[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129921272276.png - (55.92KB , 650x450 , Castriroominprogress.png )
3788 No. 3788
What the fuck is wrong with the troll who owns this room.

This troll is very

well I dont' think there's a word for it

Is that.....

Wanda Sykes?
>> No. 3789
haha fuck yeah Wanda Sykes
>> No. 3791
File 129921290588.png - (32.11KB , 512x427 , Wandatop.png )
Why yes, it is
>> No. 3792
File 129921325197.gif - (49.45KB , 650x450 , fuckherecomesedwardsprite.gif )
Well fuck, here comes that wierd male loving kid's sprite.

Fucking fuck.

It was a result of throwing a terrible rainbow drinker novel this troll's friend sent him to antagonize him.

You aimed at the Kernalsprite back when you only knew it as a "Fucking Siezure ball fuckwad"

Turns out that was a bad mistake. Now you have this douchebag.

Good thing his cheekbones are so defined.

>> No. 3793
> enter stage left
> start admiring fine art
>> No. 3794
Best OC adventure yet.
>> No. 3796
File 129921398061.png - (89.70KB , 650x450 , Castrienters.png )
>Enter Stage Left

Turns out you were here the whole time, just on the other side of the room.

Your name is CASTRI CARIBA and you're some kid with a (not-so) secret vice for MASCULINE TROLL MALES

You're currently playing SGRUB (god knows how), and are kicking it something stupid in the LAND OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

You're also the BARD OF RIME but ironically bad at SLAM POETRY

You also hate Rainbow Drinker Novels very terribly.

You also have no idea what you're doing right now.
>> No. 3797
File 129921429978.png - (190.06KB , 836x672 , Fineart.png )
>Castri: Start Admiring Fine Art

It turns out you forgot to save these individually at full size once you tweaked them before scaling them down and saving them to the room permanently.

Whatever that means.

Still, you zoom in to 400% to get a good look.

God you love THUGRUMP

It is simply the best Male <3 Male/Male <3< Male magazine ever and you are the magazine's biggest subscriber.

You get especially excited when you get Male c3< Male c3< Male threesome centerfolds on your wriggling day
>> No. 3798
Move EdwardSprite into the light and collect the special stardust he gives off.
>> No. 3800
> bother a team mate
> deploy pornado
>> No. 3801
oh god i think im in love.
>> No. 3802
File 129921484211.png - (179.91KB , 455x528 , Clublove.png )
>Castri: Deploy a Tornado

No!!! You could never do that. Your precious THUG RUMP mags will stay put in a huge pile on the opposite corner that you can't see.

Instead you show off your absolute favorite centerfold that you got on your Wriggling day as noted.

It's beautiful.

Life is beautiful.

In fact once you get the chance you will immediately alchemize it with wallpaper to make a giant mural on one of these drab walls.

(also oh yeah feel free to bother me on Pesterchum hahah. soothsayingProfit is Castri's handle)
>> No. 3804
I deeply perturbed.

> start wank fire
>> No. 3805
File 129921640811.png - (255.31KB , 800x533 , HUGE FUCKING.png )
>Castri: Start Wank Fires

You decide to do that later. Instead you move your attention to a recent favorite magazine.


You open the cover.

This is what you've become flush with lately.

They're so big... are they even real?

And what was the point of even trying to censor that?
>> No. 3806
yup. bugging you on pesterchum now.
>> No. 3807
File 129921659130.png - (186.54KB , 528x650 , Fakefakefake.png )

You decide: Yes, these must be fake.

I mean, come on

You know yours are fucking huge

but not this huge.

You are quite sure these horns are photoshopped.

You can't even tell when they start to get lighter.

Fuck this fake shit.

'still hot though. Oh, your fantasies.
>> No. 3808
File 129921767887.png - (77.31KB , 650x450 , hahahrecuperacoooon.png )

All of these enthralling pictures have gotten you, sadly, excited.

You decide to retreat to your Recuperacoon for a bit.

10 minutes, tops.

Fuck, go away, Edwardsprite.

wait, hand me my HUGE BONEY PARTs magazine for me first, I'm already in the slime.
>> No. 3809
File 129921828320.gif - (38.98KB , 650x450 , Himorsuuus.gif )
Someone is trying to contact you.
>> No. 3810
> You are quite sure these horns are photoshopped.
I lost my shit around here.

> Discuss finearts with friend/enemy
>> No. 3811
File 129921925497.gif - (45.30KB , 512x427 , Convothing.gif )
-- schlagzeugGator [SG] began trolling soothsayingProfit [SP] --

SG: Cashtri;
SG: Fuck; did you get shtuck horn-firsht to the floor again;
SG: Uh;;;
SP: Damnit Morshie, I'm trying to recupera...coonify. Is that even a word?
SG: I;m not shure;
SP: Anyways I got something cool for you to alchemize again
SG: Ish it anything like your Transh Shesshion crotch fondling ghosht glovesh;
SP: No not at all, crazy :0
SP: Anyways its B1g0n3zZ
SG: okay;
SP: Awesome.
SG: fuck;
SG: thoshe are sho fucking huge;
SG: Mine aren;t long at all;
SP: Yeah but they are pretty thick. Short but thiiick
SG: But itsh not the shize of the hornsh that matter; itsh;;;;
SP: ::::D
SG: Fuck;
SG: Well;
SG: I need to go get shome air;;;;

-- shlagzeugGator [SG]

It turns out you sent him a copy of your HUGE BONEY PARTS for kicks. You kind of like bugging him like that
>> No. 3812
(ALSO it turns out I haven't done alot of spriting and I'm a shitty actual artist so troll pics come few and far between ):< )