[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129071207775.gif - (20.58KB , 650x450 , Nyukii1.gif )
390 No. 390
Your name is NYUKII CHIPIS.

You are the mutant freak child of SOLLUX CAPTOR and GAMZEE MAKARA. Honestly, you don't see them much anymore, they have their own families to attend to and you're old enough to live on your own. Sometimes your dad checks in to make sure everything's going all right and that you're not eating your sopor slime again. You think he's being silly. Mom eats it all the time and he's just fine. Besides, it's sooooooo good. You don't mind that you always seem to have blackouts when you eat it... and when you wake up there are pails near you that you don't remember owning. But that's an embarrassing topic for you and is why you hide those things in one of your closets. At least you're always prepared when the drone stops by.

Anyway you have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS, mostly pertaining to computers. You like to FIX AND MOD computers all the time, though your methods are.... unorthodox. It's a miracle any of them work, really.

You feel today is going to be AWESOME. Nothing's really happened yet, but you only just woke up.

What should you do?
>> No. 393
> fondly regard window
>> No. 395
>fondly regard double rainbow that should be visible through the window
>> No. 397
File 129073175822.gif - (29.39KB , 650x450 , Nyukii2.gif )
You fondly regard your window. It's so big, you can see EVERYTHING from here.


Oh my gog...
>> No. 399
File 129073194095.gif - (32.29KB , 650x450 , Nyukii3.gif )

Is that a...

Double rainbow??


It's so beautiful.
>> No. 400
>sing the double rainbow song
>> No. 405
File 12907394607.gif - (64.31KB , 650x450 , Nyukii4.gif )
You start singing a song your mom taught you.

You spend several minutes on this silliness.

>> No. 413
Nyukii's potential matesprit and kismesis: Sense you two are missing a glorious moment, simultaneously sob in woe.
>> No. 414
File 129076199228.gif - (9.47KB , 650x450 , Nyukii5.gif )
They totally would, if you had any. But you can't think of anyone who could even be potential. You tend to be vary oblivious about the quadrants.

>> No. 415
File 12907621032.gif - (20.89KB , 650x450 , Nyukii6.gif )
Elsewhere, a stoner sea troll wonders why she suddenly feels like she missed something awesome.

Ugh, crappy, crappy Thiele, sorry. @-@;
>> No. 416
D'awwwwwwww! ;A;

>Nyukii: Bother someone on Trollian!
>> No. 420
> do a little dance
>> No. 425
File 12908084481.gif - (96.06KB , 650x450 , Nyukii7.gif )
thi2 i2 2O mucH fuuuuuuuN!

Unfortunately you're not that great of a dancer.


>> No. 427
File 129080865953.gif - (20.03KB , 650x450 , Nyukii8.gif )
Okay, now that that's out of your system you decide to get on Trollian. But you don't know who to troll!

((also animated))
>> No. 434
> troll the aforementioned stoner sea troll
>> No. 478
> wheek like a guinea pig and vomit out the window
>> No. 481
>Nyukii:Troll luscah.
>> No. 678
>Troll your potential matesprit.
>> No. 684
>Artist: Where the hell's the update.

Derp. Okay, I've been a bit busy because this last week was full of art finals and frustration.
So I'm working on it but I've been really busy.
Also, I'm no good at surfer slang and stuff... so I'm a little nervous about writing one of the logs...

I'll try to kick my rear in gear since it's winter break for me now. c:
>> No. 689

what i used that Skidd linked me to help write for Thiele
>> No. 694
Oh sweet, thanks! That'll help a lot. c:
>> No. 1801
File 12937540694.gif - (22.65KB , 835x699 , AltNyukii_Meteor1.gif )
Whoa jeeze. Disappeared there for a while. Ugh. I was slapped in the face by a huge slab of artist's block depression. I'm working myself out of it, but I can show some misc things I've been doing for it recently.
It's an AU where for some godforsaken reason the crack babies end up playing sGrub. It's mostly in my head, and not anyone else's. >.>;; Shush.

technoHippbee [TH] began trolling twinArmaggedons [TA]

