hard time. We're cool.

But, personally, I don't see this as something that's 100% up to the players. More like a 50/50 spread between the players and the fans. That's why I'm trying to get someone to get porn of my character for me to post here. Someone wanted it and they follow my story. As long as it's in character, it's fine by me. For example, if you had Alan in yaoi or as a furry, I would never acknowledge that because it's out of character. If you had a picture of Ace as a pinup or during his alone time, I could stand behind it simply because it's in his character to do such a thing and the audience wants it.

But maybe that's just me.
>> No. 2542
yeaaaaaaaaaah thats just you
>> No. 2543
If you say so. I'm just the sort of guy who's happy to go halfway to please his fans. Even if it's halfway into something weird.
>> No. 2544
So is anyone willing to do some tame smut of charitableDesperado?
>> No. 2545
>Somebody wanted it
What, that mass send from me asking peeps "Would you be comfortable if people asked for porn of your char blah blah blah"? That doesn't mean I want it, I was just curious as to how peeps would respond.
>> No. 2546
No, this person: >>2514

Now come on, I think we're just taking this a little too seriously.
>> No. 2547
Finding porn someone else made of your trollsona is about as creepy as finding out Equius made a robot replica of you, and it's slick with his sweat.
Be careful out there.
>> No. 2548
wow okay, I think what's happening here is a collision of normal *chan behaviour and what non-anonymous bits of the internet are used to. this is kind of interesting.
>> No. 2550
It's... fascinating.
>> No. 2551
Huh, I always forget a good chunk of troll ocs are trollsonas. (Stupid of me as I was like the... what? Sixth person to make a trollsona way back at the start of the trend? Dumb dumb stupid dumb)
Julaha used to be my trollsona, but I've been working on making her more of a real character than anything nowadays. It wouldn't weird me out if I saw pictures of her with someone, other than her not being really known, lol.
Hn, I keep thinking of doing something with Xalket and her, 'cause Xal's a total perv for Jul, buuuut it's kind of silly 'cause no one would care about that. And Xal's destined to die horribly anyway, never managing to express her flushed feelings. derp. I don't know why I keep her around, she died pretty quickly in my oldold adv. retcons go.

I'll stick to my Nyukii porn (fuck I need to update that adv...).

Saged for pointlessness and stream of conscience. bluh
>> No. 2556
File 129613969865.png - (9.54KB , 228x239 , flarthtragedy.png )
Um. H3LLO. 1'm sitting here W41T1NG for someone to request porn of M3 so that 1 can get SUP3R P1SS3D 4BOUT 1T.

SO HURRY UP!!!!!!!!


>> No. 2557
sloppy flarth x mephis porn plz
>> No. 2567


1 mean wait, 33333333W




(........1 love frivolous lawsuits, they are just the the B3ST. <3)
>> No. 2571
> Flarth: Have a filial antics video 'accidentally' sent to the press.

EWWWW, no! That would mean having to engage in DISGUSTING and TORRID activites, like infra-red lenses that make everything look GREEN, and awful SHAKY-CAMERA work to make it look authentic. Do you know how hard it is to find a cinemassacrepher and production crew that can do the amateur home-video look properly?

... but. But. You do know that the big-time deceptatrixes (like you!) usually have a body-double for pail scenes... and you can reveal the "proof" later at a press conference... hmmm.
>> No. 2585
i know that Ace but i cant draw it, heck i didnt even draw spaz to begin with. and at the most if i drew anything it would be fluff and lots of it
>> No. 2595
Thread seems to have died or something. sucks.
>> No. 2598
Is the guy who created Makris the guy who pretends to be a girl?
>> No. 2603
uhhhh, noooo

since I KNOW the person who created Makris, I know that she is in fact female.
>> No. 2605
File 129627391586.png - (173.77KB , 666x600 , RavvageMe_pt2.png )
*blink* Uh... What? That's random.
Nope. I'm the one who designed him.

