[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 129114917476.png - (40.39KB , 680x1033 , FT 001.png )
515 No. 515
This is a ~SERIOUS~ adventure (not really) that is set first with some plot and incentive, that I will hand over to readers to decide what they want to do with it. Though the premise is serious, and steeped in personal and romantic storyline, this certainly doesn't have to be stuffy and horrible. Aelise herself is kind of... stuffy and horrible, so until the perspective changes to Fern, it could get a little boring. Why in the world would I base a character's personality on a large part of mine, holy Jesus. So boring. CAPRICORNS, SIGH.

So yep. Anyways, pages coming up now.
>> No. 516
File 129114921362.png - (18.79KB , 800x500 , FT 002.png )
>> No. 517
File 129114923283.png - (20.52KB , 800x500 , FT 003.png )
>> No. 518
File 129114925532.png - (20.95KB , 800x500 , FT 004.png )
>> No. 519
File 129114927751.png - (20.61KB , 800x550 , FT 005.png )
>> No. 525
File 129114986651.png - (18.36KB , 800x500 , FT 006.png )
Accidentally skipped this page before. Derp. Also yeah Fern's a creeper.
>> No. 526
File 129114988224.png - (16.25KB , 800x500 , FT 007.png )
>> No. 527
File 129114989778.png - (21.81KB , 800x500 , FT 008.png )
>> No. 528
File 129114991981.png - (19.64KB , 800x500 , FT 009.png )
Your name is Aelíse Morrow. You are 8 solar sweeps old. You are a Capricorn and your favorite color is a rich shade of violet which also happens to be, with much unexpected consequence, the color of your blood. But you also adore the color gold. You may or may not have developed a fondness for the color because of the only girl you've ever been friends with. It's been so long, you can't quite remember.
Your aforementioned best friend and moirail is a girl by the name of Fern Amor. Or perhaps you should phrase that in the past-tense. You aren't quite sure how you want to feel about her anymore. Or how you should feel about her.
To add to this confusing bit of emotions, you just got done with yet another strange confrontation with her.
You suppose you should probably explain, but you're too emotionally drained at the moment to begin from the start. To put it shortly, Fern is your former matesprit. But that's been done with for some time now and you'd really like to move on.
Anyway, you are sitting outside, near her hive. You cannot remember why you came here, or what could possibly possess you to do so. She has left you and returned to her hive. You should probably think about leaving and going home. Perhaps there was something you wanted to say. Something you needed to see. Sadly, nothing is glimmering on the edge of your mind as any kind of reminder.
What will you do?
>> No. 531
Go confide in your Lusus, maybe she'll understand.
>> No. 559
>Contemplate your highblooded status and how it has influenced your life so far

(oh gog this art is lovely, please don't stop <3)
>> No. 569
My F5 key looked up at what's on my monitor, and said "oh fuck no, I quit," and walked off the keyboard. I'm using one of those telegraph keys now. tappa tappa ta-tappa...
>> No. 588
Stand up and look around. Be careful not to step on the lusus.
>> No. 630
>> No. 653
File 129135412458.png - (17.45KB , 800x500 , FT 010.png )
> Contemplate your highblooded status and how it has influenced your life so far.

Ugh, the last thing you need to think about right now is what it was like practically being the next empress's mutant pet assistant. That was awkward and kind of stupid. But obviously, it's not like it's a thing you can avoid. You can only thank whatever miracle it was that stopped the recent threat of war from happening for keeping you in your hive and away from those other less-than-pleasant trolls. This is a time of peace, and though you are of age, you haven't been shipped off to do ridiculous highblood bullshit just yet. You would make an excellent soldier, but you could never agree to the cause that your race fights for.
But this is a total digression, something that happens a lot when you choose to recall your own blood status. To put it shortly, it has been a source of nothing but animosity for you since the day you wiggled out of your egg. You were an avid participant in FLARP, something you probably should not have ever involved yourself in. Since you lack the customary face-fins of seadwellers and your gills are underdeveloped, you were looked at as a mutant and nearly culled. But because your particular shade of violet blood is so royal, you barely managed to avoid culling. But it still has affected you beyond measure. You were alienated from the seadwellers for being a mutant, and as well from land dwellers for being near-royalty. You have come to loathe the system of blood hierarchy and as a FLARP player, your mission was to avenge the mistreated and to strive for blood equality.
Obviously, absolutely nothing came of it.
Except for Fern.


