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3744 No. 3744

~ terminalProcastinator
~ Claymorekind
~ Sketchbook Fetch Modus
~ Prince of Sound
~ Land of Prayer and Dream

You are JEAN SMALLS. You have a variety of interests, mainly relating to ANIME and VIDEO GAMES. You have a passion for MUSICAL THEATRE, primarily the one starring ANTHROPOMORPHIC FELINES. You enjoy playing OLD OR OBSCURE VIDEO GAMES but you ARE NOT VERY GOOD AT THEM. You like WRITING and have a large cast of STRANGE CHARACTERS. You are also interested in COSPLAY, but, you consider yourself quite the novice.

You are also mistaken for boy quite often. However, this doesn't bother you and you rarely correct people. You are, however, very finicky on how your name is pronounced.

tP: you tend to speek quietly and quickly and misprownownce words often

(Concrit plz. :3 )
>> No. 3745
The description went well until you started talking about writing. Also regardless of what gender pronoun you prefer, if you're going to be ambiguous about it but then go to say "mistaken for a boy", on top of being the prince of sound, why not just make the character male altogether?
>> No. 3746
The joke is that the game itself mistook her for a boy.
>> No. 3747
Somehow I don't think that's how the game actually works :|
>> No. 3748
It made sense in my head? (Not a valid excuse. I know. :P) I think I'll make her a boy after all. Less horribly confusing.
>> No. 3749
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a transgender type character at all, its just the description doesn't lead me to believe that that's what the character is at all. Does Jean like being mistaken for a boy? Does she want to be mistaken for a boy? The summary leads me to believe she has a passive attitude toward it which most people tend to.. not have, if they're not genderqueer. Besides, being passive about her own gender while being particular about how her name is pronounced sort of contradicts itself in a way.
>> No. 3751
I do understand what you're saying. She's not supposed to be trangender and she is rather passive about her gender. (I guess the closest description is that she views herself as... Androgynous? I'm not 100% certain on the terminology for that.) Her title is actually supposed to be a shout out to Revolutionary Girl Utena in a way, but it got a bit muddled in translation from my head to the the character herelf.

She prefers her name to be pronounced as the Frnach masculine version, but that's simply because she likes the way it sounds more.
>> No. 3752
Concrit: it's an okay character, but bland. The only thing that makes her stand out from the middle-of-the-road is her thing for musicals. The androgyny could be used for a Comdey-of-Errors in the romance parts of the story, but you stated "she doesn't correct people," so it seems you're not going to use it like that.

Protip: get some elements of the character that make her different from the crowd, and turn them up to 11. ie: Dave isn't just cool, he is THE COOLKID with his own DJ set-up and never takes his shades off, even for the adoring fans of his webcomic. Nana doesn't just bake cookies, she's the adopted daughter of BETTY CROCKER HERSELF, and her idea of a little snack for the imps is to fill a house with pies.

Note that this doesn't mean they are the best at what they do, or what they do will solve their problems, but it does make the characters easier to identify and will make it easier for you to write their behaviour.
>> No. 3755
I was afraid of her being too bland, actually. I want to exaggerate one of her traits, but I'm entirely unsure of which one. I think I'll go with exagerating her love of theatre. (Her domain is Sound after all.)
>> No. 3756
File 129910215763.png - (42.11KB , 461x344 , Picture 1.png )
I changed it a bit. (The pic is her new bio. I changed her intro and her Perterchum handle.)

New opinions?
>> No. 3757
I love her new chumhandle especially - it ties the androgyny and the love for theater together so nicely. Maybe she even enjoys her androgyny a little because of takarazuka?