TH: daD.
TH: I hopE caiN anD jauti2 goT yoU anD moM tO 2afetY.
TH: I wi2H I coulD havE helpeD.
TH: unfortunatelY I don'T knoW iF i'M goinG tO makE iT.
TH: i'M 2orrY I 2ounD weirD.
TH: I don'T feeL welL.
TH: yoU knoW...
TH: I feeL likE...
TH: I kneW thi2 woulD happeN.
TH: I don'T knoW whY.
TH: ...
TH: heY...
TH: diD yoU eveR havE weirD dream2
TH: oF planet2 oF purplE anD yelloW?
TH: mY favoritE color2.
TH: theY werE 2O beautifuL.
TH: whaT aM I 2ayinG...
TH: oF cour2E yoU didn'T...
TH: 2orrY.
TH: I likeD tho2E dream2 A loT.
TH: I remembeR theM mucH cleareR alL oF A 2uddeN.
TH: everyonE wa2 2leepinG iN tower2.
TH: I trieD tO wakE lu2caH uP
TH: buT iT neveR workeD.
TH: heH
TH: I remembeR thE weirD cloud2 thaT haD picture2 iN theM...
TH: anD thE weirD whi2per2 froM thE darkne22...
TH: ...
TH: daD
TH: I knoW yoU mu2T bE bu2y.
TH: i'M 2orrY.
TH: I 2houlD gO.
TH: thE meteor'2 goinG tO hiT anY 2econD noW.
TH: mighT a2 welL trY tO geT iN, aT lea2T.
TH: maybE i'lL 2eE yoU therE.
>> No. 1802
File 129375413282.gif - (21.38KB , 902x703 , AltNyukii_Meteor2.gif )
TH: I lovE yoU daD.
TH: i'M 2orry i'M 2ucH A failurE.
>> No. 1804
File 129375423567.png - (151.30KB , 502x585 , AltNyukii_iMokaYIthinK.png )
Oof... also, by tablet is on it's last legs. @-@ That hasn't been helping.

Anyway, hopefully I can get back in the grove and update soon. Bluh.
>> No. 1826
>Read update: Flip out
>Read file names: Calm down
>> No. 1829
Time for some heartbreak? OKAY!

chironsPuzzle [CP] began trolling technoHipbee [tH]

CP: Nyu
CP: Nyu are you alright
CP: You're safe right
CP: Please tell me you're safe
CP: Nyu
CP: Please answwer me Nyu
CP: You're startin to scare me here
CP: This is not cool
CP: Okay to be perfectly honest I'm freakin out a little
CP: So you better freakin answwer me soon or I'll havve to flip my crap so hard you don't evven know
CP: Nyu please
CP: Nyu
CP: Oh Gog Nyu
CP: Please just answwer me please
CP: For fuck's sake Nyu answwer me
CP: There I evven cussed just for you Nyu
CP: Please be okay
CP: I need you
>> No. 1844
File 129378541834.gif - (269.72KB , 1082x756 , AltNyukii_fucK.gif )
>Author: Jot down notes for next update.
>Rock falls, Nyukii dies.
>No wait, that's stupid.

[/spoiler] Ffffbaawwwwww ;3; [/spoiler]

technoHipbee [TH] began trolling chironsPuzzle [CP]

TH: lu2caH.
TH: i'M okaY.
TH: relativelY.
TH: I thinK.
TH: don'T looK iN mY computeR blocK.
TH: iF yoU alreadY havE...
TH: 2orrY.
TH: i2 therE anyonE whO caN geT tO mY hou2E fa2T?

technoHipbee [TH] became idle

TH: fucK...
>> No. 1845
File 129378563176.gif - (25.19KB , 960x713 , AltNyukii_welP.gif )
You needed that body... I guess you're stuck as a ghost now.
Oh well. This doesn't bother you too much.
Guess there's a reason you ended up a ghost in the first place.
And everyone gets someone less depressing to talk to.

Augh what am I doing? I should work on real updates. xP;;
>> No. 1852
File 129382871822.gif - (14.20KB , 650x450 , Nyukii9.gif )
Oooo how about Thiele? It's been a while.

technoHipbee [TH] began trolling nereticUrchin [NU]

TH: heeeeeeeeY
TH: I meaN...
TH: yooooO '2uP maH brothaH.
TH: I meaN 2i2taH.
TH: yeaH.
NU: 8:)
NU: )(a)(a)(a)(a~
NU: alo)(a to you too bra)(~!
TH: 8oD
NU: i was just t)(hinkin about you~
TH: awwW maN, reallY?
TH: awe2omE.
NU: i was t)(inkin, bra)(~
NU: wanna c)(ill today~?
TH: awwW yeaH!
TH: I haven'T beeN dowN tO thE beacH iN a whilE, maN.
TH: i'lL brinG 2omE drink2 anD 2hiT.
NU: sweet bra)(~
NU: i'll see you soon~
TH: 2eE yA!