The arrow means that I have more to post! However it's late and I need to get to bed, so I'll do more tomorrow. Thanks for reading <3
>> No. 660
Suddenly, an AU Aelise appeared in my head. She's majordomo for the Empress, keeping the imperial household in order, and wielding formidable power as personal domestic assistant to her majesty. She's strict, diligent, and NEVER misses a detail. This makes her hated by the courtiers because she doesn't parse courtly schmoozing or manners, so she can't be coaxed or bribed, but her etiquette is flawless so she can never be called out either. This has left her rather lonely, since her only offers for matesprits are people trying to ingratiate themselves in the court, and people are to intimidated by her closeness to the Empress to propose kismeisis with her. So, she throws herself into her work, perfecting her duties as a majordomo, which ironically keeps her from forming a flushed or black relationship with anyone.

... maybe this younger Aelise will make different decisions, on this different timeline. Maybe this time, Aelise won't be so alone.
>> No. 665
Not giving any prompts now cause ==> but just sending some love and attention this way~ :D <3
>> No. 667
you have no idea how excite i am, i love these guys and have voiced my love

>> No. 674

I like this idea...

KEep it up katie. WE will support you all the way
>> No. 699
This is really great and promising! Love the idea of something more serious in this format!

By the way, am I correct in my guess this takes place probably several hundred years before the hivebent events? After all, the technology has been the same for trolls for thousands of years so there's really nothing indicating it wouldn't be, and it'd avoid a lot of plot problems allowing you to focus on your own original characters and story, which seems to be what you want..
>> No. 702
File 12915064172.png - (14.92KB , 800x500 , FT 011.png )
> Stand up and look around. Be careful not to step on the lusus.

You stand up and turn toward Fern's hive. She lives in a communal respiteblock cluster, a common setup for lower-blooded trolls such as herself. She no doubt finds companionship amongst the red, brown and yellowblooded who surely live around her. You feel a pang of jealously, unbidden, but quash it without much recognition of its presence. You don't have the time or patience for petty jealousies. There are far larger and important things to be achieved.
Aside from the other hives, there isn't much here. You take care not to step on the deadly lusus at your feet. It slithers away silently, back to its keeper.
>> No. 703
Forgot the arrow. More after this as well, but just a short update.

Actually, I have my trolls living in one of the splintered timelines that exist outside of Sgrub. Blah blah, all states of the universe exist in different timelines indefinitely, blah blah, different dimensions, etc. It's weird to explain, but basically, since Sgrub HAS to happen for a new universe to be created, these guys would eventually run into it.
It's more like maybe a few years before Sgrub. Plenty of time for them to get on with their own drama, but not hundreds of years before Sgrub.
>> No. 704
File 12915076515.png - (10.95KB , 800x500 , FT 012.png )
> Remember.

You wish it were that easy. You can't remember a lot of things. Specifically, you can't quite remember how you felt over the past several sweeps. You remember fairly clearly the events that took place in your life, with a few black marks here and there, but it seems to you that your entire past is comprised of a stranger's photo album. You feel nothing for the things that happened then, and you don't really care enough to find out.

> Go confide in your Lusus, maybe she'll understand.

This is a good idea. You begin the relatively short trek to your hive, wondering if Ras will be around tonight. She's out to sea so often that you never know when she'll reappear.

All right, done for now! Prompts are welcome. :>
notBrandX, that is EERILY ACCURATE lmao.