I've been meaning to do this silly thing for ages. Can you tell I'm rusty at drawing Makris? Jeeze...
This time I'll remember the image.
>> No. 2607
oh god i lol'd

>> No. 2609
File 129627751418.png - (136.24KB , 309x727 , Filth.png )

Drawing that got me in the mood so-god damn it Nyukii put that away, that's just gross. >:C
>> No. 2619
File 129629477880.jpg - (797.61KB , 1700x2340 , FD1.jpg )
I would like some pr0nz of her, my fantroll Mikomi. :>
>> No. 2621
File 129629493128.jpg - (1.03MB , 2814x1836 , img920.jpg )
Oh and these ones too. I don't care what the pose is for each. Be creative. :3
>> No. 2622

I remember these from fuckyeahterriblehomestuckart!

you paired Gamzee with a FANTROLL and made babies between them in a totally unironic way

>> No. 2623

Hey, I know you.

>> No. 2626
File 12963143732.png - (144.58KB , 588x1409 , 129321615150.png )
I now believe that troll reproduction works /this/ way.
>> No. 2627

and she wonders why we never invited her back to my friends role-playing board.
>> No. 2629
...Do you have a group of all girls except one guy? o.O
>> No. 2633
Two guys.
>> No. 2634
hey guys maybe let's not be too unpleasant about this. I just kind of think it would be nicer if we didn't all jump at the chance to troll someone even if they maybe asked for it by violating canon.

besides, you all know that you would fill a bucket with Gamzee if you had the chance.
>> No. 2635
and one of them is apparently part dolphin
>> No. 2636
Oh for Pete's sake guys its just a bunch of fan characters and fanfiction, its all noncannon, we all know this. so just leave the poor guy/girl alone.
>> No. 2639

Yeah man you know you want to approach the burnt out psychotic stoner clown alien who probably doesn't shower for sexual relations

Everyone does ever

That wouldn't be weird and unhygienic at all
>> No. 2640
fancharacters and fanfiction is one thing

but pairing a fancaracter mary sue with a japanese kawaii desu name with a canon character is just asking for it
>> No. 2643
okay yeah uh that was kind of a joke. the plan was to derail the hate train a little bit. In retrospect I maybe should have anticipated that its momentum would send it careening my way.
>> No. 2645
pr0n of cowcat plz
>> No. 2649

I second this.
>> No. 2652
I think what we're really thinking about here, what we really really want, is pr0n of Herpus Derpus.
>> No. 2658
I think it's been done somewhere
>> No. 2659
A few times, even. I think they're on 413chan.
>> No. 2661
File 129636319267.jpg - (121.45KB , 848x878 , 128486329847.jpg )
I have one
>> No. 2662
File 129636579342.jpg - (250.93KB , 574x576 , do_not_want_bear.jpg )
Thanks Bii, you came to my rescue. I'll just be over here, in the corner, all rescued and crying.
(serves me right for even joking about it.)
>> No. 2663
Bii, please continue being a god among us.
>> No. 2714
File 129648512618.png - (235.99KB , 629x900 , aelise x fern.png )
I'm just gonna stick this here.
>> No. 2716
Oh my god
I can't breathe
>> No. 2718
Aww, they look happy together (and Aelisé, you picked up the wrong shirt from the floor. :3 ).

wait, aren't they kismeises? They seem pretty darn flushed for each other here.
>> No. 2719
I'd like the request something really tender and cute with my friend's char Sabrit and my char Noscit. They are matesprits, both about 18 in human years; also Sabrit is rather strong so they have to be careful in loving.



She is 0k with me requesting this, btw.