In retrospect you probably shouldn't try to use all of those weird words she uses. Makes you sound silly. You always mess them up anyway.

Aw man this'll be so cool. You haven't hung out my the ocean with her in ages! You should probably get ready but you think you'll troll someone else first.


ugh, I hope I didn't screw up Thiele too bad. @-@ That was much harder than that should have been.
>> No. 1853
File 129382879959.gif - (12.51KB , 650x450 , Nyukii10.gif )

You decide to troll your moiral. Hell yes you guys can all have a party!

technoHipbee [TH] began trolling chironsPuzzle [CP]

TH: heeeY
TH: heY lu2caH
TH: heeeeeeeeeeY
CP: Yes Nyu
TH: oH 2weeT yoU arE oN.
TH: I thoughT yoU mighT bE doiN thaT thinG yoU dO
TH: wherE yoU talk tO youR po2ter2 anD 2hiT.
CP: Wwhat
CP: I do no such thing
TH: heeheeheeheE
CP: Nyu, stop that
TH: 2orrY...
CP: Wwas there a reason you contacted me?
TH: oH yeaH!
TH: yoU wannA gO tO thE beacH, maN?
TH: 2pla2hiN iN thE wateR 2ound2 alL 2ort2 oF awe2omE righT noW.
CP: You can hardly swwim
TH: 2houldn'T leT 2hiT likE thaT ruiN youR fuN, maN.
CP: All right
CP: I'm comin
CP: Just to make sure you don't drowwn or get eaten by some passin lusus
TH: HeeheeheE you'rE thE besT.
CP: Of course
TH: i'lL bE ouT neaR mY hivE.
TH: seE yoU!
TH: <>
CP: <>

There is nothing you could have possibly forgotten.
>> No. 1935
Remember you have a game to play with your angry friend.
>> No. 2737
File 129653683265.gif - (17.59KB , 650x450 , Nyukii11.gif )
Game... Angry friend... shoot... That doesn't ring a bell at all.


You're hungry all of a sudden.
>> No. 2741
File 129654085490.gif - (48.04KB , 650x450 , Nyukii12.gif )
You decide to start packing food for the beach.
You made a sopor cream pie recently, a modified version of your mom's recipe. Maybe you should bring it and see if the others like it.
>> No. 2744
Don't forget to bring a beach ball!
>> No. 2748
File 129657552610.gif - (52.04KB , 650x450 , Nyukii13.gif )
One giant beach ball, check.

Anything else before you head out?
>> No. 2749
>realize this is not how troll reproduction works.
>kill lusus for lying to you.
>> No. 2751
File 129657817439.gif - (49.60KB , 650x450 , Nyukii14.gif )
You're cute when you take things too seriously.
>> No. 2768
>Anon: recognize irony
>> No. 2769
Actually it is.
Well, it may not be in the way people may portray it, but this is all possible. Say all the trolls somehow got back to Alternia. Say the matriorb wasn't destroyed. They'd have to contribute to the slurry to get the species started again. So yeah.
>> No. 2773
Also, The Little Shits(as the "babbies" myself and several others contributed to the same group, spread out over a few different adventures) are mostly created as a joke. We are not taking it very seriously, and it's all for shits and giggles.
>> No. 2774
File 129662112773.gif - (53.35KB , 650x450 , Nyukii15.gif )
Oh great, here comes bumblebear. Must have heard you talking about him.

Now he's going to want food.

Shoo! Shoooooooo!
>> No. 2797
File 129671434155.gif - (60.64KB , 650x450 , Nyukii16.gif )


You flail about and make loud noises to try and shoo Bumblebear away, to no avail.
>> No. 2798
Whoops. Animated, btw.
>> No. 2799
>Oh, bother!
>Distract lusus with honey/nectar/large flower that begs to be pollinated
>> No. 2800
File 12967225877.gif - (10.88KB , 650x450 , Nyukii17.gif )
Hey. Heeeeey, you don't want that nasty piiiie do you? I got something tastyyyy~

Aaah careful now...


good boy...

>> No. 2801
File 129672263143.gif - (9.21KB , 650x450 , Nyukii18.gif )
>> No. 2802
File 12967239033.gif - (9.04KB , 650x450 , Nyukii19.gif )

Waste of good slime.

At least the pie is salvageable.
>> No. 2803
>Wash your hands! They're filthy!
>And maybe give the beebear a wash, too
>Also, fix the pie