>> No. 707
> Have an awesome means of travel. possibly one that goes PSHOOOOOOOO
>> No. 710
>Sing a song about wanting more
>> No. 727
>>REminiscence about the broken SEesaw that you and FErn used to play on.
>> No. 735
>Recall your FLARPing days and your first meeting with Fern.
>> No. 757
These are the BEST PROMPTS though there aren't too many, lmao. But I have finals tomorrow and Friday, so I have to study, etc. I'll get back to this over winter break. Thanks for any kind of interest in this at all, lmao <3
>> No. 758

GOod LUck with you finals KAtie! HOpe you pass with FLying COlors!
>> No. 770
You have all the finals. All of them... :(
>> No. 781

Yes. ; ^;
>> No. 794
File 129184609480.png - (16.87KB , 800x500 , FT 013.png )
>Recall your FLARPing days and your first meeting with Fern.

You can remember vaguely that you began FLARPING around 4 sweeps ago at a very young age. Your lusus, a giant mutant seagoat monster, Ras Duhn, protected you from the ocean, much like the other highblooded trolls and their lusi who bridged the gap between sea-dwellers and land-dwellers. You should have hatched with fully functioning gills and fins, but instead were endowed with goat-like ears and flimsy, fragile gills that never developed enough to let you breathe exclusively under water. Ras was cognitive of this and took pity on you from the time you emerged from the brooding caverns. She tried to make your life as comfortable as possible by plundering the thousands of shrunken war vessels from FLARP playing trolls' glory days for valuables and other things that you could use. As a result, your hive is a mess of completely useless junk and stuff that you made out of it.

>> No. 795
File 129184613143.png - (15.78KB , 800x500 , FT 014.png )
Ras, couldn't, of course, protect you from the trolls who alienated you and tried to cull you countless times. She could only watch from beneath the waves, and you could only hope they wouldn't carry out their threats.

>> No. 796
[That's all for right now! There are currently 4 more updates that need to be drawn and there will be about 5 or 6 in total once I'm done with this update dump. I was mostly just taking a break from studying since I JUST got back from my world lit final.]
>> No. 798
>Become Gamzee
>> No. 799
>> No. 800
Bluh, now I feel like I have to explain why she's a lot like Gamzee. Stupid stupid dumb.
Okay, so, just for the record, I designed, named, etc. Aelise before Gamzee existed as anything besides text in pesterlogs. The reason I designed her was because I was PSYCHED about the astrological thing and I wanted to make my own interpretation of what a Capricorn troll could be like in the comic. So that's what I did; and she has all of the typical traits listed anywhere you'd read a description of a Capricorn. Once I learned what their lusi were like, I was like "buh" because she's basically the embodiment of the sign (on a surface kind of basis) and Gamzee already had a seagoat monster as his lusus, so I gave her a mutated seagoat monster because HEY I was like the only person who even HAD a fantroll at all at the time and I didn't really care. Then I got attached to Ras. So... yeah.
And obviously, the sea-trolls didn't exist outside of the fact that eventually there would be an Aquarius and Pisces troll each. Nobody knew that high-bloods were sea-dwellers. I certainly didn't. I also didn't know that purple blood was high blood. I just like purple a lot, so I gave her purple blood.
I never considered gills until it was brought up that Gamzee must be some in-between kind of troll. Then it was like oh wait Aelise is practically royal what. So I added a backstory to her previously rather shallow (and unused) character that made sense without having to swap her goat ears for fins and gills.

When you think about it, there are a lot of parallels between her and Gamzee, and yes, Gamzee is my favorite troll, but no, I did not do it on purpose. Mostly, I wanted to retain her original design instead of screwing with it because of plot development in canon. I liked it too much to change it.

Also I'm not offended, I just think an explanation is warranted here.
>> No. 801
> bluh bluh huge explanation

For whatever it's worth, I picked up on all of this by reading between the lines, so at least one person "got it" and you weren't being too obtuse.
>> No. 802
Anon: >Get a name

>cause giant explanation

>> No. 822
I AM GLAD FOR THIS. Finals are over. I am drowning in my own happiness.

>> No. 824
>Become sollu-I MEAN Fern
>> No. 827
no really ; ^;
>> No. 828
Oh I'm just messing with you

But let's hear her half of this.
>> No. 830
WTf guys!?

YOu're all ruining a perfectly thought-out OC thread!?

Srsly!? WTf??