I might draw some myself, later, if so I will post it up here too. If I can get something decent done, anyway.
>> No. 2723
They were matesprits before kismeses. Fern was the one who went crazy and started hating. :B
>> No. 2729
Ah, much like humans, then; human "love" and human "hate" are very much alike. It's a wonder why humans claim they don't have romantic quadrants.
>> No. 2732
Because "hate" isn't considered romantic among humans.
>> No. 2759
File 129659101295.png - (114.15KB , 459x553 , MOST IMPHROPEHR.png )
This is related to CKC shenanigans, but it's fem Iustus and fem Gamzee. Enjoy. :P
>> No. 2761
>> No. 2816
http://www.formspring.me/zealousWitch cute German-esq Troll should get some love. maybe with that three-eyed one posted above? >:]
>> No. 2820
File 129681314472.png - (870.55KB , 900x1019 , twogirlsonerecuperacoon.png )
This is why I hate drawing poses ;;
>> No. 2825
Who're these two?
>> No. 2831
One of my trolls and my friend's. I don't really post my stuff about my troll on the right since a lot of it is incomplete. :C
>> No. 2851
File 129690946398.png - (67.00KB , 366x661 , sktechn.png )
here have some naked frankentroll. manly she's a ref for myself. but she's nude so what the hey, might as well put her up here.
>> No. 2862
File 129698176079.png - (168.35KB , 600x768 , sexyphoto1.png )
-- mezzotintSpiral has begun trolling ??? --

MS: okay s-s-s-so hey
MS: i took the photo
MS: like
MS: like you asked me t-t-t-to
MS: im really k-k-kind of uncomfortable about this
MS: but i trust you s-so
MS: so just dont go spreading this around okay
MS: s-so now that ive done this d-does- does this mean
MS: we can be best f-friends now
MS: beca- because i think youre a really cute girl
MS: and i- i would- i would really like that
>> No. 2896
That is the saddest thing I have ever read
>> No. 2900
File 129713791725.jpg - (475.55KB , 1161x1953 , trollsona 002.jpg )

excuse me while i feel bad about not contributing.

kind of.

except not.

>> No. 2913
File 129717038797.png - (149.36KB , 335x658 , Nerluc3WIP.png )
Suddenly, random naked fantroll sketches.
Still very much a WIP, obviously, but I'm not sure when it'll be finished so postan it for now.

This is my paranoid and horridly mutated bastard of a Tarasque troll.
His name is NERLUC TERION. I'm not sure why I randomly drew him naked, but there ya go.
>> No. 2971
File 129737900350.png - (198.65KB , 418x738 , alexter.png )
Hi. I'm an awful artist with no grip on anatomy, but enjoy this anyway.
Um. Also, I know trolls don't have bellybuttons or nipples, but fuck that.
>> No. 2981
that's just fandom speculation. I mean, it makes sense, but it's not a canon fact. do what you want. by the logic of no nipples etc, trolls wouldn't have breasts

and alas Dat Mindfang
>> No. 2985

Ah, okay, thank you then.
*totally forgot to post my name on my original post*
>> No. 3188
File 129784834897.gif - (813.66KB , 319x228 , shock.gif )
>mfw this entire thread
I need a towel.
>> No. 3391
File 12983892409.png - (26.08KB , 427x502 , fantroll lmao.png )
idk lmfao i'll bite.
I haven't got a name for my fantroll yet though.
>> No. 3413
File 129842039534.png - (271.46KB , 800x600 , pestered.png )
Older than eight sweeps and thus no shits were given.

... back to doing other things.
>> No. 3536
File 129869797329.png - (531.18KB , 700x1050 , oops.png )

oh god male genitalia is so embarrassing /)_(\... and this makes me realize how largely I draw heads compared to bodies, whoops
>> No. 3553
File 129872938036.png - (137.90KB , 605x768 , 5n3eac_jpg.png )
>> No. 3557
File 129873500180.jpg - (101.32KB , 640x480 , 0b4a368513d5f78ae499af9a5b67960d.jpg )
here's that crazy elodea playing NAIL THE SAD NERDY LOWBLOOD IN THE BVTT, but she is being pestered /)_(\

I musta wimped out on posting this like a hundred times so here ya go, since el's mun said it was OK [kinda collab that turned x-rated...]