Dear Katie, Please continue...
>> No. 831
>become fern and explain the story behind your messed up ear I just noticed.
>> No. 835
I know ffffff
All right, I'll be honest. Fern was some kind of subconscious like... I don't even know. She's like Sollux but with 4s instead of 2s. And yellow-blooded AND a Gemini. I honestly can't explain it except that I was probably thinking of Sollux when I designed her without even realizing it until I stepped back later LMAO. But you know what?
I don't care. B^J
(Plus the 4 thing is a GIANT PART of this whole story so it's like LOL TOO LATE.)
>> No. 836
I'm on it. B3
>> No. 838
I meant her story when I said it, but explanations of her design are good to.
>> No. 840
>> No. 842
Well I'm not gonna give away her story. That's what this adventure is for. And also why I mentioned the 4 thing at the bottom of my comment.
>> No. 854
>I was PSYCHED about the astrological thing

Look @ your DA notes later. I got to share something again for you :)
>> No. 860
>Arrive at your hive and hey look your lusus is there waiting.
>> No. 861
You mean, a troll with a Gemini sign acting like a Gemini, when the seed for this story is a troll with a Capricorn sign acting like a Capricorn?
STOP THE PRESSES! AUTHOR BEING CONSISTENT! haters gonna hate, etc etc.

Waitin' on the
> Go confide in your Lusus, maybe she'll understand.
before I toss in a prompt.
>> No. 880
>>While in Flashback mode, wonder who the jerk yelling at you is.
>> No. 957
File 129230188466.png - (27.63KB , 800x500 , FT 015.png )

You started FLARPing around the age of 4 sweeps, after practicing with hand-made swords and shields that you fashioned after the designs you found in ancient books dredged from the bottom of sea-dwellers' hives.
>> No. 958
File 129230191130.png - (19.58KB , 800x500 , FT 016.png )

You honed your physical strength by training against dummies made of wood and steel from wreckage.
>> No. 959
File 129230192828.png - (15.50KB , 800x500 , FT 017.png )

You were lonely. And angry. You were tired of fighting lumps of wood; you needed a challenge.
>> No. 960
File 129230196567.png - (25.01KB , 800x500 , FT 018.png )

You were an excellent FLARP player. In fact, you were probably one of the best. Your latent rage, characteristic of your race, fueled you. You slew anyone who got in your way. You cared for no one, and it didn't bother you in the least. Hatred for the trolls who had ostracized you from every sect of the world you lived in died violently by your hands. You quickly learned to use your superior speed and strength to outclass even the highbloods who could afford expensive guns and armor. Your flimsy wooden swords upgraded to sleek pieces of razor-sharp steel and your animal-skin armor was soon made of ebony and bedecked with pebbles of steel and semi-precious stones. You were untouchable. The only trolls who had any kind of hold over you were the ones with mental mutations and mind control powers. But you soon learned the art of ambush and even they fell beneath your blade.
>> No. 961
File 129230198310.gif - (13.22KB , 800x500 , 19-1.gif )

And then she burst into your life and screwed up everything you had worked for. She targeted you because of your blood. She had no idea that you weren't a classist, arrogant sea-dwelling douchebag, and you in turn had no idea that she was a blood-crusading fanatic radical.
>> No. 962
File 129230199826.gif - (17.20KB , 800x500 , 19-2.gif )
>> No. 963
File 129230200768.gif - (11.45KB , 800x500 , 19-3.gif )
>> No. 964
File 129230205355.png - (9.66KB , 800x500 , FT 020.png )

You fought her, but she lost. You spared her life, and through some twisted turn of events, you gained her friendship.
That's really all there is to say on the matter.
>> No. 973
Proooooobably gonna fill a prompt or two, but for now I will take more prompts. p:
>> No. 974
>Aelise: Ponder dubious future. You're generation doesn't have much time till the mandatory drafting age!

>Aelise: Be the other girl.
>> No. 977
This story is beautiful.
>> No. 979
-- twistedGrammar [TG] has begun trolling amphibiousAvarice [AA]
TG: What do you mean(purpose), our opponent is only six(6) sweeps old?
AA: That'$ what is $ays. Hi$ ranking put$ him in the 2v1 category. Doe$n't matter, we $till get the loot no matter how old he i$.
TG: I've never even heard(awareness) of this dude(person). "atrociousGoat"(chumhandle)
AA: Whatever. Thi$ will be over fa$t and we can go back to playing Fidu$pawn.
TG: ...(pause) You'll have to play without me.
AA: Huh? Why?
TG: She just put a knife the size of my leg through(penetrate) my back ...(pause) I don't think I'm going to survive this. You've been (past perfect tense) a good moirail, Crosus.
-- twistedGrammar [TG] has logged out --
AA: $HE? Did you say "$he"?
AA: Oh $hit $on, you didn't tell me we were playing game$ for GIRL$!
AA: Thi$ i$ too much ri$k for my inve$tment. Where'$ the fuckin exit?
>> No. 984
oh god fffff
>> No. 987
>> No. 988
Little Aelise.
Is so.
>> No. 990
File 129238974665.jpg - (18.29KB , 400x253 , yellow purple eyes.jpg )
Saw this in /fa/, immediately thought of Aelise and Fern. <3
>> No. 1056
File 12926379203.png - (337.57KB , 700x675 , complements.png )
This is an awesome picture and it inspired this dumb 30-minute painting.
And nobody is surprised by the filename. Nobody.
>> No. 1057
Complimentary colors ftw
>> No. 1102
bump for great justice
>> No. 1141
File 129286428157.png - (501.84KB , 1200x900 , monster aelise.png )
I'll just drop some more shit here while I'm not updating.
>> No. 1149
>> No. 1150

I love how popular these trolls have gotten. Haters gonna hate, drawfags gonna draw.
>> No. 1154
> I'll just drop some SCARY SHIT here while you're waiting.

Her + dark alley = hell no.
>> No. 1223
>> No. 1695
Saging to avoid annoying Katie but showing some love for this adventure nonetheless. <3 :) Fern and Aelise are really cool OCs~
>> No. 1980
File 129446114218.gif - (29.62KB , 800x500 , FT 021.gif )
>While in Flashback mode, wonder who the jerk yelling at you is.

God, you hate this douchebag. His name is Crosus Dhanam and he's the most pretentious, money-mongering piece of slime you've ever dealt with.

Realized his symbol was basically the same as someone else's fantroll, so ignore the one up top.
>> No. 1981
File 129446118538.png - (12.09KB , 800x500 , FT 022.png )

And yet.
>> No. 1982
Thanks, haha <3
Gonna work on a couple more updates tonight.
>> No. 1983
File 129446243597.png - (24.77KB , 800x500 , FT 023.png )
>Arrive at your hive and, hey look, your lusus is there waiting.

That's fortunate. Ras is rarely ever there when you go calling on her, so this is a pleasant change of events.
>> No. 1984
o_O ... @_@

Troll romance sure is confusing.
>> No. 1986
File 129446341815.png - (16.31KB , 800x500 , FT 024.png )

Ras gives you an understanding nudge as you reach up for a hug. She is a pretty great lusus, you think. Even if she's pretty lousy.
>> No. 1987
YAy, KAtie's back in business :)
>> No. 1993
File 129448425563.png - (13.73KB , 800x500 , FT 025.png )
>Aelíse: Ponder dubious future. You're generation doesn't have much time till the mandatory drafting age!

You have pondered it many times, long and hard. You stop to wonder for a little while how long it'll be before the current empress gives in to the political pressure and begins attacking and colonizing new planets. As soon as the next draft is sent out, you'll be forced to leave this life and enter back into a world of violence and slaughter. You could never go back to that. If there were some way to change the system of blood hierarchy, you would devote your life to that. But as it stands, there isn't, and there never will be. Seeing as 50% of your entire race would lose its high-blood privileges, it would be impossible to bring about change.
If you are drafted, though, you suppose it would just be another thing that you do mindlessly just to get by.
>> No. 1997
>Go for a ride on Ras, it's been a while since you two last spent sometime together.